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Date: summer 1965
Location: Omaha, Nebraska
Time:  0100A or 0200A
Summary: A family was driving in their camper (a pickup truck) near Omaha and the stockyards. Three beings raced across the road in front of them. The third stopped right in the road and they were going to hit it. It made a huge bounding thirty- to forty-foot leap from the Interstate and over a fence. The entities were small with large heads and eyes, no hair and very pale looking. The stepfather was an ex-FBI man and wanted to stop to investigate, but the mother said, “No. No. Let’s get the hell out of here.” Later that morning they heard a radio report that some cattle had been found dead in the Omaha stockyards. The father then remarked, “Well, they probably dissected them to see what they’re composed of.”
Source:  Michael D. Swords, “Grassroots UFOs”

Date: Summer 1965
Location:  Moscow region, Russia
Time:  daytime
Summary: The Soviet Military organized contact with a space alien crew in top secret, most likely by the GRU special group “Lotos”, the Soviet counterpart of Majestic-12. The UFO landing and the desire of the extraterrestrials for contact were predicted to happen. The origin of the information was a person who claimed to be in telepathic contact with extraterrestrials. Using this person as mediator, Soviet military negotiated with the aliens and arranged the meeting on the territory of an isolated military reservation amid the forests southeast of Moscow. The person in telepathic contact with the aliens worked together with the military UFO research group, and the staff from that group went to the site to check the information. Cameramen were brought to the site. A colonel or general was in charge of the group and three unarmed men were taken to the site, including the telepathic contactee. After waiting for some time in the glade amid the forest they were suddenly stunned to see a large oval or egg-shaped object, dull gray in color, hovering nearby. The craft flew over the area, obviously inspecting it, and after that it approached the men, descended and hovered about a meter or half a meter over a grassy clearing, about 60 to 100 meters from the group. Out of nowhere an opening appeared on the egg and 4 or 5 aliens came out of the craft. One of them approached the military group. The aliens were thin, about 1.6m to 1.8m in height, with lean bodies, hairless normal-proportioned heads, dressed in tight-fitting silvery suits, its eyes nose and mouth were proportional and looked remotely like that of a human. The being was holding a cylinder-shaped device in his hands, apparently a weapon. The alien looked straight into the eyes of the military men and telepathic contact was established. The alien informed then that they had come in peace, and told them not to be afraid. The military asked for cooperation and technology, but apparently asked for too much to be realized. A number of other topics were also discussed. The whole contact lasted for several minutes; the humanoid appeared to have posed for the cameramen. The whole scene was filmed in 16-mm color film that was later shown in the KGB headquarters to Mr. Vadim A Chernobrov, aviation and UFO expert. There was a cow visible, lying on the grass nearby, the animal was obviously unconscious or dying, judging by the convulsive spasmodic movements it mas making. After the conversation was over, the alien went back using a curious jumping-walking fashion. The other 3 or 4 aliens went inside the craft from another direction. After that the egg-shaped object hovered over the area briefly moving over the grass in the opposite direction, the closing on the egg closed like a pellicle, unlike a normal door, leaving no trace of it and no seams. After that, the UFO zoomed up into the air, hovered for a moment and then flew away. After the incident a team of soldiers was dispatched to the site and made a complete search of the environs, looking for ground traces, etc.
Source:  Vadim A Chernobrov, Larissa Chora, Lenura Azizova Anton Anfalov, Crimea Ukraine

Date:  Summer 1965
Location:  Mamaroneck, New York
Time:   night
Summary:  The witness remembers waking up and seeing a black shape standing over her, looking down at her. She is apparently became paralyzed. She remembers seeing people from all over the apartment complex were gathered in the courtyard. She went out the window into this courtyard and observed an object hovering about six feet off the ground. The people were all in a trance and were being taken up one at a time into the object. Other tall black figures were around the courtyard. When she was taken inside the craft she was met by two of the black figures and placed horizontally on a table. One of the figures comes to her right side, the other to her left. One examines her with a tube like instrument, which is 12 inches long, and approximately one inch in diameter with a round end, it had a cord hooked to it. She is asked to look at the figure’s hands. It has three long fingers and a thumb. She then looks at the face, but can only see eyes, but not well. The tube is then inserted into her vagina. There is no pain. Then a smaller instrument, which looks like a metal eyedropper, is inserted up her nose. She then gets up and looks at the table. It is like cold metal and it has one pedestal for a base. She then steps down through a glowing hole on the floor of the object and is returned to the courtyard. She goes back into her apartment through the window, returns to bed, and falls asleep.
Source:  Witness

Date: Summer 1965
Location: Rio Hato Panama
Time:  sundown
Summary: During a spate of mysterious animal killings in the area, the main witness, Eddie Melvin & several other locals stayed up one night hidden behind the darkened windows of the house & kept watch on the nearby woods. Soon they saw a bizarre creature step out of the woods. The creature was described as being 4-feet tall, covered in dark stringy hair. Its head was shaped like a large oval, with a pointy chin, with huge glowing red almond shaped eyes. It seemed to have what appeared to be fangs protruding from its mouth. It walked on two muscular legs that terminated in claw like feet. It had two small thin arms, terminating in four-fingered hands with powerful looking claws. It had a peculiar feature described as some kind of a crest running down its back. This sharp crest appeared to be fluorescent, giving off multicolored hues. The creature at one point lifted its arms revealing a web-like membrane under them. Suddenly it apparently sensed their presence and ran into the woods rapidly disappearing from sight.
Source:  Jorge Martin, Evidencia Ovni # 12

Date: Summer 1965: Adelaide, Australia

Date: Summer 1965
Location:  Bellefontaine, Logan County Ohio
Time:  evening
Summary: The witnesses were driving with their son on the west side of town and as they approached a railroad crossing, they had to slow down; suddenly the wife looked to the right, down the tracks and saw a huge creature walking. She alerted the others who then watched it for a while. Being concerned with the safety of themselves and their son they left the area. The husband estimated the height of the creature to had been 6-6.5 feet; it had very long arms, and was very dark in color.
Source:  Ron Schaffner

Date: Summer 1965
Location:  Miami Beach, Florida
Time:  2000
Summary: The witness, his mother and sister were driving back to Miami on the McArthur Causeway from the beach. He was in the backseat behind his sister when suddenly they all saw a large disc-shaped object, flashing red and white lights around its circumference following the car at a low altitude. Suddenly tears were streaming down the witness face as he saw several “persons” moving about inside the object through a transparent cabin. He remembers his heart racing and then his next memory was of arriving home. Apparently it took two hours for them to get home that night.
Source:  NUFORC

Date: June 1965
Location:  Near unnamed Brazilian AFB Brazil
Time:  2200
Summary: The witness couldn’t sleep and felt very restless. Somehow he found himself riding a bicycle from his barracks around the outside perimeter of the base. In an isolated field his bicycle would not go on anymore, it slow down. Then a beam of light came down from above and he was lifted up, bicycle and all, into a large disc shaped object. Inside he was met by several short gray colored humanoids that communicated via telepathy assuring him that everything was going to be all right. He then sensed that the craft was moving at a very rapid speed. He was given a tour of it and was shown stars, planets, and celestial bodies. The craft then appeared to stop and the humanoids then examined him in a large room. Soon he was returned to earth. He was escorted out of the craft but soon realized that he was at the wrong military base. He communicated this fact to the humanoids apparently by using telepathy. They then returned and walked outside grabbed him by the arms and took him back onboard. The craft then landed again, this time at the correct base. He walked to his barracks and went to sleep.
Source:  Peter A Schlesinger, Orion Investigating Group

Date: June, 1965: Gemini 4 – Astronaut James McDivitt sighting of object in space

Date: June, 1965: Daytime Sighting in Blanchester, Ohio

Date: June 1 1965
Location:  Marathon, Wisconsin
Time:  2300
Summary: The witness went outside and saw a disk hovering above a shed about 30ft up, it was 15 to 20ft round and it then moved silently in a zigzag pattern. It then moved over the witness which suddenly felt being taken up in a spinning windy motion which was very brief. He could not remember much except a bright light and head across his forehead. His next memory was of standing in front of his house. An unusual scar was found on his forehead.
Source:  http://www.ufowisconsin.com

Date: June 3 1965
Location: Monte Negro, Brazil
Time:   night
Summary: A large luminous object encased in a bright green glow hovered low over a field. Through an opening two humanoids wearing brown suits and with dark round eyes were seen looking out. No other information.
Source: Antonio Faleiro, Brazil

Date:  June 5 1965
Location:  Lynn/Nahant, Mass.
Summary:  UFOs over GE facility.

Date: June 6 1965
Location: Caliham, Texas
Time:  0245A
Summary: The 5-year old witness woke up in the middle of the night on his way to cuddle into bed with his parents as he usually did late at night. However, that night he saw bright lights in the house and hid in the crawl space between the refrigerator and the wall. He then saw 2 dull bright figures that were maybe 3 ft tall with glowing eyes. This frightened him and he covered his face with his hands. However he still peeked through his fingers and realized that he was now face to face with the figures. He then ran to his sister’s room and hid under the covers in between his two sisters. The witness claims that the next day his home was visited by “men in black suits” who asked all kinds of questions pertaining to lights and fires near the barn area.
Source:  NUFORC

Date: June 7 1965
Location:  Scoriton, Devon, England
Time:  1930
Summary: Arthur Bryant was just going to bed in his home when he heard a sound like that of a ship’s turbine. He looked outside and saw a pale blue light traveling west to east at an altitude of 300’-400’. He saw this come down, and then the light and noise disappeared. Next day he looked over the area and found strange pieces of metal, some like turbines with curved blades, and some looking like more complicated pieces of machinery. Also there was a glass phial with some silver sand in it, and the message “Adelphos Adelpho” (brother to brother) in what appeared to be classical Greek script. There was also an evil-smelling patch of jelly-like substance where the object appeared to land, but this quickly evaporated.
Source:  Eileen Buckle, The Scoriton Mystery

Date:  June  1965
Time:  June 7, 1965; Antartica

On Monday, at 19:50 hours, the meteorological officer Jorge Stanich was performing a routine observation at the Argentine base. The sky was completely covered by stratus. The observer noticed a stationary, bright, yellow light at an altitude of 25 degrees above the horizon, and he estimated its distance to be 2000 meters (6560 ft). The witness is rather certain that the duration of the sighting was 5 seconds.


Date:  June  1965
Summary: June 8, 1965; Antartica

On Tuesday, at 2:20 hrs, the same observer had a new sighting under identical circumstances. A stationary light was again observed for 4 seconds toward, the NW, with an altitude of 40 degrees above the horizon. The light was similar in color to the one detected the previous day and was also below the stratus cloud deck of 8/8 coverage. The witness claimed to have heard a grave sound of hardly any intensity two minutes after the observation. The distance from the witness to the vertical of the object is determined to be 1000 m (3280 ft). According to the observer the angular size of. the object was like 1 cm at arm’s length. Consequently, the actual diameter at 1300 meters was 20 meters (65.6 ft). In a second attempt to estimate the object’s size, the witness indicated that the head of a match (0.25cm) covered 1/3 of the object.This estimate yields an actual diameter of 15 meters (49 ft) at a distance of 1300 meters. From this is was concluded that the actual diameter of the UFO was between 15 and 20 meters (49-66 ft).


Date:  June 8-9, 1965
Location:  near Ankara Turkey                                                                   BBU
Time:    11:45 p.m.
Summary:  At 11:45 p.m. local time, a radar site near Ankara observed returns with some unusual characteristics. The tracks were of extremely high speed and some of the personnel at the radar site had seen the object as it passed over Ankara. There were eight separate tracks at intervals of approximately 1 hour. The tracks appeared to originate near 90 degrees and heading on a course of 230 degrees towards the radar station. The returns were tracked at speeds up to 3000 mph. The type of radar used was an FPS-88.
Source:  McDonald

Date: June 15 1965: New Kensington, Pennsylvania Possible Abduction

Date: June 15 1965
Location: West Corners New York
Time:  2100
Summary: The five-year old witness was in his bedroom with his younger sister when he saw a short gray “creature” wearing what appeared to have been a red vest looking in through the window. The creature popped up in the window several times, as the young witness ran screaming to get his mother. Later that same night his young sister reported seeing the same or similar creature in the bedroom, it had long skinny fingers that wrapped around her body and apparently took her into a room filled with toys. She was then placed on a table where some type of probe was inserted into her. She was later returned to her room.
Source: NUFORC

Date:  June 18 1965
Location:  Antarctica
Summary:  The third incident took place on Friday, and was observed starting at 16:20 hrs by nine witnesses from the Chilean Air Force base. For a total of 25 minutes, a bright and apparently solid object zigzaged from the east quadrant to the south quadrant, and maintained an altitude above the horizon between 35 and 20 degrees. Looking like a very large star, it was white with some orange hues while turning. The sky was starry with very few clouds.

Date: June 25 1965
Location: Wheaton Illinois
Time:  0100A
Summary: Susan J, 12 and her sister Robin, 10, were in bed on the front porch of their house when they noticed a person with long hair, dressed in a long white robe covering the feet, standing across the street watching them. This person twice uttered, in a very low but distinct voice, the name “Sue,” and they thought they heard a “Tsk tsk” sound as of disapproval. The girls went to the edge of the porch, where they stayed, feeling that they could not move. Robin yelled several times “What do you want?” but there was no answer. After perhaps 15 minutes, the figure turned & walked away. After about 10 steps it stopped, and “another form backed out of it,” looking similar to the first, but 6” shorter, and transparent. The first figure walked on and then stopped again, and the 2nd one came up and again merged with it. The reunited figure walked on, to a neighbor’s driveway where there was a luminous mist, in which it rose up and vanished. After this incident Sue began to develop psychic abilities, and poltergeist phenomena occurred in their house.
Source:  Douwe J. Bosga

Date:  June 27 1965
Location:  Berlin Germany
Time:  2130
The witness, Pia Mossbach, looked out the window of her home and was fascinated to see two large moon like objects hovering nearby, she crawled out the window and ran towards the direction of the Teltow Channel, where one of the objects had descended slowly and apparently landed. The witness approached and saw a large disc shaped object with a dome on top. Four small men came out of the object and began collecting water samples, one of the men approached the witness and pointed a bright object at her, and she then lost consciousness. She woke up in a bright room. Later she found herself on the ground again with a strong headache and irritated eyes. Other witnesses in the area had apparently seen the same object land.
Source:  Michael J Hessemann, From Etcon Intl

Date:  June 28 1965
Location:  Vassalboro Maine
Time:  0900A
The 9-year old witness was out playing in a sand box at the front yard of her house when she looked up to see a large silvery craft, disc shaped with a dome on top, going over the area about 200 feet up. It had large square windows and the witness was able to see shadows of figures inside them. The object disappeared towards Bangor Maine.
Source:  NUFORC

Date:  June 29 1965
Location:  Frankfurt, West Germany (BBU)
Source:  McDonald list

Date:  June  1965

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