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Date: Spring 1968
Location: Near Dallas Texas
Time:  unknown
Summary: The witness suddenly found himself onboard a silvery metallic crescent shaped craft with windows going all the way around. Inside he saw two seats in front of a dashboard and the seats swiveled around, they were high backed and large. On the dashboard there was what appeared to be a television set. There was another couch like seat around the backside. He has a memory of talking to several undescribed beings that were “engineers.” The beings explained how they operated the craft. They said that a band around the middle of the craft had a magnetic force that kept them from hitting others. He was shown other craft, some were powered by solar, and others were run by something resembling a gyroscope. He does not recall additional details.
Source: Joyce Murphy, Beyond Boundaries

Date:  Spring of 1968
Location: Aurora, IL
Time: Evening
Summary:  An oval shaped light, red at the front (the direction of travel at the time), yellow in the middle and blue at the back was observed for a few passes, then moved off, silently and quickly to the north without gaining altitude, getting smaller until it was out of sight. But it wasn’t over. Two interceptor jets came out of the west and roared over the witness heading north toward where the object disappeared. Jets were below 500 feet and on afterburner.
Source: Brian Vike, Director, HBCC UFO Research

Date: Spring 1968
Location: Whytecliff Park, West Vancouver British Columbia Canada
Time: 0100A
Summary: The two witnesses were in their car waiting for a third party to arrive, when one of them observed a bright white light moving among some trees. The other witness turned to look but the light had disappeared. After a few minutes they both saw the white light. They watched the light move to the edge of the woods. At this point they saw a figure come out of the woods. It looked like a small glowing humanoid, very bright, resembling a fluorescent light. They could not see any details as far as facial features and clothing. The being moved about very quickly and then went back into the woods. They both watched the bright white light moving away among the trees.
Source: UFO BC

Date:  Spring  1968
Location:  Honolulu, Hawaii
Time:  0500A
Summary:  Robert D. Miles who was living onboard a forty seven foot trimaran was docked at Honolulu’s Alawi Yacht Harbor. On that early morning he had gotten up early and made some coffee and was lying on his bunk worrying about current events in his life. Suddenly he experienced a dazzling array of shimmering light followed by an intense tingling of energy, which filled the entire stateroom and engulfed him. His entire body began to vibrate as a beautiful woman materialized in the walkway right next to his bed. His first reaction was believing that he was dreaming or hallucinating. But the woman spoke to him and took his hand. In a matter of moments he came to understand that the woman was real and much more alive than him. The energy aura that she emanated made his entire being vibrate at a level that could only be described as ecstasy. He asked, “Why have you come to visit me?” She replied, “Myself and others like me are friends, and we want you to come to a very important briefing.” Moments after agreeing to go with her, an unparalleled series of events occurred. First he was teleported to New York City. He then boarded a saucer-like spacecraft and was transported to an extraterrestrial location for the briefing. The extraterrestrials orchestrated the briefing to give him and about fifty other guests a glimpse of Earth’s history. They also showed them a dramatic and vivid view of humankind’s potential destiny. After the briefing, he was asked to undertake a mission. He agreed to publish a story about his experience and to place an ad in a major newspaper, saying simply, if you have the spirit of adventure and are willing to work, come sail with us. Upon returning to the sailboat he realized that only 33 minutes had passed. However from his personal perspective, it seemed like many unhurried hours had been spent with these incredible beings. To this day he remains convinced that the series of events were real and not a dream or delusion.
Source:   http://ufoexperiences.blogspot.com and Robert D. Miles www.safespaceproject.com

Date:  Spring  1968
Location:  Westmoreland New York
Time:  daytime
Summary:  Shane Kurz experienced a series of terrifying close up encounters with a UFO outside her home. One of those involved missing time in conjunction with physical evidence. Her encounters continued, and she eventually sought out a therapist and went under hypnotic regression. Shane Kurz was then able to recall the period of missing time. To her shock, she realized she was a UFO abductee and had interacted with extraterrestrials with grayish skin, no hair and large eyes, but otherwise, very human-looking. Shane later recalled a very peculiar incident that occurred approximately one year before her first abduction. At that time she was in high school. One day she decided to go to school early and when she was about 50 yards from the school entrance somebody came up behind her. It was raining, and she was carrying an umbrella, and she had not seen anyone on the street prior to that. But suddenly somebody appeared behind her and said, “Hello Shane, may I share your umbrella?” She turned around and saw a man walk up to her. He struck her as being different by the fact that his appearance just didn’t seem to fit with the way everyone looked around the area. His dress was a little more modern, maybe a year or 2 ahead of the current time, so she thought he was a stranger. He had on corduroy pants and a plaid shirt, but his eyes and ears were the strangest things. She was fascinated by his ears, because they seemed to come to a point and was very sharp compared to humans. Also his eyes were gray, yet when she looked at them they seemed to disappear—as if she could see completely through them. They were very magnetic. He seemed to talk with some kind of accent, but she couldn’t quite place it. It sounded a little on the oriental side. His eyes were slightly slanted, not up but sort of back. His hair was light brown, and he did not wear a hat, which was unusual, because it was cold and raining, and he wore no coat either. He wore no necktie, his shirt was open, and he was about 5 foot 4inches and came level with her shoulder. When he walked, he never took his hands out of his pockets. Shane immediately asked how the stranger knew her name, but he evaded the question and began asking some of his own questions, all of which were somewhat strange. He asked Shane what she did during lunch hour at school. When Shane replied that she played volleyball or basketball, he asked her “What is volleyball and basketball?” Shane told him that everybody knows about those games, but the stranger insisted that Shane explain the games to him. Then he asked her, “During your lunch hour would you like to go for a ride?” When she replied that she didn’t see any car, he pointed to a nearby field and said, “Oh, my vehicle is over there…is a white vehicle”. Shane politely declined. Then came the strangest part of the encounter, as Shane says, “I sort of ended the conversation by saying, “it was nice meeting you”, and she turned around and she thought she took three steps—he didn’t follow her—she turned around just out of curiosity to see where he went, and he wasn’t there. No more than 3 seconds had passed from the time she took the steps and turned around, and there was no possible way he could have gotten out of her sight that quickly. She was stunned. Shane quickly searched the whole area, but the strange man had literally disappeared. She asked some of the girls in the area if they had seen the stranger, and they replied, “Who was that cute boy you were talking with?”
Source:  Hans Holzer ‘The Ufonauts” 1976, and Preston E. Dennett “They Walk among Us” UFO Files Vol. 1 # 8 1998

Date: Spring 1968
Location: Anza Borrego Desert California
Time: night
Summary: Two prospectors were sleeping near their campfire when a loud explosion suddenly awakened them. The sky was filled with a red light that slowly faded. They both climbed on a nearby hill and were able to see a red circular object hovering silently nearby. Several figures with glowing red eyes were moving in a single file near the ridge of an adjacent canyon. The sound of a “church like bell” could be heard and also the sound of heavy machinery from an unknown source. The two men fled in panic as two of the figures approached their location.
Source: Peter Guttilla & B Ann Slate Saga UFO Report June 1977

Date: spring 1968
Location: Boise, Idaho
Time: night
Summary: The young witness was visiting her aunt and had gone to sleep in the carpeted basement where there was a sliding glass patio door. Sometime during the night she was awakened by a strong feeling of a presence, like someone with great charisma. She felt very good inside and very excited. She doesn’t know if she was “taken” or what was done but later under hypnosis she said she had been carried by someone, not like a mother would carry you, but more like a load of wood—underhanded. Sometimes she was allowed to walk on the grass, but only after she had been carried for a while. When she woke up later her parents came and got her and they didn’t notice anything different and neither did she.
Source: http://ufoexperiences.blogspot.com

Date: spring 1968
Location: Rippey, Iowa
Time: 2230-2300
Summary: The 9-year old witness awoke to a high pitch sound that was driving her crazy. She yelled for her father and he came upstairs to see what was wrong. No one else in the house could hear the noise. They both lay across the bed looking out the window at several strange lights moving back and forth across a corn field. Suddenly the lights lifted into the air and disappeared. Her father then instructed her to go back to sleep. A few hours later she was awaken by lights shining into his room. Thinking that it was her brothers she yelled at them to turn off lights several times. She also heard small feet running up the stairs. The witness kept complaining about the lights and several times yelled out to turn it off. Suddenly a voice answered her, “we can’t turn it off”. She turned from facing the wall to see several thin creatures standing around his bed. She was so frightened that he wet his bed. This seemed to disturb the strangers and they asked the witness why he did it. She can remember seeing several of the creatures walking between her brother’s room and his room. She had a jar filled with cattails and they seemed interested in that. They also showed interest on a mirror hanging next to her bulletin board and the items on the bulletin board. Her next memory is of one his brothers being in a place which he did not recognize and it appears to be some sort of examination table. She begins to cry and wants to go to her brother but she is not allowed. The creatures then asked her why she was crying and he tells them that he was worried about her brother and that she didn’t want them to “take his brain”. They thought that it was funny and assured the witness that they were not going to do any such thing. There seemed to be shorter creatures which the witness thought were meaner than the taller thinner ones. It seems they had assigned one of thin ones as a type of guardian and it was allowing the witness to touch it and look into its eyes. The witness was very interested in its eyes. The shorter ones would not let her touch them and became quite angry when he tried. Her next memory was of running across the backyard behind her brother and asking what had happened. They were both petrified with fear. The next morning his parents slept longer than usual and during breakfast his brother suddenly got a bloody nose for no apparent reason. As she got older she experienced problems with her reproductive system and doctors found her fallopian tubes completely bent over and twisted.
Source: http://www.ufoevidence.org/sightings

apro3-Date: March 1968
Location: Superstition Mountains,north of Apacheland, Arizona
Summary:  The exact date of this case is not known, but it took place in March of 1968. At that time, Mrs. Made Arnold, one of her wranglers (a cowboy) alld two officials of the Pinal County Health Department were north of Apacheland, Arizona (which is Located only a few miles south of Phoenix) taking photographs of rock outcroppings in the area. The photographer was using a Polaroid Land 210 Camera with color film, and concentrating on rock formations in the lower right hand corner of the photo. He had just taken a photo, found the image above on it, tuned to Mm. Arnold and jokingly said; “Eyer see a flying saucer?” He then looked up at the mountains to see what was in the sky and saw all object fly by again. He had used all his film aod was not able to take another photo. The object was in sight for 5 seconds between the peaks of the left saddle. After it disappeared he heard a sound like “Whoomp,” which lasted about one second. The visual object did not have the brilliance of the object in the photograph and looked like a stubby cigar with |Io wings or tail. The camera was ultimately checked for internal reflections but it was found to be normal.

Date: March 1968
Location: Point Pleasant, West Virginia
Time: 0100A
Summary: The witness was coming back home from work late one night when he noticed something whisk across his windshield. At first he thought it was a bird, but was not sure. When he looked over on the side of the road, he saw a very tall man-like figure. Just then, a flash of light came from the being and it was gone. One month later, his right ear (the ear closest to the flash) went deaf for no apparent reason and still is.
Source: Cryptozoology.com

Date: March 1968
Location: Embarcacion, Salta, Argentina
Time: afternoon
Summary: A girl playing in an empty field was suddenly confronted by a strange female entity she described as being “the virgin” witnesses reported that the girl stood transfixed staring at a point for more than an hour.
Source:Proyecto CATENT, Argentina

Date:  March, 1968: Russian UFO Crash and Recovery

Date: March 3, 1968
Location: Syracuse, NY
Time: 6:15 a.m.
Summary:  Nick Sgouris, while driving to work, observed a luminous, cigar-shaped object, about 20 m long, showing numerous multi-colored lights. The car almost stopped as the object flew low overhead, and the witness was briefly paralyzed.
Source: Magonia #905; APRO Bulletin 67

Date: March 3, 1968
Location: Northeastern and Central United States
Time: About 9:50 P.M. (CST).
Summary:  Hundreds of people reported fiery objects streaking across the sky, some showering sparks, leaving bright trails. Zond IV Soviet satellite reentry and decay
Source: Sagan and Page, 1972, 155-161

Date: March 4 (3rd ?), 1968
Location:  near Medina, New York
Summary: Nick Sgouris, while driving to work observed a luminous cigar-shaped object about 20 meters long, flying low over his car. Witness was briefly paralyzed. 
Source: Passport to Magonia, by Jaques Vallee, page 356, gives date as March 3, 1968, and TheUFO Evidence, Volume II, by Richard Hall, page 274, gives date as March 4, 1968.

Date: March 4 1968: Valparaiso, Chile

Date:  March 6, 1968
Location: Amarillo, TX (BBU)
Summary: Hottinger.
Source: McDonald list; FUFOR Index

Date: March 7, 1968
Location: Madison, OH
Summary: Time not given. CE, one witness (Robbin) No details.
Source: SL-12

Date: March 10, 1968: Strange Humanoid encountered near Potosi, Bolivia

Date:  March 19 1968
Location:  Beallsville, Ohio
Time:  2030
Summary:  Young Gregory L. Wells was returning from his grandmother’s house to his own home, next door, when he saw an oval UFO hovering just over some trees. The large red object was so bright that it illuminated the road, according to Mrs. James E Wells the boy’s mother. It had a band of dimmer red lights flashing around its center. “I stopped,” Gregory recalled. “I wanted to run or scream but suddenly a big tube came out of the bottom, which moved from side to side until it came to me, and a beam of light shot out.” Gregory turned away as the light beam hit the upper part of his arm, knocking him to the ground. His jacket caught fire and the boy rolled around on the ground screaming with fright. Both his mother and grandmother responded. Mrs. James Wells also reported seeing the UFO, which “just faded away.” During the sighting, a large night light on a nearby pole went out. And the dog barked uncontrollably.
Source:  Leonard H Stringfield, Situation Red The UFO Siege

Date: March 21, 1968.
Location: Kanab, Oregon

Date: March 23 1968
Location: Khe Sanh, Vietnam
Time: night
Summary: During heavy fighting in the area a young marine on guard duty heard noises in the rocks below. Thinking it was Viet Cong infiltrators he readied his rifle but was stunned to see a large hairy ape-like figure briefly come out of the wooded rocks and run into a wooded field. Terrified, he yelled and fired his weapon wildly. Local Vietnamese villagers called these bipedal apes, “Jungle men”. Sometimes called “Rock Apes” as well.
Source: Diary of A Marine? source lost among the paperwork

Date: March 29 1968
Location: Fos-su-Mer, Arles, France 
Time: 0115A
Summary: An unidentified 22-year-old mechanic, on a motorbike between Fos-sur-Mer and Port Saint Louis, observed a UFO, descend, and land near a power transformer. An opening appeared in the base from which was emitted a bright white light. Then a human appearing entity emerged and descended to the ground on a kind of ramp. He wore a sort of security guard’s outfit with a “rolled collar.” The suit was light colored and brilliant, woven of heavy stitches. The man’s hair white blond or white, and cut in a crew-cut. He examined the ground around him and then noticed the witness, whom he watched for a moment before re-entering the object. The UFO took off gently with a gust of cool air.
Source: Joel Mesnard & Jean Marie Bigorne

Date: late March 1968
Location: San Vicente De Sonsierra Spain
Time: midnight
Summary: The witness was taking a walk next to a deserted, ruined castle on a very quiet night and had sat down on one of the patio areas almost falling asleep. He suddenly woke up startled, sweating profusely and feeling cold chills running down his back; he then saw standing just 10 meters away three huge humanoid figures, these had very wide shoulders and were completely covered in black hoods that reached all the way to the ground. The beings did not move they just stood there looking at the witness; each one carried a long metallic object resembling a scythe. All three had large red eyes that seemed to blink unison as they looked at the witness. A strange quiet dominated the area. The witness ran horrified from the ruins and hid in a nearby grapevine field for the rest of the night.
Source: J J Benitez, La Quinta Columna

Date:  March  1968


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