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Date: September 1970
Location: Ipoh Perak Malaysia
Time: unknown
Summary: A small circular object reportedly landed on a school compound, several three-inch tall humanoids emerged from it. The beings ran back inside the object as a large crowd of school children gathered around it.
Source: Ahmad Jamaluddin, FSR Vol. 28 # 5

Date: September 1970
Location:  Villa Mercedes, San Luis Argentina
Time:  afternoon
Summary:  Jorge De La Puente and an unidentified friend were driving on an isolated road to inspect a nearby Shell petroleum facility. De La Puente and his friend saw about 50 meters ahead and on the side of the road an “object” which at first they took to be a trash bag standing on end. As they drove by it, De La Puente looked at it more closely and saw a figure with two large eyes resembling those of a seal. It had a hairy head with a dark horse like skin. It seemed to be sitting on the side of the road. Curious they stopped the car a few meters ahead and walked back to the location but by the time they got there it was gone. The witnesses do not recall seeing any arms or legs on the creature.
Source:   Proyecto CATENT

Date: September 1970
Location:  Jessup, PA
Time:  9:00 p.m.
Summary:   While walking home from a high school football game, Frank Scassellati (16) observed a glowing white, apparently metallic silvery disc in the southeast sky moving from left to right. Around the dome on top was a row of rectangular windows and three spheres and a flat circle were visible on the underside. The object moved out of sight behind local terrain. Though he didn’t report the sighting to any authorities, Scassellati said that within a few nights he noticed a limousine parked outside of his house with four men in black suits and hats sitting in it. They reappeared for several nights but he had no interaction with them.
Source:  Case documented by Thomas M. Olsen, filed report with several major UFO groups

UFO_100Date: September 6 1970
Location:   Parana Argentina
Time:  15:00

Date: September 1970

Location. Sao Joa da Boa Vista, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Date: September 7 1970
Time: 1930
After an argument with her mother 17-year old Valeria became upset and along with her brother drove away from the house and parked in an isolated area to smoke a cigarette and to relax. Soon they heard a loud buzzing sound similar to those emitted by crickets, it rose in intensity until it became unbearable. At that moment her mind seemed to have gone blank and she did not come around until 2215. After the incident Valeria suffered from strange dreams of lights. During a hypnotic regression she remembered being in the car and hearing a loud humming sound. Moments later she found herself inside a room illuminated by an orange light. The room was very cold and she felt a tingling sensation on her hands. She was lying on top of a “bed” and she could not move her head. At first she could only see what appeared to be luminous spheres floating around her. Suddenly she felt someone holding down her hands. A figure then stood in front of her. She described the figure as short, with a large hairless head, and dark eyes. Soon a sort of cable with what appeared to be a needle on its tip was introduced into her nose. The needle emitted a greenish liquid. A small object was also apparently implanted between her eyes. Moments later a small cut was made on one of her big toes. She did not bleed or felt any pain. A voice in her mind told her that she was being implanted in order to facilitate future contacts. Soon one of the short humanoids approached her and took her on an “astral” journey. Both traveled along the solar system, around Saturn and the Sun and apparently to the earth’s interior. Soon she woke up back in the car.
Source: Pablo Villarrubia, Mario Rangel

Date: September 20 1970
Location: Near Gil, Bahia Blanca, Argentina
Time: 0100A
Summary: Traveling on an isolated road truck driver Osvaldo D’Anuncio when after about 20 minutes of non-stop driving when something made him look up. He then saw a fiery white sphere of fire descending at high speed from the sky. The object quickly approached the ground in an unnatural manner, in a very wide curve. As the object approached the witness location more it became a reddish triangular-shaped light. Later much more closer it changed into a top-shape craft, which emitted from its top section a cloud of reddish and white flame. Finally the craft swings from right to left in a descending trajectory finally hiding behind the top of some nearby trees at the edge of the road. Once the object disappeared behind the trees a powerful reddish glow transformed the night to day. At that moment D’Anuncio lost consciousness. Later he woke up not knowing how long he had been unconscious. Upon arriving home he felt a slight paralysis on both his arms and is immediately rushed to the closest doctor. He had further memories of the incident recalling that he saw numerous cows and sheep standing strangely still at the edge of the roadway as the object descended, the craft also seemed to have split in two as it disappeared behind the trees. Later local investigators discovered dozens of animals (cows and sheep) dead and scorched alongside the road. Using a Geiger counter they measured a high concentration of radioactivity in certain areas. In the place where the object had descended a burned circular area of grass about 10 meters in diameter was found. Also several telephone lines in the area were found severed and melted apparently along the object’s trajectory. One last strange detail was that D’Anuncio managed to drive a distance of 8km in only 2 minutes.
Source:Ovni Web, Fenomeno Ovni en Bahia Blanca

Date: September 23 1970
Location: Cerro Del Rosario La Rioja Argentina
Time: 1800
Summary: A goat herder was out pasturing his animals in an isolated area when a very strong wind suddenly came up, it grew in strength to almost cyclonic proportions. The witness found shelter in a nearby cave. Thinking that it was an old abandoned mine he began exploring the cave. He found some stone steps that descended in a twisting manner. As he descended lower he began noticing an orange light that illuminated the area. Ashe reached the bottom he was amazed to see a luminous underground city filled with tall metallic buildings. He saw transparent roadways and circular metallic objects that seemed to fly just above the ground. He also saw numerous very tall men and women; the men were dressed in black robes and the women in white robes. These beings completely ignored the witness. The witness walked across the roads and found another stone stairway that led back to the surface. Later, searchers failed to locate the entrance to the “city” as the cave appeared to have been totally buried in rocks. (Subterranean city in the Andes or another dimension?)
Source:  Fabio Zerpa, Los Hombres De Negro Y Los Ovnis

Date: September 24 1970

Location. Venaria Italy
Time: afternoon
Witnesses spotted a triangular shaped object over the area. Through an opening a human shaped figure could be seen, apparently standing. No other information.
Source: CUN

Date: September 25 1970
Location: Jessup, Pennsylvania
Time: 2200
Summary: The 16-year old witness was returning home from a high school football game. Three blocks from his home, he sighted an amazing object. It was disc-shaped, silver-aluminum in color, approximately 1000 ft in length. It had a turret on top, surrounded by a row of windows. The underside had three large spheres, with a central flat disk. It was glowing white. The sky was clear and the object moved silently across the evening sky in a west to east direction. While deciding whether to report this incident or not, the witness was peering out his kitchen window when he sighted a large black limousine. He could see it quite clearly because there was a street lamp directly across the street from his house. Four occupants were in the vehicle. Two were seated in the front, two in the back. Each had on dark suits and hats similar to those worn in the 1940’s. They sat in their vehicle, motionless. They returned for the next several evenings. There was no verbal or physical contact with the strangers.
Source:Wisconsin UFO

Date: September 25 1970
Location: Near Banff Alberta Canada
Time: 2020
Summary: Don McTrow reported seeing a green, domed object “half the size of a cabin,” with 4 windows, through which two human like beings could be seen. The object emitted a high-pitched sound and was in view from 5 to 6 minutes.
Source: William K Allan, Calgary

Date: September 1970

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