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Date: Summer 1970
Location: Montauk Point Long island New York
Time: afternoon
Summary: The young witness and her boyfriend were sitting on some dunes behind an isolated cliff when suddenly they heard a loud buzzing sound, like bees. They both sit up, but then lay back down again, apparently unable to move. The buzzing gets louder and a man wearing a soldier uniform appears, looking down at the witness. On his right there is another soldier, he kicks the witness boyfriend leg apparently making sure that he was unconscious. Two other men appear, one is very tan, with dark hair and dark glasses, the other seemed to be more fair. They then carry both the witness and her boyfriend to a nearby jeep. They travel north through the dunes and then enter a large garage door apparently on the side of a hill. Inside the place looks like a garage, she is taken through a hallway while her boyfriend is apparently taken to another location. They then enter an elevator and apparently descend. The door opens into a much darker place, there is a very unpleasant odor present and is very cold. She is then taken into a very dark room and laid on top of a padded table. The men then leave the room. The witness then sees something approaching her from her left. She then sees a 6-7-foot tall creature, with large pointed ears. His eyes are bright yellow-gold and seem to glow. He had pointy teeth and a large wrinkle on his forehead and has a tail. The being comes to the foot of the table pulls off the witness shorts and bathing suit bottom; he pushes her legs open and pulls her down toward him. The terrified witness hears a raspy sound coming from the creature. He then inserts something inside her; she feels terrific pain, apparently giving the creature a lot of pleasure. After an unknown length of time the creature steps back and disappears. After a few minutes’ two soldiers enter the room and take the witness up the elevator and into a well-lit room, filled with equipment and dials. She is then placed on a table covered in white and strapped down, including her head. Then a group of 5-6 people come into the room. They wore white gowns and masks and hats that covered their heads. They appeared to be male, but there is one female with them. The witness head is turned on its side and taped to the table, and a small portion of the area above and behind her right ear is shaved. A few minutes later she feels a prick in her arm and she passes out. Her next conscious memory was of being in the dunes with her boyfriend.
Source: Michelle A Guerin

Date: Summer 1970: Huge object passes within 150 feet of witnesses

Date: Summer 1970
Location: Quebec, Canada, exact location not given
Time: evening
Summary: The witness, a rock band musician, was relaxing on the couch of the trailer staring through the screen door, thinking about the band’s performance. When suddenly three distinct faces appeared in the screen, which measured 28″ by 24″. The countenance of each was similar and almost featureless. One face was on top, the other two bottom left and right to form a triangle within the screen area. There was a faint whirring sound, and then the faces and the sound were gone. This event causes a near nervous breakdown on the witness.
Source: Wally World Home UFO Page

Date: Summer 1970
Location: Raymond Mississippi
Time: 2200
Summary: The witness was sitting in his pickup waiting for his cousin to come out of his girlfriend’s house when he saw a man-like figure hiding behind a house two houses away. The figure ran and jumped over a fence and disappeared into to woods. Five minutes later some bright lights came on over the woods where the man had disappeared. When his cousin came out both men approached the lights and these rose up into the air and then hovered about 200 ft up in the sky. They could now see that it was a disc-shaped object with a fin-like tail like an airplane with one red light on the tail. The object flew silently away.
Source: NUFORC

Date: June 1970
Location: Mixtequilla Veracruz Mexico
Time: daytime
Summary: Ricardo Gutierrez was walking in the forest with his 6-year old nephew Arturo when the child disappeared. Exhaustive searches by the villagers failed to find him, and the uncle was charge with the child’s murder. While he was awaiting trial, 33 days after the disappearance, little Arturo turned up at his home, well fed and none the worse for his disappearance. When asked where he had been, he replied; “Living with the little men. They gave me food and milk with honey in it. We played a lot of games. I was very happy.” There was a local belief in the “little men,” called “Chaneques,” who liked to entice children away to play with them.
Source: R A Pantoja Lopez and Robert Freeman-Bound

Date: June 1970
Location: Brive, Correze, France
Time: night
Summary: An anonymous witness saw on the side of a road five small luminous humanoid figures that appeared to be encased in a luminous halo. The witness did not approach the group and left the scene. No other information.
Source: LDLN # 195, Project Becassine

Date:  June 1 1970
Location: Veagus Puerto Rico
Time: 03:30
Summary: During military war games I had the midnight watch. I woke up my relief at 03:30 and told him to come out and watch the sun rise. I can best describe it as a band of light that reached from the left to right horizon. It traveled across the sky until the entire sky was light. It was twilight – light enough to read by, but not daylight. I could not see a source for the light. The entire sky was illuminated equally. There was a gradual lighting until the entire sky was light, and the a gradual darkening – much like a sun rise and sun set. It took approxametly 15 minutes for the entire event. I have heard of a similar incident, on the History Channel, that had been reported by Christopher Columbus. Duration: 15 minutes
Source: National UFO Reporting Center

Date:  June 2 1970
Location:  Apache Junction, Arizona
Time:  2 AM
Summary:  Animal Reaction Feature: Lulu Luebben, on the staff the Apache Sentinel, was awakened at 2 AM by horses in a corral. Their snorting and movements made her think a coyote was in the corral, so she got up, noticing a faint odor of something burning, and looked out. She saw a craft hovering between her and highway 60, located 6 blocks from her house. The light from the UFO was so bright Lulu could see details of vehicles on the highway as they passed behind the object. After about 15 minutes, the object moved to the far side of highway 60, so the trucks were now passing in front of the object.

The sighting: The object was in view for 30 minutes before moving off to the SW. The weather is not described, with the exception of a report that prevalent winds over the state were N-NW. [I have search for the street location in order to estimate distances and topography between the witness and the object, but could not locate Lu-Roy Lane. The witness’s description of being east of Route 60 suggests the general location is east to southeast of Apache Junction.—jw.] The object was described as being composed of two circular structures, a larger one on top connected to a lower one by a rod. Three bar appendages were on the bottom, but the hovered over the ground and did not land. The top structure was an intense glowing blue, and the bottom was a neon glowing yellow. No sound, no physiological, and no EM effects were reported. Ground illumination was reported.
Source:   Skylook #33, August 1970: [which was copied in turn from the Apache Sentinel” June 10, 1970

Date: June 4 1970
Location: Evillers Doubs France
Time: 1445
Summary: Marie, 10, was on the road opposite the Labat house (used as a store house and stable) when she saw, at a glass less second floor window, a person the size of a child, but with a big protruding stomach. She told other children, and several of them, led by Noel, 12 entered the house. Noel saw a small person about 3.5 ft tall in a red sweater with a black shoulder strap across it, which he chased down the stairs and out the door to the pasture. About 1830, Bertrand, 10, was near the Labat house when he noticed beside it a “boy” 3.5 ft tall, with a big belly, wearing a red sweater crossed by a wide black strap. This person ran around the house. Shortly afterwards, Noel, Simon, and Barthelemy, all saw a long gray animal, which they called a “dog”, make a prodigious jump out of the second floor window (about 12 ft high), reaching the ground about 40 ft from the house. It left footprints “like a calf’s.” Then a small person like those already described came out of the barn and called the “dog” to him with a snap of his fingers; he passed a thick leash around its neck. Then 3 more such figures appeared, all alike except that one lacked the large stomach. They wore black hats with a peak behind. All four, with the “dog”, then began to run very rapidly on the road, away from the village. Two trucks passed; as these approached, the little men and their dog nimbly jumped off the road and hid themselves. They ran out of sight. The next day, the “dog’s” paw prints could be found. Six days later, the Labat house mysteriously caught fire and burned to the ground.
Source:  Fernande Legarde

Date:  June  1970

Location. Curico Chile
Date: June 7 1970
Time: 0030A
3 kilometers northwest of Curico, a Mr. Valenzuela observed an oval shaped object land, and was shocked by the appearance of two entities. No other information.
Source: Mark Rodeghier & Bernard Delair

Date: June 10 1970
Location: San Vicente de Toqua Chile
Time: 2300
Summary: A domed disc shaped object was seen hovering low over the area by one person. Two humanoids were reported to be inside the craft. No other information.
Source: Mark Rodeghier and Bernard Delair

Date: June 21, 1970
Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Time: 11 a.m.
Summary: Three people, Mr. Aristeo Machado, 49, his wife D. Maria Nazare and Federal agent Aguiar, who is a friend of the family, watched an object about the size of a Ford Galaxy, land on the ocean about 1 kilometers from the shore at about 11 a.m. on June 21. The Machado home is perched high above Avenida Niemeyer and affords a sweeping view of the Atlantic Ocean. When the object settled down onto the surface of the sea, sea spray was thrown out on all sides. The witnesses first thought it was a boat in trouble and went to a nearby hotel to telephone the Maritime Police. However, the object floated another 100 meters closer to the shore and the three people were able to discern that it had a transparent cupola inside of which were clearly visible two beings in dark-grey overalls, wearing helmets. Both were smallish and thickset. Mrs. Granchl investigated the case one week after it happened, at the same time of day and with the same lighting conditions. She took note that a motorboat going by at approximately the same distance from shore was easily seen, its passengers r[ere noted, but no details were visible Further information gleaned by Mrs. Granchi included the fact that the object was reported to have a bright rotating light which changed from red to green to yellow. The object stayed on the surface of the water for between 30 and 40 minutes, after which it took off quickly in a low, long flight out to sea. Mrs. Machado said that while she waited for Mr. Agutar to come back from the telephone she saw the object “relieve itself” of a yellow ball which proceeded toward the shore but was not floating for it was moving against the current and seemed to be powered by something underneath it. At one point the yellow ball relieved itself of another object, which was bottle green box color and of uncertain shape. Mrs. Machado ran down the beach after the yellow object and pointed it out to some children but they all lost sight of it shortly. To our knowledge this is the first sighting of a UFO with occupants which involved three witnesses and it is an important addition to our study of this facet of the UFO mystery.

Date:  June  1970

Location. St. Heliers Auckland New Zealand
Date: June 21 1970
Time: daytime
Paul Foster, at work in a car, saw a figure about 20 yards away facing the opposite direction. Viewed from the rear, he was about 5’9″ tall and wore a one-piece blue coverall, the legs of which were tucked into mud covered boots. He carried a leather case on his left hip attached to a strap over his right shoulder and was holding a box-like object to his face with a periscope like extender sticking out and up to the right side; this device was pointed away from the observer to the north, toward the sun. The figure was blond, short-cropped hair and dragged his feet, as if fatigued. Foster glanced away, thinking it was perhaps a mailman but, realizing it was Sunday, knew this could not be; when he again looked up the figure had disappeared. Foster rushed off in search of him but could find no trace.
Source: Vic Harris for the New Zealand Scientific Space Research Group, Auckland

Date: June 27, 1970: UFO on the Sea Near Rio de Janeiro

Date:  June 29 1970
Location:  Apopka, Florida
Time:  9:32 p.m.
Summary:  Animal Reaction Feature: At 9:32 p.m., a couple, their two sons, and their dog were driving toward their home in an orange grove area near Apopka. An oval green object was seen about 1,000 feet to their right and about 100 feet above the ground. The object moved in over their car at an altitude roughly equivalent to the height of the power lines, and it paced their car for a mile. The dog in the car did not react to the object’s presence. As the couple arrived home, the object was seen to move in a low level sweep, leaving mist behind it, and it then moved away. A second dog, which lived next door to the couple, ran off howling just before the car with the witnesses arrived home to see the final sweep of the object over the area and its departure.

The sighting: The object was a glowing green oval. It had a smaller blue ring, estimated 20 feet in diameter, and one witness thought this ring was depressed into the object. [It is not clear if the blue ring was around the circumference of the oval or in some other position—jw.] The object had a hazy edge and the bottom was convex. When the witnesses arrived home and moved from the car to the house, the object made a level, close sweep of the area leaving a trail of mist about 20 feet wide that gave off an apple-green light. The mist hung in the air, spread out evenly, lost its glow, and then dissipated. It was noted that it did not fall to the ground. No EM effects, no sounds, and no physiological effects were reported.
Source:   Lorenzen, Coral and Jim, 1976, Encounters with UFO Occupants, New York, Berkley Medallion Books, pages 48-49

Date:  June  1970

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