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Date: August 1968
Location: Near Toronto Ontario Canada
Time: unknown
Summary: A man was walking near the downtown area when a car pulled up to him and two men inside asked him to come in for a ride. He was taken to the countryside to a landed disc shaped object. Five men wearing dark brown uniforms invited the witness inside. He was told that the captain of their ship was a female, which the witness did not see. He was also given information on the craft’s propulsion system.
Source: Robert E. Bartholomew, UFO Lore

Date: August 1968
Location: Holden Hill Devonshire England
Time: 0055A
Summary: While negotiating Holden Hill on the A38 road and keeping a lookout for the deer which inhabited the area, a male motorist had his attention attracted by a group of figures by the roadside. In the dim light of his spotlight and headlights, they looked like little men about 90 cm tall, with bald heads, snub noses, chocolate dark skin, sharply pointed ears and thick necks. Three of the beings stood together, the fourth some distance apart. As he drew level they turned and walked back into the undergrowth.)
Source: Zenith Contact Group Bristol UK

Date:  August 1968
Location:  Mt. Airy North Carolina
Time: 0230A
Summary: When Mrs Harold Eggers went to her front door to let her barking and dog scratching dog in, she heard a sound like a swarm of bees, and saw about 50 ft away, a circular UFO with a dome on top, 15 ft in diameter and about 6 or 7 ft high, hovering 50 ft up. Its upper part glowed yellow, and had short 12 square windows that shone with a reddish orange light. From her bedroom window she could see in one of the object’s windows a small being 3 to 4 ft tall, wearing a silver helmet and a tight fitting uniform. The UFO continued to hover across the street for 20-25 minutes. In the morning she found that the 3 electrical clocks in the house had each lost about an hour, and that a power outage had occurred in the immediate neighborhood.
Source: George Fawcett

Date: Aug. ??, 1968
Location: Fayette County, IN
Time: 11:00 p.m. 
Summary: Object, humming sound, 5 mins. Dark football shaped object hovered 200 ft. over barn and projected bright bluish beam into cornfield. Moved off south still projecting fan shaped beam over countryside Witnesses 1? ()
Source: Selby; Don Worley files

Date:  August 1968
Location: Near Detroit, Oregon
Time: afternoon
Summary: The main witness that was 8-years old at the time was playing were her two sisters in a creek while the family camped nearby. All of the sudden she could see that the sun had suddenly changed position, the shadows had moved from what they were a few seconds ago, and time had unaccountably gone by. Her mother then came down and yelled at the girls; apparently she had been looking for them and wanted to know why they had left the younger sister alone. Her mother informed her that they had been looking for them for about 45 minutes. The 8-year old witness could only remember that somebody had told her that it would be all right, that the baby would be sleeping and would not wake up. When the main witness was 12-years of age she was hypnotically regressed and was able to remember some of what had occurred on that day, she described being in a white room with white tables that were real cold, like metal and really bright lights and white astronaut-like figures that wore thin suits. These figures had really big heads and large black almond-shaped eyes, two holes for a nose and spoke to the witness via telepathy
Source: WBS (Western Bigfoot Society) Newsletter Special Edition # 14

Date:  August 1968
Location: Mojave Desert, California
Time: evening
Summary: While riding bikes and listening to the CB radio in the high desert area one evening the main witness heard a commotion on a nearby hill and heard someone yell “flying saucer!” Going up to look he noticed an aircraft down on the other side of the hill about 60 to 100 yards away. The object was sort of rounded. Its base was larger than its rounded top and it was sitting on three or four legs, which all had round feet. A door was opened—like a chopper door that folds out and down. The underside of the craft was lighted with a beige diffuse light. The door was open facing the witness and there was a yellowish light inside. There were three men outside doing something. One seemed to notice the witness. The men all looked to be in their twenties, had short blond hair and were dressed in what appeared to be a gray, silvery jumpsuit. After some minutes the men got back inside the object, the door closed in a normal manner, and it started an easy vertical take off. There was no noise as the object rose to about 40 ft up, turned off its bottom light and blue and red lights came on. The take off seemed to change the local air pressure considerably. The craft then shot away slowly into the night and vanished.
Source:  UFORCE Case Studies

Date:   August  1968
Time:  0005
Summary:  A commercial pilot driving home saw a brilliant light some 75m ahead and 30m altitude. It gave off a blue-white glow and emitted a swishing sound. This light paced the car for 4km as he increased his speed to 160kph then down to 75kph. When he turned a curve in the road the object was lost to view. 
Source:  Basterfield 1981 p99 +1997 p162 both citing TUFOIC files

Date:   August  1968
Summary:  A young woman on a camping trip was out walking her dog when she encountered a 2.6m tall hairy biped with long white hair on its head. 
Source:  Gilroy 1995 p206

Date:   August  1968
Time:  0230
Summary:  Dr and Mrs Hey independently saw a shadowy figure with a wide brimmed hat at the foot of the bed, wearing a dark cloak or robe. That night Dr Hey’s mother and 6 year old son had been disturbed by the sound of footsteps. 
Source:  Foreman 1974 p97

Date:  August 1968
Location: Madeira Beach Florida
Time: 1900
Summary: Athena and Sarah were vacationing with their husbands at Madeira Beach. While sitting on the verandah of their motel, the women were looking out over the Gulf of Mexico when from the horizon there appeared a globular craft that approached to within 200 yards of the witnesses; it was about 7 ft in diameter, with a red illuminated window in which could be seen the hooded head of a man. After hovering over the water for 3 or 4 minutes, it went back the same way it had come, vanishing in 4 or 5 seconds.
Source: Dr J A Hynek Cufos

Date: August 1968
Location: Near Brasilia Brazil
Time: night
Summary: A group of individuals, under the leadership of General Alfredo Moacyr Uchoa, had taken up residence at the plantation of Wilson Da Silva, near the capital; several sightings were recorded and photograph taken. After five months of observations and as predicted by Da Silva, who had been in telepathic communication with the aliens, a brightly illuminated disc came down at the designated spot on his property, hovering 4 ft above the ground. The party of observers took photographs. As Da Silva left the group and walked toward the landing site, he saw a door open in the object and a normal sized man, wearing a blue coverall with a wide belt, descended. Upon his return to the group, Da Silva could remember nothing except the message he had received, which was, “We are peaceful. Your atomic experiments are causing an imbalance in our world.” The craft shot up into the sky while he was returning to the group. Additional contacts were claimed subsequently, into 1969.
Source:  General Uchoa & Gordon Creighton, FSR Case Histories # 12

Date:   August  1968
Summary:  A 4 year old boy was snatched from his yard by a hairy creature. When the lad’s grandmother screamed the thing let him go. 
Source:  Newton 2011 p57 citing KXOK radio

Date:   August  1968
Location:  Columbia Icefields Alberta Canada
Summary:  Gerald Martin and his family were walking along a ridge east of Hw 93, opposite the Columbia Ice fields when they saw a large black upright creature walking on a distance ridge. It appeared to be too large and walking too fast to be a human. 
Source:  Steenburg 1993 p113

Date:   August  1968
Time:  Early evening.
Summary:  George Allan Brewitt (55) was looking out of his Trent View window on this warm, dry, still evening when an object suddenly appeared between two trees about 1.5km to the north-east. It was a triangle that resembled in inverted ice cream cone, hovering a metre or two above the ground and showing multiple, interlocked colours. It was so bright that George had to look away. After 10 minutes the thing just disappeared. 
Source:  Hanson and Holloway 2011b p 62citing investigation by Dick Thompson

Date:   August  1968
Time:  evening
Summary:  While on holiday with his parents and sister Henry Phelps was walking back to their holiday cottage from the main lodge along the lakeshore when the area was illuminated by a brilliant white light. Across the lake Henry saw three or four brilliantly illuminated spheres rising from the opposite shore. Though his parents had not seen anything, his sister had seen the lights. 
Source:  Colombo 1991 p88 citing letter from Henry Phelps

Date:   August  1968
Time:  Night
Summary:  Two boys sleeping in Chingle Hall heard unusual noises and saw a light the size of a hand appear in the middle of the room and disappear at the wall. 
Source:  Green 1980 p103

Date:   August  1968
Time:  Night
Summary:  A couple were in their car drinking beer when the woman became nervous, fearing that there was something out there. They were joined by the other couple they were sharing the holiday let with. The two men walked back up the road to the cottage when they saw a light, the shape of a surfboard hovering, pulsating about 30cm above the ground. As they walked towards the light it receded, coming forward again when they retreated. They then heard strange popping sounds in the bush increasing their fear. When one of them men went to the site with a knife, a sudden sound made him drop the knife. They retreated to the car, where the women reported feeling being watched and hearing heavy breathing.
Source:  Fox 2016 p76 citing Religious Experience Research Unit narrative 4812

Date:   August  1968
Location:  Brisbane Queensland Australia
Time:  2000hrs
Summary:  P Huybers and his brother were out driving when they observed an object not more than 30m above the ground. They followed it for 400m at which point it stopped. It was a bright spinning red light with a dimmer white interior, which revolved on its axis at about one revolution per second, swinging very slightly from side to side. It eventually took off and vanished behind some hills. 
Source:  Hervey 1969 p128 citing P Huybers

Date:   August  1968
Location:  Cauquenes Maule Chile
Time:  Night
Summary:  Six people saw a disc shaped object take off. Tax collector Oscar Munez was driving in the area when his car lights and engine failed only to restart shortly afterwards.
Source:  UFO Chronicle 1 p17

Date:   August 2 1968
Time:  1000hrs.
Summary:  Mrs Candida Barba and Mrs R Aliseda Barba were frightened by a rectangular object, 9m long, 3m wide and 4m high just above ground level 150m away. It had two windows and two wheels in the front which formed a landing gear. It made a sound like an aircraft engine, rose and was lost to sight over the south west horizons in 30 seconds,
Source:  Ballester 1976 p14 case 61

Date:   August 2 1968
Time:  1500
Summary:  John F Reeves (qv) had been possessed of an urge to walk into the woods since 0200hrs., and he now complied with this. In the woods he encountered two men wearing space suits and carrying helmets who guided him into a disk shaped craft on the other side of the lake. Inside was a glass room full of instruments including 3D TV screens. There were six other occupants, including the leader whose name resembled Josh and a beautiful young woman with light brown hair and blue eyes, dressed in a brown jump suit. He was strapped into a chair and fainted as “Josh” pulled levers. He was taken on a trip to the moon, which had breathable air. They said they came from a distant galaxy and gave him a delicious dinner and a drink of something like crystalline ink that tasted like water. They promised to come back and take him to their home world. Two months later they returned, took him on a trip to Venus and gave him a flag. 
Source:  Jerome Clark in International UFO Reporter 20,3 p17

Date:   August 2 1968
Time:  2345 hrs.
Summary:  Pedro R Pladevali was on watch at the barracks when another soldier called his attention and that of his companions to a very bright red object, with well-defined edges, swinging like a pendulum at treetop height on the mountain. Some parts of the object became dark every 15-20 seconds. This was observed for over 8 minutes until the light went out. Pedro, because of his watch, was unable to keep constant observation. 
Source:  Ballester 1976 p14 case 62 citing Antonio Ribera and investigation by CEI

Date:   August 4 1968
Time:  0235 hrs.
Summary:  Harry Marlow, a school teacher, had a dream in which he was in a chamber like compartment with somewhat sitting opposite him, directing a beam into his face. He awoke paralysed, saw the curtains blowing into the room and he felt a kind of oscillating sensation and heard a swishing sound like helicopter blades. The paralysis faded with the sound and oscillation. 
Source:  Hanson and Holloway 2011b p56 citing own investigation

Date:   August 4 1968
Time:  0415 hrs.
Summary:  Three people observed a luminous object, about 8m diameter, for several minutes as it hovered. Later it circled above the house 100m away. A 1.2m diameter circle of barren grass was found, with a 45cm diameter undamaged inner ring. 
Source:  Phillips 1975 p57 case 336

Date: August 4 1968
Location:  Montreal Quebec Canada
Time: 0500A
Summary: Three young men walking along a road noticed a three-foot tall hairy heavyset figure lurking in some nearby shadows. It had long curving arms and was hunched over; it suddenly made a tremendous leap and disappeared. No other information.
Source: John Brent Musgrave, UFO Occupants & Critters

Date: August 4 1968
Location: Cordoba, Argentina
Time: 1530
Summary: 11-year old Graciela Lourdes Gimenez was playing outside her home when she experienced a bizarre event. “I wanted to go back indoors and watch TV,” she told reporters from the newspaper Cordoba, “and then just as I was about to turn around…a white cloud, like mist, appeared on the front path. It gradually came towards where I was, and then I could no longer see the other houses, and I couldn’t move or call out to Mummy…and after that…I don’t know anything more…until I found myself on a square where there were lots of people and lots of little boys…” She knocked at a nearby house, and the residents turned her over to the police. How had she traveled from a Cordoba suburb to the Plaza España in the heart of the city? After the incident, the child suffered fits of weeping and cold chills.
Source: John A Keel, Our Haunted Planet

Date:   August 4 1968
Time:  2215 hrs. 
Summary:  An object hovered near a hilltop for 5-7 minutes and traces were found. 
Source:  Phillips 1975 p57 case 335 citing an unspecified issue of Phénomènes Spatiaux

Date:   August 4 1968
Location:  Webb City Missouri
Time:  2225
Summary:  Two police officers west of Webb City saw a crescent shaped object, about 10-12m long, which gave off an orange-red light. They first thought it was the moon, but the thing then moved north, hovering over the airport and then disappearing. It then reappeared at about 15m altitude before apparently landing behind some trees north of the airport. 
Source:  Lab 1976 p8 citing APRO files

Date:   August 5 1968
Time:  2315
Summary:  A man, his wife and three children saw a reddish oval hovering near the ground for 15 minutes and heard a buzzing sound. The next morning they found several circular depressions with wheat swirled in an unusual fashion.
Source:  Phillips 1975 p57 case 338 citing an unspecified issue of UFO Skywatch

Date: August 6 1968
Location: Brooksville Florida
Time: afternoon
Summary: Obeying an inner urge, John Reeves went to the woods and there encountered 2 men in silver space suits with helmets under their arms. They took him to their spaceship, where he met 6 others, including a beautiful young girl in a brown jumpsuit named Detzee. On take off he backed out from acceleration and came only 2 hours later. After a six-hour trip they landed on the moon, where he found the air breathable, though thin. They also flew over the “dark side,” where he noticed 18 people along the banks of a stream. He was returned to earth 48 hours after being taken aboard, but could remember only one day’s experiences. He was promised a later trip to the humanoid’s home planet.
Source: Jim Twithy for the Tampa Tribune

Date: August 6 1968
Location:  Near St. Gertrude Quebec Canada
Time: 2130
Summary: Four adolescent boys were outside, when they heard the dog barking furiously and saw it tugging on the rope. They heard a creaking sound, and saw a 4ft tall luminous entity leave the hedge where the dog was barking. It had large shoulders and long arms which hung down. It instantly disappeared in front of them.
Source: John Brent Musgrave, UFO Occupants & Critters

Date: August 7 1968: Buff Ledge Abduction

Date:   August 7 1968
Location:  NOIRMOUTIER  Island Vendee France
Time:  0130 hrs
Summary:  Michele Boyer (18) of Nantes and Sylvie Bonhomie of Boulogne-Sur-Mer were on holiday on the island and were walking from there to l’Epine when a white object high in the sky caught their attention. It descended in sweeping curves down to 6m above the marshes. It now had the appearance of a flattened egg, with one orange and two red lights in the form of triangle with the orange light on top. The object had stopped suddenly and so did the witnesses, who were transfixed by fear. The object emitted a loud dull sound like that of a motor. It was observed for about 5 minutes, after which it took off vertically at dizzying speed. 
Source:  Herve Maitte in Saucers, Space and Science 56 p13 citing LDLN 95 citing Ouest France 8 August 1968

Date:   August 7 1968
Location:  Revelstoke B.C.Canada
Time:  Late night.
Summary:  Harold Homery, a merchant from Hanna was driving from Revelstoke with his family on vacation on this overcast night. He saw a large, light blue light about 10m diameter, come down quickly from the south and hover less than 20m in front and above his car. The thing paced the car, swinging like a pendulum. When he stopped the car, the thing hovered. After about 5km it took off out of sight to the south at high speed. 
Source:  Saucers, Space and Science 53 p12 citing Hanna Herald 21 August 1968.

Date: August 8 1968
Location: Canuelas Argentina
Time: 0200A
Summary: Miguel Bitschko was sleeping in his home when he suddenly woke up surrounded by a bright light coming from outside. Going out he was surprised to see a huge disc shaped object on the ground at a nearby field. The object had a dome on top on which a revolving red light appeared. As he stared at the object in disbelief a door opened on the craft, a ladder then descended to the ground. Soon a huge man like figure over 2 meters in height emerged from the object. The figure wore a shiny metallic close fitting outfit. At the same time the object was emitting a loud humming sound. The giant being began walking towards the witness, who remained paralyzed with fear. The figure suddenly stopped and then walked back to the object and entered it. The craft then climbed up vertically at high speed and disappeared from sight.
Source: Fabio Picasso

Date:   August 10 1968
Time:  1010
Summary:  Prominent Sydney social worker Hetty Miller and her friend Lecie Smith were drinking tea on the veranda when their attention was caught by a brilliant red-orange object descending from the sky towards the back of Woodward Street, 150m away. It was pear shaped at first but gradually evolved into a perfect sphere. It passed behind some trees, descended to 6m and the moved towards some other trees 15m away, after which it swerved gently, gradually rising and turning towards the north west and then suddenly vanished in mid air. The thing was totally smooth, soundless and a “beautiful” cherry red colour and an estimated 10m in diameter. 
Source:  Hervey 1969 p59 citing investigation by UFOIC

Date:   August 10 1968
Time:  2000
Summary:  Mr Angel Peirotti was at home resting when he heard a loud burst of static on his radio and the house was filled with light. When he went outside he observed, standing on the ground nearby, a discoid object 20m diameter, with two reddish cupolas, one above, the other below. Around the edge was a luminous band of changing colours; red-white-blue. The thing rose quickly into the air and disappeared. It left marks, like those of a tripod, on the ground. 
Source:  Oscar Uriondo in FSR Case Histories 13 p12 case 140 citing Espacio no 2

Date:   August 11 1968
Location:  Chittyville Illinois
Summary:  Tim Bullock and Barbara Smith were driving or parked north of town when they encountered a 3m tall creature covered in black hair and with a round face. As they drove away the thing threw dirt at their car. A sort of depression was found at the site. Local people claimed their dogs had been acting up.
Source:  Taylor 2011 p11

Date: August 12 1968
Location: Mercedes Argentina
Time: 2000
Summary: A woman staying by herself at a house on the outskirts of town heard a buzzing sound and her dogs began barking. Looking out she saw a brightly lit object that gave off bright flashes of light, sitting on the ground. Smaller lighted objects emerged from the object and hovered above the treetops. At one point one of the lighted objects silently approached the house. The witness then saw a second object on the ground from which the figure of a man wearing a brilliant silvery outfit was seen to emerge. Suddenly there was a brilliant reddish blue flash and the whole scene disappeared. The next day several ground traces were found in the same area where the objects were seen.
Source: Richard Heiden, quoting Banchs

Aug12_68_78923Date: August 12 1968
Location: Gloucester, Massachusetts.
Time:  8:15 p.m
Summary: A  golden-white globe surrounded by a dark ring that looked like the planet Saturn flew over Gloucester, Massachusetts.
Source: Raymond E. Fowler, case investigation report dated August 15, 1968; Raymond E. Fowler, UFOs: Interplanetary Visitors, p. 354

Date: August 12 1968
Location: Pennington County, South Dakota
Time: 1:00 a.m.
Summary:  There was a reappearance of a bright white UFO, sometimes vivid orange in color, at the same nuclear missile sites in Pennington County, South Dakota as occurred two nights earlier on August 10, 1968. The UFO illuminated the ground behind a small hill. 
Source: APRO Bulletin, May-June 1969, p. 5; Coral & Jim Lorenzen, Shadow of the Unknown, p. 166

Date: August 13 1968
Location: Nasielsko/Chrcynna Poland
Time: before noon
Summary: 17-year old local Andrzej (AKA Jedrek) Domaa was picking mushrooms in a nearby forest. As usual he planned to collect mushrooms and sell them during Sunday’s fete. When he entered the forest he was surprised at the abnormal silence around him. Anxious he rushed towards the fence of a local military garrison (OPK) but when he turned his head he spotted a strange woman standing about a dozen meters from him. From the waist up she looked quite normal but the rest of her body from the waist down was dwarfish in appearance. She was dressed in a tight-fitting uniform without buttons or zippers. Only her face was visible. She had neither lashes nor eyebrows. Her eyes were big, slanted and devoid of white. Despite of the unusual appearance of the eyes, these emanated a kind of “softness”. Her nose was tiny and her mouth resembled a small horizontal hole, she was about 160cm in height. For some time both Andrzej and the strange woman stared at each other and then she came closer and began to draw geometrical symbols on the ground. Then unexpectedly he fell asleep. In a “dream” he saw himself lying in something like a laboratory table. He was then placed inside some kind of device and then tubes were connected to him and he then levitated up in the air. The strange woman stood on the floor. Allegedly he then had sex with the alien woman. He later woke up on a field in the same location in which he had observed a strange “stain” on the sun’s surface. It was midday. He thought that he had hallucinated but then found strange footprints pressed on the soil. The footprints led to within the forest. When he went into the forest he found his bag. He claims that after the encounter he changed as a young man. He became more sensitive, and claims he was able to help the elderly. There was controversy related to this case as the witness claims that he had “children” from the extraterrestrial woman.
Source: woe_vp@pl.com

Date:   August 14 1968
Location:  Montagne De Gloria France
Summary:  An object was observed near the ground and an occupant was seen.
Source:  Jacques Bonabot citing LDLN 103

Date:   August 14 1968
Time:  2200
Summary:  Mrs Violet Thomas, the wife of the manager of the village general store was among a group of people who saw a white figure some 50m away. Numerous other people were reported to have seen this or a similar figure at various times. 
Source:  Lorenzen 1970 p33 citing Daily Sketch 28 August 1968

Date:   August 15 1968
Location: Villaverde DEL RIO ANDALUSIA SPAIN
Time:  0030
Summary:  A man driving was his wife and 5 year old son from Villaverde to Brenes when at a point 20km from Seville, he saw an object that resembled a small bus, with luminous portholes, by the side of the road. Not wishing to alarm his family, he drove on but the little boy saw the object and cried out that a bus had had an accident. The man wanted to go back for a closer look but his wife objected. 

Date:   Mid August 1968
Location:  Rio De Janeiro Brazil
Time:  0400
Summary:  Headmaster Waldemar Marques was on his way to work, when in a large empty field by the Suburban Avenue road, saw a large discoid object hovering at 5m altitude about 100m away. The thing was about 6m wide, with three metallic looking rods projecting from its underside. Above the rim of the object was a row of portholes and from the thing came jets of orange-red light. He felt paralysed and prayed after which he felt released and ran off. As he did so, he saw the thing flying away overhead. About a month later peculiar foamy spheres were seen above the houses and fields. These globes flew off when people tried to grasp them, though one child was successful and got burned as a result. 
Source:  Granchi 1995 p64 citing Diario de Noticias 8 December 1968. + her own investigation

Date:   Mid August 1968
Time:  Early Evening
Summary:  Two men out hunting grouse and bear were driving their truck along an old mine access road at 1,200m when they stopped on seeing what they thought was a bear crossing the road ahead. They then realised the creature was climbing up a slope on two legs, and when it turned round they a dark face with a sort of beard. The thing’s arms went down to its knees. It grabbed a tree as it walked away. 
Source:  Green 1976 p3

Date: August 16 1968
Location: Sierra De Alamos Tivissa Tarragona Spain
Time: 0600A
Summary: A farmer named Mateu, walking toward a light, found a very luminous hemispherical object hovering 3 ft above the ground. On the far side of it he saw, about 100 yards away and hurrying toward it, 2 creatures resembling octopus, about 3 ft high, with “4 or 5 legs,” very light in color and “thoroughly disgusting.” The UFO left a large area of burnt grass, and “watches stopped 3 times at the site.”
Source: Julio Roca Muntanola, FSR Special Bulletin # 4

Date: Aug. 16, 1968
Location: Hamilton, OH
Time: 11:00 p.m. 
Summary: Large group of people saw a UFO approach, beam lights down which reflected off Greenbriar Lake. 
Source: UFO’s: A New Look, g. 43

Date: Aug. 16, 1968
Location: Fayette County, IN
Time: 10:30 p.m. 
Summary: Slowly moving round white ball projecting white beam of light onto fields and woods as it moved south. One witness (W. Stanton) No sound. 9.5 mins ()
  Source: Don Worley files

Date:   August 16 1968
Location:  Cambridge Massachusetts
Time:  2200
Summary:  Two independent witnesses observed a silent dazzling, blood –red globe of light, the apparent size of the full moon, hovering and pulsating at treetop level. 
Source:  Fowler 1974 p354

Date:   August 17 1968
Location:  IASI  ROMANIA
Time:  2000 hrs.
Summary:  Adrian Brinzei, an electronics engineer and automation specialist from Poliedri was in his car with his wife and son near the Bucium motel when, through the windscreen he saw, about 20-30m above the woods 5km away, a large shining object, the shape of a truncated cone. Both ends of this thing were emitting light, the top end much more strongly than the lower; this light being a dazzling white. They stopped and Adrian and his son got out of the car to get a better look, while his wife remained in the car. All three observed the object, the diameter of which was estimated to be 10m, drift downwards either into or behind the woods and disappear in a few seconds. 
Source:  Hobana and Weverbegh 1974 p176

Date:  August 18 1968 The Cluj, Romania pictures

Date: August 18, 1968
Location: off Bodnquen Beach, Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico
Time: 2:30 a.m
Summary: Another interesting incident in Puerto Rico took place on August 18, 1968, at 2′.3O a.m, at Ramey AFB, and involves Sgt. Thomas Carulli, who signed a statem€ nt for APRO. The statement, whic’ was obtained through APRO Field Inve. tigator John R. Artie, an Air Force member now stationed at Beale AFB in California, goes as follows: “At approximately August 18, 1968, /^. at approximately 2:30 a,m., off Bodnquen Beach, Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico, fifteen other security policemen and myself observed what was believed to be known as an unidentified flying object. “Visibility was unlimited. The UFO seemed to be rising from the ocean but when first seen it was appearing to be at a 45 degree angle above the surface and rising. While also rising it seemed to yavl to its sides emitting a very bright, almost florescent light which was similar to that of an unblinking strobe light. ward from within its structures. The reason why it seemed this way was because there appeared to be shuts or bars or (you could say) window panes. These struts were verticle and there were about six of them, They reminded me of the crown on the Statue of Liberty but their greatest width seemed to be in their center.”When it reached its zenith, which in itself appeared to be no more than 1500 ft, off the ground, it lingered there for a few minutes: all the while it emitted this light which lit up the whole area which before was in complete darkness “It was circular or sphere-like, more like if you held only your fingertips and your wrist together not letting the palms of your hands touch. In fact, if you would do this with your hands and turn your hands to your face with the fingers at eye level this is what the ufo most nearly looked like. “Its size was close to a half-dollar at arm’s length. It emitted no sound, Lights around us didn’t dim either. While in its zenith the UFO seemed to pulsate and fluxed from side to side or wobbled. Then another orb of light came from it. “This was a light about the size of a dime held at arm’s length. It stayed by the side of the first UFO, then it too fluxed or wobbled and shot straight upwards until it was nearly invisible. Then it just seemed to hang there almost indistinguishable from the other stars, After two or three more minutes passed, the first UFO wobbled, tumed on its side and darted upwards and outwards in a north-north-westerly direction until it disappeared. “This whole spectacular phenomenon took about 12-17 minutes in its entirety.

Date:   August 20 1968
Location:  Independence Missouri
Time:  2300
Summary:  Robert Lingle (18) and Ricky Phillips (16) were driving on Hw 7 when they observed a brilliant object, with white flashing lights, come out of the trees to the east. 
Source:  UFO Magazine 4,12 p8

Date:   August 21 1968
Location:  Brooksville Florida
Summary:  A large circular lighted object, with an orange light on top and a white light on the bottom, executing peculiar slip and slide motions was seen in the area. Three residents attempted to follow it as it went towards the woods, but found their motor stalled as the object hovered above their car, making a swooshing noise. One of the trio shone a spotlight on the object, which flashed back one beam of light and then took off vertically out of sight. 
Source:  UFO Chronicle 1 p16

Date:   August 21 1968
Time:  1030
Summary:  Farmer Marius Carre was spreading hay on his field on the slope a hill, with his friend Paul Billard, from a tractor and cart when he noticed, on the slope of a small hill 3km away, to the left of the woods, a lozenge shaped stain. Paul also noticed this object, which he thought resembled a small white carriage. Not taking much notice, they carried on with their work and half an hour later drove their full cart down the road and returned with an empty one. As they were filling this they saw, coming from the direction of the white object, a luminous tube, which seemed to expand towards them, until, in about five or ten minutes its progress was stopped by a shrub hedge some 30-40m from them This tube was so brilliant that it was almost impossible for them to look at it. It was about 1-2m diameter and seemed to be composed of a spider’s web of luminous dots, such as used to make up analog TV pictures. Marius and Paul decided to carry on with their work and as they did this, the beam seemed to follow them, traversing 100m in 10 minutes. Then, in the same slow way that it had emerged, the tube retracted into the object, disappearing in 5-10 minutes. The object, which had been there for 45 minutes, was still there but now green in colour. Suddenly it disappeared and Paul now thought he saw it in the wood, looking like a little car standing vertically. 
Source:  Phénomènes Spatiaux 18 p24

Date:   August 21 1968
Location:  Independence Missouri
Time:  Night
Summary:  While travelling west on Missouri 7, near Ransome Road, Robert Lingle and Ricky Phillips (qv) again encountered a strange object The thing was round, surrounded by yellow flashing lights and was about 12m diameter. It followed their car to Holker Road where it disappeared suddenly. 
Source:  UFO Magazine 4, 12 p8

Date:   August 22 1968
Location:  Mexico City Mexico
Summary:  A humanoid report
Source:  Pereira 1974 citing Ultima Hora 23 August. 1968.

Date:   August 22 1968
Location:  Near Naples Campania Italy
Time:  1225
Summary:  A busload of tourists. Including Mrs Kenneth W Collins, were driving between Terracina and Naples, when two hours after leaving Terracina, when they observed a metallic grey disc shaped object, with a dome on top flying parallel to them over a field. There was a row of square windows around its underside, and a sort of dark spot in the centre. The object moved in a slow, straight line. 
Source:  UFO Investigator IV, 8 p 3

Date: Aug. 22, 1968
Location: Kalgoorlie, Australia
Summary: Luminous white UFO emitted six smaller “satellite objects” 
Source: Section X, Vol. II, The UFO Evidence

Date:   August 23 1968
Location:  Katimik Lake Manitoba Canada
Summary:  Three men driving from Easterville to Grand Rapids had stopped at a point just east of Katimik Lake when they a humanoid figure come out of the bush 100-150m away. It was more than 2m tall, covered in short hair and had feet like those of a moose. Two other people had also seen the thing some days later, on two occasions; on the second the creature went for them forcing them to flee. 
Source:  Rutkowksi 1993 p150

Date:   August 24 1968
Time:  2030
Summary:  Investigating reports of a strange light on the slopes over the Nant-Cae-dudweg brook, Pontypridd Observer editor John Lewis saw appoint of light coming from the direction of Cwy Heldeg. The light expanded, and in it John could see a figure on horseback. The light then faded and disappeared. 
Source:  Nicholas 2013 p40

Date:   August 24 1968
Location:  Luis Sauce Cordoba Argentina
Time:  2230
Summary:  Returning to this town by motorcycle, Angel Mina and Ernesto Salomen observed, at a point some 16km from the town, a red light, with protrusions resembling supports, moving slowly through the sky. The strange light vanished among the trees, about 800m further on two cone shaped object appeared and performed strange manoeuvres, even touching the ground at time, Each time they came together they produced an extremely vivid flash. The area over which they were manoeuvring became blanketed in mist, despite the fact that the atmosphere all about was clear. 
Source:  Oscar Uriondo in FSR Case Histories 13 p15 case 141 citing La Voz de San Justo 4 September 1968.

Date: August 25 1968
Location: Near Townsville Queensland Australia
Time: 0200A
Summary: Mr. and Mrs Hector Davis were asleep in their camper when Mr. Davis awoke with a “suspicious feeling.” Looking toward a tree about 12 ft away he saw a small man 4.5 ft tall, in the tree approximately 6 ft off the ground. The being had long blond hair and bright blue eyes and was dressed in a one-piece suit of gray color, including gloves and shoes, and corrugated all over. He wore a kind of cap with an antenna, from which came a faint glow. Mr. Davis jumped up and the figure, who had been watching the sleeping couple, stared guiltily and floated from the tree, moving across the road 40 ft away, and about 2 ft off the ground, moving with a slight undulation, “legs swinging, like walking away, only not touching the ground.” He was lost to view in the distance. The encounter lasted approximately a minute. Mrs Davis was asleep throughout.
Source: Dr. D Herbison-Evans for UFOIC Sydney Australia

Date: August 25 1968
Location: Aldaya Valencia Spain
Time: 2000
Summary: A man riding his bicycle from work, was crossing a cultivated field when as he turned a bend, he saw a gray silvery object on the ground resting on four legs. Next to the object stood two short beings, the witness approached the object and stopped 40 meters away from it, then looked at it. The craft had a small dome with antennae on top and an open door from which a silvery ladder extended to the ground, both beings wore helmets with visors from which a rubber hose like protrusion was apparently connected to their chest area. They also wore a wide belt and small boots and their outfits were white in color. The beings stood by the object ignoring the witness. The witness then rode his bicycle away from the area and did not see the object depart.
Source: Ballester Olmos & Fernandez Peri, Enciclopedia De los Encuentros Cercanos con Ovnis

Date: August 25 1968 
Location:  Naplo Beach Peru
Time: night
Summary: Twelve anglers reported that 3 beings of strange appearance, dressed in black suits emerged from the sea near Naplo Beach. Their faces “looked cold and pale like marble.” When they saw the anglers they re-entered the water. No other information.
Source: Richard Greenwell for Apro

Date:   August 26 1968
Location:  Sierra De Alamos Catalonia Spain
Time:  0245
Summary:  Juan Vallis, who had got up to water his yard at 0245hrs., saw a light, apparently at ground level among trees on top of a hill 3km away. It stayed there for at least two hours but had gone by the time Juan got up again. It appeared to be extremely powerful and of constant intensity. 
Source:  Ballester 1976 p15 case 65 citing investigation by CEI

Date:   August 26 1968
Location:  Gleeson Arizona
Time:  1950
Summary:  Teacher and pioneer rancher Mrs Pearl Christianson had just arrived at her ranch and had stopped to open the gate when she saw a large silver disc, trailing sparks, sat on the south side of Brown’s peak. She sat in her car, observing this object for 5 minutes. As she went through her gate she saw a second, very shiny, gold object. She watched the objects, which were mostly stationary but occasionally moved simultaneously, through field glasses, although the brightness hurt her eyes, until they disappeared about midnight. Mrs Millard Mayfield, operator of the Gleeson Museum, also saw a light on the peak that night. When the two ladies investigated the saddle between Brown Peak and Turquoise Mountain they found the rocks were too hot to touch and a strange acid odour Other investigators found cactus burnt at the base but not at the top, others were totally carbonised. Burnt spots 10-20 cm diameter were also found. 
Source:  Saucer Scoop 3,11 p5 citing Tucson Daily Citizen 19 October 1968

Date:   August 27 1968
Location:  Kalgoorlie Western Australia
Time:  0010
Summary:  John Stevens was driving near here when the inside of his car was illuminaged by a bright light, seen through his rear view mirror. It vanished when he stopped and reappeared when he drove on, pacing his car for some time. It consisted of two projections of light in a “V” shape, with a central spotlight. 
Source:  UFO Investigator IV, 10 p1 citing Perth News 28 August 1968.

Date: August 27 1968
Location: Lins Sao Paolo Brazil
Time: 0500A
Summary: Awakened by a flapping noise outside, hospital receptionist Maria Cintra opened the door to find a “foreign looking woman” wearing white light colored, shiny clothes and a tight fitting hood, and holding an engraved glass bottle and a mug. Mrs Cintra filled these for her from the drinking fountain; while she did so, the woman placed her hand on the witness shoulder and repeated several times the word “Rempaua.” Then the woman went out and entered a luminous craft, pear shaped with a flat bottom that was hovering 3 ft above the hospital’s lawn; another person could be seen in the craft. It took off and climbed slowly in a spiral, with a repetition of the flapping sound.  ||||||||||||||    Mrs Maria Jose Cintra, the receptionist and general servant at the Clemente Ferreria Sanatorium 6-7 km north east of Lins, was in her room above the front entrance, when she was awakened by a whistling sound mixed with that of “several large birds wings beating together”. Thinking a new patient had arrived, she went to the front door, which, on opening, revealed a foreign looking woman dressed in a tight head-dress, which left only her face uncovered, and coloured clothes. She was of normal height, and was holding a bottle and mug in her hand. She spoke in a language that Maria could not understand, but making it clear that she wanted water. She gave to Maria the bottle, which resembled an ordinary 3 litre bottle except for extraordinarily beautiful engravings which covered it. As Maria filled the bottle the woman looked at a couple of cars at the entrance, came over to the font, put her hand on Maria’s shoulder and repeated over and over in a high pitched, very feminine voice, the word “Rempaua”. The two went back to the entrance, where Maria now saw, to her considerable fright, a brilliantly illuminated pear shaped object hovering 1m above a grassy area in the centre of the drive, 25m away. The strange woman walked towards the object, where she was helped on board by a strange personage who may, or may not have been already inside. The two strangers made a sweeping gesture with one of their arms and the woman entered in a manner that was not altogether clear. As Maria shrank back in terror, the object in a slow spiral, making the same sound of air being beaten. Maria was shaken and sweating and lost her appetite for some days. A heeless footmark on the sanatorium floor seems to have been the only trace, despite American press reports to the contrary.
Source: Dr. Max Berezowski for Apro

Date:   August 27 1968
Location:  Artigas Uruguay
Time:  Night
Summary:  About 20 people saw a disc shaped object, which gave off a blinding light of many colours, as it came over the town. Student, Ruben Dias and his mother saw the object come down to ground level on the railway tracks in a vacant lot, and then take off again a few seconds later. Oil like traces were found at the site and taken for analysis but no details of the results were revealed. 

Date: August 28 1968
Location: Ucero Soria Spain
Time: 1930
Summary: Pedro Aylagas saw a lighted object in his fields, descending and emitting an upward directed beam of light; making an abrupt maneuver, the object then shone its light on the witness, blinding him and making his hair stand on end. The object descended in a spinning motion, stabilized, and displayed 4 large windows on top, and 4 smaller underneath. As he watched, he saw 4 “small dark objects” ejected from its central part, which landed on the ground; after about one minute they arose and re-entered the hovering UFO, which then ascended and disappeared in seconds. The entire incident lasted about 7 minutes. Others independently reported seeing the object depart.
Source:Felix Ares De Blas, Bernani Labro Begule & David S Lopez

Date:   August 29 1968
Location:  Capayan Catamarca Argentina
Time:  0200
Summary:  Three La Rioja businessmen, Miguel Garcia, Carlos Garcia and Aldo Lorente, were travelling were travelling in a motor truck when they saw, beside the road, 12m away, a strange silvery red object shaped like two deep plates placed face to face, and the size of a truck. From its underside emerged four converging protrusions pointing to the ground and there appeared to be illuminated openings on the upper part. This object was suspended about 2m above the ground. 
Source:  Oscar Uriondo in FSR Case Histories 16 p11 case 142 citing Cordoba 1 September 1968.

Date:   August 29 1968
Time:  0230
Summary:  A couple returning from night fishing were driving across the army ranges when a luminous, translucent, elliptical object appeared over a hill about 1.5km away. It slowly descended and hovered above the ground about at least 30 minutes, as the couple slowly drove towards it, coming within 400m. From its underside came tripod like legs. The thing eventually left over the sea. They returned in daylight and found an 8m diameter pattern of large holes 25-30cm across, with a central narrow shaft. They claimed no earth was left behind. 
Source:  Hanson and Holloway 2011b p61 citing investigations by Frank Marshall + Investigation by BUFORA + Dorset Evening News 14 July 1984

uo25Date: August 29 1968
Location: Coleraine Quebec Canada
Time: 1600 – 1830
Summary: A group of children on four consecutive days saw a strange being hanging onto a boulder overlooking a cemetery. He was a dwarfish humanoid about 4 ft tall, with a shaven head, naked chest and a heavy black beard, and with a red and bumpy skin, “like that of a lizard.” This being would disappear into thin air unexpectedly. Also a roaring noise was heard in an excavation at the foot of the boulder, and a kind of “flying saucer” was seen, about 30 ft wide and colored blue, white and red; it left a long trail of smoke, and each time it “looked as if it were trying to land behind the boulder.” The children were Denis Bogus, 7, who saw the object; his brothers Michael and Andre, and their uncle, George Bogus; other adults who subsequently observed the phenomena were Normand Daigle and Luc Cadorette.
Source: Saucers Space & Science, fall 1968

Date:   August 29 1968
Time:  2130
Summary:  Six people, including widow Sole (54) were at km 11 on the Viche to San Hilario road when they saw a metallic looking sphere, giving off an intense light, 2m above the ground, 200m away. It rose like a paper balloon and flew west. It was observed for 15 minutes. 
Source:  Ballester 1976 p15 case 67 citing CEI

Date: August 31 1968
Location: Bahia Blanca Buenos Aires Argentina
Time: 2000
Summary: Emilia de Salazar was alone with her children at home that night when she heard very loud knocking at the front door. Without opening the door, she pulled back the curtain and saw a very tall man like figure over 2 meters in height that appeared to have no hair or ears, with a large mouth and teeth. The being wore a tight fitting dull black outfit and had very long dangling arms. The being’s eyes also shone with a brilliant light. The stunned witness could not move and watched the strange figure move away backwards without taking his gaze off her. Emilia thought she could hear a muffled laugh coming from the figure.
Source: Eduardo A Tucci & Alberto Giordano

Date: August 31 1968
Location: Santiponce Sevilla Spain
Time: 2000
Summary: Four little girls, ages 4 to 8, saw a round object with green and white lights that “arrived from the sky and landed between two trees, about 50 yards away; it had two black wheels and two small windows. Then the girls saw a tall man in black trousers and a black and brown shirt appear near the object; there was nothing unusual about his appearance. The object was not reported to be seen leaving, but later, at the landing site, there was found a circle of pressed down grass.
Source: Manuel Osuna, Felipe Laffitte, Rafael Llamas & John Ruesga

Date: Aug. 31, 1968;
Location:  Mendoza, Argentina
Time: Early
Summary: Three witnesses, among them two Casino employees, stated that they observed five dwarfs, with oversized heads, who emerged from a landed craft and traced undecipherable signs on the ground.
Source: Magonia #919, Le Figaro Sep. 2, 1968

Date:   August 31 1968
Time:  2300
Summary:  Two 16 year olds and a 5 year old child who were just outside town ran away in fear when they saw a light coming down to 3m above the ground. In the nearby town of Bollulles de la Mitacien two men saw an object, 1.5m diameter, narrower on top rise from the ground and fly towards Umbrete. 

Date:   August  1968

Date:   August  1968

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