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Date: Fall 1969
Location: Near Boston Massachusetts
Time: unknown
Summary: A motorist came across a large object blocking the road. A man with bulging eyes and a red face that had difficulty in breathing approached the car and asked for a lift to town. The man wore a short black coat and “very shiny green trousers made out of some material I have never seen before.” After the odd man had gotten into the car, the object lifted, took off, and vanished. The motorist asked the man where he came from and received the reply, “You wouldn’t understand.” The motorist thought about going to the police, but when the man was deposited on Main Street he said, “Nobody is going to believe you, so don’t bother.” The man then staggered away.
Source: Jim Keith, Casebook of The Men in Black

Date: Fall 1969: Light Seen, Structure Disappears; Kentucky

Date: Fall 1969
Location: Ann Arbor Michigan
Time: 2300
Summary: Marlene Meyers and her husband were driving back from Ann Arbor to their home in Toledo and were just entering the camp onto Route 23 outside Ann Arbor when they saw an object ahead of their car, low over the highway. It was disc shaped and contained a row of large rectangular windows around the center, lit from within. They observed three human-like figures standing at the center window, from the waist up, as though looking out at the observers. Then the object moved quickly out of view.
Source: Ted Bloecher

Date: September 1969
Location:  Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Time: 0530A
Summary: The 30-year old witness had gone out for a walk over a hill when he heard a loud pitch hum and saw a large round disc shaped object with 3 yellow lighted windows descend over the field ahead of him. He could see two figures moving inside, apparently doing something. Suddenly it gave off a higher pitch sound and rose disappearing over a nearby oak tree, which bent a bit as the craft flew above it. He could see three dangling metallic pole-like legs on the object.
Source: UFO Watch

Date: September 1969
Location: Yakima Washington
Time: morning
Summary: Susan heard the two family dogs barking, they seemed to be throwing a fit and had run to the end of the fence. Stepping outside Susan saw a “boy” with blue jeans, a royal blue shirt, and black hair, and dark skin, walking along the road. The boy appeared clean cut and could have been Hispanic or Indian. She watched the boy walk out of view as he passed behind the tree that bordered the road. However the boy did not pass beyond the tree, as he should have in order to continue down the road. The dogs began whining. After waiting awhile, Susan became concerned that the boy had suffered some type of mishap behind the tree, she ran out onto the road but the boy was nowhere in sight.
Source: Greg Long

Date:  September 1969
Location: Alum Creek Columbus Ohio
Time: 2200
Summary: The witness had gone outside to put hay into the rabbit pen when he suddenly heard a loud clapping sound. As he turned around he spotted a strange creature walking into a nearby wooded area. The being was wearing a black uniform with a silver belt. It had long thin arms and legs that seemed to move with rhythm. It had a large head that emitted a yellow glow. The witness ran inside to get his parents but the creature had already disappeared when they came out. That same night a neighbor girl had seen mysterious lights hovering over a nearby field and a large oval depressed area of grass was found at the site.
Source: I Scott, IUR Vol. 12 # 1

Date:  September 1 1969
Location:  Sheffield MA. & GT Barrington MA.
Time:  about 8:00
Summary:  My family and I were headed home following a horse show at Ski Butternut in GT Barrington, about 8:00 at night. We observed a large glowing disk rise along the left side of our station wagon as we exited the Sheffield Bridge. The disk originated from the water near the Bridge. We did feel a tingling, and it went dead silent. All of us were all looking right at it from the car windows. The disk stopped at about 100 feet or so off the ground. At this time light was coming from it, some downward hitting the ground and some hitting our car. We felt a change in barometric pressure, then an eruption of katydids and crickets, and that was it. We recall being in a large dark room, and walking along brightly-illuminated hallways, before finding ourselves back in the car. This craft was observed by many, and aired on WSBS Radio. Our “Village on the Green” restaurant became the spot for locals to talk about it, as many had seen it. In 2015 our 1969 encounter (the encounter) became the 1st UFO case inducted into State History as Historically Significant and True. A citation from the Governor was issued on Nov 3rd 2015 and a 5000 pound UFO Monument was placed at the Sheffield Bridge. With that I welcome, and would like to speak to all witnesses from the area, (MA, CT, & NY) from years 1966 – 1970. See State Induction Coverage.
Source:  http://www.thomreed.net

Date:  September 6 1969
Location:  Springdale, Arkansas
Time: 2300
Summary: A strange man stared into the bedroom window of Mrs. Barbara Robinson. She called police and Officer Ken Speedlin “discovered that anyone who looked through the bedroom window would have to have been at least seven feet tall…there was nothing in the area of the window on which a prowler could have stood.”
Source: John Keel, Strange Mutants

Date: September 14 1969
Location: Near Beauharnois Quebec, Canada
Time: 1700
Summary: A young boy saw a small silver object land nearby. Through a small hatch two small green colored humanoids emerged, these moved like robots and appeared to gather rocks and plants before returning to the object. The object then took off.
Source: John Brent Musgrave, UFO Occupants & Critters

Date: September 22 1969
Location: Montreal Quebec Canada
Time: evening
Summary: The witness was walking with her son along a footpath by a wooded area when they suddenly noticed a bright circular object on the ground at the edge of the woods. They also noticed three men standing outside of the object and two men inside. The men were described as very tall, over seven-foot tall, slim, and wearing tight fitting one-piece garments. The witness left to get additional witnesses but upon returning the object and humanoids were already gone. A circular flattened area of grass was found at the site.
Source: Jean Claude Bourret, The Crack of The Universe

Date:  September 24 1969
Location:  Fargo, ND
Summary:   I was deeply scratched on my third eye by a Mothman type creature. I calmly walked out of my room to the living room squirting blood from my forehead. My terrified father picked me up and carried me to the nearby hospital saving my life. Many stitches were required.
Source:  MUFON

Date:  September 1969

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