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Date: Autumn 1968
Location: Hull England
Time:  0030A
Summary: Mr. John Scarrah was walking to work along St. Nicholas Avenue when he encountered a strange entity. The figure was man-like about six-foot tall, dressed in a tight fitting metallic boiler suit. The man had his hair brushed back and as he confronted the witness he stared at him with considerable alarm for a few seconds, as if shocked to confront anyone. He then turned around and vanished in plain sight. In amazement and fear the witness went to the spot at once and tried to find a means by which the figure could have appeared to vanish.
Source: Derick Shelton, Northern UFO News # 37

Date: Fall 1968
Location: Point Isabel, Ohio
Time: 2200
Summary: Hearing a sound outside the farmhouse Larry Abbott, his father and a relative, Arnold Hubbard, went outdoors to look. Then, from the opposite side of the house, they heard a rustling of weeds. Grabbing a flashlight they saw a “monster” rising from the tall brush about 50 ft away. It was walking toward them, and appeared to be about 10 ft tall and about 4 ft across the shoulders. Its arms were long, like an ape’s. In the flashlight beam the monster’s hairy body was a beige color; its eyes glowed over a nose that was beyond Larry’s ability to describe. The teeth were prominent and protruding, the ears pointed. But the feature that Larry remembered most was the thickness of the shoulders. “The thing put me into a sort of trance,” said Larry. “I couldn’t talk. Maybe it was just fright, but I couldn’t open my mouth. And nobody else talked either. Maybe we were all in a trance.” Larry said when he played the light beam on the monster it dropped down to the ground and was lost from sight. Then, a few minutes later, they could hear it again, near the garage. Alarmed, Larry’s father returned to the house and brought back a .22 rifle and gave it to Hubbard, who wanted to stalk the beast. As the men moved across the open field, the creature suddenly stood up in clear view about 50 ft away. When Larry got it in the beam of the light, Hubbard fired. His first shot was a direct hit. The creature screamed hideously, a scream that Larry will never forget. Two more shots were fired. Unbelievably, before the eyes of all three men, the creature was suddenly enveloped in a white mist. In less than a minute the mist vanished, then darkness. The three men searched the spot where the creature was shot and found no trace of it.
Source: Leonard H Stringfield, Situation Red The UFO Siege

Date: Fall 1968
Location: Evijarvi Finland
Time: 2300
Summary: While driving from Haapajarvi to Helsinki, Mr. Helge Lindroos picked up a hitchhiker at Evijarvi. During the course of driving, Lindroos felt “electric vibrations” through his body. The stranger then told him that he “came from space,” and was last on Mars and had landed on earth only a short time before. He said there were “thousands” of them on Earth but that they didn’t show themselves to all humans, since people “are still afraid of humanoids.” The man appeared completely normal, about 170-cm. Tall and weighing about 170 kilos. He urged Lindroos to relax, assuring the man that he meant no harm, that they were here to protect humanity “from destruction.” At some unspecified point the stranger asked Lindroos to stop and got out. Lindroos was about to remove the key and get out for something to eat when he saw the stranger had vanished; he could see in every direction for 50 meters, but the stranger was nowhere in sight, and the fastest sprinter in the world could not have covered the distance in so few seconds. For several weeks after this encounter, Lindroos felt the electric vibrations throughout his body.
Source: Ilkka Serra of Helsinki

Date:  September  1968

Date: September 1968
Location. Duque De Caxias Rio de Janeiro Brazil
Time: 0100A
Summary: Mrs Kok awoke in the early hours of the morning and gut up to make coffee. Seeing a light in her backyard, she looked out her window and was surprised to see three normal looking men standing in the yard, one of who was standing with his back to her. Three bright beams of light shone down on them from above, coming from a Saturn shaped UFO that gave off a shrill sound like “electronic music.” The semi-spherical underpart of the object was rotating, and the object appeared metallic. It was slightly higher than the two adjacent buildings. Mrs Kok could see the men’s faces and was surprised by their entirely human appearance since, seeing the object directly above them, assumed they were “spacemen,” who she felt must look different than humans. Apparently aware of her presence at the window, the three figures suddenly began rising into the air in the beams of light, disappearing into the underside of the object, which the began rotating more rapidly and, with an increase in sound, took off straight up at a moderate speed.
Source: Irene Granchi

Date: September 1968: The Horror on the Stairs

Date:  September  1968

Location. Exuma Island, Bahamas
Date: September 1968
Time: night
Summary: Brothers Fred and Hezekiah while walking home one night, heard a “long, howling noise” and shortly afterwards saw “six dwarves sitting under a tree.” No other information.
Source: Dr. Michael Preisinger, FSR Vol. 43 # 4

Date:  September  1968

Location. Malaga, Spain
Date: September 1968
Time: night
Summary: In a dream-like state, the main witness “Marivi” recalled looking out of her balcony and seeing three shiny disc shaped objects hovering over the area, in a triangular formation. She soon found herself in a wooded area standing in front of a tall human like blond haired being, wearing a tight fitting blue-metallic outfit. The being told the witness that she had a mission to perform in the future. “Marivi” apparently had this same encounter many times after that. She also recalled one night seeing several short humanoids in her bedroom.
Source: Josep Guijarro, Infiltrados

Location. Kempsey New South Wales, Australia
Date: September 1968
Time: night
Summary: As he slept in a hut near a sawmill, in a rural area, George Gray was grabbed by the throat by something that tried to choke him. The attacker was a small, “well built little man” covered with gray, bristly fur. He had a thick neck and thick legs. He was nearly impossible to hold on to because of his loose, slippery skin. Gray was able to get away.
Source: Jerome Clark

Date:  September  1968

Date:  September  1968

Location. Preston Brook, England
Date: September 1968
Time: 2330
Summary: Several men were fishing at an old marina on the banks of the Mersey canal and were attempting to move some barges that were tied together when suddenly a huge creature swooped down from the Mersey estuary right at them. It was described as a huge winged bird like creature with a yellow neck and a hooked beak; it had a wingspan estimated at 12 feet long. It had ugly red shiny eyes and gave off a very strong foul odor. One of the men cocked the trigger on his rifle, but at the sound of the click the giant bird like creature vanished into thin air.
Source: Peter Hough & Jenny Randles, Mysteries Of the Mersey Valley

apro18Date: September 1 1968
Location: Peru
Summary: Photo of Two Discs in Peru The photo reproduccd above is a color photograph taken in the Ancash Mountains of Peru, presumably during this summer’s UFO activiby. Richard Greenwell, APRO s Peruvian representative, is investigating the sighting and the photograph, and points out that if it is authenticated, it will not only be the first photo of TWO objects taken at one time, but probably one of the very few photos of a UFO which show a clearly defined outline and the typical disc-shape. Despite the fact that complete details are not available, it was felt that the members would like to see this Dhoto as soon as possible.

Date: September 1 1968
Location: Mendoza Argentina
Time: 0400A
Summary: Two casino workers, Juan Carlos Peccinetti and Fernando Jose Villegas, were driving home after work at 0330A when the engine of the car quit and the lights went out. Peccinetti was just getting out of the car when both men found themselves paralyzed and face to face with three strange, 5-foot beings with unusually large heads, with bald pates, and wearing coveralls. Behind them was seen a circular or oval UFO 12 ft across and 5 ft high, hovering about 4 ft above the ground and directing a bright beam of light downward. When the entities came close, the witnesses heard a foreign-sounding voice repeating, “Do not fear.” Then they were told; “We have just made 3 journeys around the sun, studying customs and languages of the inhabitants of the system…Mathematics is the universal language.” Meanwhile, another of the entities, using a tool like a soldering iron, was making inscriptions on the doors, windshield, and running boards of the car. Next, the witnesses saw a circular TV-like screen, on which there appeared first a waterfall, then a mushroom-shaped cloud, and then the waterfall again, this time with no water. Finally the beings took hold of the witness’s left hands and pricked their fingers 3 times, taking blood samples, after which they ascended to their machine along the light beam. There was an “explosive effect” and the object rose and disappeared. The witnesses ran to a nearby military college to report their experience. They later retracted their story, but there are indications that there was coercion; in fact, authorities in Mendoza quickly made the “spreading of UFO rumors” a criminal offense in Mendoza to discourage widespread rumors on this and other cases occurring about the same time.
Source: Charles Bowen, FSR Vol. 14 # 6

Date: September 5, 1968
Location: Madrid, Spain
Time: 7:30 p.m.
Summary: Triangle Shape Object Sighted Over Madrid: The third or fourth sighting of a triangle-shaped object moving through the skies over Madrid, Spain. took place on September 5th, during the evening rush hour, at 7:30 p.m. Various individuals reported their. impressions of the object, and several photos (see above) were taken, some through telescopic lenses. Although people on the ground who observed the object for approximately one hour generally described the object as triangular in shape, a pilot who attempted to intercept the thing claimed it was pyramid shaped and that there where three globes of bright Light at its base. This pilot climbed to 50,000 feet but had to abandon the chase when his fuel ran low, and the object was still a great distance above him. F-104 jets were dispatched to investigate but could not get to the altitude of the object. An official statement from the Madrid Observatory said that they did not know what the object was but that they assumed it was a satellite. This explanation was not accepted by the general public, however, because of the length of time that the object was visible.


Apparently in answer to the Madrid Observatory’s statement, a U. S. space tracking facility at Robledo, Spain stated that the object was definitely not an American satellite. The Spanish weather bureau added their denial that it was one of their meteorological balloons. As various authorities vainly tried to account for the strange object, a “respectable government source” suggested that it might have been a meteorological balloon which had drifted in from France. This theory collapsed, however, when French technicians said they had constantly tracked the balloon in question and that it had not drifted over Madrid. The Spanish Air Force announced during the furor over the “thing” that their modern, American-designed radar network had picked up the UFO, although only briefly, and this gave rise to much speculation about the reason why the vast U. S. Air Base at Torrejoon on the outskirts of Madrid did not register the object on their screens. At any rate, official announcements to the contrary, the object was still unidentified 21 days later, on the 26th of September and at this writing no solution has been found to the puzzle. At the beginning of this article e mentioned other “triangles” over Madrid in the past

Date: September 7 1968
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Time: unknown
Summary: A woman reported meeting a being wearing an “astronaut suit” which gave her a stone of a very strong and unique composition. After tests perform on the stone it was revealed that it had strong nickel content. It is hinted that the extraterrestrial also had sex with the witness. No other information.
Source: Jean Ferguson, “Enigmas of time present”

Date:  Sept. 8, 1968
Location: Evansville, IN
Time: 3:00 p.m.  
Summary: Single witness (confidential). Lady and her son were driving and talking. Her son didn’t see the object and because she thought it was an advertising gimmick she never brought his attention to it. In fact, there was a loaded camera within reach. The object is best described as looking very detailed like a long burner in a gas furnace, horizontal to the observer. It didn’t look to be very far away (1/4 mile or more) and the witness said it didn’t look big enough to hold an upright man.
Source: Regional Encounters: The FC Files, pg. 27

Date: September 9 1968
Location: Itaipu Beach, Rio de Janeiro Brazil
Time: unknown
Summary: A number of independent witnesses reported and described the close encounter of a UFO at a beach near Niteroi; it was a disc-shaped craft emitting orange light, and made several low-level passes over the beach before briefly landing. One witness, Professor Sohail Saud, said he saw occupants inside the object, who were wearing helmets. Others said the object hovered 10 meters above the water, emitting a soft hum and spinning on its axis.
Source: FSR Vol. 17 # 2

Date: September 10 1968
Location: Pergamino Buenos Aires Argentina
Time: night
Summary: Going along National Highway # 8 J. Bautista Perazzo says that he caught sight of “the only UFO, which has molested the earth in these past years.” Crewed by extraterrestrials beings, which contacted him and talked to him orally in perfect Castilian Spanish about his technical resources and their purpose on our planet. No other information.
Source: Carlos Banchs

Date: September 11 1968
Location: San Martin De Tous, Barcelona Spain
Time: 2345
Summary: Observing a dome shaped reddish orange yellow light illuminating pin trees on a hill, the witness stopped his car and approached. About 50 meters above the road he saw a domed object about 5 by 3 meters; he then saw 4 “8 shaped” entities or “objects” only 31” tall, giving off metallic reflections. They moved toward the object, apparently entering it; the UFO rose, giving off multicolored light and making a deafening noise. The duration was 8 minutes; at the site the witness found 3 marks 15-cm. deep, equidistant 2 meters apart.
Source: Antonio Ribera, FSR Special Bulletin # 4

Date:  September 14 1968
Location:  Drummondville Quebec Canada
Time: unknown
Summary: Two young women saw a “strange” man walking on the street in front of them. When it spotted them, it stopped. They looked away for an instant, and it had disappeared, even though the street lights illuminated a wide area. A nearby dog, normally quiet, was barking furiously. The next day the same two women and two others noticed a 4ft tall entity surrounded by light on a gravel road behind the house of one of them. It stopped when it noticed them and “disappeared”.
Source: Humcat quoting newspaper source

Date: Sept. 15, 1968
Location: W. of Cross City to 12 miles W. of Ocala, Florida (BBU 12498)
Time: 9:30 p.m. [12:31 a.m.?] 
Summary: Missionary pilot Ray [Jay?] Cole, flying a Twin Beech C45H twin­ engine utility plane at 9,500 ft heading 120° at 200 mph true airspeed, with a pilot passenger Ray Rushing, saw a white [?] light with pale green light flashing less than once per sec at their flight level, moving up and down vertically by about 500-1,000 ft  for 15 mins maintaining distance then turned right about 10° climbed at a 15° angle until vanishing when 12 miles out from Ocala. 2nd light, very bright white also flashing pale green and at about 5,000 ft height, then suddenly appeared on a collision course, made a 90° turn at about 2 miles away and 500 ft below, then descended and receded to about 15 miles away and disappeared with distance to the W of Ocala. Later, ground radar said a target was following them [?]. 
Source: NARCAP; Berliner

Date: mid September 1968
Location:  Cauquenes Chile
Time: night
Summary: Peasants said they saw a man with arms like wings running in woods in the region, and six inhabitants of the village of Cauquenes claimed they saw a flying saucer take off nearby at great speed. Oscar Munoz, an income tax collector, told police how his car suddenly stopped at night on a road in the area and his lights went out. The car started again, he said, and its lights were switched on—apparently by remote control.
Source: Humcat quoting Reuters dispatch

Date: Sept. 17, 1968
Location: Nellis AFB, NV (BBU)
Time: 1 a.m. 
Summary: 2 air traffic controllers including supervisor saw nocturnal light.
Source: Hynek UFO Exp ch. 5, case NL-3

Date: September 18 1968
Location: Near Coatepec Mexico
Time: night
Summary: A cab driver slowed down to pick up a fare when he noticed that the figure was a black clad being with glowing hands and enormous cat like eyes which reflected the cab headlights. Terrified he drove away and encountered a fellow cabdriver who had also seen the creature. Both men took one of their vehicles and found a local journalist who then joined them in the search for the creature. They saw the being again this time standing on the road and holding on his glowing hands a crystal like wand that gave off a powerful light to painful to behold. The witness decided that they had enough and quickly left the area.
Source: Scott Corrales, Samizdat Vol. 2 # 2

Date:  Sept. 20, 1968
Location: Wichita Falls, TX
Summary: Police officer saw a huge ball of fire falling directly downward. Other officers said the ball appeared to be 20′ in diameter. 
Source: NARA document mentions UFO “crash” and references “Moon Dust”. 

Date: September 21 1968
Location:  La Llagosta Barcelona Spain
Time: 0200A
Summary: An anonymous truck driver, on the Barcelona-Puigcerda road, saw an egg shaped object, standing on end; it was brightly lit, and near it he saw a small being. He did not stop but reported the incident at a service station near the village.
Source: FSR Special Bulletin # 4

Date: September 21 1968
Location: Coaticook Quebec Canada
Time: 2130
Summary:  Two young girls said they saw a “Martian” on the roof of the Coaticook High School. By 2000, a crowd of nearly 50 persons had assembled. Shirley Green said that at 2130 she saw “green face with no nose, mouth or hair,” and that the man emitted intermittent sparks. In a field owned by a Mr. Boivin, grass was burned in a circle 42 ft in diameter; some tracks were found.
Source: Saucers Space & Science # 54

Date:  September 21 1968
Location: Whipsnade, Kent, England
Time: night
Summary: Mr. E. Bennett and his fifteen year old daughter were returning to their home when at the bottom of Bison Hill a conical-shaped mass rose slowly out from the field about twenty-five yards in front of them. It was six feet tall, they said, with a glowing aura surrounding it and it seemed to vanish into a solid impenetrable hedge.
Source: John A Keel, Strange Mutants

Date: September 22 1968
Location: Gerona Spain
Time: early morning
Summary: An angler saw encounter about 100 meters from La Escala beach, two strange beings, that wore bright yellow clothing and had yellow faces. The being came out of the waters then disappeared. The angler, Juan Ballesto notified the Civil Guard who investigated the case. No other information.
Source: Fabio Picasso

Date: September 24 1968
Location:  Cedeira La Coruna Spain
Time: 2100
Summary: A 56-year old woman saw a bright light coming from Ponteiro; she later observed two tall men walking toward her on the road; “lights of changing color were visible on their faces.” In fear, she ran to the nearest home. A sailor investigated, but found nothing; an investigator later found “a burned area, irregular but about 2 meters in diameter, at the site.”
Source: FSR Special Bulletin # 4

Date: September 28 1968
Location: Asbestos, Quebec, Canada
Time: 2145
Summary: A green rectangular shaped “cloud” was observed in the sky above Asbestos, by 4 adults. The cloud became brighter, and after a couple of minutes a luminous “saucer” emerged. Two human figures were observed to “walk in space”.
Source: John Brent Musgrave in: “UFO Occupants and critters”

Date: September 30 1968
Location: Roncenay Aude France
Time: 0300A
Summary: Guy Lemargue, 16, was walking with a friend on a small country road when they saw, about 150 yards away, a disc shaped red orange luminous UFO, about 50 ft in diameter and 4 ft in height, resting on legs. It had a row of portholes all around the edge. Beside it, several luminous entities of small stature were “maneuvering” with very strong lights sources in their hands, which they shone on the ground. They walked 2 ft above the ground, and sometimes made sudden gliding leaps of 100 yards. One approached within 15 ft of the boys, and they could see that his hands were pincers or crab-claw-like. Realizing that he must have detected their presence, they ran away.
Source: Luc Billion & Raoul Foin LDLN

Date: Sept. 30, 1968
Location: Louisville, KY
Time: 1:00 a.m. 
Commercial pilot, Dogie Stockmar, and four passengers observed a light source with 2-3 beams toward ground. One beam was longer than the others. Lights pulsated. At first it seemed like a bright star, then began moving west. It then dropped down to plane’s level, then descended to a restricted area near the Louisville airport and went out.
Source: Phone call to NICAP

Date:  September  1968

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