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Date: January 1970
Location: Near Whitewater New Mexico
Time: unknown
Summary: Four youths, Clifford Heronemus, Robert Davis, Carl Martinez and David Chiaramonte, claimed to have seen a “werewolf” type creature. They saw a hairy thing with two legs pacing their car, which was going about 44 miles per hour. It was about five-foot seven. The frightened witnesses rolled up the windows and locked the door of the cars and started driving faster. One of them pulled out a gun and shot it, it fell down, but there was no blood, it got up again and ran off. Another witness saw a similar creature earlier in the same area.
Source: Jerome Clark & Loren Coleman Creatures of the Goblin World

Date: January 1970
Location: Miami, Florida
Time: unknown
Summary: While attending college at the University of Miami Ron Card allegedly reported contacts with “extraterrestrials” purportedly from the planet Venus. A “Venusian” even picked Ron up in a rented mustang convertible as he came out of the college gate one time. He drove Ron to his landed ship and took him onboard and showed him around, and then handing Ron the keys told him to return to Mustang for him, as the charge was pre-paid. He told Ron that their group had taken a World War II Battleship in the Mid-Atlantic one time; an old English battleship leased to Brazil called “The Sao Paolo“. According to reports the ship was being returned to England after service in the Brazilian Navy. It was being towed by two ocean going tugs, one fore and one aft with 4 hawsers attached and held taut by the tugs. The three ships sailed into a mysterious green fog at sea; the hawsers went slack and both tugs stopped to avoid collision in the dense fog. The fog cleared suddenly and the tugs could see other but not the Battleship. The 4” hawsers (ropes) were cut cleanly all the way through in one cut. The battleship was never found although the ocean bottom at the point of loss has been thoroughly searched.
Source: Wendelle Stevens

Date: January 1970
Location:  Manchester England
Time: 0430A
Summary: 19-year old Cathy Aitchinson was in her bedroom when suddenly a tall bald headed, human like figure appeared sitting in front of her. She vaguely remembers being taken inside a metallic object where she sat at a metallic table. She was not shown around the craft. She feels her psychic abilities have increased throughout the years as a result of the encounter. 
Source: UFO Abduction Raw Data Page UFO Watch

Date: January 1970
Location:  Cocoa Beach, Florida
Time: evening
Summary: Air Force Sergeant Bill Holden went out fishing alone in the Banana River when at one point he looked at his watch and realized that three and a half hours had passed in an instant. While trying to work out what happened, he began to recall an encounter with three aliens, described as short and possibly gray in color. He remembers lying on a table in a room with no fixtures. He described the walls as brilliant blue in color. The aliens communicated to him through telepathy. Holden reported the encounter to his commanding officer and discovered that, both civilians and military also reported 17 similar encounters that night. (?)
Source: UFO Chronicles

Date: January 1970
Location: Albion, France
Time: evening
Summary: A man walking through a future missile silo construction site came face to face with a small gray humanoid, which had a large bulky head, gray-white skin and briefly stared at the witness with huge black oblique shaped eyes. As the witness stared in disbelief, the humanoid scurried away and disappeared behind some half finished concrete silos. The humanoid appeared to have been wearing a tight-fitting gray suit.
Source: UFO Web, France

Date:  January 1970
Location: Near Allbrook A.F.B. Panama
Time: night
Summary: Three young friends were walking home late one night when they saw a bright light in the sky, which at first they thought it was a plane until it made an impossible 90 degree turn in mid air moving at possibly no less than 1000 mph. Then the sirens on the base started going off while the craft was still making passes at a very fast speed and doing maneuvers that no normal aircraft could replicate. Somehow the one of the witnesses experienced a 3 hour time loss that night, arriving home 3 hours late without able to account for the delay. He had vague memories of the Doctors and nurses at the base hospital holding him down and trying to “remove” something from his head. He then remembered a “doctor” approaching him with a very large syringe with a needle approximately 3-4 inches long. At this point his memory ended. (Military abduction?).
Source: NUFORC

Date:  January 1970: Algiers, Algeria Sighting

Date:  January 1970
Location: Near Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Time:  night
Summary: Paolo Fernandes was meditating alone on a small mountain plateau outside of the city. Suddenly he sees a bright flash of light behind a nearby hill. He trembles with excitement and his heart starts beating fast, he also feels afraid. He then hears a voice in his head, “Don’t fear, we are your friends”. He relaxed as tears of joy streamed down over his cheeks. With trembling legs Paolo runs over to the hill, as he climbs over a dune he sees an enormous “spaceship” floating just above the ground. He hears the voice in his head again, “Do not approach the ship, you must remain where you are, otherwise the magnetic field around the ship will hurt you”. The object is metallic and disc shaped, surrounded with an aura of light, is as large as three airplanes put together. There appears to be a strong smell of ozone in the air. Then a bluish beam of light shoots out from the object and strikes Paolo. An eerie calmness overwhelms him at this time. A kind of loading ramp comes out of the object. A powerful white light shines out from the opening on the craft. Two men step out of the opening, and stop one on each side of the ramp. The men are described as tall, slim, with long blond hair and dressed in a kind of fluorescent overalls. The light becomes even brighter and a third person appears, the “guards” stand with crossed arms. The third figure appears to be the commander and has a majestic attitude; with each step he takes silver “rain” seems to cover the ramp. His face is extremely handsome, with shiny eyes and light radiating from his head. On his chest he carries an insignia resembling several sparkling multi-colored stars. When he arrives at the end of the ramp, he puts his right hand flat on the forehead and the left on the chest. Stunned, Paolo falls to his knees. The alien commander then says, “My name is Ashtar and I greet you, child of the stars”. He adds, “Convey this message to the humans, ‘awake from your inertia and make the world shine in its brightest light’. He finishes the message conveying a message of love and hope, and then walks back inside the hovering disc along with his two “guards”. The object then shoots up and disappears into the sky.
Source: UFO Geheimnisse Germany

Date: January 1 1970: UFO and occupants seen near Cowichan Hospital

Date: January 7 1970: The Gnome in the Snow

Date: January 7 1970: Humanoid encounter in Imjärvi, Finland

Date: January 10 1970
Location: Peterborough Ontario Canada
Time: late night
Summary: The witness had been sitting in the hotel lobby where he was staying when he had a sudden premonition that someone was in his room on the third floor. Terrified he dashed upstairs to his room and as fast as he could he slammed into the door knocking it off its hinges. Inside the room by the bathroom door stood a dark human figure about 6-feet tall. The momentum of his entrance carried him towards the intruder. His next recollection was of sitting on the bed of a friend on the second floor surrounded by police. He was later informed that he had gone through his bedroom window and had landed among chunks of glass on the canopy over the hotel entrance. Incredibly he did not receive any injuries from the fall of about 15 feet. He has no further recollections.
Source: Wally World UFO Home Page

Date: January 17 1970
Location: Ellsworth AFB, South Dakota
Time: 0340A
Summary: Lt Michael Sehorn, 68th Stragegic Missile Squadron, launch control facility, reported an outer zone alarm at Delta 4. Security Alert team observed a large object resting on the ground northwest of the missile site. At 0431A hrs, Lt. Sehorn detected an inner zone alarm. At 0510A hrs, Lt Sehorn reported the missile launch sequence panel was reset to zero, thus disabling the missiles in his squadron. A second panel light indicated that Delta 4’s warhead was not responding according to specific levels. It was determined that the upper hatch had been opened and a person was climbing down the ladder to the second hatch. Security police challenged the individual who did not respond. It was determined that the detonator of the warhead had been removed. The detonator was found on the bottom of the silo.
Source: Michael Collins, UFO Conspiracy

Date: January 17 1970
Location: Westbury Long Island New York
Time: 2300
Summary: The witness was sitting in the living room watching television when she noticed a strange “beep, beep” type sound apparently coming from behind the TV set. Her next conscious memory was of lying uncomfortably on her back in a very dark and cold room. She was not able to move and her vision was somewhat blurred. Directly over her head was a large red circular light and standing to her left a shadowy figure that the witness had the impression that it was a male. Another female figure with a larger head stood nearby, and another unseen figure also stood behind her. She attempted to move but one of the figures put something soft over her face and she blacked out. Her next memory was waking up in her bed in a freezing sweat. Later she was able to remember a smell of ozone in the room and something resembling a steel claw grabbing her. She had the impression that the beings were of different races.
Source:  Barbara Kent, Fate # 534, September 1994

Date: January 30, 1970
Location: Mrewa, Africa
Summary: Three shiny ovals hovering nearby, headlights remained off until 10 minutes after UFOs departed., L, police car.
Source: Flying Saucer Review, Vol. 16, No.5; See Rodeghier, 1981, p. 48

Date: January  1970

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