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Date: early December 1969
Location: Villa Velha, Espirito Santo Brazil
Time: unknown
Summary: Children began to disappear in this city, within a few weeks scores of youngsters, all between the ages of nine and fifteen and all from poor families, vanished without a trace, The police in the state of Espirito Santo rallied their forces and began a massive search for a sinister kidnapping ring. But they had no leads, the disappearances seemed random, and none of the children knew each other or shared a common school. Then on February 1970, four of the missing youngsters reappeared separately. Two were stumbling about the streets blindly, suffering from amnesia. The other pair was able to remember fragments of their adventure, but their stories were as bizarre as a James Bond tale. They had been stopped on the street, they said, and offered a ride in a large American style limousine. Once they were in the car, they were given a cigarette (apparently laced with narcotics) and they lapsed into unconsciousness. One returnee recalled that he awoke in a small hut, tied hand and foot, when a stranger entered freed him, and told him how to find the nearest police station. An eleven-year-old girl identified as Vani said her kidnapper was a woman named Laura. Laura fed her sweets and then took her to a field where an “airplane” was waiting. Vani began to scream and fuss, and surprisingly Laura gave her some money and returned her to her village. Most of the Brazilian victims were boys, although a few girls were included. The children that returned mostly described their kidnappers as tall, blond and European in appearance.
Source: John A Keel, Our Haunted Planet

Date:  December 1969
Location: Serra do Vulcao, Nova Iguacu, Brazil
Time: 2200
Summary: A young couple was parked in an isolated area in a known lovers lane area when they suddenly noticed a strong luminosity approaching their vehicle from the rear. Horrified they watched three huge beings, estimated to have been at least 3 meters in height approached their vehicle within the light. The man attempted to start the car but the motor was dead. The luminosity grew stronger as the humanoids approached even closer to the vehicle. The beings began looking into the window of the car as the terrified couple began to dress frantically. The beings then emitted a sound similar to “Kaan” and one of them introduced a baton-like object into the opened window of the car, as it did saw the baton released a sort of gas. At this point both witnesses lost consciousness. They woke up in the morning the following day. The man had a strong migraine and had a nosebleed and both noticed that the car was now at a different position from where it was originally parked. Both have refused hypnotic regression.
Source: G.E.P.U (Grupo Espirita de Pesquisa Ufologica) Brazil

apro11Date: December 4, 1969
Location: Athens, Greece
Time: 4:45 a.m
Summary: On the morning of December 4, 1969 at 4:45 a.m. Mr. Efthimiopoulos was on the terrace of his home when he observed an object which appeared in the south. It was moving rapidly toward the north and a part of its flight path took it above the Hymetos Mountain. Its observed trajectory was lineal and parallel to the horizon and its speed appeared to be uniform. Elevation 30 degrees.
Professor Efthimiopoulos made the following observations: Object traveled through 80 degrees of arc during a period of three seconds. Its shape was that of a mono-basic spherical section and its front and up to 60 degrees of its total form was brightly illuminated (white light). The rest of the object was sufficiently illuminated for the whole shape to be distinctly visible. Its illumination did not seem to be produced by any internal source but a result of the diffused light produced by the friction of its leading edge against the atmosphere. The Professor felt that the illumination indicated the object was moving through the atmosphere. No noise accompanied its passage and it was so rapid that by persistence of vision it gave the impression of having a tail.
Source: APRO

Date: December 27 1969
Location: Near Atlanta Georgia
Time: 0200A
Summary: Miss Mary Smith and her mother were in their car parked along the side of the road when the mother saw a black saucer shaped object with a flat bottom hovering some distance away; the bottom opened slowly and from it dropped a sort of “plastic bubble” with a glowing light inside. It drifted downward, separating into 3 glowing “arrow-shaped” objects that came to rest in a parking lot across the street. Shortly afterwards they saw at the spot 3 dark figures, like men with wide shoulders and narrow hips, but with arms shorter than normal; one was much larger than the others, and all three were “seeping furiously” with implements like lawn rakes, in an area about 9 ft in diameter. What they swept up was put into a container in the center shaped like a basket. At one point the larger figure chased something to the edge of the street and caught it in his hand, picking it up and running back to put it in the basket. Then two boys in a car approached and saw the beings, they drove into the parking lot; the figures then simply disappeared.
Source: Ted Phillips for Mufon


Date:  December 30, 1969
Location:  Bariloche, Argentina
Time: 1.30 p.m.
Summary: Prof. Sebastian José Tarde, MD, a prominent physician and later director of the Mendoza Central Hospital, spent the year´s end with his students in Bariloche, a popular holiday ressort in the Argentinien Andes. When the group shipped on the Nahuel Huapi-Lake, the Professor shot some photos with his Leica camera. Only after he got them back from development he realized that he had photographed an orange disc over the mountains. Two photographic experts from Mendoza analysed the original slide and concluded that the object cannot be a lens flare nor a mistake in the film. They were sure that it ins indeed a real object. Indeed UFOs are frequently seen over the Lake, and several sightings were reported in 1999 and 2000
Source: Michael Hesemann Original source webpage / article

Date:  late 1969
Location:  Tirau New Zealand
Time: unknown
Summary: A 30-year old woman saw a bright yellow glowing light over a nearby hedge. In front of the light stood five dark shadowy figures. These moved slowly around and one appeared to be taller than the rest. No arms and legs were visible. The witness did not stay around and did not see the light or beings depart.
Source: Keith Basterfield, Mufon UFO Journal # 177

Date: Dec 31 late 1969?: 1970?: Burlington, New Jersey Sighting

Date:  December 1969

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