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Date: November, 1968
Location: Kent, IN
Summary: Abduction report. First investigated by Bay Area (CA) Subcommittee, then turned over to Indiana NICAP Subcommittee.
Source: Ridge files

Date:  November 1968
Location: Tulancingo Mexico
Time:  early morning
Summary: Engineer Alberto Zecua and other were out camping in an isolated area near the railroad tracks heading towards Cuernavaca, when one morning he woke up feeling a strange attraction to a section of the nearby woods. As he reached a clearing surrounded by tall pines he saw an orange-lighted object hovering just above the ground, seemingly suspended by a column of orange light. The craft was silvery-white in color, disc shaped with a small turret-like dome on top. Three tall human-like figures were moving around the object. Two of the figures were inserting chrome-plated tubes into the ground as if collecting soil samples, the other one stood with its back to the witness. These figures wore tight fitting coveralls and silvery oval shaped helmets. Apparently sensing the presence of the witness the one standing up suddenly turned around to look at him. The being was described as human-like, very handsome with fine chiseled features and penetrating blue colored slanted eyes. At this point Zecua began feeling nauseated and could not move. Perhaps sensing his discomfort the tall figure approached and pressed a button around a wide belt on his waist, a beam of green light emerged, bathing the witness from head to toe. After this happened the witness felt much better. He soon began hearing telepathic communication from the being, telling him to remain calm and not to be afraid. The being was easily over 2 meters tall and as he stood next to the witness he removed his helmet, showing long blond shoulder length hair. Still using telepathy the being told Zecua that they recognized him and that they had “collaborated” with him before. At one point the tall being took Zecua by the hand, pressed another button on his belt and a sort of wispy cloud emerged. On it Alberto saw images of what he was told was his past lives. While all this was taking place the other two beings continued collecting plant and soil samples. Before leaving Alberto asked the beings for some sort of proof of the encounter, but they refused. He bid them goodbye and ran towards his tent to obtain his camera and a pair of binoculars, at the same time waking up the disbelieving members of the campsite. As he ran back to the site of the encounter he saw the craft slowly leaving the area and apparently was able to take several photographs.
Source: Fabio Picasso

Date:  November 1968
Location:  Barrio del Carmen, Valencia Spain
Time: morning
Summary: The six-year old witness was playing up on the roof in a terrace when he noticed perched very close to him on a ledge, a strange winged creature that seemed to be looking around for something. Curious the witness slowly approached the creature, and noticed that it was large, larger than an eagle, with bat like wings; with its back turned to the witness it appeared to lack any type of feathers. Apparently hearing the approach of the witness, the creature suddenly turned to look at him. Stunned the witness noticed that the creature had a semi human face, and its body was human like also and it was perched on a pair of feet that ended in claws. In a second the creature jumped up into the sky slowly spread its wings and flew away in a slow graceful manner quickly disappearing from sight.
Source: Bitacora

Date: November 1968
Location: 150 miles w of Yellowknife Northwest Territories Canada
Time: 0230A
Summary: The flight engineer of a chartered cargo aircraft flying at 170 mph from Copper Mine to Yellowknife noticed in the clear night sky a stationary object emitting pale blue light. This object approached to within 1000 ft of the airplane, & flew along with it for 5 minutes, after which it departed suddenly at great speed. It was disc shaped & had a row of large rectangular windows; in the middle window was visible a dark form which the witness thought to be an occupant of the UFO. The pilot and the copilot also saw this, and reported it by radio to the air traffic control center in Yellowknife.
Source: Jeff Holt for UFO Quebec

Date: November 1968
Location: Near San Juan, Puerto Rico
Time: morning
Summary: Lester Rosas (involved in previous encounters) was on the beach near the University of Puerto Rico when a man with long blond hair approached and gave him the “password” that Rosas had received from his space friend Al-Deena. The man identified himself as Vi-Dal from Venus, and said he was the same spaceman whom George Adamski knew as Orthon. He was here “to help my brothers of other planets in their missions here on your beautiful island”. He added that they were keeping “tabs” on what the Arecibo Observatory was doing regarding space exploration. He wore his hair long so as not to be conspicuous; he added that he will not be spotted because he just looked like a hippie. They went on to talk at great length for two hours and one of the things Vi-Dal told Rosas was that George Adamski was now reincarnated on Venus.
Source: Janet and Colin Bord, “Life Beyond Planet Earth?”

Date: November 1968
Location: Anderson Air Force Base, Guam
Time: evening
Summary: At the back gate of the bomb dump, Mike Martindale reported that two black human like figures “attacked my gate house.” One, on top a bunker, fired a ray like device at the gatehouse. Martindale took cover and fired his M-1 carbine, dropping the figure from the bunker into the bushes below. A second figure ran from behind the gatehouse and was also fired upon, but he vanished into the jungle. A week later, Martindale was flown back to the U.S. under guard. He claims he saw these same figures on several occasions between June and November.
Source: Mike Martindale, True UFO Quarterly # 2

Date:  November 1968
Location:  Pine Bush, New York
Time: evening
Summary: Six persons on the isolated Oregon Trail watched a round UFO with 3 spotlights fanning the ground and hovering at treetop level. It hovered over a bridge as the witnesses noticed that it had windows around the rim and they could see figures inside. It was as big as a house. It glided silently over the witnesses, stopped and then zoomed straight up and out of sight.
Source: Bill Brann, WBS Alien Report Vol. 2 # 10

Date: November 1968
Location: Gutierrez, Mendoza, Argentina
Time: night
Summary: 14-year old Miguel Lizardo and an anonymous woman reported seeing a bizarre “wolfman” type creature. The woman saw a hairy figure walking on a road as it slowly transformed itself into a large dog, emitting very loud howls at the same time. The creature them jumped and scratched another man, Miguel Lizardo on the face. It then knocked over a door emitted a long howl and disappeared into a wooded area. Police claimed that the “wolfman” was none other than a family friend who had been working in the area (!). But the witnesses insisted that it was a real wolfman.
Source: Fabio Picasso, quoting Cronica Buenos Aires 11-9-1968

Date: November 1 1968
Location: Near Baras Rizal Province Philippines
Time: 0400A
Summary: A Filipino farmer saw an object with a red light land 100 yards away, making a hiss like an arc welder. He went out with a flashlight and encountered a white object “the size of a Volkswagen” with small wheels and 6 big exhaust tubes in the rear. Through a transparent canopy he saw two occupants wearing white coveralls, with earphones on their heads; they looked like “ordinary Caucasians.” As he approached, the object moved forward with a roar, and then took off vertically without making as much noise. It was not reported if traces were found at the site.
Source: Col. Aderito De Leon for Apro

Date: November 1 1968
Location: Near Baras Rizal Province Philippines
Time: 0600A
Summary: The second encounter in this series occurred two hours later when another farmer, who was walking to Baras, “felt” an object land behind him. He saw apparently the same craft, with wheel, and occupied by the same two individuals. He ran to the mayor of the town to report the encounter.
Source: Col. Aderito De Leon for Apro

Date: November 1 1968
Location: Near Baras Rizal Province Philippines
Time: 1100A
Summary: The third encounter was made by another farmer, bicycling near the site of the first reported incident. He saw the same “strange car” downhill from his position. As he coasted down toward the object on his bike, he saw two men; one, outside the object “looking around,” was “very tall,” and looked like a normal Caucasian; the other was inside the object. Both wore white coveralls and what appeared to be earphones. He stopped at about 20 yards past the object, looked back, and saw the man outside the object watching him. He was undecided as to whether he should go back and speak to him, but the man then got into the vehicle and, with a roar, it moved up the hill and then ascended silently into the sky.
Source: Col. Aderito De Leon for Apro

Date:  November 1 1968
Location: Southern France, exact location not given
Time:  early morning
Summary: A French doctor was awakened by the sound of his 14-month old son crying. His son was standing in his crib pointing at the window: behind the shutter a bright light was moving. After the child had gone back to sleep, the doctor went out onto the balcony. He saw 2 glowing discs in the sky, silvery white on top and bright red underneath. Each had a tall antenna on top and one on either side, and they were directing a narrow beam of white light towards the ground below. The 2 objects slowly drew closer and merged into a single object, about 200 ft in diameter and 50 ft thick. It approached the doctor, and then tilted 90 degrees so that the beam of light struck him. He then heard a loud bang, and the object evaporated into a whitish cloud that dissipated with the wind. A thin thread o flight rose high into the sky before vanishing, as a white dot and exploding like a firework. A few days earlier the doctor had accidentally cut a vein in his leg while chopping wood, and a decade earlier he had stepped on a landmine in Algeria, leaving his right side partially paralyzed. After the above sighting, he found that the swelling and pain from his leg injury had vanished, and the chronic after-effects of the injuries he had sustained in the Algerian war improved dramatically in the days that followed. A few days after the encounter, the doctor and his child each developed a strange, reddish, triangular mark on the abdomen, and this mark recurred in successive years. Strange paranormal phenomena began to take place around the doctor and his family, including poltergeist activity and unexplained disturbances in electrical circuits. The doctor began to have mysterious meetings with a strange, nameless man he called “Mr. Bied.” He would hear a whistling noise inside his head and would feel guided to walk or drive to a certain location where he would meet the man, who would discuss his UFO experience and paranormal matters. Mr. Bied caused him to experience apparent teleportation and time travel, including a distressing episode with alternative landscapes on a road that does not exist. The stranger also once visited the doctor at his home accompanied by a 3ft tall humanoid with mummified skin, which remained motionless while his eyes quickly darted around the room. The doctor experienced uncontrolled levitation on at least one occasion.
Source: Jacques Vallee

Date: Nov. 1, 1968
Location: Los Monegros, Spain 
Summary: ;Orange disc approached car, landed, after UFO took off, car and watches operated normally. [E,L] car effects, watches stopped.
Source: Flying Saucer Review, Vol. 15, UFO No. 1; see Rodeghier, 1981, p. 43 

Date: November 2 1968
Location:  Estacion Hume Santa Fe Argentina
Time: 0400A
Summary: The faculty and pupils of the Estacion Hume school, located 5 km from Rosario, observed the maneuvers of a UFO having the form of an inverted basin, surrounded by a strong red light, which began a slow descent, giving the impression that it was preparing to land. Its upper part was transparent, and inside there were the profiles of 4 human silhouettes of medium stature. Suddenly the object made a sharp turn and went away at great speed, without any sound, leaving behind it a whitish trail.
Source: Carlos Banchs

Date: Nov. 2, 1968
Location: France
Time: 3:55 a.m. 
Summary: During a thunderstorm, a medical doctor was awakened by his crying 14-month-old son. He saw two luminous objects outside his house, and observed them coming close together and merging about 180 m away. A vertical beam of light was aimed at him for a second as the object tilted, and then the display vanished with a flash, leaving a slowly dissolving cloud. Persistent nightmares and various physiological phenomena were later recorded. 
Source: Magonia #921, 1

Date: November 2 1968
Location: Ulfshale Denmark
Time: 1750
Summary: The witness was in her summer residence, which faces the eastern sea, when she went outside for a walk. Through a hole on the hedge she noticed a bright object floating over a nearby hill. The object resembled a very tall and wide man wearing a long cowl. The figure appeared to be growing in size. As the witness walked into the field to get a closer look, she noticed three more similar glowing figures, one was glowing dark red in color. All three figures floated above the ground and all then disappeared into some bushes and trees. The red glowing figure appeared one more time very briefly and was seen floating up a hill and out of sight.
Source: Per Anderson, SUFOI

Date: November 9 1968
Location: Lakeland Florida
Time: unknown
Summary: A homemaker sees a large disc shaped object hovering over the house. Several man-like figures could be seen through some lighted portholes. No other information.
Source: Steiger & Whritenour, The Flying Saucer Invasion

Date: November 9 1968
Location: Lorain Ohio
Time: 0545A
Summary: A couple was awakened by a loud thump on the roof of their trailer. The bump was followed by the sound of something moving near their bedroom window. When they looked out the window, they saw a huge face staring down at them. The creature’s two front paws or hands were resting on the windowsill. The husband leaped out of bed and frantically searched for his gun, but by the time he located it the creature was gone from the window. Running on two legs, it dashed around the east side of the house, weaving from side to side, crossed two streets and disappeared into the woods. The creature stood about six-feet tall. Its front side was grayish brown, the rest of the body a darker shade of the same color. It resembled “a large bipedal lion of around 600 pounds.”
Source: Jerome Clark & Loren Coleman Creatures of The Goblin World

Date:  November 9 1968
Location: El Salto, Santiago, Chile
Time: 2330
Summary: Two young sisters, Afrodit & Eugenia Lovazzano El-Far, 12 and 9 years of age respectively, were playing on a Sunday night in front of their home when they suddenly saw a large ball of fire approaching from the nearby mountains, which quickly came to a stop in front of the girls. The first to see the red ball of fire was Afrodit who was on her bicycle and noticed a red light suddenly appear from behind the mountain. It resembled a brilliant star. The red light seemed “gelatinous” in nature and soon changed to a greenish tint. Both girls could now clearly see what appeared to be a small “woman” inside the luminous sphere. The strange entity had a large mouth which seemed to be moving repeatedly, apparently calling the girls; it also had a pair of large pointed ears. Moments later the small woman exited the sphere and approached Afrodit who then attempted to run but was unable to move due to a strong “pulling” force, which apparently pulled her by her blouse and suspended the girl in midair. When Eugenia reached the kitchen door the force seemed to release Afrodit, who suffered from earaches, hoarseness and what appeared to have been scratches on her waist area. It was later determined that a third girl, 12-year old Monica Patricia Lagos also saw the bizarre apparition, which she described as a ball of fire, which floated around over the ground and then disappeared in a flash.
Source: http://www.toc.cl/articulo_013.htm

Date: November 12 1968
Location: Parador De Alarcon Spain
Time: unknown
Summary: Businessman Francisco Donis was driving on his way to Malaga when he received a telepathic message instructing him to go a certain isolated location, on his way there his vehicle stopped but was helped by a friendly trucker and managed to re-start his vehicle. Once at the pre-arranged site he was surprised to see a disc-shaped object hovering above 3 meters from the road next to the road. As he watched an opening became visible on the craft and a retractable ladder descended to the ground, on which a human-like figure descended and approached Donis with arms outstretched in an obvious sing of peace. Speaking in perfect Spanish the stranger informed Donis that his named was “Francisco Atienza” and that he was a descendant of extraterrestrials. The stranger was totally human in appearance and wore a one-piece gray diver’s suit. A long conversation ensued between “Atienza” and Donis, which took place inside the witness car. Atienza told Donis that he came from a planet called “Urin”, whose original inhabitants were short large headed humanoids. However there existed on “Urin” a human colony, which lived under huge glass domes, since the atmosphere of “Urin” was toxic to humans. He further explained that life under these conditions had caused a massive sterilization among the human colony, which had more female members than males.
Source: Robiou Lamarche, Manifesto Ovni en Puerto

Date: November 14 1968
Location: Near Zafra, Extremadura, Spain
Time: 2250
Summary: The witness, Manuel Trejo was returning home in his car when suddenly the engine of the car began to falter. He began loosing speed and the headlights began to dim. Seconds later an invisible “shock wave” struck his Citroen, making the vehicle sway from side to side. There wasn’t anybody else on the road and there appear to be fog on both sides of the road. However the witness decided to continue his drive and after rounding a curve at a spot about 300meters away to the left of his car he observed a strange figure which at first he thought was a “Civil Guard”. However as he approached the figure and the headlights illuminated it clearly he realized that it was not a guard. He drove slowly by the figure and was able to describe it as man-like about 1.70m-1.80m in height. Its legs remained together and its arms hanging straight down on its sides. The figure was wearing a tight-fitting diver’s outfit completely covered in tiny red, green and blue lights, “like a Christmas tree”. As the witness came upon the figure the intensity of the lights seemed to increase. He could not see any facial details but noticed that it had dark hair, somewhat longer than normal. It wore black gloves and boots and remained completely still as the witness drove by. A couple of days earlier a motorist driving on the same road had seen a metallic domed disc hovering above the road.
Source: Rafael Llamas & Vicente Ballester Olmos

Date:  November 19 1968
Location: Near Pirassununga Sao Paulo Brazil
Time: 2300
Summary: Four college students identified only as Jaime, Luis, Walter, & Osmar were driving to Pirassununga when they encountered a light in the sky, which approached to within 30-40 yards of the car and caused its engine to fail. After 5-10 minutes the light went on ahead of them, appearing as a bluish luminous disc about a yard in diameter. The car would now run, but would not develop any speed. After they had passed the luminous object it began to behave normally. Then they almost ran down a man in the road with his right arm extended, as though asking for a lift. 3 more men were standing beside the road; like the first, they were all tall, and dressed in light blue diving suits. They drove past them.
Source: SBEDV

Date: November 20 1968
Location: Tingo Maria Peru
Time: unknown
Summary: It was reported that in a jungle area a large disc shaped object descended and came to rest on the ground near three boys that were playing in a nearby field. Curious they approached the object and noticed two short figures standing next to it. One of the boys attempted to get nearer the object but he suddenly went unconscious. The two short beings signaled the other two boys to approach and to retrieve their fallen friend, which they did. The child was supposedly taken to a local hospital where he died suffering from third degree burns. On the site an area of scorched brush was found. No other information.
Source: Fabio Picasso

Date: November 20 1968: Milakovic family encounter, Hanbury, England

Date:  November 21 1968
Location:  Macedo Sao Paolo Brazil
Time: 2130
Summary: The primary witness was on a bus that stopped for a while at Macedo; there she saw, about 40 yards away, a domed metallic UFO the size of a small car, hovering only a few feet above the ground. Around the rim a row of changing lights gave the impression of spinning, and beneath it a patch of violet light was cast to the ground. A door in the object was open, with 3 steps below it, and standing in front of the UFO were 3 6-foot tall figures of human appearance, wearing skin-tight shiny black coveralls, and shiny black boots. The suits were one-piece, covering the heads, so that only the face was left exposed. One of the men was carrying a cylindrical implement 2 ft long and 3” thick, with a thinner tube of aluminum like material coiled in a spiral around it. Facing the beings was a crowd of about 20 people including 3 police officers, who had their guns drawn; two police cars were parked nearby. After a short time a beam of silver light shot forth from the cylinder and the people closest to the beings were paralyzed; others felt as if in a faint. The men walked calmly back to the object, which they boarded; the craft then took off and rapidly climbed out of sight. The incident had lasted about 15 minutes.
Source: Dr Walter Buhler

Date: Nov. 22-27, 1968
Location: SE and NW U.S.
Summary: Flurry of sightings primarily in the southeastern and northwestern United States.

Date: Nov. 22, 1968
Location: Biloxi, MS
Summary: Domed disc descended, flew over shrimp boat, hovered briefly, shone light down on boat, then took off straight up out of sight 
Source: Section IX, Vol. II, The UFO Evidence

Date: Nov. 22, 1968:
Location: Albany, GA
Summary:  Oval object beamed light down on car, electrical system failed. After it departed rapidly straight up, electrical system resumed functioning ().
Source: Section VII, Vol. II, The UFO Evidence

Date: Nov. 22, 1968
Location:  Fleury-d’Aude, France
Time: 9:00 p.m. 
Summary: A dozen witnesses saw a lens-shaped object surrounded with a blue glow, making a noise similar to that of a jet and emitting flashes, which landed in a field briefly. It suddenly took off and was lost to sight at the horizon.
Source: Magonia #923, France-Soir Nov. 24, 1968

Date: Nov. 23, 1968
Location: Newton, GA (BBU 12567)
Time: 8:05 p.m. 
Summary: ;Witness Mr. Jones, an accountant, saw collimated beam 5-6 ft wide come down from a point about 200 ft ahead and 75 ft off the ground illuminating trees after car radio faded to static. Beam retracted slowly like a ladder to a fuzzy scintillating main light, oval-shaped yellowish-white about 100 [or 120-150?] ft wide, which then changed to brighter reddish-orange, rose vertically disappearing in less than 15 secs. Car restarted spontaneously. 
Source: Berliner; cf. Hynek UFO Rpt pp. 189-191

Date: Nov. 25, 1968
Location: Marcellus, NY
Summary: Object with red blinking light on top within 100′ of car; made second car pass; E-M effects again. (E,R] car. Dog in car stressed as domed object was seen.
Source: Keyhoe and Lore, 1969b, pages 40-41. 

Date: November 25 1968
Location:  Curico Chile
Time: 2030
Summary: At sunset Alejandro Gonzalez Reyes, 34, went out of his house to seek his wife. Then, 230 ft away, he saw a metallic object; descend from the sky to an altitude of 150 ft. About 6 ft in diameter and 5 ft high, it was shaped like two dishes put together, with a Y-shaped antenna on top, and had four legs about 3 ft long. The object shone like aluminum. It descended diagonally to the ground or just above it. Three well proportioned beings of human appearance about 2 ½ ft tall got out of it through a door and started to walk about. One held an unlighted flashlight; another scratched at the ground with his hand, and the third some sort of “instrument.” On hearing a truck approaching, the 3 humanoids rapidly returned to the craft—the 3rd seemed to have some difficulty in getting back in—and it began to rock back and forth in “falling leaf” fashion, then took off suddenly at very high speed. The observation had lasted 2 or 3 minutes. No traces were left.
Source: Elena Marino, LDLN # 117

Date: Nov. 26, 1968
Location: Bismarck, ND
Summary: Pilots saw two luminous objects join up, hover about 10 seconds, then speed out of sight in seconds. Confirmed by Air Force radar
Source: Section III, Vol. II, The UFO Evidence

Date: Nov. 26, 1968
Location: Lake Cyprus, FL
Summary: Four bright, oval objects paced aircraft. Pilot turned plane toward them, objects formed vertical stack, shot up and out of sight. Radar confirmed UFOs.
Source: Sections III, X, Vol. II, The UFO Evidence

Date: Nov. 27, 1968
Location: Belcourt, ND
Summary: Round object with body lights hovered, shone red light beam to ground. When officer shone flashlight at object, it immediately blacked out 
Source: Section V, Vol. II, The UFO Evidence

Date: Nov. 28, 1968
Location: Nakhon Phanom (NKP), Thailand 
Time:  9:56 a.m. local time
Summary: ATakhli Royal Thai Air Force Base (RTAFB) Ground Control Approach (GCA) reported two low and slow moving objects approximately 13 NM south of NKP. Contact was lost when objects were 9 NM west of base. Sightings were confirmed by Invert radar. NKP Command Post was informed that the sightings “definitely were not ghosts.”
Source: Dan Wilson

Date: November 28 1968
Location: Lima Peru
Time: night
Summary: Students from the local Recoleta de Montevideo school reported encountering a strange short humanoid with an egg shaped head, and a blinking light on the chest area and what appeared to be a long antenna like protrusion on his back. It appeared to have duck-like feet, and it was shorter than a 7-year old boy. A priest and a teacher also reported seeing the creature.
Source: Fabio Picasso

Date: November 30 1968
Location: Deltox Marsh Wisconsin
Time: night
Summary: Twelve hunters saw a short, dark brown haired, hairless-face creature that left three toed, webbed tracks in the snow, as it passed in front of them. They were afraid to shoot at it because it looked too human like.
Source: Loren Coleman

Date:  July  1968

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