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Date: April  1971
Location:  Puebla, Mexico
Time:  daytime
Summary:  A 23-year old man was resting in his house when he heard noises in another room. Investigating, he found there was a man more than six meters tall, who invited him to join him in his craft. Although the young man refused, he unaccountably found himself walking beside the strange man down the city streets, “without other people apparently noticing them.” He was led to a vacant field in which there was a strange, round craft, into which he was taken. Other beings on board communicated telepathically with him and attached devices to his thumbs by which samples of blood were taken. He was then told that he was “one of us” and the next thing he knew he was back in bed in his room, without knowing how he got there. He noticed that both of his thumbs were bleeding. Four months later the witness developed renal problems for which he was hospitalized. It was then discovered that his blood did not match any other known type of blood. But even more unusual then that was the development of two additional sets of nipples below his normal ones.
Source:  Humcat, quoting newspaper source

Date: April  1971
Location:  Near Novomoskovsk, Tula region Ukraine
Time:  2200
Summary:  An IL-14 aircraft under the command of Captain Konstantin Ivanovich Kopeykin was approaching the outskirts of the city was rapidly approached by a dazzling sphere, which seemed to increase in size as it approached. According to the flight mechanic it increased to about 50 meters in diameter. “Boiling” bright beams of light seemed to emanate from the center of the sphere. The witnesses were stunned to suddenly see the object assumed to form of a disk; it finally overtook the aircraft and changed to a bright blue color. It seemed to be composed of shells connected by semi-transparent supports becoming thicker in the middle section. As a whole the object had a body with the apparent capability of transforming itself according to the principle of a telescopic antenna. The light, which created the effect of boiling, was propagated along the supports. Inside the object there was a vividly luminous cavity of a golden color. In the forward section of the disk a set of transparent cylinders were seen. In the rear—arched constructions. Suddenly from the UFO smoke began to pour out and the object began descending at this moment the flight mechanic saw something that struck him. Inside the UFO he could see the figure of a man, apparently operating controls. The craft finally disappeared from sight.
Source:  UFOZONE Russia

Location. Greenhill New South Wales, Australia
Date: April 2 1971
Time: 2200
The witness, an anonymous aboriginal, had gone into the kitchen for a glass of water. He saw a little face pressed against the kitchen window. “It had no face and it looked like a small saucer.” Then the man was levitated horizontally and “sucked out” through the window by an unknown force, and fell at the bottom of the back steps on his back, unhurt but terrified. His wife, hearing the pane of glass breaking, entered the kitchen in time to see her 5’2″ husband disappearing horizontally through the lower pane, which was 4.5 feet from the floor. To jump through it, would have been impossible, as it was 32″ wide and only 10′ deep, and fronted upon the kitchen sink; the distance to the ground outside was 7 feet. “The man was terrified, yet he cold not run from the object or being out of fear. He went to it.” This strange occurrence took place only hours after a number of people in nearby Kempsey had observed a strange bright light in the sky.
Source: Miss Patricia Riggs

Date: April 13 1971
Location:  Nr. Hermissio Sonora, Mexico
Time:  9:30 p.m. 
Summary:  Witness reported an incredible UFO sighting in Mexico while on vacation in Sonora. One night a brilliant electric blue UFO flew right by the window of the motel where they were staying. “This particular UFO had the classic disk shape, although it was more like two saucers put together. It was radiating an incredible beautiful electric blue neon glow over the entire craft. It just appeared ‘otherworldly’ and so high tech. I was just spellbound by the erie looks of the craft.” 35-sec.
Source:  ufoevidence.org,Unevaluated

Date: April 14 1971
Location:  Near Evans City, Pennsylvania
Time:  2000
Summary:  Marion L and Dennis D, an engaged couple saw a yellow white light flying near their car, which dropped behind a nearby hill. They drove in that direction on a dirt road, and found a luminous object hovering just above the ground over a ploughed field, 80 yards away. Shaped like a large bowl inverted over a smaller one, it had rectangular, vertical windows in the upper half, and round ones below the rim, and was 25-30 ft in diameter. Reddish, flickering glow was visible inside the upper window, and Miss L perceived two human like figures silhouetted in them; the figures appeared to be about 10 feet tall. Frightened the witnesses drove away.
Source:  Robert A Schmidt & D. Hillman for UFORI

arkansas1971Date: April, 17, 1971
Location: Hot Springs, Arkansas
Summary: Taken over Hot Springs

Date: April 18 1971
Location:   outskirts of Pittsburgh, PA
Time:  Dusk
Summary:  A man and a woman while driving on a rural road north of Pittsburgh, observed a football-shaped object resting on the ground or deployed just a few feet above the ground. The observation was made at a distance of approximately 80 yards. The couple described the object as roughly football-shaped with a rim along its horizontal axis The upper half had a concave top and a series of vertically oriented “windows” along its side. Emanating from the top was a shaft of white light. The lower half, was somewhat flattened on the bottom, and also had window-like openings, circular in shape. Through the windows a reddish glow was visible. The object was seen in a small field adjacent to a little used airstrip. The two witnesses watched the object for more than twenty minutes before leaving the area. Just prior to the sighting, the witnesses had observed a bright white light that appeared to be traveling parallel to their car. After moving steadily for a few moments the light abruptly crossed in front of the car (right to left), stopped for a split second, crossed back over the road, and moved off in the general direction where the UFO was seen minutes later. 
Source:  UFO Investigator / May 1971, page 3

Date: April  1971

Location. Olekminsk, Russia
Date: April 24 1970
Time: unknown
The central Siberian uplands north of Olekminsk have been the source of numerous UFO reports, including a massive “wave” or scare that erupted in early 1970, involving disappearances of animals and humans, including one entire village. A Soviet supersonic bomber disappeared without a trace in the area on April 24 1970, provoking a 150-plane search (many of these reported gigantic space craft hovering so high that they were out of range.) Soviet reconnaissance planes appeared in the skies, relentlessly photographing every inch of the terrain. Chinese citizens were terrorized by ufonauts disguised as Russian cosmonauts and Russian citizens reported landing of Chinese or Oriental appearing UFO pilots. This confusion might have led (intentionally on the part of the aliens?) to World War III between China and Russia since the phenomena did result in some border clashes between the two superpowers. On April 29 inhabitants of these areas were awestruck as a gigantic Soviet aerial armada consisting of bombers and fighter planes passed overhead en route to a rendezvous near the desert region. This area was bombarded for hours and literally blasted from the face of the earth…reliable sources report that a secret flying saucer base was systematically liquidated…consisting of hundreds of miles of underground tunnels and dozens of “pyramid like structures” throughout the area.”
Source: Branton’s War in Heaven File

Date: April  1971

Location. Greenacre New South Wales, Australia
Date: April 24 1971
Time: 1930[as1]
A Greenacre woman, Mrs F. and her 13-year old daughter were going home in a taxi. On passing Roberts Park, they saw an object hovering over the flood lighted field where youths were playing football. The field lights formed a king of “ceiling” over the field and is unlikely that had they looked up, they could have seen anything. The object was “football shaped,” the interior light being “the brightest blue imaginable,” the top portion being transparent and the bottom “greenish metallic, like gun metal,” with 3 large transparent holes. The object tilted downward, revealing 3 tall humanoid figures, over 6 ft in height, in the transparent upper half of the UFO. One pointed down at the witness and then turned toward a rectangular, lighted area. Mrs F asked the cabbie, a Greek, to stop, but he accelerated away, drove straight to her home, and left in a frightened state, without collecting the fare.

Source: Keith Basterfield

Date: April 25 1971
Location:  near Pottstown, PA
Time:  About 9:00 p.m. 
Summary:  A woman spotted a luminous object over a farmer’s field while driving on a rural road. It was a very bright, pulsating light. It would move and stop, move and stop, in a jerking manner. The woman first thought the object was something conventional like an aircraft light, but its strange motion seemed to belie that explanation. The woman stopped the car next to the field and just studied the object. The object was about as high as the light on the radio tower. She rolled her window down to see if there was any engine noise but there was none.
Source:  UFO Investigator, May 1971, page 3

Date: April 30 1971
Location:  Carlyle, IL
Time:  11:50 p.m. 
Summary:  Herb Williams was filling a truck with diesel fuel at the Ready-Mix Plant at 2090 Washington, on the west side of Carlyle, when he saw the object approximately 100 feet above the ground. The night was clear, and the bright object was easily seen. there was no sound. It moved in a westerly direction at about 10 miles per hour and Williams said he could have kept up with it by running, but decided to get into his car and follow it.
Source:  MUFON

Date: April  1971

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