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Date: Kremenchug, Poltava region, Ukraine (USSR)
Location: early June 1968
Time: about 1700-1800
Summary: Two witnesses, Galena Alekseevna Kazayeva and her partner, both employees at a local chemical laboratory were standing outside of the Kremenchug power station when they spotted a disc-shaped object that Galena first mistook for the moon, but she looked more attentively and noticed that in fact it was an oval shaped disk, emitting light and hovering in midair, close to the plant’s smokestack. Both witnesses walked closer to the base of the stack. Both witnesses now saw what appeared to be humanoid silhouettes through the transparent hull of the UFO. Both witnesses ran to the workshop and reported the event to engineer Husid William Naumovich and then went back outdoors to see the UFO still hovering in midair. They then observed several low flying “Mi” helicopters that appeared from beyond the oil-refining plant the pilots having seen the UFO as well. The UFO then quickly reacted, not waiting for the helicopters to arrive, it soundlessly jerked from its location and zoomed up in a sharp angle to the northwest disappearing from sight in seconds.
Source:Vladimir Krinitsyn from Mariupol in: “Interesnaya Gazeta” # 12 2003 Kiev issue D+

Date: June 1968
Location: Crewe, Virginia
Time: morning
Summary: The young witness had stepped out into the front porch to wash his hands while his mother gave birth inside the house. At the front porch he was confronted by a short, child-like figure. The witness attempted to scream in order to alert his brother but was unable to speak. The creature had pinkish red skin, big shiny eyes, and a mouth. The witness did not see a nose. It had small hoof-like feet. It suddenly ran towards the nearby woods at very high speed and disappeared from sight.
Source:UFOs-Aliens On Line

Date: June 1968
Location: Not stated
Time: night
Summary: The witness was in the middle of an intense prayer session when suddenly a beautiful female being appeared in the bedroom. She told the witness that she was not “from this place” and also that her prayers would be answered. The being stayed and conversed with the witness for a while, then left. No other information.
Source: Kenneth Ring PhD, The Omega Project

Date: June 1968
Location: Santa Fe, Santa Fe Province, Argentina
Time: night
Summary: A night watchman guarding a construction site observed on several occasions a strange figure wearing what appeared to be a monk’s or nun’s habit gliding over the ground. It was seen to enter the waters of a nearby lagoon on two occasions. He called the police and some of the officers were also able to see the strange apparition.
Source: Proyecto CATENT, Argentina


Date: June 1968
Location: Taranto, Italy
Time: 0020A
Summary: While walking along the Ceglie Messapica Road the witness, A. C. noticed at about 100 meters away a very strong luminosity blue-violet in color, about 10 meters in diameter and apparently hovering about 20/30 cm from the ground. Approaching the object he noticed that within the light he could see an illuminated disc-shaped craft. Through an opening he could see two humanoid figures about 1.20 meters in height, wearing tight-fitting dark coveralls and helmets moving about, apparently operating some instruments. Moments later one of the humanoids turned around and stared directly at the witness who felt afraid and turned to run to his car. As he ran away he “heard” a voice in his head telling him: “Do not be afraid we are a peaceful people”, he fled without seeing the object leave. The next morning upon returning to the site he found a depressed section on the ground of about 10 meters in diameter and about 30 cm in depth. He also found a strange looking irregular shaped silvery stone, which he kept. Analysis proved to be made out of “normal” earth minerals.
Source: CISU Puglia

Date:  June 1 1968
Location: Brisbane Australia
Time: 00:00
Summary: My Dad his brothers sister and his Dad were driving back from thier friends place and there was a small swamp/lagoon with long reeds around it and in it that they used to go to.that night they saw lights, thier car lights went off and the engine stopped. there were lights (red) and strange markings on it the dogs were barking and horses were neighing they recorded it all, i saw it but they lost the recording soon after.the next day all the reeds were flat in a triangular shape.
Source: NUFORC

Date: June 1 1968
Location: Darmstadt, Germany
Time:  2200-00.00A
Summary: The main witness and others were stationed at the Cambrai-Fritsch Kaseme (Seventh Evac Hosp Army) outside Darmstadt. The Odenwald Forest was right outside their fence. Their barracks was 20ft from the fence. Their unit was “in the field” so there was no “lights out” and they were playing pool. Soon they noticed they noticed small white Christmas like lights flickering in the tree tops and started watching them. They then noticed that the cue-balls wouldn’t go in the pockets like they should, they seemed to veer away a little. The men thought that there was something peculiar going on but had no idea what. The main witness began to get the feeling of being watched and mentioned it. At least one other person had a similar feeling. It was really bothering the men and one of the new recruits, just seventeen, “was freaking out”. The main witness imagined that whatever it was “could read their minds” and he must have been thinking UFO because he thought telepathically to whatever it was to leave before the young soldier really lost it completely and contact him after he got back home. The odd feeling subsided and he went to bed. A little after lying down he had the sensation of being sucked out of his body. His legs and part of his body felt like they were at a right angle to how his physical body was lying on the bed and his shoulders and head were still in it. Fearful, he began to concentrate in something different and noticed that the fear made him weaker in his “fight” against whatever it was. He then concentrated on a girlfriend and was soon able to get up. He was afraid to go back to sleep so he went back to the pool table and wanted to wait until daylight to try to sleep. A while later he went up to the fourth floor to a friend’s room and looked out the window just in time to see an oval-shaped object take off out of the top of the trees. It was fiery orange in color. The witness and members of his family were to have further sightings.
Source: NUFORC

Date: June 4, 1968
Location: Punta Arenas, Chile
Summary: Cylinder above airliner.

Date: June 4 1968
Location: Near Buenos Aires Argentina
Time: 0100A
Summary: Walking home after midnight, artist Benjamin Solari Parravicini was suddenly confronted by a fair skinned man with eyes ‘so light in color that he looked as if blind,” who addressed him in an unintelligible guttural language. Looking upward, the witness saw only 50 yards away a hovering aerial craft, with no lights. He became dizzy, and when he recovered, he found himself inside the machine, with 3 other persons. One of these, very handsome, was questioning Parravicini in an alien language, which he was able to understand telepathically. They told him that they would taken him once around the earth, and he observed Japan, France, and Chile before being returned to the same street corner. Since this experience, the alien beings have contacted Parravicini several times.
Source:  Gordon Creighton, FSR Vol. 14 # 5

Date: about June 10 1968
Location: Cordoba Argentina
Time: unknown
Summary: A youth stated that he had been visited by a strange being whose body emitted rays of light, and who spoke a strange language he did not recognize. No other information.
Source: Humcat quoting newspaper source

Date: June 10 1968
Location: Cigarrales, Cordoba Argentina
Time: 0330A
Summary: Jorge Yaru, a member of the Argentine Navy, stepped out of his home to hear a very loud engine type noise, looking around he sees nothing and re-enters the house. Soon he again hears the noise and goes outside to investigate. Looking towards a nearby empty field he sees a hovering disc shaped object with a dome on top and one in the bottom, he estimates the craft to be about 1.50 meters in width and 6 meters in length, the craft was rotating in anti-clockwise manner. He watched the object for 45 minutes then the craft shoots away at a ninety-degree angle towards the nearby wooded hills. Mr. Yaru then feels a strange urge to bathe in a nearby brook, which he does, not withstanding the very low temperatures at the time. He strangely felt, as he had to “cleanse” himself. At the same time, a neighbor, Adela Garcia, heard the same noise and noticed in the same empty field a strange triangular shaped cloud from which a giant man-like figure, over 2 meters tall, with long blond hair, descended to the ground. The strange being, which Garcia likened to Jesus Christ, approaches her and she kneels before him. Turning away briefly from the being, she looks up and both the being and the triangular shaped cloud had vanished. At the empty field a large scorched area of grass was found.
Source: Revista Enigmas, Argentina

Date: June 11 1968
Location: Lavras de Mangabeira, Sao Paolo Brazil
Time: evening
Summary: An object shaped like a flattened oval was seen on a field by a witness. Next to the object stood a short baldheaded humanoid that sported a black beard and had dark round eyes. It wore a red colored, tight fitting coverall and green boots.
Source:GEPUC Brazil & Antonio Faleiro

Date: June 14 1968
Location: Villa Carlos Paz, Cordoba Argentina
Time: 0050A
Summary: Pedro Pretzel, the proprietor of a motel, was walking home when he saw near the motel an object projecting 2 very intense beams of red light. On arriving home he found his 19-year old daughter Maria in a faint. She said she had encountered in the vestibule a blond man over 6 ft tall, dressed in a “diver’s suit” of sky blue scales, and holding in his left hand a sky-blue sphere. On his right hand was a huge ring, like a gauntlet half covering his hand. The ends of his fingers and toes emitted light, and whenever his hand pointed at her she felt weak. He smiled and spoke to her in an unintelligible language resembling Japanese for some minutes before leaving. As he walked out the rear door it opened by itself and then it slammed shut as the stranger walked out. She saw what appeared to be a type of skirt on the back of the stranger. Before he walked out Maria felt very dizzy and began sweating profusely in her mind she heard a voice telling her not to be afraid.
Source:Charles Bowen, FSR Vol. 14 # 5

Date: June 14, 1968
Location: Mendiozaca (Argentina)
Time: 3:00 a.m.
Summary:  Jorge Yaru, 35, saw a strange light outside and a bright object, the size of a bus, 30 m away. It had yellow, green and red lights at the bottom. As he approached, the object rose suddenly, hovered for 40 min, and left at high speed.
Source: Magonia #908; LDLN 95

Date:  June 14 1968
Location: Near Celano, Abruzzi, Italy
Time: 1800
Summary: At the same time that an asteroid named “Icarus” came very closed to the earth, strange events were reported in northern Italy. A half hysterical woman phoned the police station reporting that three huge, disc shaped object were hovering outside of town, the objects glowed a pale red. Lt. Germonde took the call. Minutes later other witnesses reported seeing “spinning discs” the size of houses slowly descend to the ground in a wooded area near the town. But soon it really got weirder. Germonde received a call from a bar-restaurant owner reporting “huge birds with tiny wings and with faces like humans.” According to the witness there were four or five huge birds flying towards Celano. The strange creatures were described as 3-feet in height and flying upright, as if they were men being propelled above the ground by some unknown force. No wings were visible…only a blur above their shoulders, like the wings of a hummingbird. Whatever kept them flying was small and moving very fast. The creatures reportedly flew at a height of only a few feet above the ground. They appeared to have trouble moving in heavily wooded areas. Their faces were reported to have been human like, which contained a blank look. The next day, Arturo Gerraci, on his way home and drunk, stumbled on a bird-like corpse in the woods. Running all the way back to the tavern howling that he came across the “corpse of a winged monster” in the woods. First reluctant to follow him to the woods, some men did go to the spot and recovered the body of a strange creature. A Dr. Respighi examined the corpse and described it as, “A creature of about 3-feet in height, weighing approximately 41 pounds, having arms and legs formed roughly the same as those of a normal human, that is to say with fingers, opposing thumb, and toes, complete with joint structure. A wing like appendage attached roughly halfway between shoulder and neck on each side of the head. It was made up of tiny, thin, but extremely strong pieces of cartilage, apparently capable of moving very rapidly. The creature had no eyes. In their place was a cluster of tiny, filament like antenna, protected by a tissue thin membrane of skin. It had also gill like apertures capable of oxygen intake. Incredibly as the body was being examined it was decomposing at an incredibly rapid rate. The tissue seemed to dry up and crumble into powdery flakes. Respighi had the corpse put in a freezer, hoping to preserve it, until colleagues could arrive and examine it. By the time they arrived, even on the ice, the corpse decomposed to a grayish white powder.
Source: Richardo Salvador, The Ohio Sky Watcher Quoting Roger Veillith

Date: June 14 1968
Location:  La Armonia, Necochea, Argentina
Time: late night
Summary: Catolicio Fernandez, a farmer, was in bed resting when two very tall human like figures appeared in his room. They were thin and wore tight fitting green shiny coveralls. The men sat on the edge of the witness bed and one of them raised his hand making the witness feel dizzy, he then lowered it and the witness felt better, they then left. No other information.
Source: Hector P Anganuzzi, Historia De Los Platos Voladores en Argentina

Date: June 14 1968
Location:  Near Cabañas, Pinar Del Rio, Cuba
Time: after midnight
Summary: Shortly after midnight several bursts of machine gun fire were heard coming from a location in the vicinity where militia member Isidro Puentes Ventura was on guard duty. At dawn, Puentes was found unconscious by an Army patrol and taken to a hospital in Pinar Del Rio, where he remained in shock and unable to speak for six days. Removed to the neurological ward at the Naval Hospital in Havana, Puentes was diagnosed to be suffering from emotional trauma, remaining in shock for another week. At the site where Puentes had been posted, Cuban and Soviet intelligence investigators found forty-eight spent cartridges and fourteen bullets apparently flattened by impact, as well as equally spaced indentations in the ground, indicating that a heavy device had landed. Tests revealed that the soil had been exposed to a high degree of heat. When Puentes recovered consciousness he reported that he had come to within 150 feet of a brilliant round object on the ground, with a dome and several antennas on top. Convinced that the device was an American helicopter, Puentes fired about forty rounds at it. The craft turned orange and emitted a strong whistling sound—Puentes last recollection before losing consciousness. Soviet intelligence specialists subjected Puentes to a fifty-hour interrogation after which he was examined by a team of psychiatrists and put through fifteen hypnosis sessions. No contradictions were found in his story.
Source: Timothy Good, “Beyond Top Secret” quoting Jacques Vallee

Date: June 15, 1968: Navy ship HMAS Hobart hit during Vietnam UFO encounter?

Date: June 15 1968
Location: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Time: 0030A
Summary: The witness, Venicius Domingos at the time a crewmember onboard a vessel that was docked in Rio was in his sleeping quarters composing a letter to his wife when he heard someone banging on the door. He went to check but did not see anybody and then decided to look around the empty hallways of the ship; he could not find anybody and thought it was just a prank by a fellow crewmember. Next he stood behind the door hoping to catch whoever was playing with him. Suddenly he heard banging on the door again and immediately opened the door but to his surprise there wasn’t anybody there. He then closed the door and shut the lights off to his room and lay in bed with the night light on waiting to see what would happen next. Suddenly at the window to his room a strange face appeared, described as very thin, pale, and large dark eyes that stared intently at Venicius. He jumped from the bed and immediately closed the window blinds. He want back to bed and minutes later somebody blew some air on his face, terrified he ran out of his quarters looking for somebody to help him, arriving at the ship’s deck he encountered three very large men all wearing gray tight-fitting coveralls, all three were identical. One suddenly put a choke hold on the witness and he struggled falling backwards, all three had now grabbed him and he felt that they wanted to throw him overboard (!), but somehow Venicius managed to escape and began screaming for help, hearing his screams other crewmembers including the captain of the vessel came to his aid but by this time the strangers had disappeared. He had bruises and his body ached for the next several days.
Source: www.sobrenatural.org Brazil

Date: June 16, 1968
Location: El Choro, Argentina
Time: Night
Summary: Chief of Provincial Police German Rocha and Police Major Niceforo Leon observed a round object with a vivid blue light. It landed, left a strange, powerful odor, and burned grass and shrubs. 
Source: Magonia #909, FSR 68, 5

Date: June 19, 1968
Location: Cabreria, Argentina
Time: Night
Summary:  A settler, Romulo Velasco, 25, saw a bright object land. From it emerged a strange “tall, slim being” who came toward the witness, who fainted.
Source: Magonia #910, FSR 68, 5

Date: June 19 1968
Location: Poopo Oruro Bolivia
Time: night
Summary: Romulo Velazquez, 25, a miner, saw a UFO land, from which emerged a strange being, tall and thin, to which the witness felt drawn “as if by a magnet.” When he got close, the humanoid took hold of his right wrist, which he then felt paralyzed and lost consciousness. Neighbors, including police officers, saw the UFO maneuvering for some minutes over Poopo at a low altitude, illuminating the village “like daylight.” Emitting blue rays, it rose and disappeared. Velazquez was found paralyzed on one side by a stroke, caused by cerebral hemorrhage. At the landing site was a wide area of burnt grass.
Source:FSR Vol. 14 # 5

Date: about June 20 1968
Location: Bulnes Nuble Chile
Time: unknown
Summary: Peasants reported seeing a being about 5 ft tall with white head and torso, from whose arms wings extended, it was seen several times in the vicinity of Bulnes. No other informat
Source: Humcat quoting newspaper source

Date:  June 20 1968
Location: Avellaneda Buenos Aires Argentina
Time: unknown
Summary: Eustaqui Zogorwski, 63, a Polish immigrant, claimed that on the above date he was drugged by a man who drove up to his house in Avellaneda in a black car. When he came to, he found himself in “an hallucinating world, where giant beings were dwelling in an aerial city.” Two of these beings, over 2 meters tall, conducted Mr. Zogorwski to a tower in the center of the city, seemingly suspended in space; he was seated at a table around which sat 12 similar giants. They took his arms and he began to “trace signs automatically.” He believed that they had “brain washed” him. He was finally released between the towns of Brinkmann and Cotagaita, in Cordoba, where the mysterious man in the black car picked him up and delivered him to his home.
Source: Humcat quoting, Newspaper source

Date:  June 21 1968
Location: Ashland, Ohio
Time: 2300
Summary: An 11-year old boy was going to bed when a bright light “like lighting” shown outside his window. The light came into the room, filling it up. He felt paralyzed, and saw one entity, one figure inside the light. The being was four and a half foot tall with a larger head than he should have had but otherwise relatively normal. The entity tried to communicate with him by telepathy, but all he got out of it was “all my nerves just shaking and I kept hearing a sound like a humming or buzzing that just filled the room.” It gave him a headache, which occasionally returns. He thought that the being was indicating that he would return, which did happen twenty years later (in the form of a headache producing “telepathic messages” but with no entity visible).
Source: Michael D. Swords, “Grassroots UFOs”

Date: June 21, 1968
Location: Miramar, Argentina
Summary: A man riding his bicycle encountered a large object, 50 cm above the ground. The top part was spinning, and it cast a vertical beam of red light toward the ground. Calcinations traces were found by police. 
Source: Magonia #911, LDLN 95

Date: June 23 1968
Location: Near Las Vegas, Nevada
Time: 2000
Summary: The witness was driving from Las Vegas when he saw a round saucer shaped object land on a dirt road not to far away from the road. The witness drove up the dirt road to the craft, which had landed on three leg-like protrusions. Soon three bearded men, very human in appearance disembark from the object. They approached the witness that had by now exited his vehicle and expressed curiosity as to his long hair. The witness explained that he just wanted to wear it and was not into drugs or anything. They seemed to appreciate that. They then told him that they came from a world with no cities where its inhabitants were born in the wilderness. They told him that cities were a danger to their society. They called themselves “Dodonians.” The witness shook hands with the men and they boarded the craft, which quickly left the area.
Source: NUFORC

Date: June 24 1968
Location: Laguna Paiva, Santa Fe, Argentina
Time: 0110A
Summary: The witness, Mrs Dora Egger de Torrez was sleeping with her husband when she was suddenly awakened by a strong buzzing sound that was hurting her ears. When she turned around she noticed on the corner of the bedroom an oval-shaped light and inside of it two human-like figures, one tall, about 2 meters in height and the second only about 50 or 70cm in height. Both wore tight-fitting metallic brown diving suits and helmets with plastic-visors that covered their faces. The shorter creature seemed to move its hands and walked towards the witness who suddenly felt a sort of burning sensation in her body. The shorter figure appeared to have noticed and retreated backwards. The taller figures at times walked around the shorter humanoid at times showing his back. When the witness attempted to wake her husband the shorter figure again approached and she felt paralyzed, and could not move her hand, which seemed to bump against something invisible. She is not sure how long the observation lasted. The humanoids seemed to have communicated with her and she felt that they had told her that they would return someday. However she did not hear any words being spoken and did not noticed their lips moving. Finally the oval shaped light its occupants seemed to suddenly shrink in size until vanishing from sight along with the loud buzzing sound. Only at that moment was Dora able to wake her husband punching him really hard on the stomach. He found his wife in an extremely excited state, repeating the phrase, “they will return”. Dora later found a strange blister on the top of her mouth that remained there for several days. A neighbor that visited the location noticed a strong odor resembling that of burning electrical wire, which appeared to be stronger on the corner where the humanoids had originally appeared.
Source: Dr. Oscar A Galindez, FSR Vol. 27 # 1

Date: June 24 1968
Location: Near Orcotuna, Peru
Time: early morning
Summary: In the Peruvian Andes some 14,000 feet above sea level, a 16-year old mountain girl was found several miles away from her hut in a state of shock. She claimed that she had been taken from her bed by a group of small “demons”. The tall one of the group had sex with her. This coincided with “Inty Raimy”: an ancient Sun Festival celebrated around the summer solstice which goes back to the time of the Incas. The local elders felt the girl had encountered the “karka” (Quechua word) which means small, mischievous creatures who like to play pranks on humans.
Source: http://www.mysterious-america.net

Date: June 25, 1968
Location: Bouchard, Argentina
Time: 1:05 a.m. 
Summary: Jorge Ribles, electrician at the Carmal Chemical Plant, noticed that the engines were at a standstill, while the countryside was lit up with intensive reddish light. Another man, 52-year-old Jose J. Rociski, fell unconscious as a vivid light enveloped him. He was unable to move his left arm for three days, and suffered from pain and extreme nervousness.
Source: Magonia #912, FSR 68, 5

Date: before June 26 1968
Location: Near The Atacama Salt Beds, Antofagasta Chile
Time: evening
Summary: Residents of the towns of Reine, Socaine, Toconas, and Chiloporo reported on various occasions seeing a “spaceship” over the nearby salt flats. The object was reported to have been piloted by three strangely dressed beings that, on at least several occasions, were reported to have entered a certain house, taking small items with them and spreading fear among the inhabitants. No specific details are available regarding the description of the humanoids or their activities.
Source: LDLN # 117, quoting UFO Chile

Date: June 27 1968
Location: Cerro De Las Rosas, Cordoba, Argentina
Time: 1730
Summary: Three children, Hugo Cesar Messina, Oscar Crespo, and a 3rd boy whose name has been kept confidential were bicycling when they were surprised by the appearance of a silvery colored object, which had on its lower part a kind of helix, where lights of white and sky-blue were revolving. The UFO remained hovering about 20 meters up and 50 meters away from the boys. On the upper part of the object appeared a couple, a man, and a woman, floating in the air. They were of enormous stature, with long white hair, and wore luminous close fitting garments. Holding hands, they began to go down slowly, disappearing into the object without any door opening. The luminous helix began to rotate at greater speed, and the UFO went away at great speed.
Source: Carlos Banchs

Date:  June 30 1968
Location:  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Time:  01:00:00
Summary:  Around 1am in july 1968, i woke up hearing a high pitched whistle sound. i thought the small electric fan on the table by the window was squealing due to lack of oil. i got out of bed and shut the fan off, even though the summer night was hot. but that whistle sound continued. i was young, in my teens, and remember this very clearly, it scared me so much that i’ll never forget it, that is why i’m writing this now. i went to the window nearby the fan, and knelt to catch a breeze because it was so hot. then i saw it – a large dark grey globe thing, hovering over mr allen’s roof up the street. it had no lights, it did not move, it just hovered motionless about 5 feet above mr allen’s roof. and that sound, a constant whine, perhaps around 15 kilohertz, that was what woke me up. not very loud, but loud enough to get attention. i was so scared, and i ran to my parents bedroom to wake my mom up. she told me to get back to bed before i woke my father up. so i went back to my bedroom, and just stared out the window that that thing. for like 20 minutes or so… i was mezmorized by it. then, all of a sudden, in an instant, that thing just shot straight up into the air, and just as quick, that sound stopped. i just knelt by the window for a bit, stunned by it all. then i went back to bed, after i turned that fan back on. you tell me, what was that thing? thanks for reading, i’m not nuts, i know what i saw that night.
Source:  MUFON

Date: June 30 1968
Location: Lujan Mendoza Argentina
Time: 0115A
Summary: Jose Paulino Nunez, a distillery worker, encountered on the beach two people he first took to be guards. Their dress and actions were like normal people, but they showed him a spherical device of some 30 cm in which he could see the images of people walking about. Speaking in a strange, metallic voice, one asked the witness, “Do you know these people? They were like you. Many more will be like them. Many people in the world will see the same thing you have seen. We will talk about this again. If you speak of this, be sure it is with responsible people.” At that point the witness experienced a lapse of memory, for the next thing he recalls was being back in the laboratory, where it took him an hour to compose himself. The people he saw in the images were all tall human like, with pale complexions, and long light colored hair, which appeared to be walking about in a trance like state.
Source: Richard Heiden, & Jader Pereira

Date:  June  1968

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