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Date: Summer 1969
Location: Near Danang Vietnam
Time: 0100A
Summary: A soldier on guard duty in Vietnam saw a luminous figure approaching slowly in the sky. When it got close, the figure was seen to be a naked woman with bat wings, her skin and the wings completely black, but glowing. The body was covered with the glow. This apparition passed only 6-7 feet above the witness head and flew away, having been visible from 3-4 minutes. The witness PFC Earl Morrison is the step nephew of the investigator.
Source: Don Worley, FSR Case Histories # 10

Date: Summer 1969
Location: Little Pine Creek, Pennsylvania
Time: afternoon
Summary: The wife of Clinton County Sheriff John Boyle, while sitting in front of the couple’s cabin, saw an enormous gray colored bird land in the middle of the creek. A few moments later it rose to fly away. Its wingspan appeared to have been about 75 ft. Around the same time three men claimed to have seen a “thunderbird” snatch up a 15 pound fawn near Kettle Creek.
Source: Jerome Clark, Unexplained!

Date: June 1969
Location: Near Tjisaga Bandjar West Java Indonesia
Time: unknown
Summary: The witness met an attractive woman in the theater and then accompanied her to a large lighted structure. He apparently spends the night with her in the structure, the next morning he found himself in a forest, dazed and his clothes hanging from a tree. He was then apparently taken to a local medicine man that “cured” him.
Source: Thomas E Bullard, UFO Abductions The Measure of A Mystery

Date: June 1969
Location: Vicuna Chile
Time: 2100
Summary: Four men in a truck see a brilliant fireball shoot overhead. Soon afterwards they see two luminous humanoid figures on the roadway, which hide from view. A beam of light paralyzes the men’s arms. No other information.
Source: LDLN # 118

Date: June 1969
Location: Near Fasterholt, Denmark
Time: 2115
Summary: Three boys were riding their mopeds in the area when all three of them suddenly heard a strong whistling kind of sound coming from above them, a few seconds later they saw a large round object hovering to their right. The mopeds suddenly stopped. The UFO also stopped only about 50 meters from the witnesses and about 100 meters above the ground. Now there was total silence. Behind small windows on the object the witnesses could see indistinct figures looking down. Eventually the UFO glided slowly away again emitting the whistling sound. A bus driver and 23 passengers reported seeing a similar object around the same time.
Source: Poul Erik Nielsen, The UFO Truth

Date: June 1969
Location: Near Gaithersburg Maryland
Time: night
Summary: Gary and another boy scout out of a troop of 20 were at a camping trip and both had stayed up late one night when they saw a brilliantly lit huge circular craft flying at about 100 ft overhead. The craft suddenly descended and landed on a nearby empty field. It appeared to land on its belly. Both witnesses stared in disbelief while the others remained fast asleep. A few minutes later an opening became visible, which emitted a tremendously bright white light. Moments later a very short gray colored humanoid came out and slowly walked towards the two witnesses who remained unable to move. The creature approached to within a few feet from the witnesses and apparently communicated by using mental telepathy. It conveyed to Gary some kind mathematical equation, which years later turned out to be a piece of missing information of research being conducted by a nuclear physicist. It also gave an attempt to describe the nature and meaning of the creator or “God”. The creature then ran back into the craft. Both witnesses had also noticed tow other humanoids standing next to the craft; these were described as tall and human in appearance. The short humanoid was described as having rough looking brown-gray textured skin and large black eyes. The craft then rose up into the sky, emitted two beautiful coherent beams of light, which apparently levitated two heads of cattle into the craft from a nearby field. The craft then tilted at a 90 degree angle and shot away at incredible speed. Soon after that an F-14 military jet aircraft flew overhead apparently searching for something.
Source: Art Bell’s Coast-to-Coast Radio Show with George Noory, November 16 2002

Date: June 4, 1969
Location: Eden Valley, SA 
Time: 1835 hrs
Summary: Mr G. Koch, 16, was driving along the Angaston road when about two kilometres north-west of Eden Valley an object passed soundlessly over the top of his car. It was described as a series of red lights in two parallel lines connected by pure white horizontal rays. The following day he reported finding three circular scorch marks on the bonnet of his car which had not been there before.
Source: AFSRS

Date:  June 5, 1969
Location:  St. Louis, MO
Time: 4:00 p.m. 
Summary:  This radar/visual was “written off” as a meteor and observed by three air crews. Four dart-shaped objects witnessed by American Airlines Flight 112,  a 707 heading east at 39,000 feet, a United Airlines flight eight miles to the rear at 37,000 feet, and a National Guard jet four miles further at 41,000 feet. Objects were tracked on FAA radar at St. Louis. The pilot of the National Guard plane later claimed the UFO formation had approached his craft almost “directly ahead” before altering its course abruptly and ascending quickly at the last moment.  Two radar paints confirmed.
Source: NICAP UFOI Feb 1972

Date: June 10 1969
Location: Portland Oregon
Time: 0100A
Summary: The two witnesses were sleeping outside in the yard on summer night when they saw an object approaching them at about 500’ and ¼ mile away. Soon they could see that it was a single file formation of disc shaped objects, which dropped down to about 30’ and turned north. As they flew over a field the witnesses could see a bluish green light under each object, which were about 30’ in diameter. They could see small-lighted windows on the objects and in each window a figure was seen apparently looking out. The last object shot up at a 30-degree angle and vanished within seconds leaving a short trail of light behind.
Source: NUFORC

Date: June 11 1969
Location: Near Segovia, Spain
Time: late night
Summary: A doctor X, returning home from a funeral one night found his vehicle suddenly blocked by a dense curtain formed by hundreds of small luminous white cylinders that hovered in a vertical position in front of his vehicle. Dr X suddenly heard a voice in his mind that told him to relax that everything was going to be all right. At the same time he noticed on the front passenger seat an opaque cube-shaped form that appeared out of nowhere. His next recollection was of again driving his vehicle around a curve and then arriving home, feeling very tired and haggard having no recollection of what occurred during approximately one-hour period of missing time.
Source: Fabio Zerpa, Los Hombres de Negro Y los Ovnis

Date: mid June 1969
Location: Overton Nova Scotia
Time: 2130
Summary: The witness had gone out of her house one evening, behind, which were some trees and a swamp. As she was locking her porch door she noticed a light in the swamp; wondering what it was, she went upstairs and looked out a bedroom window. She saw some kind of machine with a rim around it. She said she was sure someone was walking around the rim as it had a row of lights and they kept on going out as though someone was passing in front of them; she could also hear a hammering sound. Occasionally she saw a puff of smoke come from it. She said, “I suppose you wonder why I didn’t call the police or someone, well I was jus too stunned to do anything.” She did phone her neighbors down the road but they were unable to see the light through the trees. She watched until the light shot up in the sky and disappeared.
Source: John Musgrave for Apro

Date: mid June 1969
Location: Near Salt Lake City Utah
Time: after midnight
Summary: Bill McGuire and Nora Johnson, with Nora’s 2-year old son Alan, were driving westward from Salt Lake City when they saw a light in the air following them. It came up to within 100 feet of them, & they could see that it was a fish shaped object, with a back “fin” and a flat bottom, with a red light on top. It emitted a strange humming sound, and made them feel “funny vibrations” in their bodies. Nora stepped on the accelerator, but the car slowed down, and would not go above 55 mph. The object continued to follow them until they reached a roadside rest area, where a camper was parked. Inside the camper, looking out, they saw a “bony, peculiar, not quite human” face. Beside it Bill saw a figure “like a snowman” dressed in a white rubbery suit that walked toward them. Nora could not see it. When the car’s headlights were turned on, Bill could not see it either, but when they were switched off, he saw it again, coming closer. They drove away, with the UFO still following them and holding their maximum speed at 55 mph. It left them only with the coming of dawn. After a 2-hour sleep, they again drove westward. They came up with a camper that seemed to be the same one they had seen, and passed it; Nora looked at its drivers and screamed. Wearing black leather suits, they had only “dim outlines” of heads, except for Cheshire-cat-like grins. Under hypnosis 5 years later, Nora remembered leaving her body and floating from the car into the UFO, in which she saw a curved instrument panel with gauges and levers. About 20 short humanoids were in it, having oversized heads and large green insect like eyes; they communicated by “buzzing or mumbling.” They terrified her. Bill, likewise remembered being floated up out of the car and into a white “round room” with a clear dome, where she saw white “little people” with big heads, no hair, minute round mouths, and very big light green eyes. He felt himself to be in a reclining chair, paralyzed. He felt that the creatures had telepathic knowledge of his thoughts; when they read his thoughts, it made him feel tired. There was some large device in the room around which they clustered. Then he fell asleep, although he was afraid to do so, and remembered nothing more until he found himself back in the car. He thought the experience lasted 20-30 minutes.
Source: Jerome Clark

Date: June 19, 1969
Location: Docking/Bircham Newton, UK
Summary: E-M effects on car, static electricity; bluish object shaped like inverted mushroom hovered overhead. Took off at high speed 
Source: Ref. 1, Section IV

Date: June 22 1969
Location: Dunedin, South Island, New Zealand
Time: unknown
Summary: Terry Ennshyman reportedly encountered a “frenetic” robot type humanoid who conducted her aboard a landed disc and had sex with her several times. The robot had cold extremities and a cold penis, but does not lack “warmth” and sweetness despite his constant guttural sounds. No other information.
Source: Annuaire CIGU 1988 quoting Dunedin Telegraph No date, in Denys Breysse Project Becassine

Date:  June 1969

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