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Date: Spring 1969
Location: Middle of the Atlantic
Time: night
Summary: A British sailor named John Fairfax was crossing the Atlantic alone when he reportedly observed two brilliant lights on the horizon. They separated and flew higher into the sky. As he watched, fascinated, he claims he entered a motionless, trance-like state. “It was more than just seeing them,” he related afterwards. “It was this force. It was as though they were saying to me: “Do you want to come with us?” And I was fighting it and saying back: ‘No, no, no!’ It was like telepathy, like being hypnotized.” After the objects swooped away, Fairfax realized for the first time that the cigarette he was holding had burned his fingers.
Source: John A Keel, Our Haunted Planet

Date:  March 1969
Location: Clermont Ferrand Puy-de-Dome, France
Time: afternoon
Summary: On the slopes of the bare hill, Puy-de-Chanturge, Miss B. saw, about 600 ft away, 3 little humanoid forms of squat aspect and uniform gray color. Without touching the ground, they were moving rapidly back and forth. After she had watched these “gnomes” for 3 to 4 minutes they suddenly disappeared.
Source: LDLN Circle of Clermont Riom

Date: March 1969
Location: Mexico City Mexico
Time: night
Summary: Alberto Zecua was sleeping in his bedroom when he suddenly woke up with a feeling of being watched. He opened his eyes and saw three very tall human-like figures wearing tight-fitting gray silvery coveralls looking down on him. They wore some type of metallic bracelets around their wrists and boots and wide belts with a luminous box in the middle around their waists. These were apparently the same beings he had met before in 1968. Again, using telepathy they told him that they were here to help and not to interfere. They then placed a small square box-like device over his bed that floated over the witness. Then one of the beings walked over to his feet and another to his head. He then felt numb and heard a humming sound, then found himself levitating above the bed. Soon they were done and the witness noticed a strong odor in the air resembling menthol. He was told that they had performed an internal cleansing of his body. The beings then apparently vanished in plain sight.
Source: Fabio Picasso

Date:  March 4, 1969
Location: Atlanta/ Elmer, MO
Time: 6:40 AM. 
Summary:  This case takes on a special interest when combined with the case from Lancaster, MO which occurred less than a week later [the 10th,see below on this list] and just up the road a few miles. A rural postal carrier was rounding a curve in his truck. About 1/2 mile to his right there was a large reddish colored object traveling 50 feet above the ground. He judged it as 100 feet in diameter. It hesitated briefly, and then made for his vehicle. It took up position in the air over the road, traveling in his same direction slowly. As he closed the distance, a strong white light came from the bottom of the disk and shown on the road. This beam was the full diameter of the object at the top but narrowed to an 8-foot diameter spot as it hit the street. [note that as you read the Lancaster case below, that this is the exact opposite of what that beam was doing]. This beam was extremely hot, and it affected the driver. Also, when the beam shot down, the whole object changed colors. It became bright blue with a red aura about it. There was also a yellow band around it which gave the impression of small racing lights as if the thing were turning. The great brightness made it difficult to see any details, if there were any. His radio was breaking up though not completely out. But when he got right to the edge of the light beam, the radio did quit, and the truck’s motor did also. His vehicle then rolled slowly forward as the object moved a small bit further along. Once away from the beam, the radio started again and he was able to restart the truck. The object gradually moved away, once flashing mightily as it crossed a power line. It had changed back to red, as it cruised along in synchronization with the contours of the ground and went out of sight. He said: ” I had never believed in them too much until I saw this. Now I know that there is something to these UFOs. I don’t know why it was there or where it was going. Neither do I know what it was after I saw it, but I don’t care about being that close to another one.” NICAP began with this case to attempt to marshall technical experts to give their opinions on what possibly could have gone on. The case was sent to physicists, a Ford Motor company engineer, James McDonald, Allen Hynek, Ray Fowler–all the heavyweights they could muster. No one could come up with a reasonable theory for what was described. The witness had a different solution for the feedback he was getting–he took a vacation to go fishing in the Ozarks.
Source: Mike Swords; references: Letter, William Overstreet to NICAP, March 29, 1969; and NICAP case investigation form (NICAP files); and collection of correspondence and news articles on the case by Ted Bloecher (NICAP files); and “E-M Effect on Truck in Missouri”, APRO Bulletin May/June 1969.

Date: March 6 1969
Location: Near Punta Arenas Magallanes Chile
Time: 2145
Summary: Osvaldo Dominguez, driving his van, got out to check his battery when his lights grew dim. He noticed only 20 feet away and floating in the air a saucer-shaped object some 4 meters in diameter. An opening appeared and two shadowy entities emerged; one of them approached and Dominguez asked what he wanted, but received no reply. The figures were about 1.60 meters tall and one leaned on the right side of the vehicle, leaving 3 scratch marks, similar to cat’s claws. Then they returned to the object, entered and the object ascended and disappeared from view, silently and at a prodigious speed.
Source: LDLN # 118

Date:  March 6, 1969
Location: Lancaster, MO
Summary:  Light beam shone on road ahead of car, dog reacted. Witness drove beneath domed disc, car motion slowed. Eye irritation
Source: Ref. 1, Section 1

Date: March 10, 1969
Location: Westhope, ND
Summary: Disc with dome passed overhead, stopped, emitted light beam onto road, illuminating police chief’s car. Finally ascended, flew away to south 
Source: Ref. 1, Section V

Date: March 10 1969
Location: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Time: night
Summary: A witness reported being abducted onboard an object by three human-like aliens, one a woman with long blond hair, wearing blue coveralls and boots and two tall men with dark hair and wearing tight-fitting gravy coveralls and boots. No other information.
Source: Antonio Faleiro, Brazil

Date: March 11, 1969
Location: Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Summary: Erratically-moving color-changing object hovered in front of car. Witness felt paralysis. [E] car.
Source: Ref. 3, Supplement 6; see Rodeghier, 1981, p.45


Date: March 12 1969
Location: Trejorningsjo Angermanland Sweden
Time: 1830
Summary: K. Maslund, a radio and TV station technician, was at work when he heard the station’s transmission alarm system go off. Opening the door, he saw outside about 50 feet away an object 150 meters wide and 5-6 meters tall, hovering in the air. A “tunnel of light” extended from the object through which the witness saw 7 or 8 entities, 1.30 meters tall by 30-40 cm wide, floating towards him. They passed Maslund within inches and he found that he could not move; after 5-10 minutes, they left the station and re-entered the object through the tunnel, which then closed. The object then took off toward the north and the witness was again able to move. The entities were non-humanoid in shape, looking more like boxes than anything; he had the feeling the entities were inside the boxes and did not want to be recognized in their “true form.”
Source: Richard Heiden, Quoting Swedish UFO Group

Date: March 14, 1969
Location: Thailand   BBU
Summary: Flight surgeon, crew of KC-135, observed huge black cylinder hovering, inclined in vertical position. Fighter aircraft sent to investigate, object disappeared
Source: Ref. 1, Section II

Date: March 17 1969
Location: Near Barra Da Tijuca Brazil
Time: 0245A
Summary: The witness, at the time a retired army general, had become stranded along a dirt road after his car engine had quit. Moments later he saw a light rising above a nearby hill and felt a strong compulsion to walk towards it. After a short walk he came upon an object with translucent walls that gave off a dazzling light. Despite being translucent, the object appeared metallic. Part of the wall of the object flung itself back and an opening became visible. Three human like figures stood in the opening, one was a woman. The witness was then invited inside by one of the men that informed him that the other two were also humans. After a short ride in the object he was told that time, as we know it did not exist, he was eventually released back to his vehicle, which quickly started without any difficulty.
Source: Irene Granchi, Intl. UFO Magazine Vol. 1 # 3

Date:  March 17, 1969
Location: Lake Havasu, AZ
Summary:  Cessna 150 encountered 15-20 oval objects.

Date:  March 17 1969
Location: Lincoln Nebraska
Time: night
Summary: Herbert Lancaster told police that a saucer shaped UFO landed in front of his car at a crossroads and “turned off the car’s engine.” An occupant “an ordinary average guy,” was seen peering from a window in the UFO. A short time later, the saucer “took off at a high rate of speed.”
Source: Humcat, quoting newspaper source

Date: March 19 1969
Location: Caltanissetta Sicily Italy
Time: 0135A
Summary: Renato Bifarella, looking at the sky with binoculars on a night of the full moon, saw a “tortoise” hovering in the sky. It was green in color with pale brown spots, and had “legs” underneath. It was 5-6 meters wide and 4 meters high, with a brilliantly lit turret in which he could see figures moving. It approached him, and emitted a beam of pink light, which struck him and caused him to faint. When he regained consciousness, he could see that the UFO had led down 2 thick “ropes” 1 meter in thickness, upon which 2 men—one in red overalls and the other in white ones, with blue helmets—were climbing. The witness fainted again; when he came to, the object was gone.
Source: F Izzo’s Italian CEIII Catalogue.

Date: March 22 1969
Location: Belo Horizonte Minas Gerais Brazil
Time: 2000
Summary: Two unidentified girls were returning to their home in the Colegio Batista district when they saw a luminous object with a blue light hovering in the west. It had a ring of white lights around it and appeared to spin. At home later, one of the girls went to the window and saw a little man 10 meters away near the gate, standing erect and facing the window. He wore a kind of diving suit with a soft green luminosity, and a helmet, through which she could see a pair of glowing eyes, like a cat’s. She told her companion and a third girl; the second girl also saw the entity, which was then standing facing to the side; the third girl went to the aid of the first who was so frightened by the figure’s appearance that she went into shock. That same evening, the boyfriend of one of these girls was walking on the other side of the city when the streetlight went out; he saw a few meters away, the faintly illuminated silhouettes of two small figures standing on a precipice high above the street. Frightened, he hurried on; on passing through the area later, the lights were once again on and the figures nowhere in sight.
Source: CICOANI group

Date: March 31 1969
Location: Nova Iguacu Rio de Janeiro Brazil
Time: mid afternoon
Summary: Dozens of residents (possibly 200 in all) of the Coenze neighborhood saw the descent of a “mystery airplane” on Maxambona Hill, falling in an unusual manner, slower than usual and appearing to be “controlled.” Among the many witnesses was an elderly man and his children, whom he told to go immediately to the landing site to assist possible casualties. As he watched hundreds of townspeople converge upon the hill, he saw “two beings come out of the craft,” which seemed to be slowly “slowly moving like a wing” which was shifting slightly. As the first of the people neared the site, the object and its occupants vanished abruptly from sight; when they arrived there was nothing to be found. No one heard any engine noise when the “plane” landed, and investigations at the site by members of the military police disclosed no wreckage.
Source: Fernande Cleto Nunes Pereira & Dr. Walter Buhler

Date: late March 1969
Location:  Clayton County Iowa
Time: unknown
Summary: A ball shaped object was seen to land and to direct a beam of red light at each of the young witnesses. Two occupants, 3 ft tall with long arms, were seen, in white “space suits” with large yellow-brown “helmets.” Many sets of marks were found by an investigator, with one set, as of landing leg imprints, found within a scorched circle.
Source: Brad Steiger & Ted Phillips

Date:  March 1969

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