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1968: April UFO & Alien Sightings

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Date:  April  1968
Location:  Tossa De Mar Gerona Spain
Time:  1900
Summary:  A 25-year old technician and the passengers of a bus he was driving observed a bright circular object coming down in an area of pine trees. The passengers, who were touring the area, fled; the driver remained and saw a tall man near the object, holding a bright ball in his hand; the entity went around the craft and it flew off.
Source:  Vicente Ballester-Olmos

Date: April 1968: Three fishermen of Le Brusc, France observe Disc at sea

Date: April 1968
Location: Chicoutimi, Quebec, Canada
Time: : 2005
Summary: The witness, Mrs Tremblay had gone outside her home on her way to a restaurant when she drops her bag and looks up to see a hovering UFO at about 100m in altitude. A beam of light from under the object seems to be scanning the area. The witness shuts her eyes as the beam of light strikes her. When she reopens her eyes the UFO has disappeared. A few minutes later when she comes back home her attention is attracted to something white and she sees a being, human like, of small size and with a sculptural body. She is unable to see the face only a pair of dark blue eyes is visible. He seems to be about 50-55 years of age and appears to be sad (?). The humanoid is wearing a seamless white overall and is standing only at about 2 meters from the witness’s house. Others in the house do not see him. He vanishes instantly after a few seconds.
Source:Dossier OVNI (Casault), CASUFO files M. Leduc

Date: April 1968
Location: Salem Ohio
Time: 2200
Summary: A Mrs. Allison of East 3rd street reported seeing an object like an airplane, although wingless, hovering over a tree near her home. The object emitted a very loud motor sound. It was black in color, with a cabin at the forward end, through which she could plainly see a human like figure with dark hair, slanted eyes, and olive complexion. The motor seemed to miss several times, and the nose of the object bobbed up and down.
Source: Jim Rastetter, Tri-County UFO Group Ohio

Date:  April  1968
Location:  Puerto Rico, exact location not given
Time:  night
Summary:  Richard Sierra was left alone at home with his younger sister after his parents had run to the hospital with his older brother who was running a very high fever. Richard was suddenly awakened by a sense that they weren’t alone anymore in the small ground floor apartment. He then noticed what appeared to be a group of small children looking over his sister at a burn scar which Sierra had inflected on her earlier on the year. And then one of the figures pointed in his direction and another came over to him and held its hand outward and sprayed some type of liquid on the witness face, after that he could only remember crying in his bed and facing the open front door of the apartment. His parents came and saw the door wide open and rushed in when they heard him crying. Later in the 80’s he began having flashbacks of that night. He remembered walking out the front door and down a narrow street under a full moon, coming up to a cemetery on a hill. He walked for about half a mile over a small hill and saw lights under what appeared to be a large craft. To this day he is convinced that the aliens are getting involved in human affairs.

Date:  April  1968

Location. Zeitoun, Cairo, Egypt
Date: April 2 1968
Time: night
Three Muslim mechanics stopped on the street and stared pointing at the brilliant white apparition of a woman on top of the center dome of St Mary’s Coptic Church. Soon a crowd gathered, and hundreds of people witnessed the phenomena. Thinking it might be a nun about to commit suicide; the mechanics procured a ladder and started climbing up to rescue the woman. At that moment, the apparition formed a ball of golden light and shot up into the dark blue sky. Before the apparition completely disappeared, however, someone identified it as the Mother Mary. At that moment the figure seemed to bow to the crowd in acknowledgement. Over a hundred witnesses reported spontaneous healings as a result of witnessing the apparition, including one of the mechanics who was cured of a gangrenous finger that was to be amputated the next morning. Other phenomena included silvery winged objects, colored doves manifesting out of thin air, phantom crosses, and large red, perfume scented clouds that appeared and disappeared within seconds.
Source: Dennis William Hauck, The International Directory Of Haunted Places

Date: April 3 1968
Location: Narrabeen Lakes New South Wales Australia
Time: 1345
Summary: While driving toward Newport, Mrs Mabel Walch and her nephew, John, saw a strange figure standing near the road in shallow water; just over 4 ft tall, it had dark gray, tough leathery skin, like an elephant, and with legs round and thick, like an elephant’s. Its arms, or forelegs, were small, and as they watched, it ambled out of the water with “strange shuffling walk, but quite fast.” They only saw it briefly before it ran into the scrub. Mrs Walch said “it’s head reminded me of an anteater’s trunk, was rigid, squared off at the end and stuck down and out at an angle.” It had no ears, or tail, but it had small eyes.
Source:Keith Basterfield

Date: April 3 1968
Location:  Itabara Brazil
Time:  night
Summary: As several girls were walking home late at night, a tall man like figure totally dressed in black leaped out of nowhere and flashed a beam of light at them. The figure then disappeared. Several days later two of the girls that had been accosted by the stranger began to go into trances and speak in foreign tongues.
Source: Brad Steiger, Saga UFO Report August 1976

Date: April 4, 1968
Location: Cochrane, WI
Summary: Object glowing orange while standing still, bright red while moving, hovered over car, heat, “weightlessness felt”  [E,L] two cars.
Source: CUFOS  report, see Rodeghier, 1981, p.40

Date:  between April 28 and May 6  1968
Location:  Selah Washington
Time:  night
Summary:  A 16-year old member of an apple orchard “smudging crew” saw a light in a wooded area, stopped his car, and was astonished to see 3 small beings emerge from the woods about 600 feet away, and approaching him. They were 4 ft tall or less, human looking but with bald heads, and wearing shiny orange clothing. When he honked the car horn, 2 similar entities appeared on the other side of the road. They had got to within 25 ft of the car when they turned and walked back. When another crew member that had heard the horn arrived moments later, he found the witness almost in a faint. The next day 6 8” imprints of a “paddle shaped” foot, with a narrow heel, were found at the site. For a period of 8 days, crewmembers had reported seeing peculiar lights in the area.
Source:  Apro Bulletin, May-June 1968

Date: April 29, 1968
Location: Heyfield, Victoria
Time: 0440 hrs
Summary: The truck in which two sanitary collectors were travelling in, broke down, some two kilometres from Heyfield. They were thinking about getting a tow when they saw a string of red lights approaching. They stood on the bonnet of the truck to get a view when the lights didn’t get any closer. It had a row of red lights and a dome with a light on the top. Next day they found an area of wilted grass.
Source: Hervey, M. (1969). “UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere.” (UFOSH). Sydney. Horwitz. p86.

Date:  April  1968



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