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Date: early spring 1970: Hokkaido Japan Abduction?

Date: spring 1970
Location: Brandon Manitoba Canada
Time: 2230
Summary: A man woke up suddenly and saw two identical white colored humanoids with dark slanted “inhuman” eyes looking at him through the living room window, he tried to move but was paralyzed apparently by a device held on the hand of one of the entities. One of the entities glanced towards the kitchen where his wife was baking, the one then lowered the device and they moved away. As soon as the device was lowered the witness could breathe and move again. The following evening, he was again on the couch, but this time was facing away from the window. Suddenly, he felt that he “was being watched” and again was completely paralyzed. This time he did not see the creatures.
Source: John Brent Musgrave, UFO Occupants and Critters

Date: spring 1970
Location:  Wisconsin, exact location not given
Time: night
Summary: An hour after the witness had seen a bright object swoop low over her vehicle when she had been parked with her boyfriend, the witness was lying in bed attempting to fall asleep, when suddenly she became aware that somebody was pulling at her bed sheets. She opened her eyes and was confronted by a hideous hairy creature that was grinning at her lustfully pulling her slowly across the bed. The witness could not move and was only able to think “God save me”! at that moment there was a brilliant flash and the creature vanished.
Source: Brad Steiger, Saga UFO Report August 1976

Date: March 1970: Daytime Sighting in Florence, South Carolina

Date: March 1970
Location: Scottsdale, Tasmania
Summary: A forestry worker was driving along when he saw a flash in the sky. His car radio was overcome with static. A soundless, green object, three times the angular size of the full Moon was seen to the rear of the vehicle, at an estimated 200 metres distance. 
Source: TUFOIC

Date:  March 1970
Location: Lappeenranta, Finland
Time: 0200A
Summary: After a performance with his band, musician, Pauli Niiranen was returning home to Lappeenranta in his car. The weather was awful with snow flurries and a strong wind that caused snowdrifts on the street. While driving on a street next to the eastern side of the Lappeenranta airfield he noticed a small creature standing on a crossing about 200 meters away. The humanoid was standing on the middle of the crossing and appeared to be looking around, turning his head from left to right. When he drove nearer, Niiranen noticed four other similar creatures, three on the northern side of the crossing and one behind them on a road leading to the barracks area. The humanoids were a little over one meter in height with a large head and a slim body and were clad in dark green overall suits. Their eyes frightened Niiranen the most; they were long and oval, slanting upward and seemed to emanate a blue glow. After watching them for about half a minute he experienced an uncontrollable feeling of panic and he turned his car around and went home using a different route. The next day there was a newspaper report about a round depression melted on the ground found at the location of his observation. He only told the other band members about his experience.
Source: Mervi Virtanen, Finland

Date: March 21, 1970 (date approximate)
Location: Camp Pendleton CA 
Time: 8:00 p.m. 15-20 minutes 
Summary: While using night vision scopes, Marines witnessed three saucer craft hovering near Camp Pendleton rifle range during night firing exercises. 
Source: NUFORC

Date: March 28 1970
Location: Vich Barcelona Spain
Time: evening
Summary: Julio Garcia, a young deaf mute claimed he encountered a huge semi-spherical object on the ground. Two tall beings covered with hair and with sucker-like appendages for hands and a robot-like entity accompanied the witness into the object. He claims he was taken into a distant planet where he stayed for 8 years (!). In the mean time a clone like replica of Garcia remained back on earth.
Source: S.I.B Betelgeuse

Date: March  1970

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