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Date: July 1971
Location: Carmunnock Road, Scotland
Time: morning
Summary: Eleanor Harvey was waiting her turn to get into the bathroom and as she stood patiently she glanced out of the window and all of the sudden heard a noise. It sounded as if sounded had landed on the roof. Eleanor thought it was maybe workers working on the TV aerial. Her surprised deepened when “what sounded like the engine of a small aircraft was switched off,” to be followed straight after by a broad beam of light which shone through Eleanor’s window. The beam struck Eleanor at a point just above her eyes. Surprised, Eleanor drew back from the window, and then heard a shout. A face appeared, “beautiful and sad.” The beam was shining through the image but Eleanor could make out silver hair cut to shoulder length, a moustache and a neat square cut beard. The eyes were brown, a shade of hazel. The mysterious entity looked at Eleanor and she felt as if he was “stripping her very soul” although no word was spoken. She noticed that the being raised his right hand with his palm towards her in what she saw as “a sign of peace.” As she watched the image grew stronger so that eventually she could see all of him. He was dressed in a long gown, which shone, gold in the still present beam of light, but which she judged to be colored white. She noted one odd fact about the gown: there were no obvious joints or seams even though it covered his entire body to the feet. On his feet were leather sandals and around his waist, loosely hung, a gold cord, knotted, which almost reached the floor. This scene entranced Eleanor but the spell was broken by another scratching sound, followed by a noise like a motor being started. Then came the rattle on the roof and the invisible machine took off. She rushed to the window but couldn’t see anything to account for her encounter. But then heard a voice say: I am the light of the world. He that believeth in me shall have everlasting life.”
Source: Ron Halliday, UFO Scotland

Date: July 1971
Location:  Near Elkader, Iowa
Time:  morning
Summary:  A farmer (involved in previous encounters) was ploughing his field when an object approached and landed, and its captain, an alien named “Ne-ato” emerged and addressed the farmer who asked to be left alone. The humanoid wanted him to come to the object, the “medic” of the crew had been shot by a farmer and was dying. The young farmer followed Ne-ato back to the craft and entered, and inside the “medic” was lying on the floor with a large shotgun wound in his chest. There was nothing the farmer could do, the humanoid died and the farmer was asked to leave. He said that he was later advised by Ne-ato that “they got the farmer who shot him.” He had been vulnerable because he had not been wearing his protective belt when he was shot.
Source:  Ralph Degraw, Dr. J. Allen Hynek

Date: July 1971
Location: Green MountainsVermont
Time: afternoon
Summary: Robert Hurlburt was hiking with his dog in a desolate wooded area came across a young man like being sitting besides a stream. The figure was over six-foot tall, slender with straight collar length brown hair and spoke to the witness in an accented English. They spoke briefly then the witness hiked mostly uphill for 15 minutes accompanied by the young man who seemed tireless. After some more talk the young man told the witness that he came from a distant planet. The witness asked for proof that he was telling him the truth. The young man then showed him a whitish colored oval shaped stone and told the witness that it was a communications disc, that it was used to contact his people. The disc supposedly absorbed the energy emitted from the body and transmitted it into a beam form similar to radio waves. The witness was able to touch the stone and received a tingling sensation that ran up to his head. The being then spoke to the witness about his planet of origin, which he described as a warm temperature planet with abundant flora and fauna, the atmosphere had a thick cloud cover and consisted of other gasses some of them familiar to earth, some not. He stated that his planet had two moons and traveled in an elliptical orbit around its sun; and he told him its name, but the witness could not pronounce it or remember it. He said that it was slightly larger than earth, had two polar caps and a total population of around 500,000,000, that population control was strictly adhered to, meaning reproduction was not a haphazard occurrence; that there were seventy major centers of population; that there was no pollution or disease. Life expectancy was 160 years. Their primary concern was of scientific achievements. In the morning after the witness woke up, the young visitor was gone.
Source:Ruth Montgomery, Aliens Among Us

Date:  July 2 1971: Atlantic Ocean CV-67 U.S.Navy Sighting

Date: July 7 1971
Location: San Juan De Los Morros, Venezuela
Time: 1800
Summary: Dr. G A De La Motta and Dr A Arocha observed two men clad in black suits with red ties and black berets, get out of a car 500 yards from the house; the men proceeded to put on orange belts. Suddenly a circular, bell shaped shining object descended from the sky to within 2 feet of the ground; about 90 feet in diameter, it changed rapidly in color from orange to blue to white. Then it put down a small staircase, and the two men entered the object; then it vanished into the sky “at an impressive speed.”
Source: FSR Case Histories # 10

Date: July 8 1971
Location:  Chesterfield, IN
Time:  Evening
Summary:  Saturn type UFO with high frequency whine. (Missing time, abduction) Same type UFO returns to farm (See May 16).Witness loses consciousness while watching it from upstairs bedroom. (Don Worley: Prior to the May and July episodes with the craft this witness was present in 1965 when a same type craft blocked state road N31 south of Indianapolis when it landed in front of his car. Several other cars were rendered immobile including that of a preacher who got in the back seat of his car and prayed to God after it was all over. A melted tar place was left on the road and Frank Edwards the TV commentator Ufologist, came down and checked and took photos of it.)
Source:  Worley files

Date: July 8 1971
Time: 0100A
Summary: Alain G. was camping with three adolescent boys in a grotto about ten km from Rocamadour when he heard the breaking of branches outside his tent. They had all retired and, concerned about possible prowlers, he looked out his tent window and saw a human-like figure, foggy white, like a phantom, walking down a path toward the boy’s tent. The farther away the figure moved, the less distinct it became. Stunned, he ran out of his tent and down the path toward the other tent, but the figure had disappeared. He got the boys up and they explored the immediate area on foot, finding nothing; they got into his car and drove several kilometers in both directions but saw nothing unusual.
Source: Joel Mesnard, Jean Marie Bigorne

Date:  July 11, 1971: UFO photographed in Uruguay

Date: July 1971

Location. Notre Dame Du Nord, Quebec, Canada
Date: July 12 or 13 1971
Time: 2300
Gaetan Paquin, a young man in his twenties, was just arriving at his home when he saw “a completely white being of human form, with a pointed nose, slanted eyes, and a little puckered mouth” standing near him, seen in profile. “His height did not exceed 4 ft. He had no hair, and nothing that resembled clothing. He was very, very visible in the darkness-there was no light, for the sky was overcast and the electricity was out that night.” He appeared to be transparent, and Gaetan had the impression that a stone would have passed right through him. Frightened by this apparition, Paquin fled.

Source: Jean Ferguson, UFO Quebec # 9

Date: July 27 1971
Location:  Valcourt, Quebec, Canada
Time:  2030
Summary:  The witness was at home watching television when he was distracted by the sounds of his cows bellowing on a nearby field. The witness and his wife stepped out and saw the cows running away from the field. They also saw a dark spherical object hovering above the field, a reddish light shone out of what appeared to be an open door on the object. Three small men who glowed a pale green color were moving around the object. They seem to glide just above the ground in rapid darting movements. At times the beings seemed to pick something from the ground. The beings went back inside the object closing the door behind them. The object then rose up slowly and disappeared over some nearby trees. The next day a circular spiral ground trace was found, plus a silvery lump of material that was later tested at Laval University.
Source:  Francois Bourbeau, Spectra, Quebec Canada

Date: July 28 1971
Location:  Sackville; New Brunswick
Time:  Night
Summary:  Two men photographing the stars observed a triangular object with colored lights moving rapidly at high altitude. Turning their telescope on it, the men said it suddenly reversed direction and changed both the pattern and color of its lights. “There is no craft  that can possibly change direction that fast,” they reported.
Source:  UFO Investigator / Aug. 1971, page 3

Date: July 1971

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