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Date: early February 1970
Location: Near Coram Montana
Time: 0100A
Summary: A bright light shone into Mrs Leona Neilson’s bedroom; on looking out, she saw a long shape on the snow with a dome and a 6 foot wide platform or rim around it, from which large multicolored sparks were flying across the river. She could see 2 men running around the rim, apparently both busy with something. The men were human-like, they were about 5 ft 8 inches tall, wore what appeared to be snow suits, and their heads were bare. They walked and worked like an average person, they appeared to be doing something near the dome. She called a friend, which watched with her for a half hour; then the sparks ceased, and the UFO went dark and was gone.
Source: Mufon Skylook # 92

Date: February 1970
Location: Toppenish Washington
Time: unknown
Summary: Two observers saw strange shadows and man-like figures inspecting a nearby septic excavation and also peculiar voices. UFOs were being reported in the area at the same time.
Source: Mufon Journal # 327

Date: February 1970
Location: Yungay Peru
Time: unknown
Summary: A pregnant female was reported missing by a local midwife, two days later the woman was found “childless” near the foot of a mountain. She reported that several small “men” had taken her up into the clouds in a flying silvery object where the little men reportedly removed her baby. No other information.
Source: Charles Silva, Intl. UFO Library Magazine January 1993

Date:  February 1970
Location:  Tyumen Province, West Siberia, Russia
Time: daytime
Summary: The crew of a local civilian AN-2 biplane flying over a remote area in unpopulated taiga in southeastern autonomous of Tyumen Province accidentally noticed a strange thing like a round hollow area on the ground with melted snow around it and fallen trees. Obviously something had crashed in the forest. The military was notified about the finding. A military search team was sent to the location for investigation purposes in a helicopter. At the crash site a disk-shaped object was found, partially imbedded into the soil that tore several trees and left heaps of dirt on the ground. Fortunately for the recovery team the object was visible since the snow was melting around it, an indication that it was emanating heat. The disk itself was lens convex-shaped quite small, approximately 2.5 meters in diameter. On the upper half the disk had 8 cone-shaped (or triangle shaped) protrusions imbedded in the structure or the hull. The upper section of the disk was also separated by a line or rib from one edge to the other. Using suspension under the helicopter, and in top-secret conditions the disk was eventually transported to the large Siberian city of Novosibirsk, to the scientific research institute (the disk still being held there). After study, it was established that the disk was an extraterrestrial non-piloted probe; it did not have a crew onboard. As was established by remote viewing, the object crashed in the area approximately at the end of 1968. Soviet officials classified the matter top-secret.
Source: Lenura Azizova, Anton Anfalov

Date: February 14 1970
Location: Clermont Ferrand, Puy De Dome France
Time: 1020A
Summary: M Gorce, a member of the Clermont-Riom LDLN circle, was driving on a road below the bare hill, Puy-de-Chanturge, in rainy weather, when he saw on the hill, about 600 ft away, a black triangular form supporting a square head, resembling a “champagne cork.” Stopping his car, he got out to observe this object, which was moving about without touching the ground, sometimes passing behind bushes. It was about the size of a man, but wider. At one time it disappeared before his eyes, then reappeared. He broke off the observation after 4 minutes.
Source: LDLN Circle of Clermont-Riom

Date: February 15 1970
Location: Lafayette California
Time: 2200
Summary: The witness was coming from college when he saw a saucer shaped craft pass over the backyard, which overlooked a vacant business with a large parking lot. The witness went to the edge of the backyard and looked down to see the saucer shaped craft on the ground in a clearing below. He saw several figures milling around the object. Next thing he knew there was a group of figures coming up the hill towards him. His next memory was of being back alone in the apartment.
Source: NUFORC

Date: late February 1970
Location: Terrace British Columbia Canada
Time: early afternoon
Summary: An unidentified second grade boy was returning to school from his lunch hour when he encountered a strange little figure, about his own height (under four feet), near a clump of trees in a field. The figure had a greenish toned skin color and was in bare feet. Nearby was “round thing” from which the boy assumed the entity had emerged, although he had not seen this happen. The entity “jabbered” at the boy in an incomprehensible language, then removed an object from a belt around his waste that looked like some type of “gun,” from it he squirted a kind of putty substance into the palm of his hand, which the boy noticed had “long fingernails” (claws?). He handed the substance to the boy who, confused by what was going on, began to move away; when he turned to look again, both “man” and object had vanished. He later confided the story to one of his teachers; he was questioned and asked about the “putty”, which they boy showed him; yellowish in color and flecked with green, it was about one-eighth inch thick and the size of a golf ball, quite hard in texture. The boy put the object in his pocket and as he was about to go off, the teacher noticed it on the ground nearby; it seemed to have definitely shrunk in size. The boy put it back in his pocket and the last any saw of it.
Source: John Magor, Canadian UFO Report # 7

Date: February  1970

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