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Date: Winter 1965
Location: Storrey California
Time: late night
Summary: The witness and his brother were staying at a work camp for the power company and on that date had decided to go to bed early. A strange feeling suddenly awakened the main witness, he then noticed his brother lying on his side in bed staring at him. He could not move and felt some type of electrical force holding him down. A blue light again filled the room. The door opened and a being entered the room. The being was described as five foot seven inches tall, with a large head and very thin body. He had huge black eyes and extremely long arms. The being did not come in but several other smaller humanoids entered the room, these were almost four foot tall, with gray pale skin and large black eyes. They all wore black robes. One of the beings walked over to the witness’s brother placing his hand on his shoulder apparently soothing him. Then both witnesses were taken by their arms and taken outside. They were then taken to an isolated clearing where a craft had landed. Other beings stood by the craft. The craft was crescent shaped and elongated. The two men entered the object and were taken to a very bright room. There they were placed on reclining chairs. The taller being approached them and began communicating by telepathy with the main witness. They were both physically examined and numerous samples were taken. The main witness was also told that the objects were powered by using gravitational fields.
Source:  Richard J Boylan PhD & Lee K Boylan, Close Extraterrestrial Encounters

Date: November 1965
Location: CubataoBrazil
Time: midnight
Summary: The witness, 14-year old CJM, accompanied by her cousin, (involved in other encounters) had just left her cousin’s house and were on their way to her house just around the corner. Suddenly both saw something at about 80meters from their location. It appeared to be a hovering object with rotating, red, green and blue lights. Looking at it more closely they noticed that the object was a metallic concaved disc, about 3 meters in diameter. Concerned they turned to flee the area and at that point observed at about 30meters away, 2 short man-like figures about 1.40m in height, wearing astronaut like suits walking in her direction in a leisure pace, terrified, both witnesses fled from the area and did not see the object or humanoids depart.
Source: Analigia Santos Francisco UFOVIA, Brazil

Date: November 1965
Location: Seattle, Washington
Time: 0100A
Summary: Two young men in the northern section of the city noticed an intense light coming from their backyard. Going out to investigate they saw an oval object about 15 ft in diameter, sitting between their house and the neighboring one, about 6 feet away from them. A seven-foot tall humanoid creature was standing beside the craft, pounding against the side of the house. Unable to wake their parents, one of the boys suggested communicating with the tall humanoid through telepathy. After setting up a sort of mental Morse code that somehow made the object respond by increasing its humming sound, the witnesses communicated for about an hour. The humanoid finally re-entered the object and left, not before telling the boys that he would return someday. A month later at the site of the landing an investigator using a compass found a strong magnetic distortion.
Source:  Robert J Gribble APRG Journal

Date: November 1965
Location:  Lake City, Washington
Time: 0400A
Summary: The witness, DV, had woken up early one morning and was preparing lunch in the kitchen sink when a very bright light at the front window alerted her. She had never seen such a bright light before and fearing the worst (gas explosion or fire) the raced to the window and peered out. Stunned she saw a large oval craft that emitted both a hum and a bright, hazy blue light that pulsated noticeably. Both the color and the tone of the light seemed unearthly to the witness. The craft appeared to be sitting on three short tripod-like legs and appeared to be made out of some metallic looking material. It had small windows around the portion of the craft that was visible from her direction. The windows were like a ribbon around the horizontal girth of the craft. Shadows of persons or beings could be seen at the windows of the craft. The witness felt mesmerized. When the witness attempted to alert the other members of her family the object abruptly vanished.
Source: UFOs North West, http://www.ufosnw.com

Date: November 1965
Location: Near Norton Bravant England
Time: 0130A
Summary: A retired RAF group captain and his wife were returning to their home near Warminster when their car headlights illuminated a tall form walking alongside the road. It was dressed in black clothing, wearing “a hooded sort of hat or balaclava helmet.” Both had the impression that the figure wore a black mask that covered his features, except for the nose. Suddenly on the opposite side of the road, seconds later, they caught sight of a “figure staggering over a hedge by the roadside.” It was described as a youth, who was stark naked, apart form a jacket of sorts. He looked as though he had been roughed up considerably, or had been involved in a serious accident. The couple after natural hesitation turned the car and stopped at the scene. Both the youth and the figure in black had disappeared.
Source: Ken Rogers, The Warminster Triangle

Date: November 3 1965
Location: Near Durango Mexico
Time: unknown
Summary: In an isolated desert area a man and his 15-year old son encountered a disc shaped object that stopped and hovered close to the ground nearby. After a few minutes a round opening became visible on the top of the object and reddish vapor or smoke was seen coming out. A strange being then emerged, it was described as short, reptilian in appearance with very long ears, six tubular arms like protrusions and a long greenish tail. It carried a strange object resembling a metallic umbrella that it moved around as if making signals. The being spotted the witnesses and jumped to the ground. At this point both witnesses ran away from the area in a panic and did not see the object and being’s departure.
Source: Peter Kolosimo, “Sombra en Las Estrellas”

Date: November 5 1965
Location: Nacaome, Honduras
Time: 1600
Summary: The 15-year old witness was working in his parent’s plantation and was tired and thirsty and had sat down under a large rock to drink some water. As he rested he suddenly looked up to see a multi-colored oval shaped craft descend to the ground close to him, emitting a loud “electronic” noise. At first he was scare and thought about running back home but decided to stay and watch. A door on the craft opened and he walked over to see a small man wearing a tri-color (blue-red-white) jumpsuit emerge. The little man then proceeded to hook up a hose-like implement to his shoulders; the little man then looked around and pulled out of a pocked a small object, which he put on the ground for about 30 seconds. The witness stood about 100 ft away and was surprised when the little men saw and invited him over using hand signs, pointing towards the door of the UFO. The witness then approached and climbed up a ladder onboard the object. Inside he encountered two more little men, which sat in front of a computer-like console. The little men greeted the witness by crossing their hands on their chest and slightly bending over. The witness was shown around and saw an area filled with what appeared to be samples collected by the aliens behind what appeared to be crystal like windows. The witness was then eventually brought back to the same location where he was originally picked up.
Source: NUFORC

Date: November 8 1965
Location: Maracaibo Lake Venezuela
Time: unknown
Summary: Three families reported seeing a bizarre creature, reported as resembling a large serpent with three human-like heads. No other information.
Source: Fabio Picasso, Strange Magazine # 20


Date: November 9 1965
Location: New York City, New York
Time: night
Summary: Trapped in his room on the 12th floor of a hotel during the famous 1965 power blackout, actor Stuart Whitman heard a “whistling” sound outside the window and then saw 2 luminous discs, 1 blue, the other orange, hovering outside. A loudspeaker like voice told Whitman. “They are fearful of earth because earthlings were messing around with unknown quantities and might disrupt the balance of the universe and their planet—the blackout was just a little demonstration of their power, and they could do a lot more with almost no effort. They said they could make the whole planet stop from functioning.”
Source: John Keel

Date: Nov. 12, 1965
Location: Undisclosed city in Argentina
Summary: UFO caused compass on ship to swing off course.

Date: November 13 1965
Location: Mogi Guacu Sao Paolo Brazil
Time: night
Summary: Two nights following the above incident, Mr. Dario Anahaua Filho alerted neighbors and associates to the appearance of the objects. On hand this time were the director of the local bank, their priest, Longino Vartbinden, two police officers and, in addition, several neighbors. As darkness approached, an object appeared, hovered briefly, and then landed 100 yards away, focusing a light beam upward. The local sheriff and a police clerk had observed it independently as they drove nearby. The bank manager became so excited at the object’s appearance that he dropped his camera and could not find it in the dark. At this time, two beings the size of a 7-year old child were seen at 20 yards distance; one was wearing overalls, the other chocolate colored pants and a gray collarless shirt. A third entity, seen through the mirror-like beam of light, had a square, flat head, and was wearing a surgeon’s apron. Both the UFO and the beings were brightly luminous.
Source:  Prof Flavio Pereira, Dr Leo Godoi & Dr Renato Bacelar

Date:  Colsham England
Location:  November 20 1965
Time: 0230A
Summary: Four men, all members of a local “rock band” were traveling by car through the village when they noticed something strange on the roadway ahead. It was a huge man-like figure that seemed to glide just above the pavement while emitting a pale white light. All the witnesses panicked and began yelling at the top of their lungs. They then drove away from the area at high speed.
Source: Salvador Freixedo, Los Contactados

Date: November 21, 1965: Sibley, Minnesota Sighting

Date:  no later than November 24 1965
Location:  Cooper City Florida
Time: 1845
Summary: James Allen Aldridge and his family heard a loud blast outside their trailer home and saw a flash in the western sky. Aldridge went to his barn to check his stock and there he saw a man about 5 ft tall, with wide shoulders and a narrow waist. He shouted to the man but got no response. His dog was shaking with fright at the sight of the strange figure. Aldridge then drove for the police; when they returned, they could find nothing.
Source: Local police & Newspaper source

Date:  November 30 1965: Seaman Sees Object on Beach 

Date:  November  1965

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