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Date: April or May 1969
Location: Gulf of Mexico
Summary: The event occurred while the “British Grenadier” was sailing through the Gulf of Mexico. The UFO (like an arrowhead)  appeared directly above the ship at exactly noon on the first day. It just seemed to appear as nobody saw it arrive and it remained above the ship for the next 3 days. E-M effects

Date: April 1969
Location: Balizac France
Time:  late night
Summary: The witness was sleeping alone in a room with a fireplace and recalls suddenly awaking and seeing several short white figures standing near the fireplace. She hid under the covers. The next morning she woke up and found a peculiar injury or scar on her ankle. No other information.
Source: Joel Mesnard, Mufon Journal # 309

Date: April 3, 1969
Location: Southern UK
Time: 7:38 P.M. 
Summary: Bright fireball meteor traveling south-southeast to north-northwest, leaving long trail, sparks.

Date: April 5 1969
Location: Near West Nyack New York
Time: 1900
Summary: The two witnesses were parked in a remote area when they saw a light approach; they got out of the car and saw a large oval shaped craft with lights around its edge and a beam of light shining from its center. A memory lapse occurred, with one witness vaguely recalling the object landing and shining a beam of light towards them. Later one of the witnesses remembered being inside a circular room lying on a white Formica table. He was surrounded by several humanoids described as being five-foot tall with play gray skin, large round heads, and large black eyes, these beings were well built and wore tight fitting gray green coveralls. One being who appeared to be the examiner wore a turtleneck garment and peered intently into the witness face. At one point one of the witnesses remembered struggling and thought it felt that he had been ripped to pieces and then reassembled again.
Source: Thomas E Bullard, UFO Abductions The Measure of A Mystery

Date: April 10 1969
Location: Ouro Preto Minas Gerais Brazil
Time: 2200
Summary: During a spate of UFO observations in various parts of Brazil, student Marco Antonio von Kruger noticed interference on his TV; glancing out a window, he saw a “vague shape in movement” and heard garbage cans being overturned; next day, he found the garbage cans had been “investigated.” At about the same time, a worker returning to his home not far from the student’s residence observed an enormous round object hovering near the ground from which were emitted “strange measured, muffled sounds.”
Source: FSR Case Histories # 6

Date: April 12 1969
Location: Between Bridgeworth & Shrewsbury England
Time: 1830
Summary: A ex-schoolmistress, exercising her dog in some fields, observed on the far side of a hedge, a top-shaped object about 3 meters high, which was resting on gray colored legs. Around the object she saw 3 beings about the size of 11-year old children; they had pear shaped heads, were dressed in black outfits with white belts, and appeared to lack hands. Nevertheless, they seemed to be collecting samples, which they placed on the side of the object; the samples seemed to disappear into the solid craft. The woman’s dog fled at the outset of the sighting.
Source: Roger Stanway & Anthony Pace

Date: April 14, 1969
Location: Hill City, KS
Summary:  Multicolored object came within 100′, hovered. [E] car
Source: Ulysses, Kans., News, April 24, 1969; CUFOS report, dated as April 19 

Date: April 20 1969
Location: Itaucu, Goias, Brazil
Time: afternoon
Summary: 25-year old Adelino Roque was on his way to the local Serradinho ranch on his horse when suddenly a bright beam of light originating from somewhere above struck him. Soon he found himself inside what appeared to be a dark drum-like object totally silent and moving at what appeared to be a very excessive speed through the sky. He could not remember anything after that and woke up next to he River Paranaiba lying on top of rock and miles from his original location. Meanwhile his horse had been found earlier tied up at another ranch, apparently unharmed. Roque also appeared to be unharmed except for a strange bruise on his side. He did not remember seeing any entities or hearing any one talking to him during the time he had been gone. Soon after this experience, Roque began neglecting his work and began drinking heavily and apparently fell in love with his 17-year old niece. A month later Roque again was reported missing this time along with his niece. On June 12, both Roque and his niece were found dead under unusual circumstances, some said apparently poisoned.
Source: Willy Silva, Revista Brasileira Ovni

Date: April 23, 1969
Location: Silver Spring, MD
Summary: Dogs, cats and horses reacted to object

Date: April 24 1969
Location: Berwick Nova Scotia Canada
Time: night
Summary: There were several reports of a “phantom” 18 ft tall, “a tall, very dark form,” either walking or floating about at 20 mph. large numbers of cars were assembling at Berwick to observe the monster. No other information.
Source: Humcat, quoting newspaper source

Date: April 26 1969
Location: Calgary Alberta Canada
Time: evening
Summary: David Arychuk, walking his dog, saw 200 yards away a circular object with 3 pulsating red lights around the top. It was about 30 ft in diameter and 20 ft high, cream-colored with a pitted surface. A rather nauseating smell, of “sweet bitterness” was in the air. 100 yards away were 2 beings, “taller than normal,” in dark clothing. David yelled out “Hey you,” and they walked around the UFO. The dog refused to go on, and was shivering from fright. By the time David brought his stepfather, the UFO was gone, but the odor was still present the next day.
Source: William K Allan

Date: April/May 1969: Arrowhead UFO Sighting, Gulf of Mexico – Article

Date:  April 1969

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