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Date: December 1968
Location: North Ridgeville, Lorain County, Ohio
Time: afternoon
Summary: A young witness spotted several large pterodactyls like creatures flying over the area. The creatures apparently descended and got closer to the witness who hid behind some bushes. He counted about 7 to 9 such creatures, described as having only skin, no feathers, and were very silent. They flew away from the area.
Source: GCBRO

Date:  Winter 1968
Location: Novosibirsk, Russia
Time: evening
Summary: A lonely female resident, an ardent Communist Party member who never believed in flying saucers, aliens and other nonsense was found unconscious one early morning lying on the side of the road by a street cleaner. An ambulance was summoned and doctors at a nearby hospital succeeded in reviving her. When she woke up she said that on the previous evening, while returning home, she noticed a large cigar-shaped object in the sky emanating a violet beam of light. The beam appeared to be searching for something on the ground, scanning over the streets. Suddenly, the beam shone directly on her, blinding her and she lost consciousness. Details of what occurred after that were apparently erased from her memory. It soon became evident that the woman was pregnant and her relatives were convinced that she had been raped, and thought she invented the bizarre story to avoid shame. However the child she gave birth to later was different from any other. It was a girl, quite small, with an enlarged head, large black eyes, a tiny fragile body, and a very pale skin with a grayish-pinkish tint. (A hybrid?). The name given to the little girl was Rose, for no reason at all according to the mother; the named just seemed to have popped in her head. The little girl soon attracted the attention of the KGB because of uncommon appearance. She began to write and read at a very early age, but even more incredible was apparently able to read human thoughts. She never attended kindergarten or any other school. Instead she was been constantly examined and studied at a secret institute in Akademgorodok under close KGB surveillance. One, professor Mysh, PhD, mainly conducted the studies there. When Rose was 6-years old she told her mother that she was “tired” of being on Earth and added that at the age of 7 she would disappear, and take her mother with her also. Apparently that’s exactly what occurred a year later, at age 7 Rose vanished, along with her mother.
Source: Igor Kolomiets, “The Secret Doctrine” # 21, 2003

Date: December 1968
Location:  South Bend, Indiana
Time: afternoon
Summary: Mrs. Mary Block saw a silvery flying object maneuvering over the area, then several days later, answered a knock on her door. Her caller had a deathly-white face, which had absolutely no lines and no expression. The figure wore all-black clothing and wore a black hat. The stranger got straight to the point. She and her children were not to mention to anybody what they had seen. He left riding in the back seat of a big black car whose windows were heavily tinted. Mrs. Block was so terrified that she did not report this experience until 17 years had gone by.
Source: Don Worley

Date: December 1968
Location:  Near Lowana, New South Wales, Australia
Time: evening
Summary: A married couple encountered a “transparent man” walking near a railway crossing around which UFOs had previously been reported. The man looked “uncanny” and “unnatural” but apart from that looked like a “normal” man wearing a flannel shirt and dungarees.
Source: Bill Chalker, Australia

Date:  December 1968
Location:  Idaho, exact location not given
Time: night
Summary: Hearing a commotion in his barn, Lonnie Duggan rushed out and discovered “a strange looking little man, covered with fur like hair” who was drawing blood samples from his horse’s flank with a large syringe like implement. The figure was 4 ft tall, had large eyes and a very high, bald forehead, and wore a snug fitting 2-piece suit. Speaking in a mechanical sounding voice, “like a computer,” the being said he was from a planet of Tua Ceti, and that his people had been visiting earth for a hundred years. Suddenly, appearing alarmed, he told Duggan to hurry back to the house and stay there for a half hour. Duggan did so, and saw a huge glowing object rise from behind the barn and shoot away “like lighting.”
Source: Saucer News Vol. 16 # 4

Peru1968Date: December 1968
Location:  London, England
Time: night
Summary: Workers in London’s New Victoria tube line while constructing an underground transportation tunnel observed a dark 7-foot tall creature. No other information.
Source: The People (Newspaper)

Date: December 6 1968
Location: Sicuani, Peru

Date:  December 7 1968
Location:  Tierra de Campos
Time:  19:15
Summary:  The phones at the Villanubla air force base were ringing off the hook that Saturday in 1968. I’ve seen something strange, there’s something weird, it’s not an airplane, the lights are orange, it looks like it’s rising into the sky, it vanished suddenly…it was over in three minutes. There were several witnesses to the phenomenon that disturbed the habitual calm of the heavens over Tierra de Campos at 19:15 hours. The first one to call was a truck driver from Mazariegos. Then four more drivers. Also resident from the vicinity of Villalón and even from Palencia. They claimed having seen something in the sky. That very same evening, at 0:50 hours and due to the persistent phone calls, the base commandant submitted a telegram to the Minister of Air Defense, advising him of the phenomenon that transpired in that corner of Castile. “Nothing to report in the rest of the area,” ended the communiqué. All these phone calls from residents of Villalón gave rise to an investigation that ended up in an official report: Document Number 681207 on the sighting of strange objects. UFO files, as the High Command dubbed such documents, and they are called such many years later. The Ministry of Defense has just declassified and published 80 official documents making reference to unidentified flying objects over Spain. The one over Villalón is among them, and like most, the case was closed without ever determining exactly what it was that so many people had seen in the sky. There was something in the sky over Villalón on December 7, 1968. But, what was it? “We lack information that allows us to hazard a guess as to a likely explanation of the phenomenon,” concluded the official report, and that was that. In any event, none of the phone calls had exactly described “the shape or size of the light.” They only stressed that it was “something orange” with a clear ascending movement. A genuine UFO fever raged in the year 1968. The government investigated up to 21 cases. What is more, the Air Defense Ministry was forced to issue a report that was a front-page item in El Norte de Castilla. “Regarding statements published with certain frequency in the press about sightings of unidentified flying objects in Spanish air space, the Air Defense Ministry asks any witnesses who believe they might be seeing the so-called UFOs, to make it known to the nearest air force authorities or the local authorities. This way, the news can reach the airspace authorities having jurisdiction.” It was December 6, 1968. The flood of calls from Tierra de Campos occurred the next day. The public notice went on to say: “The Air Defense Ministry has a radar network that is able to detect any object capable of causing echoes in the air space. It has been hitherto attested that the objects believed to be unidentified by the public were weather balloons or airplanes in flight.” This was a way of curtailing the rise in sightings reported from Soria, Cádiz, Almería, Bilbao or Valencia. The most famous of these took place in Madrid on September 5. The next day’s newspaper proclaimed: “UFO seen over Madrid was not picked up by radar.” The story included eyewitness accounts from dozens of people who claimed having seen a bright spot in the sky “about the size of a 25 peseta coin.” It seems that the strange object was, in fact, a French research balloon (launched from Aire-sur-L’adour), which after being dragged off course, landed between Aspe and Santa Pola (Alicante) on Saturday, December 7. 
Source:  Planeta UFO and El Norte de Castilla

Date:  Dec. 8, 1968
Location: Grey, South Australia
Summary: Top-shaped object paced car, sped away 
Source: Section XII

Date: December 10 1968
Location:  Lake Secession, near Abbeville, South Carolina
Time: 0030am
Summary: This event occurred approximately ¼ of a mile from a hydro-electric dam. The witness was alone when he heard a whirring/whining dynamo type sound outside. He saw amber colored flashing light reflecting on the trees outside. When he walked out the door, overhead he saw a disc-shaped object about 35 ft across and about 10ft high, hovering above him no more than 10 ft away. There were four sets of lights which bathed the area in amber. The outer skin of the ship was what appeared to be a silvery/metallic color. Terrified he was unable to move (the house he was in was one of those lake front houses that were on “stilts” where the outside deck was about 8ft off the ground). After hovering overhead, the craft backed away some 20ft and lowered to where it would be almost eye level with the witness. This craft was saucer shaped with a smaller dome on top. The top dome had a round porthole (window) …he could not see if there was anything inside; however, he “knew” that something was in there and it was looking at him. The craft then rose up came forward directly overhead and hovered. This event lasted approximately 5 minutes, although there were gaps in his memory as to what exactly happened. The craft then sped off effortlessly about 200 yards and hovered momentarily over the lake. Then it sped off at a 45 degree angle towards the southwest at tremendous speed quickly vanishing from sight.
Source: NUFORC

Date: December 12 1968
Location: Franois Doubs France
Time: 1800
Summary: In the midst of a series of multiple witness sightings in the area, Bernard and Mrs Perruche were working in their stable when they saw, behind a nearby house, a light, which they thought at first was a car’s light; it was in an area where no car should have been and remained immobile and, in front of it, they saw “some people moving about…as if in a magic lantern show.” The number of figures was at least two, and while a good distance off, they appeared to be “people” engaged in “a good deal of movement.” They watched briefly, and then went back to their work.
Source: J. Tyrode for LDLN

Date:  December 15 1968
Location: Meaux, Seine et Marne, France
Time: 2200
Summary: Pierre Driviere observes an oval shaped machine of the dimensions of a large car, yellow in color with orange reflections, moving at a sharp pace without noise. The craft was flying behind the building of the “Ultrasonic” factory. At this point Driviere is very surprise to hear a very acute and powerful voice say: “700 K…700 K…700 k. Thinking that someone was playing a joke he circumvents the building and hears the same voice again saying “700 KA” he then observes the object about 100 meters from him moving quickly towards the south.
Source: M Figuet/J L Ruchon

Date: December 15 1968
Location: Hollywood, California
Time: 2300
Summary: The witness was alone in a room lying on the bed listening to music when he heard someone talking. The voices slowly got louder and the music began to fade away. Suddenly everything went dark (the room had been lit) and the next thing the witness knew he was in a “room”, which somehow he knew was in a spaceship, with two small aliens standing next to him. They aliens (not described) were very kind; the witness could sense only love from them. The air in the “space station” smelled like saffron and one wall to his left was filled with small lights and what resembled switches. The aliens communicated with him via telepathy and said that they wanted to see what effects the earth had on the witness (?). At least that’s what he understood. Then his body levitated to a horizontal position and a slab-like table appeared under the witness. He closed his eyes and the next thing he new the music slowly began to return. His next memory was of being back on the bed.
Source: NUFORC

Date: December 18 1968
Location: Near Wairakei Taupo New Zealand
Time: 2245
Summary: As they drove toward Auckland, at a spot 5 miles north of Wairakei, Miss Gay Harvey and Nino Perego saw a strange figure walking toward them on the road. Apparently oblivious to their approach, the man was 5’7”ft tall, and was dressed in a bluish black, shiny, plastic like garment which was loose fitting and of one piece, tucked in at the shoes; he wore gloves of the same material. There was a belt around his waist and on his head he wore a cylindrical helmet with a clear visor, square shaped and extending from ear to ear. The observers did not stop, being in a hurry to get to their destination.
Source: Anthony J Brunt, The Auckland Univ. UFO Research Group

Date:  December 20 1968
Location: Juneau, Alaska
Time: 0200am
Summary: While sleeping in his room at night the 5-year old witness (would be involved in other encounters) he saw a rather bright bluish-white light come in through the window. It was much brighter than the moonlight. He got up out of bed and went to see what it was. As soon as he went into the beam and looked up he became paralyzed and unable to move. The object was about 2 xs to 3x the apparent size of a full moon, and was shaped kind of like a half-moon, but it was tilted at a bizarre angle and the flat side wasn’t flat at all—it had a scalloped appearance like on the tops of ancient medieval castle towers. Although it was difficult to judge height & distance the witness would guess now that it was hovering 50’ above the ground at a distance of 150’ to 300’ away. This would make the object around 20’ in length by 15’ in height. There was no way to know for certain how long the object was there, but his best guest would be around 15 to 30minutes. Immediately after the sighting his hearing seemed to become very sensitive. Small objects like pins falling to the floor sounded like pieces or rebar being slammed into concrete. He also remembered feeling what he might now call an altered sense of reality. He began to have strange almost dream-like periods that would always begin the same way: a series of rectangular shapes colored in bright yellows, greens and blues would appear and rapidly superimpose themselves upon one another in his visual field. After a moment or two a small area of intense scintillating green would appear near the center, followed almost immediately by the paralysis, the apparent enhancements in his hearing and an overwhelming feeling of terror. This would happen almost every day, usually at night but sometimes while wide awake during the day. It wasn’t until many years later before he learned a way to “control” or stop these episodes in their initial stages, and eventually the incidents slowed to a point where they only occur very rarely anymore.
Source: NUFORC

Date: December 28 1968
Location: Goulburne New South Wales Australia
Time: unknown
Summary: The witness had been in the area back in 1950 and at that time had experienced a peculiar incident, which left him with a scar. He returned to the site in December 1968 and saw a craft 40 ft in diameter and 10 ft high, and met its occupant, who walked around the side of the object. He was human in appearance with long hair, about 5’6” tall, and wore silver colored shoes. The witness spoke with this humanoid, in English, for about 3 minutes, learning that he was from Saturn; the man seemed to be in a hurry to get away; boarding, the craft rose 15’ off the ground and hovered momentarily before moving off and disappearing.
Source: Dr. N. Lindtner, UFO Investigation Center, Sydney

Date: December 31 1968
Location: Near Vega Baja Puerto Rico
Time: 1930
Summary: Two men, a nephew and his uncle, were driving along a clear, straight stretch of highway from Isabela to San Juan. The nephew was driving when they observed an object sitting on the right hand side of the road. Only the nephew observed a figure; seen only for several seconds, it was short and human like. Its mouth gave the impression of being toothless. The most distinctive features were the eyes, shining brightly in the dark, “like a cat.” It stood about 10 feet from the car at its closest. The uncle did not see the figure, for the young man pulled rapidly away from the scene. The uncle turned around in time to observe the UFO light up like a blue green bulb, and then to rise, turning a reddish color. He also heard a faint sound at the same time.
Another case investigated by APRO’s Representative in Puerto Rico concerns an incident which occurred between 7:30 and 9:00 p,m. o4 December3 l, 1968 on the PR-2 !oad, near “Los Quemados,” Vega Baja. The witnesses are an 80 year old farmer and rancher and his nephew, a 38 year old dental mechanic and farmer. The witnesses do not wish their names to be made public. The two witnesser were driving at about 40-45 mph from the town of Isabela to San Juan. Shortly after passing Vega Baja, while they were on a straight stretch of road, their headlights illuminated a “clear white” object stationary] on the right side of the road. The nephew, who was driving, exclaimed “Look at that!” and then accelerated away from the object. He described it as while and round and a human-like figure was standing before it. For the few seconds that he had a clear view of the entity, he saw what he later described as “a midget” 5 feet ta1l. Its mouth gave him the impression that (like in elderly persons) it had no teeth. However, what he recalled mostly were the entities eyes, which allegedly shone brightly in the dark, “like a cat.” The entity was supposedly about 10 feet from the Ford Cortina as they drove by. The elderly uncle did not observe the entity standing before the object. However, he claims that as they drove away he turned back and saw that the object “lit-up” like a blue Green light bulb. He also claims that he saw the object begin to rise (it then had a reddish color) and he heard a faint sound, “no stronger tharr a car,” The nephew, ^ho was driving off frightened, did not hear or see anything further, The nephew dropped his uncle off at his home in San Jose and went to his own home. However, he did not see the New Year in with his mother, as he did every year. instead he went to bed and tried to sleep, she was ‘pretty nervous, “The next day he informed his wife and children of the incident. Today he says: “Nobody believes it.” His uncle says: “It was something. What it was, I don’t know.” Representative Robiou makes the following observations: both witnesses are natives of Isabela, from where they drove that night, and now live in San Juan. Vega Baja is about 25 miles from San Juan. Between 7:30 and 9:00 p,m., and especially on New Year’s Eve, highway No. 2 was very probably void of traffic, as the witnesses claim. The elderly uncle wearsg lassesa nd is known to suffer from cataracts. Both witnesses said the object was about the size of a European car, but was definitely not a car; it was round, like “an ashtray turned upside down.”
Source: Sebastian Robiou Lamarche, Apro Bulletin

Date:  late December 1968
Location:  Arko Utah
Time: daytime
Summary: During his Christmas vacation, Robert McAllister, a student, was out checking his animal traps when he came upon a circular object hovering 6 ft off the ground. About 15’ in diameter, the object made no noise and Robert approached to within a few feet. From behind some rocks emerged three figures, their heads encased in helmets; they held a cable at the end of which, floating about 10 ft off the ground, was a chair, on which sat a smiling, apparently aged man, with silver hair and a benign smile. He wore a kind of tunic, while the three men on the ground wore uniforms of a hard, shiny blue type of material. Ignoring the boy, they “escorted” the seated man to the object, in which a door opened; the man and two of his escorts entered the latter by floating up to it. The remaining figure approached the boy and, placing his arm around him, led the child around the craft, pointing out various features and speaking in a strange language the boy did not recognize. Noticing a ball point pen in Robert’s pocket, the man took it to write a paper he drew from his pocket; when Robert indicated he could keep the pen, he again reached into his pocket and brought out his own, which heave gave to the boy. Repeating a phrase that sounded like, “Ab-doon! Ab-doon!” he floated up to the door and disappeared inside. The door closed then re-opened, and then man made gestures for Robert to move further away; then the object rose slowly and silently, suddenly shooting off at tremendous speed. After school had resumed, Robert was visited at his home by a stranger who handed him a “deaf mute” card; the man, rather than accepting the offered coins, asked for the pen, (the one given to the witness by the humanoid) which he took and quickly left.
Source: Saucer News Vol. 16 # 4

Date:  December  1968

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