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Date: October 1970: London, England Sighting

Date: October 1970
Location:  MacGregor Manitoba Canada
Time:  evening
Summary:  Two witnesses were driving between farms when they sighted a glowing yellowish white football shaped object resting on a nearby field. One of the witnesses approached the object on foot but became frightened and ran back to the car. As they drove away they noticed a silver-suited figure walking towards them. They accelerated the vehicle and sped away. Later one of the witnesses returned and saw the object hovering over the area.
Source:  Chris A Rutkowski, Visitations? Manitoba UFO Experiences

Date: October 5 1970
Location: Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin
Time: 0400A
Summary: Answering the night call of one of her patients, an unidentified nurse’s assistant found the patient sitting up on the edge of his bed, claiming that he had seen “monkeys” swinging from trees outside the window, as well as sitting on the ledge of his window sill. The drapes were then closed, but the nurse’s aide observed a bright light coming in through the drapes. She went to the window and pulled them open and saw, hovering outside, a balloon-shaped object of a diffuse yellowish green color, emitting a bright stream of white light. The object pulsated slightly, and the woman stood there transfixed at the odd sight for several minutes before she made an attempt to get someone else to see it. By the time she returned with another nurse, the object had moved off and all that remained was a streak of white light that gradually faded out. She did not at first associate her patient’s claim to have seen “monkeys” with her own observation.
Source: A J Andropolis, for Apro

Date: October 6, 1970: Decatur, Alabama Sighting

Date: October 28 1970
Location: Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania
Time: unknown
Summary: Several persons driving west of town, including Judith Dingler saw “a gigantic winged creature” soaring towards Jersey Shore. It was dark colored, and its wingspread was almost like that of an airplane.
Source:Jerome Clark, Unexplained!

Date: October 1970

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