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Date: October 1969
Location: Clermont Ferrand Puy-de-Dome, France
Time: 1430
Summary: On the slopes of the bare hill, Puy-de-Chanturge, ab0ut 50 ft from the place where she had previously seen 3 “gnomes,” the witness saw a nearly black silhouette, like that of a man 6 ½ ft tall wrapped up in a cloak; she referred to this form as “the shepherd.” It remained in the same position until the witness broke off the observation. She saw this form more than once, and another man, a friend of theirs, saw it also from a different viewing point.
Source: LDLN Circle of Clermont-Riom

Date: Oct, 1969
Location: Leary, GA
Time: 7:15 p.m. 
Summary: Jimmie Carter sighting reported in 1973. Document is hard to read but the sighting was was investigated by the International UFO Bureau, Hayden Hewes. Exact date not known.

Date: October, 1969
Location: Abbeville, Louisiana
Summary: In October, 1969, a man identified only as L.C. and his business associate, Charlie, were driving north from Abbeville, Louisiana toward Lafayette on Highway 167. As they were driving along the nearly empty road, they began to overtake what appeared to be an antique car traveling very slowly. The two men were impressed by the mint condition of the nearly 30-year-old car – it looked virtually new – and puzzled by its bright orange license plate on which was stamped only “1940.” They figured, however, that the car had been part of some antique auto show. As they passed the slow-moving vehicle, they slowed their car to get a good look at the old model. The driver of the old car was a young woman dressed in vintage 1940s clothing, and her passenger was a small child likewise dressed. The woman seemed panicked and confused. L.C. asked if she needed help and, through her rolled up window, indicated “yes.” L.C. motioned for her to pull off to the side of the road. The businessmen pulled ahead of the old car and turned onto the shoulder of the road. When they got out… the old car had vanished without a trace. There were no turnoffs or anywhere else the vehicle could have gone. Moments later, another car pulled up to the businessmen and, quite puzzled, said he had seen their car pull off to the side… and the old car simply vanish into thin air.

Date: October 6 1969
Location: Paradise California
Time: 0830A
Summary: The witness had walked out towards his garage when he caught sight of an approaching object flying above the treetops. The object was a metallic disc with a flange around it and a transparent cabin in the middle. Inside the cabin sat a man apparently operating some controls. He had dark hair, was wearing a white coverall, and briefly glanced at the witness. The underside of the object appeared slightly convex and the flange rotated rapidly clockwise apparently creating a clear vapor like smoke. The craft was totally silent and it disappeared towards the south.
Source: Larry Kingston, An experiment with Alien Intelligence

Date: October 9 1969
Location: Makalle Chaco Argentina
Time: daytime
Summary: Amaro Lotcket, a well-known farmer in the area, was driving his small truck when he was seized by a sudden sensation of coldness, or of fear; on stopping he saw, 10 meters away, three strange beings occupying an object that was perched in the top of a large tree, weighing down. The beings were about 80 cm tall, with long blond hair and a single eye. Without any noise, the object ascended into the sky and disappeared. Police later found scorch marks and other traces in the tree. (The return of the Cyclopeans!)
Source: Humcat quoting, newspaper source

Date: October 9 1969
Location: Berleur Belgium
Time: 1945
Summary: Jacques Yerna, 16, was riding a horse along a lane when he saw a UFO with four blinking red lights, approaching him slowly and silently at a low altitude. It gave off powerful flashes of white light by which its silhouette, almost round, could be seen. Then he saw, above the trees of a little wood nearby, a 2nd such craft, black, likewise with 4 blinking red lights, but only half as large. It moved behind the first UFO, and both flew off together. Then, as he passed the little wood, he found a parked car in the lane, with a man standing in the adjacent field. His horse took fright at this point.
Source: Laboratories D’Analyse et d’Experimentation Technique Liege, Belgium

Date: Oct. 10, 1969
Location: Glenwood, MO
Summary: Dog in car agitated by domed disc.

Date: October 11, 1969
Location: near Baralba, Central Queensland, Australia.
Summary: BUZZING OBJECTS IN AUSTRALIA Preliminary information reaching APRO indicates i had a multiple-witness sighting of three objects took place on the 11th of October near Baralba, Central Queensland, Australia. According to baker Adrian Reimer, he first sighted two of the objects hovering about 12 feet above the ground. Startled, he awoke two friends, Mr. and Mrs. John Major and the three went inside and watched as the two objects climbed into the sky where they appeared to join another, larger object at an estimated 20,000 feet altitude. The larger object was shaped like a turtle, reflected more light than the moon and had craters on it The other two smaller objects were duller but flashed red and yellow lights. Mr. Reimer was returning home from Biloela by car when he sighted the two objects hovering above the ground “as if looking for a place to land.” These two objects made a definite buzzing sound which Reimer compared to the noise made by mosquitoes. The witnesses watched the spectacle until dawn when all three objects disappeared from sight. Police launched an investigation and if further news is forthcoming it will be included in a future issue of the bulletin under follow ups
Source APRO

Date:  October 13 1969
Location: Vancouver British Columbia Canada
Time:  2200
Summary: A round metallic object that made a soft whistling sound flew over the area. Through an opening on the object, the witness observed numerous men moving inside the craft. No other information.
Source John Brent Musgrave, UFO Occupants & Critters

Date: October 15 1969
Location: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Time: night
Summary: A reported abduction took place on this date where the witness encountered short greenish skin humanoids, with duck like feet and long pointy ears resembling those of rats. These wore tight-fitting silvery suits. No other information.
Source Antonio Faleiro, Brazil

Date: October 16 1969
Location: Waterville Iowa
Time: 1700
Summary: UFOs seen in the area for two years had been landing regularly since early spring on the S. farm. On October 8 10-year old Steve, with another youngster, had seen a UFO at the base of a cloud, and snapped a picture. The object apparently landed leaving traces. On the 16th, Steve watched a spherical UFO, 10 ft wide and 6-7 ft high, land not 60 ft away from him. His attention was caught by the humming sound it emitted as a ramp came out silently and smoothly. A little man, 3 to 4 ft tall, with long arms and hands with only two digits, emerged with a bow-legged kind of gait. He wore a disproportionately large yellow-brown helmet, which he took off to wipe his brow; the boy could see that he was bald, and had a pale green complexion; large eyes set close together, a slit like mouth and a double slit where the nose would be. He was dressed in a white spacesuit. The being looked directly at Steven, then put his helmet back on and re-entered the UFO. In another earlier encounter (date unknown) with a 2 ft being, Steve had discovered a “scanning device” on the roof of his barn; he pocketed the implement and almost immediately the being appeared from nowhere and snatched the instrument away from him. Later a second similar device was found and when the same thing happened, the boy struggled with the entity and the device fell on the floor, part of it rolled into a crack. The fragment was retrieved and allegedly is still in the family’s possession. On still another occasion, a 10 ft entity appeared in front of a large plate glass window in the farmhouse; a tube was pointed at Steve and a white beam of light hit him in the chest, hurting him and leaving red welts. The window was broken in the attack. On yet another occasion the boy was asked if he wanted to ride in a UFO to another planet; he said he wanted to go to Pluto, but the Ufonauts compromised on Venus, and all he saw were heavy clouds. The round trip took only 45 minutes.
Source: Brad Steiger, Kevin Randle, Ralph Degraw Ed Olsen & Bob Griffadel et al.

Date: October 17 1969
Location: Helsinki Finland
Time: evening
Summary: A 47-year old Helsinki man was in his kitchen when he found himself pulled backward by at tentacle of light coiled around his chest. Turning around, he saw a shapeless light 18” above the floor and about 12 ft away. From the coiling above the light a voice addressed him, telling him he had been selected for contact because he was not afraid, and saying that they “wished the people well.” Refusing to meet him in person because the sound of their teleporting machine infuriated dogs, the unseen communicant said he would return in two years.
Source: Timo Pyhala, Finnish Interplanetary Society

Date: Oct. 24, 1969
Location: Chilean Navy, Chile
Time: 12:43 a.m. 
Summary: Chilean Navy destroyer radar detected UFO. The radar officer reported a long-range flying contact. A minute later the “contact” was at 400 miles. Because of the “object’s” speed, the operator suspected a malfunction in his equipment. In the next minute the contact was approximately 150 miles away closing from 331 degrees of true north. But the operator and officer in charge during the late night duty (an officer of second-class rank) speculated that the contact was a “plane flying southeast” –but at 213 miles in a minute: 12,780 mph!

Date: October 30, 1969
Location: Waipukurau, New Zealand
Summary: Circular object with lights hovering over airport sped away making high, whining sound when security guard shone spotlight on it
Source: Ref. 1, Section VI

Date:  October 1969

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