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Date:  October, 1971: Large triangle flies low over Florence, South Carolina

Date: October 1 1971
Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Time: 7:50 p.m. 
Summary: Brazilian Photo Case Mrs. Irene Granelli, APRO’s Field Investigator at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil has forwarded the details of a multiple witness UFO sighting which took place on October I , 197 1 at 7:50 p . m. in the Sao Cristovao district of Rio. One of the main witnesses, Mr. Nelson Calmon Schubsky. managed to get two photos of the object, which are presented on this page, Two young girl students sounded the alarm from the street, whereupon Mr. Schubsky, 24, and his fiancee, SheyJa Fernandes Cardoso, 21, rushed into the street to see the object. There was quite a gathering of witnesses by the time they got outside. Except to open the diaphragm of the camera to the maximum, Schubsky had no time to adjust the camera. The object t, which sported three lights (white, yellow and red) , was maneuvering in the vicinity of the Helena Rubenstein beauty products factory . The body of the object was described as rose-colored at its center with its outline a true red. It pulsated rapidly and when the light became dim the color of the object was rose . At its nearest point the object appeared to have three small craters or holes on its underside. Tapro30he three lights described previously jetted down from the body of the object toward the ground but did not reach the ground. The light of the body of the object was described as opaque and diffused, and compared to that of a red-hot piece of iron. The object finally went behind the chimney of the Rubenstein factory and was not seen again . Witnesses living on the other side of the factory said they had seen a red glow but nothing else. The sighting was generally considered to have lasted approximately 5 minutes but no one bothered to time it so it is just an estimate. Mr. Schubsky was using a Leica Model IlI f, black and white film. 

Date: October 5 1971
Location: Springfield, IL
Time: Evening.  
Summary: Seven reports from Illinois State Troopers over 2 hour period.
Source: UFOI, 71

Date: October 11 1971
Location:  Itaperuna Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Time:  0300A
Summary:  Paula Caetano Silveira was awakened from sleep, as if by “a mental shock.” From his bed he saw a light in the garden; he went to the kitchen where he saw, through the window grating, the same object that had stopped him on September 22, hovering a half meter from the ground about 3 meters from his house. Paulo Caetano saw several small figures beside the craft, who pointed a small box-like implement in his direction; the witness and the small figures remained eyeing each other, with no movement, for 10 minutes, at which point Paulo Caetano’s head began to ache. The craft and its occupants then left, but the witness was unable to sleep.
Source:   Dr Walter Buhler

Date: October 12 1971
Location:  Mattawan, MI
Summary:  A teenager, four friends, and at least one adult reported observing “a bright white cloud flying in circles but traveling in a west to easterly direction” over Mattawan. Witnesses estimated the object was several hundred feet wide. At one point the object seemed to direct a thin beam of light into the sky above. After being in sight for a short time, the object appeared to land in a heavily wooded area. Three additional UFOs were later observed in the same vicinity where the first one appeared to go down.
Source:  UFO Investigator/ Nov. 1971, page 3

Date: October 14 1971
Location:  Near Hawkins Bar, California
Time:  2100
Summary:  Three men camped near the Trinity River suddenly heard a deafening roar from the opposite side of the river. They then saw several large dark humanoid figures moving around. The campers stayed up all night watching the black shapes moving around the campfire making high-pitched whining noises and sounds of rapid-fire chatter. There had been numerous reports of UFOs and strange lights in the area.
Source:  Peter Guttilla, Saga UFO Report Sept. 1977

Date: October 16 1971
Location: Near St. Catharines Ontario Canada
Time: 0130A
Summary: Six members of a rock band were returning back from a show when they saw a large disc shaped object with brightly lit portholes and blue beams of light shining on the roadway. The group tried to turn back but the van came under the control of the object and it drove directly towards it. They got to within 20 feet of the craft and the van stopped. They all felt heat at this point. They then saw a face with large black eyes staring at them through the window. The back door of the van was opened and four humanoids stood there. They had large hairless heads and large black eyes. The beings communicated telepathically with the witnesses telling them they would not be hurt. Three of the witnesses were taken inside the object and tested with numerous instruments. At one point the aliens told one of the witnesses that there was not a “correct religion on earth.”
Source: Lawrence J Fenwick, SBI Report # 40

Date:  October 28 1971
Location:  Cradle Hill, Warminster, England
Time: night
Summary: Sally Pike was on a solo watch on the hill when she suddenly became apprehensive. Upon turning she saw very clearly the outline of a tall male figure striding up the road in the bright moonlight. The figure was about seven-foot tall, with extremely long arms, which hung limply at his sides. He seemed to have no neck, his head appearing to rise directly from his shoulders. The body itself was almost transparent, only the outline being solid.
Source: Ken Rogers, The Warminster Triangle

Date: October 28 1971
Location:  Cradle Hill, Warminster England
Time:  late night
Summary: Neil Pike also on watch that same night near the white metal gates, looked over to the road leading up to a military vedette post and became aware, suddenly of three giant figures standing in a line near the hedgerow opposite. His description was similar to his wife’s except that the bodies ended at the mid-section. He could not discern any legs. Startled, he shone the beam of his flashlight at one of the tall figures. Immediately it vanished—only to reappear at another spot nearer to him. He flashed the flashlight on the other two and the same thing happened. They were now much closer to him. Alone on the hill, he panicked and rushed to his car quickly speeding away.
Source: Ken Rogers, The Warminster Triangle

Date: October  1971

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