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Date: early November 1970
Location: Charleville, France
Time: midnight
Summary: The owner of a local inn and two friends were just closing for the night when they noticed a strange motionless object hovering above a nearby snow-covered field. Curious they decided to approach. They then came upon a circular object about ten meters in diameter with a high cupola surrounded with lights. Inside the cupola two men of average height and wearing gray metallic suits are seen standing inside. The two men made some gestures to the witnesses and apparently conveyed a message “about the end of the world.” The object then left the area at high speed, leaving behind a luminous trail. The next morning the witnesses are stunned when they realize that one of tenants is missing and remember that he much resembled one of the two humanoids seen onboard the object. (!)
Source: Raoul Robe Regional Catalog, J M Ligeron Ovni en Ardennes

Date: November  1970
Location:  Kampung Paya Kecil Pahang Malaysia
Time:  2030
Summary:  A 10-year old girl encountered two 3-4 inch tall humanoids in her room. She felt paralyzed and was not able to scream for her father. The figures were yellow and red in color and shiny. The witness was finally able to yell and when her father came into the room the humanoids had already disappeared.
Source:  Ahmad Jamaluddin, FSR Vol. 28 # 5

Date: November 1970
Location: Rochester, New York
Time: 2030
Summary: The eight-year old witness was in bed when he saw a shadow of what looked like a thin man with no hair walk up to the window. The curtains were drawn shut, so he could not see any details. Startled he heard a scratching noise against the screen. Afraid he could not move, he tried to scream but nothing came out. Finally he was able to yell and his mother came running into the room. The next morning he went outside to look at the window and found reddish, pinkish clay that had been smeared about 5 or six inches on the screen where he had seen the shadowy figure.

Date: November 24 1970
Location: Belo Horizonte Minas Gerais, Brazil
Time: 1900
Summary: A compact “cloud” UFO emitting rays from the top, was seen by hundreds passing above Belo Horizonte, during which, part of the city experienced a power outage. At the same time, Moyses Santos, a resident of the city, “found himself surrounded by half a dozen 3-foot tall beings who went around touching and upsetting everything.” They floated about in the air, and “looked like ice,” when near a table lamp, they “lit up in many lights.” One of them handed Santos a piece of paper on which, without knowing why, he drew a flying saucer; the being then took the paper back. Finally they disappeared through the walls. The witness went outside in time to see the UFO above the city flooding the area with brilliant light. Other sightings occurred about the same time in numerous Brazilian cities.
Source:  Irene Granchi, for Apro

Date: November  1970

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