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Date:  February 1969
Location:  Near Itaperuna Brazil
Time: unknown
Summary: Geni Maria Santana, 21, heard a knock at the door of her hut; looking out the window, she saw a little man 40-45” tall, with “Japanese eyes”, a big ugly mouth, a pointed nose, and skin covered with a dark powder. He was covered with a striped bluish “shiny” garment, resembling an overall; it was capacious and covered his hands, which seemed to be holding something. She asked, “What do you want?” she could not understand his reply, and said “No!” The creature lowered its eyes and said no more; she closed the window.
Source: SBEDV

Date: February 1969
Location: Nuble Valparaiso Chile
Time: 0400A
Summary: An intense light coming in the window awakened Mr. X and his wife, and their 2 daughters. They got to see a UFO hovering over the beach, 200 ft away. It had the shape of an octahedron, with a cupola on top and with 3 legs, also 2 kinds of antennas and several portholes. It was 15-20 ft in diameter and almost equally high; it looked metallic and was of an intense sky-blue luminosity. This object, descending with oscillation, landed on the beach 200 ft from the witness house. A luminous ray came from it, and “3 beings of humanoid aspect descended by this luminous ray.” They were about 6 ½ ft tall, dressed in dark blue suits that covered the whole body, including hands and feet; on their chests was a metallic emblem. Each placed 10 tubes in the sand; then they collected all the black stones to be found on the beach; then they picked up their tubes and re-entered the craft, which rose diagonally with oscillations and then went off very fast. The duration of the observation was 30-40 minutes. Mr. X’s watch stopped “between 0400A and 0438A”. As an apparent consequence of the observation, “the skin of the witnesses became covered with a sort of scales, which disappeared after 3 days”. In the sand were found holes 6’ in diameter and 10’ deep, left by the entities “tubes”; also a circular zone 6 ft in diameter, “where the sand seemed to have been absorbed.”
Source: Elena Marino, LDLN # 111

Date:  February 6 1969
Location:  Pirassununga Sao Paolo Brazil
Time: morning
Summary: Barbara Mina Da Silva was weeding rice at a place called “Chacara Do Benedito,” when two boys, Joao Batista Da Silva, 9, and Benedito Paulino Ramos, 13, called to her attention a “shining little tent” 500 meters away. She described it as white, looking like one of the triangular tents used by exterminators of the sauva ant; nearby were three men with helmets, which she took to be the men fighting the ants. The boys told her that the men’s clothing was shining, but she described it as gray. She continued her work, when suddenly the boys cried out, “Look, the little tent has disappeared.” She saw that both tent and men had indeed gone. Shortly afterward the boys pointed out a “luminous ball the size of the sun” stationary just above the woods. It disappeared after 30 minutes, and at once a Brazilian AF helicopter appeared and descended about 2 km away. The helicopter was seen on several occasions during the next few days.
Source: SBEVD Members

Date: February 6 1969
Location: Pirassununga Brazil
Time: 2015
Summary: A small silvery disc with a high protruding dome landed on a field. From a small opening two short humanoids emerged, they seemed to hover just above the ground. The beings were heavy set and human like. Two other being remained inside. The beings spoke among themselves in a hoarse “serious” voice.
Source: J Antonio Huneeus, Fate December 1993 and SIOANI Brazil

Date: February 6 1969
Location:  Pirassununga Sao Paulo Brazil
Time: dusk
Summary: The witness name is Mr. Jose Antonio Fioco, 53; the distance of the object and entities is variously given as 20m. And 200 m. The object’s size 13 x 16 ft. Entities were 1.60 m tall, and they wore “silver shoes”, one piece suits with 3 silver buttons in front. One held a tube or rod 14” long and 2” wide, from which light was emitted at one end, which clearly lit up the hen house 820 ft away. Second entity carried a slightly larger rod; the third carried an implement or device like a box camera. On passing through his gate to get other witnesses, the creaking of the gate apparently alerted the entities to his presence, and they entered the object, which took off immediately. Other members of the family were reported to have seen objects around the same time on several occasions; Fioco saw 4 more UFOs subsequently, including 2 other landings but no more entities.
Source: Dr. Walter Buhler

Date: February 7 1969
Location:  Pirassununga Sao Paolo Brazil
Time: 0730A
Summary: People shouting about a mysterious object visible on a hillside awakened Tiago Machado, 19. He got his binoculars and went to see the object, approaching to within 30 ft. It was a domed disc, aluminum colored, about 12 ft in diameter and 5 ft high. A hinged door was open in the top of the dome, and from this two humanoid figures emerged and seemed to float to the ground; two others were visible inside the craft, through windows. The beings, 4.5 ft tall, were dressed in tight, silvery garments without buttons, covering them from feet to head. Their features were seen through transparent helmets. Their skin was yellow, eyes slanting, and the mouth with thin, slit-like lips. They came to within 3-4 meters of the witness. When they laughed at the witness, who was puffing a cigarette, he could see that they had black teeth. He tossed the cigarette pack close to one, who put his hand above it; the pack floated up into his hand. The thumb of his hand was set further back than on a human hand. The beings spoke in “hoarse, guttural” sounds. When a friend called out to the witness, the entities walked backward and re-entered through the door; the second one, when halfway through, pointed a tube at Machado, which emitted a bluish flame that “floated” toward him. When it hit him, he felt pain and was paralyzed; as the UFO took off, almost horizontally, the witness fainted. A welt remained where the flame had struck him. On the ground were found three landing-leg marks.
Source: Nigel Rimes, Ned S Martins & Reginaldo Da Silva

Date: February 10 1969
Location: Near Green Cove Springs Florida
Time: 0300A
Summary: Marion and Jim took a drive from Jacksonville to Daytona Beach, leaving shortly after midnight. They arrived at approximately 0330A. At this time Marion was experiencing a severe headache. They returned to Jacksonville, arriving at 0700A. Afterwards Marion realized that more than three hours time of the trip down was unaccounted for; neither had any recollection of stopping. She spent most of the following month in bed, depressed and listless, unable to go to work. On the back of her left hand an acute itch developed, and several rather long, dark hairs grew on this spot, vanishing and returning to normal some 6 weeks later. She noticed a circular mark, about the size of a dime, on her right cheekbone. In November 1977, under hypnosis, Marion recalled that a few miles after leaving Green Cove Springs, a brilliant white light shone into the car from above and behind them, and they heard a buzzing sound, which became painfully loud. Both became unconscious. The next thing she knew she was standing in a curved hallway; a sliding door opened and she walked into a small wedge-shaped room, then from the narrow end of this into a larger room containing several tables. A short man with gray skin, large eyes and ears, no hair, and a small slit-like mouth was sitting at one of the tables, wearing a gray tight fitting suit. He led her into “the examining room”, telling her telepathically that he meant no harm, but wanted to examine her. She took off her dress, leaving her slip on, and got up on the table, where she was given a physical examination that lasted 40 minutes. He touched her with an instrument that tingled, and took skin scrapings from the side of her hand; they put “some kind of machine” on her right cheekbone, which “hurt a little bit.” After the examination she was floated up to the “control room”, where the ceiling was transparent, showing the stars; here there were 3 other men, one (the captain) dressed in white and taller than her, the other two in gray and shorter than her. The “doctor” pointed to a spot in the sky to show where they came from; the trip, he told her, took hardly more than an instant. “Their time is different from our time.” He told her also “when the planets align the earth will roll in the heavens and there will be much destruction”; “they want to help us so that we all will not be lost.” They will take with them “anyone who is not afraid to go with them.” They “have the secret of eternal life.” All of the humanoid’s conversation was telepathic, not by sound. One of the men escorted her out, where she met Jim again; they were “floated” down to the ground and escorted back to their car.
Source: Paul Krutz, The Florida Crown Psychical Research Society

Date: February 12 1969
Location: Pirassununga Sao Paolo Brazil
Time: 0540A
Summary: Luis Flozinho De Oliveira, a farm worker, was on his way to work when he was approached and attacked by two aggressive beings 1.5 meters tall, with long hair, beards, and asymmetrical eyes. Both humanoids wore white unbuttoned shirts and long beige colored pants with what appeared to be colorful inscriptions and drawings on them, they also wore dark shiny medallions around their necks, their skin appeared to be normal in color. Stunned at first, Luis then fought back, knocking both of them to the ground, one on top of the other. At this point both humanoids rose up and exchanged some words between them in a strange language, and then they told Luis in perfect Portuguese that they were leaving since he was much stronger than them, at which time they both fled into the thick underbrush. The witness dog “rolled up into a ball on the ground for protection” during the attack upon its master. The dog refused to eat anything after the encounter and was found dead a month later his body completely bloated up. He had refused to return to the place of the encounter.
Source: Dr. Walter Buhler

Date:  February 16 1969
Location:  Chateau Des Martins Vienne France
Time: night
Summary: Five horses in the paddock of M Meingault were panicked by “something shining,” with intensely bright eyes “of a very pale, brilliant green;” he saw the eyes approximately 3.75 ft above the ground, re-entered the chateau to get his gun, and on his return, saw a “flying shadow” pursuing the horses. There was much material damage left at the site by the frightened animals.
Source: Jean-Claude Baillon, FSR Vol. 16 # 4

Date: February 17 1969
Location:  Flinders Park, South Australia
Time: 0250A
Summary: A woman heard a whirring sound coming from outside waking her up. She looked out the window and saw an unusual object on a field nearby. A man like figure emerged from the shadows and walked around the object. The figure was very tall, lean, with light colored hair and wearing white coveralls. He walked around the object several times. The witness then ran to obtain additional witnesses but upon returning the object and the tall figure were gone
Source: Keith Basterfield

Date: February 20 1969
Location:  Pirassununga Sao Paolo Brazil
Time: night
Summary: Hearing his pigs grunting during the night, the manager of the “Bela Alianca” Fazenda (ranch) went out and saw from a distance of 60 ft the landing of a UFO about 12 ft wide and 15 ft high, which rested on tripod legs. Three crewmembers emerged onto a small catwalk around the machine, each with a different type of implement with which they busied themselves for a period of 2-3 minutes.
Source: Dr. Walter Buhler

Date: Feb. 20, 1969
Location: Norseman, WA, Australia
Time: 1500 hrs
Summary: A fully fuelled car began “to gasp” as if running out of petrol. A cigar shape was then noticed twenty five metres away near the road. It was ten metres long and moved away above trees, kicking up dust and leaves as it did so. The car then sped ahead. The object disappeared very quickly taking ten seconds to rise and disappear from view.
Source: Perth west Australian, Norseman, Feb. 21, 1969.

Date: February 22 1969
Location: Awanui New Zealand
Time: 0100A
Summary: Nathan Brown, a 46-year old Maori, was walking home when he saw a light, and came upon two men sitting with their backs to the road and their feet in a ditch, while a pale young woman with white shoulder length hair lay across the ditch. She wore a long white gown that covered her feet. The men merely sat in a relaxed attitude looking down at the woman; they were about 5 ft 6 inches in height, had dark brown skins and crew-cut hair, and wore brown pants and jackets. Brown questioned the men but go no response; when he stepped closer to see what was wrong with the woman, he ran into an invisible barrier, which he likened “to a bar across the stomach.” He tried to grab one of the men but was again prevented by the repelling force; after this, he ran off, “shaking like a leaf.” The light he saw was a luminous haze, having no visible source. Brown found marks at the site the following day.
Source: Don Jackson and others, Auckland University UFO Group

Date: February 23 1969
Location: Near Rio de Janeiro Brazil
Time: unknown
Summary: A youth reported that while bathing in the waterfall in the mountains, along with a friend, they heard a slight sound. When they looked behind them, they beheld an enormous object from which, through a vertical door, two men of small stature emerged. They had human features, a greenish tint in the coloring of the head, and shining phosphorescent chests, while from the waist downwards they were ashen-gray colored. The boys fled away down the mountain. Later, they returned with two guards, but there was no longer anything to be seen at the spot.
Source: FSR Case Histories # 5

Date:  February 23 1969
Location: Miajadas Caceres Spain
Time: 0245A
Summary: At the time of the earthquake that hit the area, a truck driver, and his helper observed a strange craft and five humanoid beings, described as tall and luminous. Seized with an irrational fear, they drove away as quickly as possible.
Source: Manuel Osuna

Date:  February 1969

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