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Date: November 1969
Location: San Juan Capistrano, California
Time: night
Summary: Living in a brand new housing development very near the top of a hill a six-year-old boy reported seeing a “little man” just outside his bedroom window. Unfortunately no other details were forthcoming from the witness.
Source: NUFORC

Date: November 1969
Location: Milan Italy
Time: night
Summary: A lone motorist traveling on the Via Berna reported encountering a tall man-like figure wearing a tight black outfit and dark helmet standing on the roadway. The figure suddenly vanished in plain sight. No other information.
Source: CUN Milano

Date: November 1 1969
Location: Fairbanks, AK
Time: 19:30 
Summary: Sighting of 5 objects in a PENTAGON formation near Fairbanks, Alaska, around 1969 When this sighting occurred, I was employed by the National Weather Service, as an Electronics Technician. I was out alone snowmobiling, at about 7:30 at nite, when I stopped to view some faint Northern Lights, when I was South of Fairbanks, Alaska, about 2 miles, clear sky. I noticed an unusual star formation of 5 shiny objects, in a perfect Pentagon pattern. That is what caught my eyes, as there were a tremendous number of stars visible, due to the very Clear Arctic sky. After some 2 minutes or so, I saw them all converge, at the same time, into the center of the Pentagon, at an upward angle, leaving a shiny trail behind each one, like a flash. After several seconds, after they formed what appeared to be a single object, the single now larger object left up an upward angle into space, at an amazing speed. leaving what appeared to be a streak of light, until the object got smaller, and smaller, then eventually disappeared in some 5 seconds or so! Amazing! The objects appeared to be silvery shiny, and very small, for altitude, I would guess some 15 to 30 miles! I wish I had a digital camera! How the objects went from a Pentagon formation, into one object was amazing, all moved at the same time, and converged at the same point, all together, then after a few seconds, the now larger silvery object, traveled out into space at about a 80 degree angle, very fast, leaving just one solid streak of light as it accelerated away. I have done a lot of work on Weather Balloon systems, Radiosonde Tracking Systems, called WBRT’s, for many years, and have tracked these many times as part of my job. I have also seen several visible rocket launches on experiments by the Univ. Of Alaska, ESSA, etc., in tracking Aurora Borealis, Northern Lights. I had a good background of electronics, radio, and radars, etc., and Weather Observations. I have talked to Eskimos in the Arctic, at Point Barrow, Nome, Kotzebue, and Barter Island, of some of their sightings over the Arctic Ocean. This was the first, and only time, I have ever seen anything so unusual, that I could not identify. I have worked extensively with certified Weather Observers at many airports, and very familiar with Weather Observations, etc. Now, I am retired from NOAA NWS, having worked on their new WSR-88D NEXRAD Doppler Radars, with their towers, having Fiberglass Panels, in the shape of a Pentagon! This has always been a reminder to me, of that nite in Fairbanks, back around 1969. I wonder if anyone else has seen a formation like this, in the shape of a Pentagon?? Duration: 4 minutes
Source: National UFO Reporting Center

apro1Date: November 5 1969
Location: Cholla Bay, Mexico
Time: 9p
Summary: Mr, Alben Formiller, a retired Chicago policeman and a resident of Phoenix, about 70 years old, was at Cholla Bay, Mexico on the 5th of November. At about 9 o’clock, he said, he was startled to see that suddenly the ground and ocean were “lit up like daylight.” He had been camped on the beach all day and was leaning against his pickup-camper about 25 feet from the water’s edge, Formiller could make out a beam coming from the sky but at first could not discern what it was coming from. E81 Within a few seconds, however, he could make out the object itself, which was greyish-white, oval, and with a black or dark-colored tube, l2-16 inches in diameter, just to the left of center of the object and tilted to the left at a 5-10 degree angle from the vertical. Formiller said the object was cloudlike ard appeared to “roll around” very slowly, Occasionally, he said, parts of it would billow out but never separate from the main body of the “cloud,” No sound was heard. At first the “searchlight” illuminated approximately % mile of the water and a small portion of rocky headland to the left of the witness. Almost immediately after he spotted it, however, the lighted area narrowed to a diameter of about % mile. This lighted area and the beam fluctuated between 50 and 150 feet from the shore. Shortly thereafter, the searchlight went out and a white light, weaker than the searchlight and described as a glow, illuminated the upper half of the object so that the underside could no longer be seen, Then the white glow disappeared and the object made a 180 degree tum, affording Formiuer (because of its slight upward tilt) a view of the top and side of the object as it turned. This enabled him to observe a green glow or light that the extended l/3 of the distance around the object on each side from a central point on what he took to be its “back.” Again the top was illuminated and the bottom was not visible and the object began to move away, Fotmiller estimated the speed to be less than that of a jet, and it maintained a steady speed until it disappeared from sight into the west, Formiller made the logical assumption that the object must have been or at least could have been seen from San Felipe, Baja California, which is across the Gulf of California to the west.

Date: November 9 1969
Location: Palmer Massachusetts
Time: night
Summary: In one of many incidents involving Stella Lansing, she produced the following account by a 9-year old of an encounter on the above date. “We went riding in the car and I saw lights. We flashed to it and it flashed back. We clapped the light on it and it began to come closer. We saw a black man about eight feet tall and I saw something like a wolf, but it was not a wolf. It had a strange body, two and a half feet long. It had three fingers and a face.”
Source: Dr. Berthold Schwarz for FSR

Date: November 15 1969
Location:  Nancy France
Time: 1700
Summary: The witness was at his window awaiting the pigeons, which he usually feeds when he sees behind a nearby chimney, a transparent cupola with two heads inside. Initially there is no reaction from the witness but suddenly he turns to the window and sees the object flying slowly from behind the chimney, it is a gray metallic disc shaped craft with a transparent cupola on top. Many lights resembling those of car headlights are visible around the circumference of the object. The witness exclaims: “But it’s a saucer!” and hears a voice whispered outside his ear: “Yes it is a saucer, do not be afraid, it was necessary that you see it”. The two beings inside the dome then look at themselves and then turn their heads towards the witness while smiling at him, and then their heads disappear inside the object. At that same moment two other UFOs identical to the first, also with visible figures inside transparent cupolas fly over the roofs above 70 meters from him. The first object join the other two and all three fly towards the north. The witness attempts to notify his neighbors but finds himself in a kind of stupor with his face and hands swollen and a red bump on his forehead. A red scar on the forehead was still visible in 1978.
Source: Figeut/Ruchon, Ovni Dossier

Date:  November 17 1969
Location: Olavarria Buenos Aires Argentina
Time: 0600A
Summary: Upon arising, Aquilo Ramon Acosta went into the yard for water and saw up to 17 strange beings with powerful lights that lit up the area. About 10 of them were clustered outside the paddock fence, while another group of 7 were inside the paddock. Acosta cold see them clearly only from the waist down, and said they were wearing a shining, transparent garment. One came over the fence and approached to within 8 meters of the witness; he carried a rod-like implement, which he raised into the air, upon which he suddenly rose into the air and sailed back over the fence. The witness then observed closely the group in the paddock who turned their lights upon him; he felt a sudden heavy blow as everything lit up and, alarmed and stunned, he retreated indoors. From a window Acosta saw the beings run along the wire fence that enclosed the paddock three times, shining their lights on the ground. They appeared especially interested in a dung-heap. The visitation lasted nearly an hour, and a windowpane in the door was broken, presumably when the beams of light were played upon the witness. At the site, reporters later found traces, including footprints as well as holes in the ground. Acosta suffered headaches and other effects following the encounter. Strangely, he said that his dogs were unusually quiet, as though asleep, throughout the experience.
Source: Gordon Creighton

Date: November 21 1969
Location: Urubupunga, Brazil
Time: night
Summary: A security guard at a local power station reportedly encountered two tall robot-like humanoids that communicated in a shrill-like electronic voice. A week later a large
Metallic zeppelin-shaped craft was spotted over Pirassununga.
Source: GEPUC Brazil

Date:  Nov. 30, 1969
Location: Quincy, IL
Time: 5:30 PM. 
Summary:  A family was driving between Plainville and Payson, Illinois, just SE of Quincy. They noticed a flashing red-colored object to their right, which then began to pace the car at a distance of about 200 yards. At a distance, the thing looked like a circle of lights, but as it came nearer it seemed that the entire object was glowing like neon red. The wife had the best view of it at that time and said it resembled an equilateral triangle with rounded sides. After two minutes of this pacing, the object made a right-angle turn and rushed directly overhead. The thing was larger than small airplanes but in that general size range. Despite its proximity, it made no sound. So far, this is “just” a good old fashioned close encounter of the first kind, but….[lets quote directly from the field report]: “When the object was directly over their automobile, their car seemed to rise from the paved highway about ten inches and then settle back to the paving with only a noticeable bump. [The driver] thought it was conceivable that it might have been less than ten inches, but the car raised up as if there were a suction or a force acting upon it. There was no sound of rushing air and the automobile did not sway either right or left, but remained directly in the right lane of traffic.” The investigator returned to the site and drove the highway several times: there were no bumps in the road of any kind. After the car returned to the street, the father and the son saw the object make another very sharp turn a disappear behind a grove of trees. This appears to be a “mass-displacement” case, one of the rarest of the UFO types. To have two of these in one year in the same general area of the country [see, Plattville, IL, earlier in this year] is probably unique. [Mike Swords; References: Walt Andrus. Illinois APRO field investigation report, December 6, 1969 (Hynek/CUFOS files); and SKYLOOK 26, January 1970 “Car Rises From Highway As UFO Passes Overhead”; and Letter: Walt Andrus to J. Allen Hynek, February 25, 1971.]

Date:  November 1969

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