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Date: August 1969
Location: Near Voronov, Russia
Time: morning
Summary: Heinrich Ivanovich was driving his motorcycle along the Kama River near a wooded area. On the side of the road he noticed a man who suddenly raised his hand as if saluting. Ivanovich slowed his motorbike and approached the stranger. As he approached he noticed a strange disc-shaped object on the ground close to the stranger. The stranger wore a grayish-metallic overall with thick soled boots. The man did not wear a hat and had a short haircut. On his left hand he held a hose-like implement, which was apparently extracting water from the Kama River. He approached the stranger and both conversed in the Russian language mostly about the propulsion of the object. They also spoke about space constellations. At the end of the encounter the stranger asked Ivanovich to stay back from the object and to just observe it take off. The object had a semi-transparent green colored globular dome on top. As the stranger approached the object a door appeared on the dome and he entered it, the door the shut. The external disc immediately began to revolve and its outer rim became invisible. The object then rose into the sky and instantly disappeared into thin air.
Source Ravil Ishkakov, Chairman of Tatar Republic committee, On the study of the phenomena of nature.

Date:  August  1969
Location:  Da Nang
Time:  just after 1 o’clock in the morning.
Summary:  While stationed near Da Nang in August 1969, Pfc Earl Morrison of the 1st Marine Division and two other guards had an extraordinary sight just after 1 o’clock in the morning. They were sitting atop a bunker and talking when they noticed something approaching them in the sky: We saw what looked like wings, like a bat’s, only it was gigantic compared to what a regular bat would be. After it got close enough so we could see what it was, it looked like a woman. A naked woman. She was black. Her skin was black, her body was black, the wings were black, everything was black. But it glowed. It glowed in the night-kind of a greenish cast to it…. She started going over us, and we still didn’t hear anything. She was right above us, and when she got over the top of our heads, she was maybe six or seven feet up…. We watched her go straight over the top of us, and still she didn’t make any noise flapping her wings. She blotted out the moon once that’s how close she was to us. And dark-looked like pitch black then, but we could still define her because she just glowed. Real bright like. And she started going past us straight towards our encampment. As we watched her-she had got about 10 feet or so away from us-we started hearing her wings flap. And it sounded, you know, like regular wings flapping. And she just started flying off and we watched her for quite a while. The covering on her skin was more like fur than feathers. The skin of her wings looked like it was molded on to her hands and the movement of her arms suggested they had no bones in them. 
Source:  Worley, Don. “The Winged Lady in Black.” Flying Saucer Review Case Histories 10 Oune 1972): 14-16

Date: August 1969
Location: Near Detroit, Oregon
Time: afternoon
Summary: The main witness, 8-years of age at the time was playing in a creek with her two sisters as their family camped nearby. All of the sudden she could see that the sun had suddenly changed position, the shadows had moved from what they were a few seconds ago, and time had unaccountably gone by. Her mother came down yelling for the girls, saying that they had been looking for them for the last 45minutes. Confused, she told her mother that she was in the same spot she always had been. Years later the main witness was hypnotized and she recalled being in a white room with white tables that were real cold, like metal and really bright lights. She saw several “spacemen” all dress in white like the modern astronauts, but their suits were somewhat thinner than the normal astronaut suits. The men had large heads with large almond shaped eyes and two holes for a nose and communicated with the witness through telepathy.
Source: Western Bigfoot Society Newsletter, Special Edition # 44

Date: Aug. 5
Location: Raleigh, NC
Summary: Shiny object approached, hovered over road ahead of car. [R,L] car
Source: Letter from B.C.M., dated Aug. 7,1969, in NICAP files

Date: August 8 1969
Location: West Akron Ohio
Time: 0200A
Summary: Dollie Hansen had been in touch with UFO occupants and had been promised a trip in a spaceship on Thursday, August 7. At 0200A on Friday a knock came at her door, and outside was a superbly built young woman with deep chestnut hair but no features on her face. Nevertheless, Mrs Hansen had no fear, and went with her to a black car containing, two men, which, wrapped in a gray mist, conveyed them to the spaceship. She was given the promised ride, but the source gives no details beyond this, except to say that the spaceship was softly lighted and contained no visible seams or welds. Around the same time a local handicapped boy also reported being taken onboard a UFO and given a ride, his encountered occurred at 0230A. No other information.
Source: Brinsley Le Poer Trench, Mysterious Visitors

Date: August 11 1969
Location: 30 km from Rouen Seine Maritime France
Time:  0600A
Summary: Jean Migueres was driving an ambulance from Perpignan to Rouen when he heard a voice in his head say: “Do not be afraid, nothing bad will happen to you, you will feel nothing…”20 minutes later, he observed a nearly spherical cloud moving toward him, which then took the form of a nucleus surrounded by an incandescent white ring having at its base a dull black metallic platform about 65 ft in diameter. At the same time, a “DS” car appeared, moving directly toward the ambulance. Migueres was unable to avoid it, and a head on collision took place; the ambulance was traveling at the time at 100 mph. After the crash, a being “materialized” on the seat beside Migueres, and addressed him telepathically in French: “Be assured, you are only apparently injured…you will feel no physical pain…I am going to “regenerate” you by a procedure that is not yet known on your planet.” He then took from a pouch on his belt a disc about 1” in diameter, of an incandescent white luminosity, and applied it to the nape of Miguere’s neck. Migueres felt a prickling sensation all along his spinal column. The being said:”This accident was necessary for you; we will come back to see you.” Then he disappeared. Migueres with multiple injuries and broken bones felt no pain then or later. He underwent several lengthy operations and was twice pronounced “clinically dead.” After an internal hemorrhage with bursting of the gall bladder, he received a telepathic message to “leave the hospital immediately,” which he obeyed, being transported to a hospital at Montpellier, near his home, where he was again pronounced “dead.” Nevertheless he survived. After 3 weeks in the Montpellier hospital he received a message: “You have succeeded in your mission thanks to our help…you can now go home, we will continue to protect you.” He went home, but for 3 years his broken bones remained unhealed. “Then one day, all the bones re-knitted in record time,” and he was immediately able to walk again, without even a limp. Migueres says that since his accident he has had the gift of healing. He remains in contact with the “extraterrestrials,” who have given him a “code which permits him to free the corresponding wavelength of his brain” to establish contact with them. The “extraterrestrial seen at the time of the accident was of medium height, or less, with a very swarthy skin and a big head with a very high and wide forehead, eyes far apart, eyebrows “like scars,” and brown hair cut short. He was wearing a coverall or a pants and shirt combination resembling a military uniform, with no hat or helmet.
Source: Guy Tarade, Jean Luc Rivera

Date:  August 19 1969
Location: Near Macae Rio de Janeiro Brazil
Time: 0250A
Summary: Luis Renato Matos, a schoolteacher, was driving his sister in law and her two children from Ararauma to Campos. Near Macae, he saw a blue light which, when seen again some 200 meters ahead, now appeared as a bright blue inverted plate about 20 meters in diameter, and floating at an inclined angle 3 to 4 metes above the ground. His passengers were all sleeping. As he came around a bend in the road, Renato saw 5 or 6 small human like figures less than a meter tall, all scurrying rapidly about; each one carried an illuminated pear shaped implement, held by a small rod; these glowed like red-hot iron. Renato speeded the car up and just after he passed through Macae his headlights failed and the motor quit. He sat there for a long while not knowing what to do until, finally, he was again able to start the car and proceed
Source: Richard Heiden

Date: August 22 1969
Location: South Akron, Ohio
Time: 0400A
Summary: After Joyce Vellacca and her husband reported seeing a multicolored object maneuvering over the area Joyce Vellacca decided to lie down on the sofa for a few winks. However she had scarcely stretched out when a big gust of wind swept through the window and blew the curtains out. She jumped up to close the window and froze in her tracks. Mrs. Vellacca stated that she was unable to move. Literally paralyzed to the spot. And standing on the other side of the window, looking back at her, was a woman, marvelously built, with the most beautiful long dark chestnut, almost black hair she had ever seen. But the woman had no discernible features where her face would be located. Oddly enough, when Mrs. Vellacca recovered from her frozen immobility, the visitor had gone. She rushed outside and turned on all the floodlights to illuminate the area, but could see nothing unusual. Then there came a high-pitched whine similar to that of a motorcycle, except that when that machine reaches its take-off there is a loud roar. This was not audible. Instead, the noise gained in shrill frequency until it was no longer heard. The dogs in the neighborhood were raising a great rumpus.
Source: Brinsley LePoer Trench, Mysterious Visitors The UFO Story Type: E Note similarity with the West Akron case, two weeks before.


Date: August 25, 1969
Location:  Poiesti, Romania

Date: August 27 1969
Location: Cradle Hill Warminster England
Time: 2210
Summary: 11 people watching for UFOs saw on the ground something like a “burning bush” about 600 yards away, in the place called “Kidnappers Hole.” Christopher Trubridge and Robert Coates ran in that direction. The lights went out, but when near the spot Christopher saw in the moonlight, 100 ft away, a figure about 7 ft tall, dressed in a tight fitting shiny black suit, with a gold sash or “bandoleer” around the neck and shoulder. Long, dark gold hair fell to its shoulders and it had bright eyes, their color indeterminate in the lighting, and a “rather feminine” set of features in a not unattractive face. The figure was motionless, one arm upraised. The witnesses could not approach it nearer than about 30 yards. Overcome by fear, oddly mixed with an indescribable emotion, both men retreated hastily.
Source: Arthur Shuttlewood, Cosmos December 1969 and Ken Rogers “The Warminster Triangle”

Date: Aug. 31, 1969
Location: Stover, MO
Summary:  Flock of turkeys react to orange-red hemisphere or domed disc.

Date:  August  1969

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