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Date: beginning of July 1968
Location: Teatralnaya railway station, Moscow region, Russia
Time: after 0100A
Summary: Chernjayava Zynaida Alexsandrovna was awakened by a strong yellow light which was shining inside her room. At first she didn’t understand what was happening. Her first thought was of a powerful projector shining into her window for some unknown reason. However upon approaching the window she saw a sphere hovering at an altitude of about 3-4 meters over the ground, at approximately 40 meters from her house, emitting a powerful yellow light. The object was about 3-4 meters in diameter. She could hear a noise or “murmur” as if several persons with talking among each other in a fast paced chatter. She then noticed several tall figures walking outside the object, these figures wore something on their heads, possibly a helmet, and she could not see any additional details. The sphere hovered above a clearing between trees near some cottages. The witness 10-year old son did not wake up and remained sleeping. Originally the witness thought the men were “electricians” since they were all dressed in light-colored overalls and were apparently engaged in some type of repair. Then she thought that they were engaged in testing some new type of equipment, but she soon realized that what she was seeing wasn’t anything normal. Soon the strange men disappeared unexpectedly entering the sphere via a ladder, she then heard the sound of a metallic hatch closing and the light vanished. Silence followed. She further described the figures as proportional but with somewhat elongated arms. The whole episode lasted about 15 to 20 minutes. The next morning she could find no trace of the events and her neighbors had not seen anything.
Source: Alexander S. Kuzovkin, Moscow

Date: July 1968
Location: Ontario (city unstated) Canada
Time: unknown
Summary: A woman had just finished preparing food for her dogs in her kitchen when “I was just taken, immediately, right from inside the house.” She found herself outside, standing paralyzed, watching a thirty foot diameter disk descending. Three aliens came out and dragged her about the ship. The rooms were all like pie-slice wedges and she went by several until coming to the “medical center.” There she was placed on a levitating bed and told that they were going to do “brain surgery.” They calmed her with a wave of the hand and opened the front of her skull. They resealed it without a trace. “What I believe is that they were using a tracking device.” Then she was returned. She believes that this was the first of several abductions.
Source: Michael D. Swords, “Grassroots UFOs”

uo24Date: July 1968
Location: Grodner Pass Dolomite Mountains Italy
Time: 0100A
Summary: The witness, a Mr. Walter Rizzi was driving when he suddenly felt sleepy and encountered a fog. He pulled off the road. He smelled something burning and went to investigate; he then saw a silvery white domed disc shaped craft approach. The object landed on three legs. The witness felt unable to move. He saw two beings inside the dome and a 3-meter tall robot with 3 legs and 4 arms, appeared to be working on the craft. A being came out of the craft, he was described as five-foot three inches tall, with a large head, and large beautiful cat like eyes, with a small nose, thin lips, short hair and olive green skin, with broad shoulders and a narrow waist. He had feet like horse’s hoofs and moved in a hopping fashion. He wore a tight uniform with a transparent helmet with two tubes behind it. The being smiled and greeted the witness, a telepathic conversation then ensued. The being told the witness that in the not to distant future 80% of life on earth would be destroyed due to a polar shift. As the craft took off, a powerful force knocked the witness back. The object left straight up emitting a loud whistling sound.
Source: Thomas E Bullard, UFO Abductions The Measure of A Mystery

Date: July 1968
Location: Monte Britton, El Yunque Puerto Rico
Time: 1600
Summary: Freddie Anderson & several of his friends were hiking down the slope of the mountain following a stream when they came upon a strange creature standing in the middle of the water very close to state road 191. The creature stood only 12 feet away from the group & it was described as about six-feet tall, very thin, with long thin arms. Its hands reached the knees & were long with extremely long fingers. It appeared to be naked and was green in color. It had a large elongated head that ended in a point. Its body was completely covered by a layer of very thin hair. It also had two large protruding eyes; a small thin mouth & appeared to have no ears. The stunned witnesses apparently went into a trance like state and suddenly woke up to realize that it was already nighttime & that the creature was gone. They had no recollection as to what happened during the missing hours.
Source: Jorge Martin, Evidencia Ovni # 8

Date: July 1968
Location: Inland near the USSR, Black Sea
Summary: The object on the photograph was shaped like a saucer with a raised dome in the center. It appeared to be saucer-shaped with a dome [which] appeared to be quite tall in comparison to the brim – almost like a high top hat, or like the Kecksburb, Pennsylvania, object standing on end.
Source: Dr Irena Scott. CUFOS. DAI – America’s photo reconnaissance spy satellite programs – Kehole and Talent

Date: July 1968
Location: Pipe Creek, Texas
Time: night
Summary: The witness (involved in other encounters) was on the phone when he felt a “presence” behind him, and turning around he saw a tall gray figure with no mouth. Telepathically, it told the witness, “to be careful”. That’s all it said and how long it stayed there the witness could not remember. No other information.
Source: http://www.etcontact.net/newsite

Date: July, 1968
Location: Southlands, TN
Summary: Crash/retrieval report by one witness. 
Source: RUEGG, unknown

Date: July 1 1968
Location: . Ricardone Entre Rios Argentina
Time: 0400A
Summary: Returning home after a dance, 17-year-old Raul Salcedo encountered two strange beings nearly 10 ft tall. He “felt himself drawn towards them by the powerful magnetism radiated by them, which well nigh immobilized him,” but he broke free and fled home in terror. There was, simultaneously, a spate of UFO sightings locally and in nearby San Lorenzo.
Source:  Magonia #913, FSR 68, 5

Date: July 1, 1968
Location: Botucatu, Brazil
Time: 12:30 a.m. 
Summary: Three boys saw an object, about 8 m wide, 350 m away. It had a large tripod under carriage and a ladder reaching down to the ground. These devices were retracted, and the object rose a  few meters, then flew off at high speed.
Source: Magonia #914, FSR 68, 6

Date: July 1 1968
Location: Norwich Connecticut
Time: midnight
Summary: The main witness, who lived on a 3rd floor apartment along with his wife and young son, was watching television one hot night with his wife. Suddenly the TV reception began to snow, then they heard crying coming from the child’s room. The witness then caught a glimpse of someone in the room and ran to see who it was. When he got to the bedroom window he saw the figure fly away to a point about 200 feet up and several hundred feet south of the apartment. It was headed to an object that was ruby red in color. In seconds the figure was as silver dot and it merged with the object along with 3 or 4 other dots. The object then rose to 1000 feet and went southwest at high speed. The creature was described as about 4-foot tall with large eyes and fang-like teeth. Its arms were disproportionately long, like an ape’s arms. He wore a silvery colored suit and his feet did not appear to touch the ground. He seemed to float across the room and out the open window.
Source: NUFORC

Date: July 2 1968
Location: Sierra Chica Buenos Aires Argentina
Time: 1125A
Summary: 15-year old Oscar Iriart, riding his horse, encountered two strange men who beckoned to the youth; they were 5.5 ft tall, with thin white hair, and wore red clothing. The witness noticed that their legs were semi transparent. They told him, in Spanish, “You are going to know the world. We will take you. But not now, as we have a big load.” They directed his attention to an elliptical object 6 ft in diameter, standing on 20” tripod legs in a drainage ditch. Then one of them handed the boy an envelope, telling him to dip it into a nearby puddle. He did so, and found that neither the envelope nor his hand were wetted. In the envelope, written in a crude hand like a small child’s, was the message, “You are going to know the world, F. Saucer.” The two men then got into their machine through the top, and it took off vertically at great speed. Oscar found both his horse and dog paralyzed, and unable to move for some minutes. At the spot were found 3 holes 5” deep, arranged in an isosceles triangle. 5 local skeptics visited the site at 2315 that night and were amazed to observe a luminous object zigzag above them at low altitude.
Source: Sgt. Raul Coronel, FSR Vol. 14 # 5

Date: July 2 1968
Location: Wooler Ontario Canada
Time: 2200
Summary: Several witnesses see a bright object land on some nearby brush. Later several shadowy beings enter nearby homes and take several items. No other information.
Source: FSR Unknown volume

Date: July 2 1968
Location: Near Las Vegas Nevada
Time: late night
Summary: A man and his girlfriend were parked on an isolated desert road and were lying on a blanket near the car when suddenly they felt a strong heat wave hit them. The man looked up to see two men, both about five-foot six inches tall, standing next to them, both encased in a soft light. Both wore coveralls resembling divers suits. They had human like faces and were baldheaded. They spoke to the witnesses in a strange unknown language. Behind the men hovered a circular object with several small lights around its middle. The two men raised the witnesses up by their arms and began feeling their naked bodies. The humanoids then made the witnesses kneel and one of them cut off some of the woman’s hair and put it in a container. They then walked beneath the object and were then illuminated by a beam of light and vanished. The object then shot away at high speed.
Source: Brad Steiger, Strange Fall 1972

Date: July 2 1968
Location:  Cofico, Salta Argentina
Time: 2015
Summary: In an area near the local “Sporting Club” several persons reported seeing a strange sight. Among the witnesses, was Corina Robles who stated that upon going outside to her garden spotted in the sky a huge disc-shaped object which emitted a powerful light from its bottom section. Afraid she ran into the house to get her mother, once outside again the girl now encountered at the same spot where the disc had hovered, a huge robot-like figure no less than 3meters in height. The entity seemed to float in mid-air and then departed slowly flying slowly above the ground until it disappeared behind some hills. Apparently this strange entity was also seen by a 14-year old boy named Francisco Emilio Sola around the same area. Sola had been watching the movements of the disc-shaped object near a hill called “Veinte de Febrero” (20th of February) when suddenly he saw a huge luminous figure about 2.50m in height floating in the air that quickly disappeared behind the hill. Other witnesses including the girl, Silvia Rosa Olmos and two stonemasons reported a similar encounter earlier that day on another nearby hill. That same night 3 police officers reported a UFO above the suburb of “Barrio El Portezuelo”.
Source: Magonia #915, FSR 68, 5

Date: July 2 1968
Location:  St. Alexis de Montcalm Quebec Canada
Time: 2114
Summary: A woman saw a green object shaped like a hat or mushroom, which passed at the height of the window. She believed she saw in it up to 20 small men, all of green color, with rather pointed noses, resembling sculptures in the African Pavilion at the Montreal Expo.
Source: Saucers, Space & Science

Date: July 2 1968
Location: St. Thomas Quebec Canada
Time: 2130
Summary: Constable M. Michaud and another police officer were reported to have seen two naked little men run through a drainage ditch and flee. Reports had the “little men” disappearing as they were about to be apprehended. Some reports had them as only two feet high, with shoulders the size of adults and disproportionately large heads. The appearance of a large meteor at the time merely complicated matters.
Source: Saucers, Space & Science, fall 1968

Date: July 3 1968
Location:  Quilmes Buenos Aires Argentina
Time: 2330
Summary: Alejandra Martinez de Pascucci was walking home when she felt an “invisible force” that pressed down upon her and prevented her form crying out. Suddenly she found herself in an enclosed space together with two men dressed in metallic, luminous clothing and helmets. One was over 6 ft tall, the other a bit shorter. The heat was intolerable; the machine, which “could hold 4 or 5 people,” was round and had small red and green windows. One of the men pressed a button and the craft began to move, but when she was let out she was still in Quilmes, opposite a cemetery.
Source:  FSR Vol. 14 # 5

Date: July 3 1968
Location:  Colle Orlando Italy
Time: midnight
Summary: A man traveling by car had its path suddenly blocked by a tall humanoid figure that jumped onto the roadway from the embankment. The figure wore blue coveralls, had long hair and a bright beam of light shone from his chest. The witness stopped the car and watched the being jump and fly over the vehicle, emitting a loud laughter, apparently causing the neighborhood dogs to start barking. The being then jumped over a nearby hill and was seen jumping into a small hovering disc shaped object, pale red in color. The object then took off changing to a bright white color.
Source: Maurizio Verga, Itacat

Date: July 4th 1968
Location: Dallas, Texas
Time: warm summer night clear sky no clouds no wind
Summary: outside of friends house in the suburbs of Dallas TX warm summer night clear sky no clouds no wind I was in the suburb of oak cliff Dallas TX 3rd house down from 1723 Michigan street on the north side of the block standing in the street facing north, when I had a strange feeling of my arms like static electricity looked south west and observed a large disk shaped object grey in color and looked like it was all one piece not riveted together with a smooth flowing surface , it was very large as stretched from my friends house over to the large oak tree of the neighbors house that had a small vacant lot then a large 2 story house on the big lot, with a very large oak tree, at least 3 story’s tall this was way bigger than the Goodyear blimp that use to fly at the cotton bowl football stadium the city it seemed to dwarf the houses as it expanded to the city street on the other block behind my friends house.as I watched I asked myself is this real i said to my friend are you seeing this, his reply in total amazement yes i see it. I and friend was excited,I asked my friend to go get his brother as no one would believe us, and I thought to myself if I had not looked that direction i would not of known it was even there! I waited outside starring and observing the craft, I was amazed that the craft had apparently had engines maybe 15 as it looked like jet engines in full after burn with yellow and blueish green flame emitting approx 15 to 20 feet down, and trying to rationalize this as I had observed aircraft from the sac basses I had visited with my sisters husband who was in the air force, many times earlier in life, this was no helicopter and how could this be with no sound, no sound what so ever, and was so silent eerie silent, but for air displacement no smell I told my friend to go get his older brother, who was 18 at the time, his big brother and my friend came out to the street, and I asked the older brother, do you see it, as my friends brother did not notice it at first, I asked him again in a more excited tone do you see what I and your brother are looking at! My friends brother seemed to be in shock as he held his mouth partially open in a most unusual way, as he was acting like he did not want to acknowledge that the object was right there, but he did see it and he was startled. he stayed there a minute then returned to the house, I and the younger brother stayed there observing the grey metallic object that seemed to have no ridges or cornering as most aircraft are built, not a balloon or helicopter that we have seen, then the engines quit and it began moving off slowly in a south western direction then disappeared immediately, this moment in time Is nothing but the truth, and now that I am retired from gov service I am compelled to tell these facts, I have served in the US navy and worked with aircraft and I have never seen another aircraft of any type do what this disk shaped behemoth did, and i do wish i could see another it was amazing.

Date: July 4 1968
Location: Between El Tigre & San Fernando, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Time: evening
Summary: Roberto Omar Kagel was driving on a road close to the banks of the River Lujan when suddenly he noticed a brilliant luminosity at about 200 meters in height which descended and landed on the banks of the river. He stopped the car, exited the car and then took several photographs. As he tried to approach the landing site he suddenly felt paralyzed. Within the object he noticed a moving figure and apparently he received a telepathic message. The craft then ascended out of sight at very high speed. When he was able to walk again he inspected the landing site where he found two peculiar stones. For several days afterwards he suffered from a strong buzzing in his ears.
Source:   Proyecto CATENT, Argentina

Date: July 5, 1968
Location: SANTIAGO, Chile
Summary: Photograph taken by a Chilean professor of a strange lens-shaped object with a convex top have revived theories: that flying saucers are cruising the skies over this county”. Prof. Gabriel Alvial Caceres, director of the Center for Investigation of Cosmic Radiation at the University of Chile, showed his photographs to a fascinated press, conference here recently. He declined to say whether the object his team photographed was controlled by extra-terrestrial beings. “But they are phenomena which our science cannot explain and which require the coordination and methodology of investigation of all scientific centers to provide an answer for the unknown.” he said. “The presence of these phenomena in the skies of Chile — 15 times in a year—compelled us to carry out these observations which have now been crowned with success,” the professor’ added. Two veteran pilots of the Argentine National Airline, Aerolineas Argentinas, recently reported seeing a flying saucer over Southern Chile. In Northern Chile, four officials of the Public Health Service were reported in a local newspaper as saying a saucer landed near them and the pilot, told them not to say a word about the landing… Two of the men were examined about the incident under hypnosis. Two unidentified flying objects were sighted last month in the tiny town of El Choro, 155 miles south of La Paz, Bolovia, police said Both sightings were officially reported to the government by Poopo Province Police Chief German Rocha. The first object was said to have been seen both by Rocha and the mayor of Choro, Niceforo Leon. Eocha said it was round and illuminated the ground with “a weird colored light.”
Source: Orlando Sentinel, Orlando, Fla.

Date: July 5 1968
Location: San Lorenzo Santa Fe Argentina
Time: 0430A
Summary: Hearing a humming sound, Olga Rosel De Montironi opened a window and saw “a kind of spaceship,” the size of a big automobile, going back and forth 50 yards away. It was luminous, and inside it she was able to make out something like “a person wearing clothing.” It went off to the north and hovered for 15 minutes. Other women also observed the “spaceship.”
Source: EDOVNI Bulletin # 1

apro20Date: July 5 1968
Location: Brazil
Time: 1 a.m.
Summary: At 1 a.m., on the morning of 5 July 1968, Ibrahim Rodrigues Fonseca, a professional photographer, was suffering from bronchitis, so he stayed awake reading until the attack subsided. While sitting beside an open window Fonseca saw a large light descending from the sky. The upper part of the object seemed to be spinning at a high rate of speed and gave off a brilliant yellowish light. Fonseca rushed away from the window, came back and took the photograph just before the object ascended out of sight, He estimated that a period of about 2 minutes elapsed from the time he sighted the object descending until it took off. The disc-shape in the upper part of the photo is the object, while the lighted area below Photo Of UFO From Brazil Professor Flavio Pereira

Date: July 6-7 1968: Near Hushtosyrt, Chegmenskiy region, Kabardino-Balkaria Republic, Russia Encounter

Date: July 7, 1968
Location: Seattle, WA
Summary: Eight ovals near Cherokee-6 

Date: July 8 1968
Location: Near Canota Mendoza Argentina
Time: 0300A
Summary: Aldo Juan Santiago, with Miss Espinoza and her son and a young friend of the latter, were driving near Canota on a cold, moonlight night when they saw a luminous object fluctuating between blue-green and yellow, pass over & land near Villavicencio, about 3 km away. They stopped and had a midnight cookout, toward the end of which a man walking on the road to Villavicencio, “with giant strides,” came up & passed by them without speaking. He was wearing “a sort of one piece Montgomery, fastened at the wrists & ankles,” blue in color, with a hood over the head, and seemed to be wearing spectacles. The area was far from any town and they had seen no one else, and no car, on the road.
Source: Dr Carlos Wittenstein for ONIFE

Date: July 8, 1968
Location: Warren, OH
Summary: Object darted back and forth near Cessna 172.

Date: July 9 1968
Location: Cerro De La Gloria, Mendoza Argentina
Time: night
Summary: The police agent Arsenio Romero, of the 5th district of that city, was on duty in Cerro De La Gloria when he saw an intense light on the platform. He went up to it to find out what it was & then observed a round object which was emitting blue and red lights. Two little beings wearing 2 bright antennas on their heads came out of the UFO. When Romero started to point his pistol at them, the entities turned on him a sort of luminous ray that immobilized him, causing him to fall down in a faint. Thus he was found on the ground and was taken to the said police headquarters. He was hospitalized because he was suffering a strong nervous crisis.
Source: Dr. Carlos Banchs

Date: July 9 1968
Location: La Plata Buenos Aires Argentina
Time: 2330
Summary: Two girls, 10 and 15, the daughters of a jockey, said they encountered “a man from another world” who tried to engage them in conversation. About 6 ft tall, he had long red hair and blue eyes and wore a one-piece coverall with a sort of green visor that emitted multi colored flashes of light. The marks of 4 large fingers were found on the door of the house beside which he appeared.
Source: FSR Vol. 16 # 1

Date: July 9 1968
Location: Near Memphis, Tennessee
Time: night
Summary: After supper Gene Ruegg finally did what he wanted to do all day. He went into the back bedroom of his apartment in a suburb in Memphis and firmly shut the door behind him. He had a consuming interest in radio-telegraphy and mostly spoke to other radio hams as far away as Chicago and Florida on the sophisticated equipment that had cost him over 5,000 dollars to by and assemble. But much of the time Gene Ruegg did something that he knew was technically against the law. He eavesdropped on radio transmissions from the nearby top-secret Air Force Base at Southlands Tennessee and the squadrons of Phantom jet fighters which operated from the airfield. For over two years Ruegg had listened in on routine transmissions between pilots and ground control, fascinated by a world which, as a maintenance manager of a haulage firm, he was never likely to share. But all that changed on the evening of July 9 1968. He had tuned in early to the Southlands base on that date. At first it was just routine transmissions between the tower and aircraft on training flights and he was just about to switch over and call up Montgomery when he realized that something pretty dramatic was happening. An aircraft coded Delta four-zero had disappeared. For fiver minutes Ruegg listened fascinated as the operator called vainly to the aircraft with reply. Then through the crackling static came a voice, “I am being attacked by unidentified objects. I think I…” The transmission went dead. Ruegg realized that he was listening into something highly significant. Feverishly, he connected a tape recorder to his receiver. Seconds after he had finished, the set once again crackled into life. It was the voice of the pilot. This time he was near hysterical and shouting, “They’re closing in on me. I am unable to steer a course. Something is happening to the plane…I am being taken along by this thing. I require assistance. I require assistance…”Then the voice of the controller came in and told him to pull himself together. Seconds later, he said that they had got him on the radar scanner and that they could see objects clustered about the plane. Someone else came on the radio then and told the pilot that other Phantoms in the area had been alerted and would stand by. Then Ruegg heard a strange, searing noise like scraping metal and the pilot shouted something he couldn’t make out. Control tried repeatedly to re-establish contact, but they couldn’t. For the next six years the Air Force the authorities denied there had been any mishap that day. But finally it was admitted: An aircraft had gone missing. Over the years Ruegg has had visits from security men. He has been told to say nothing further about the incident and to hand over the copy tape and transcript, but he has refused. The original tape is in the possession of the US Air Defense Command. He doubts he will ever see it again.
Source: Ed Komarek

Date:  July 11, 1968
Location: Eielson AFB, Alaska (BBU)
Time: 3:00 a.m. local time
A Eielson AFB tower personnel observed an orange round object at a low altitude about 18 miles south of the base. The Fairbanks Radar Approach Control (RAPCON) was contacted by the tower personnel and they reported radar returns south of of Eielson AFB. The object was observed visually for 25 minutes before it faded from view. 
Source: Dan Wilson; McDonald list; FUFOR Index, Sparks catalog

Date:  July 15 1968
Location: Mar Del Plata, Argentina
Time: 1730
Summary: Juan Gilabert and his wife, Anastasia were at their home when Anastasia suddenly heard a loud whistling sound and felt extreme heat. Juan was in another room. At the same time a bright light seemed to descend from the ceiling. The light began to dim and she felt semi-paralyzed, in a corner of the room she saw a short humanoid figure wearing a silvery suit. Frightened she managed to grab a hold of her young daughter and ran outside screaming. Several neighbors, among them, Rogelio Gianomini came to her aid and found a strange white substance on the floor and a strong sulfur-like odor in the area. Small footsteps were also found. Mrs. Gilabert suffered from nervous shock after the incident.
Source: Carlos Daniel Ferguson, Gaceta Ovni

Date:  July 15, 1968
Location: Columbus, IN
Time: 3:00 a.m.
 UFO emitted beam-like searchlight to ground. Also narrower red beam or ray in center.
Source: UFOs: A New Look, pg. 44

Date: mid July 1968
Location: Near Rivesville West Virginia
Time: evening
Summary: Jennings H. Frederick had been hunting game with bow and arrow when he heard a high pitched jabbering; the rapid-fire message, which he may have perceived telepathically, seemed to say, “You need not fear me, I wish to communicate. I come as friends. We know of you all…I wish medical assistance. I need your help.” Frederick reached into his pocket for his handkerchief and found it was entangled in what he thought were brambles; withdrawing his arm, he saw attached to it a thin, flexible hand and arm, green in color like a plant, terminated in three fingers with needle like tips and suction cups. The hand tightened his grip and punctured a blood vessel as he turned to see a “terrifying being with semi human facial features.” It had slanting yellow eyes and pointed ears, and a body like the stalk of some huge ungainly plant. The eyes suddenly spun, creating a hypnotic effect in the witness, and the pain ceased; the witness froze to the spot while the “transfusion” continued, lasting perhaps a minute. He was then released and the being departed, with 25-foot strides, disappearing into the woods.
Source: Gray Barker

Date: July 16, 1968
Location: Andacollo, Argentina
Summary: National police officers saw disc with blue light nearby, moving slowly. [E] jeep.
Source: Flying Saucer Review Case Histories, Supplement 18; see Rodeghier, 1981, pp. 41

Date: July 16, 1968
Location: Nr. Indianapolis, IN
Time: 11:00 p.m. 
Summary: 15 minutes. Two men in a car stopped to rest in a field after long drive. While driving into the field, with headlights on only long enough to avoid obstructions, they encountered a light. Shortly after, a large crimson red object hovered over trees. 
Source: MUJ, issue and page unknown

Date: July 17 1968
Location: Near Rio de Janeiro Brazil
Time: 2300
Summary: A civil servant named Pedro Dema Filho heard a loud humming noise and was blinded by a powerful beam of light accompanied by two green lamps. These vanished, and from a door in an object emerged 4 entities not much over 20” tall, greenish, and wearing something like headphones; they quickly approached him, and paralyzed, he could not run. They seized him and dragged him into their craft, whose interior “looked like a laboratory,” where they questioned him at length about human customs—apparently telepathically, since they seemed to have no mouths. They made him undress and conducted a detailed physical examination, including the introduction into his mouth of an extraordinary luminous wire that made his body transparent. His limbs felt cold, his head spun and his tongue “turned to stone,” but when they finally released him again, and the craft flew off leaving a luminous trail, he felt no further physical effects.
Source: FSR Vol. 15 # 5

Date:  July 20 1968
Location: Lake Kaarna, Otepyaja, Estonia
Time: 0100A
Summary: Three girls at a summer camp were sitting outside dining during an unusually silent moonlit night when they saw a bright light descending overhead and joined up with a cigar shaped craft that had now appeared. The objects soon disappeared. As it was already late they decided to go to sleep. It is interesting to note that during this first phase of the sighting all three girls felt an unusual fear. While the girls were undressing their room was suddenly lit with a bright light. One of them looked out the witness and noticed a large bright object about 50 meters away. She thought it was similar to a bus and from it red-orange and yellow beams of light emerged. The witnesses were briefly blinded by the bright beams of light, but the object quickly dimmed, now they could only see a dimly lit fog. The object then began to radiate a greenish dark blue light; it was possible to see a bluish-green stripe around the object, which seemingly had decreased in size. In shape it now resembled a disc; the bluish light completely lit the surrounding woods and frightened the witnesses. The object was in their field of sight for about 5 minutes and they heard a buzzing sound and the UFO disappeared. It seemed to have disappeared behind some bushes by a country road. At this moment the main witness felt a strong desire to leave the house, even though she had felt frozen or paralyzed while watching the object. When she approached the area where the object had been she saw a small humanoid figure which seemed similar to a “woman”. This figure was about 140-150cm in height. On the breast of the humanoid there was something similar like a shiny silvery badge. The entity then suddenly disappeared as if it had dissolved into thin air. The witness then returned to the house and her room. The next morning after a restless night the witness decided to investigate what had occurred. On the location where she had seen the object she found the ground burnt deep into the grass. The burned area was roughly round in shape and was about 2 meters in diameter, other strange tracks were found around the spot where the object had been. Later she told her friends what she had seen, but they didn’t take the story seriously and warned her not to make a “big stir about it”. But other girls who were working in the kitchen that night had gone for a boat ride on the lake that night when they heard a strange loud noise only about 50meters from the lake.
Source:  Juri Lina FSR Vol. 24 # 1

Date: July 20 1968
Location: Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Time: 1100A
Summary: A man out on a hiking trip in the area was scanning some fields with a pair of binoculars when he noticed four bizarre looking humanoids standing on a field. The humanoids were standing around apparently inspecting the area except for one that appeared to be lying prone on the ground. These human like figures appeared to be naked or topless as if sunning themselves in a beach. As he watched, five minutes later a large gray balloon shaped object appeared above some trees. It was flying in a west-east direction and appeared to be about 25 meters in diameter. At one point the object ejected a small sphere that descended in a vertical parabolic trajectory disappearing behind the trees. Soon 4 bell-parachute shaped objects appeared and descend over each of the humanoids covering them completely, each of the humanoids raised their arms as if waiting to be covered by the objects. The parachute like objects then disappeared along with the humanoids. The witness described the humanoids as about 1.40 meters in height, of a robust build with short muscular legs and over-developed calves. Their skin was dark reddish in color and their hair was dark and swarthy. Their heads and faces were peculiar since they had dog or canine-like characteristics.
Source: Calin Turcu, Romania

Date:  July 22 1968
Location: Mendoza Argentina
Time: 0120A
Summary: Adela Casalvieri, night nurse at the Neuropsychiatry Hospital, heard a loud penetrating humming noise outside in the hospital courtyard. Going out to see what caused it, she observed at a distance of 20 meters a landed object, in the shape of two saucers edge-to-edge and brightly luminous, in the middle of the courtyard. A luminous red ray was directed at her and she found her legs paralyzed; putting her hands up to her face for protection, she found she was unable to move, as well. She remained immobilized for a number of minutes, until the red beam was extinguished. At this time the object ascended vertically, and then moved off rapidly to the south, barely clearing the wall around the courtyard. Before it disappeared she was able to observe several human like figures through square portholes that encircled the object; these moved back and forth, passing each other, and were visible only from the waist up. Imprints were found at the landing site and several small potted trees were burned. Mrs Casalvieri had first-degree burns of the face and hands, and parts of her cap and clothing were burned; in addition, her watch, which had stopped at 0130A, was found to be radioactive, as was her ring.
Source: G J Gianza Paz & A M Baragiola

Date: July 22 1968
Location:  St. Bruno Quebec Canada
Time: evening
Summary: Six young girls, ages 7 to 13, reportedly saw a figure they described as “The Virgin Mary.” The apparition appeared before them hovering in the air; four of the girls merely saw the figure, whereas two, heard a voice they described as “soft and slow.” It advised them to pray and promised to return in October 7.
Source: John A Keel, UFOs Operation Trojan horse

Date: July 22 1968
Location: St. Basile Quebec Canada
Time: evening
Summary: A boy reported seeing a man like figure that was apparently airborne and “seemed to be walking in the sky, without any visible means of propulsion.” No other information.
Source:  John A Keel, UFOs Operation Trojan horse

Date: July 23 1968
Location:  Bauru Sao Paulo Brazil
Time:  0100A
Summary: A night watchman named Daildo de Oliveira, on duty at the Central Electric Power Station at Urubupunga, was making his rounds around the main control room when he noticed a dimly lit figure standing next to the entrance. Hoping that the figure did not notice him he attempted to approach. At that same instant he heard a noise that seemed to come from the office area as he turned to look in that direction he perceived another “man” looking out one of the windows next to the door. He could see this figure better and de Oliveira noticed that the man wore a tight-fitting dark colored shirt and pants. Reacting to the intrusion the witness grabbed a piece of iron and walked towards the figure at the window that appeared to be standing with his back to him. Silently approaching to within a meter of the intruder, de Oliveira attempted to strike the figure with the piece of iron but to his surprise this one evaded the blows with swift athletic moves. At this point the witness realized that the figure was in reality facing him. The watchman also noticed that it wasn’t a “normal” person, since it emitted loud grunting sounds and suddenly grabbed the witness, a violent struggle then ensued. As both watchman and intruder rolled on the ground, a second figure came running to assist his companion, this second figure was very similar to first one. Being a strong and agile man de Oliveira now continued to struggle with both intruders. But suddenly a third intruder appeared. The third figure was different from the first two; it did not wear an opaque helmet like the other two, and was wearing light-colored clothing. It had reddish hair, and had very light skin. This figure seemed stronger and pulled de Oliveira by his feet, taking his shoes off, the figure then tore de Oliveira’s raincoat and then struck a blow on de Oliveira’s leg, which caused the witness to lose strength and balance. Then all three humanoids lifted the witness up and dropped him on the ground five or six times until he remained still. The strangers then noticed that de Oliveira was not moving and apparently attempted to assist him, poking him in the ribs several times. At this point the witness heard the red-haired figure pronounce some unintelligible words as the other two remained silent. The witness then ran towards the stairwell, but looked back before getting there and noticed an object resembling a “Kombi” (a small vehicle resembling a Volkswagen) however with a base about 10 meters in width. All three humanoids then entered the object, which rose up into the sky emitting a noise. It rose quickly towards a nearby electrical transformer causing this one to throw off some sparks. It then shot up into the sky quickly disappearing from sight. De Oliveira then summoned another watchman and both searched the area finding the witness’s torn clothing and flashlight and several footprints. Local authorities investigated the site days later.
Source: Apro Bulletin Nov-Dec. 1968

Date:  July 25 1968
Location: Tapalque, near Olavarria Buenos Aires Argentina
Time: 0205A
Summary: Armed with sub-machine guns a corporal and several soldiers drove to the spot in a jeep t where a UFO emitting multicolored flashes and making a droning sound was apparently about to land. It settled and three beings more than 6 ft tall wearing silvery uniforms, emerged and advanced with slow, unsteady steps toward the soldiers. The corporal fired a burst of submachine gun fire at them, upon which the beings lifted up their hands to show a small luminous ball, whereupon all the witnesses were overcome by a strange lassitude and were incapable of using their guns. However one of the men, a Corporal Menendez managed to fire five shots without any apparent effect on the humanoids. Only after the figures re-entered the UFO and it had taken off with a zigzag motion did the soldiers recover their faculties.
Source:  FSR Vol. 14 # 6, citing newspaper source

Date: July 25, 1968
Location: LaPastora, Argentina
Summary: Silvery, spinning top hovered near road, rose quickly and sped away; engine restarted by itself. [E] car.
Source: Flying Saucer Review Case Histories, Supplement 18; see Rodeghier, 1981, p. 41 

Date:  July 25 1968
Location: General Alvear Buenos Aires Argentina
Time: 0530A
Summary: Oscar Augustin D’Onofrio declared that when traveling on Route # 3 he observed at the 37 km mark, 100 meters away on the road, a luminous spot that went on gradually increasing. The motor of his car stopped working, and the witness remained fixed, without being able to move. Moments later there emerged a spaceship, which shot out sparks. He saw 2 figures, but at that distance he could not make out their characteristics. The UFO rose up and disappeared
Source: Carlos Banchs

Date: July 26 1968
Location: Riviere Du Loup Quebec Canada
Time: 1500
Summary: Two young boys riding their bicycles near the airport stopped by the hangar and sighted a short three-foot tall gray skinned humanoid. The humanoid ran away joined by a second similar being, both moved in stiff movements. No other information.
Source: John Brent Musgrave, UFO Occupants & Critters

Date:  July 28 1968
Location: St. Stanislas De Kostka Quebec Canada
Time: 2100
Summary: Five young people, including Paul Sauve, 20, and his sisters, Nicole, and Joanne, and Regent Leger and his brother Dennis, saw two circular objects with brilliant red halos, one of which was seen to land about 1000 ft away. They went out with a flashlight to investigate and encountered a being, 50 ft away that terrified them so that they ran back to the house. It was about 4 ft tall, had a big head ‘imbedded in the shoulders” without a neck, and large round eyes, a flat nose, and having a black or brown skin that was “wrinkled, scabby, with bumps.” When caught in the flashlight beam, it lifted a hand, which was very large, black, and rough, “like the skin of a toad,” and opened and closed its mouth. Then it backed off toward the barn. After they were back in the house, it came up to a window and knocked on the pane, making a “mooing” sound “like a cow.” Later they saw the object take off vertically. A 15-foot circle of crushed grain was found at the landing site.
Source:  Wido Hoville

Date:  July 28 1968
Location: Upton Quebec Canada
Time: near midnight
Summary: A man, his wife, and two children were awakened by the barking of their dog. When he arose to investigate, he saw a sparkling, rotating “cloud” in the yard. It flew just over him and went to a nearby field. About 12ft in diameter, it was dark on the bottom, but luminous on top. The cows in the field were being chased by 4 or 5 small entities, perhaps 3 ft tall with heads shaped like bottles. As the UFO flew above them, they disappeared. The cattle seemed ill for weeks afterwards.
Source:  John Brent Musgrave, UFO Occupants & Critters

Date:  July 29, 1968
Location:  La Atalaya, Spain
Summary:  Object like upside-down bowl, glowing underside, flew low over road, landed. [E,L] car.
Source: Flying Saucer Review Case Histories, Supplement 13, Feb.1973, p. 14. 

Date:  July 30, 1968: Witnesses observe near-landing of UFO

Date:  July 30, 1968: Dome-Shaped Object Hovers above Ground 

Date: July 31 1968: Michelin man seen by farmer on Réunion Island

Date: Late Summer, 1968
Location: Lake Norman, NC
Summary: Domed UFO near nuclear plant.

Date:  July  1968

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