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Date:  Spring 1972: Flanders, Belgium UFO Sighting

Date: March 1972
Location: Perth, Western Australia
Time: 1900
Summary: The 10-year old main witness was traveling in a Volkswagen with his mother and 2 friends on their way to pick up his sister from basketball practice when they all witnesses a bright oval shaped object in the sky so overwhelming that they stopped the car and all got out and stared at the craft. The witness was fascinated by the experience and noticed that there were no shadows from the trees in front of them, yet the object emitted a blinding white light, he noticed that it didn’t have a sharp edge but more of haze like that of a road mirage around the shape. He desperately tried to look deeper into and noticed a brilliant band of yellow light in the lower third of the object. Then he felt some kind of connection and just knew that there were beings of some kind inside of this object. Then he began receiving incredible amount information in his head until it was excruciating and he had to look away as his head felt like it was going to explode and clutched the back of his neck and yelled out in pain doubled over. They all then jumped back into the car and drove around the corner to their house and raced inside to get a camera. The witness grabbed the camera and raced back outside just as the object took off straight up at an incredible speed. He never got a picture of it but experienced repetitive dreams that lasted about 6 weeks until eventually he had to “will” the dreams away.
Source: http://www.etcontact.net/newsite

Date: March 1972
Location: Near Millers Flat, Massachusetts
Time: 2200
Summary: The two witnesses were driving on their way home on a rural road and were approaching several towers of high intensity electrical wires, which were located about 50 feet off the highway. As they approached the area they saw a glowing man shaped figure standing at the base of one of the towers. The figure very bright and somehow resembled the “snow” on a television screen. They stopped the car at the
edge of the road and the figure started to walk towards them. Terrified they drove off at high speed; looking back they could see the figure turning to follow their departure.

Date: March  1972

Location. Loveland Ohio
Date: March 3 1972
Time: 0100 A
Summary: Police officer Williams slowed his car when he saw what looked like a dog by the side of the road. It stood up to be a tailless creature with leather like skin & a face like a frog or a lizard, 3 or 4 ft tall. It leaped over the guardrail & went down the embankment to the river.
Source: Richard Mackey & Ron Schaffner

Location. Near Norridge Common, England
Date: March 7 1972
Time: 0230A
Summary: Diana Granville Matthews was driving along the Warminster/Bath Road when she saw an orange disc, perfectly circular to begin with but ovular when crossing the path of the vehicle. It came from a hedgerow to her left and sailed down to road level, no more than 12 yards in front of her car, before lifting and careering over another hedgerow and out of sight. Bemused, she did not stop to investigate and continued on. No sooner had her dazzled vision grown accustomed to the road outlines again, a few hundred yards ahead she saw, walking towards her, on the far side of the road, a tall male figure in all white clothing. His legs loped along and she noted little about his face coloring. But he was of giant stature. She pressed hard on the accelerator and saw the tall figure striding along through deep pools of water at the roadside. Scared she drove home. Around 0500A she was awakened, as though from a dream, by a sharp rapping on her front door. She heard a voice clearly calling, gently and insistently. She got up, opened the front door but saw no one there.
Source: Ken Rogers, The Warminster Triangle

UFO_56Date: March 8 1972
Location:  Salt Lake City, Nevada

Date: March 8 1972
Location:   Muskegon, MI
Summary:  A large number of witnesses, including police officers, FAA officials, U.S. Coast Guard personnel and numerous other Muskegon citizens observed a brightly colored UFO around 9:15 P.M., in the sky above this Michigan township. The object, according to most witnesses, appeared to give off a bright yellowish-white light and it traveled slowly across the sky. Witnesses stated the object seemed to stop and slowly change colors at various times during the period of observation The Coast Guard, which indicated many of its own personnel had witnessed the UFO, also indicated that channel 16, a UHF band used by Coast Guard, was filled with a strong code signal that could not be deciphered. Government officials later said that an investigation would be conducted and that they were under orders not to comment on the case until it was completed. The Air Force was contacted by the Michigan States Police at the time of the sighting.
Source:  UFO INVESTIGATOR, May 1972, page 3

Date: March 10 1972
Location:  Milhousen, IN
Time:  4:00 a.m. 
Summary:  Giant orange glowing boomerang object with no sound, one hour duration. Kenneth and Marie Gosnell watched pulsating orange glow come from low not visible field on Noah Gosnell’s farm (father of Kenneth). Boomerang object arose from field and flew away. Noah and grandson found an object about 20 by 5 inches, mottled orange-red with pitted grey or purple surface object laying in the field. For its size it was extra heavy so they rolled it off the field planning to return the next morning with a tractor to get it. The object had disappeared when they returned.
Source:  Worley files

Date: March 16 1972
Location: Granadero Argentina
Time: dawn
Summary: Luis Bracamonte, a truck driver, saw a sparkling mist appear over the fields; he stopped his truck and saw the midst replaced by a blindingly vivid light. When he opened his eyes again he saw, 100 yards away, “a large oblong machine with a rim on the upper part and wide projections in the under part.” Three men with very wide shoulders emerged, walking as though with difficulty; they “looked like Chinese, but with sharper features.” They came up to the witness and one of them touched him, gripping his elbow. They spoke to him in a strange language, but he understood that he should not be afraid of them. Then one of them took out “a plaque with two shining symbols on it,” and showed it to the witness. The conclusion of this encounter was not reported.

Date: March  1972

Location. Loveland Ohio
Date: March 17 1972 
Time: night
Police officer Johnson’s headlights picked up an animal lying on the road. As he opened his car door, it rose up on its hind legs & showed itself to be a leathery skinned biped with a frog like face, 3-4 ft tall, like that seen by Williams 2 weeks before. It stepped over the guardrail & went down the embankment of the river.
Officer Johnson took a shot at it, but missed. 
Source: Richard Mackey & Ron Schaffner Type:

Date: March  1972
Location:  Near Westbury, Wiltshire England
Time:  0920A
Summary:  On an extremely foggy morning the main witness and his friend Ian were cycling to Upton Scudamore from Westbury. Just passing Wellhead Farm, Ian was well in front of the main witness and out of sight within the fog. Suddenly he felt very dizzy, so much so, that he had to dismount from his cycle and walk. He glanced to the field on his right and there was nothing, but again he was compelled to look and out of nowhere appeared a humanoid figure. It was about eight yards away from the witness. It stood almost nine feet high, apparently solid on a grass crop, it was humanoid in a sense, though it lacked the characteristics five fingers, instead it had three. The middle finger starting slightly below what we term the wrist. It lacked also hair, ears and nose. There were markings suggesting a mouth and eyes. It glistened as though wet and wore simple clothing, a tunic with a satch and sock-like shoes none of which looked to have seams. Although humanoid in shape, its head was out of proportion, the legs short and stout, and the arms reaching below the knees, but above where the ankle would be. The left arm kept swaying to and fro during the time he saw it (about half a  minute). Before it vanished the witness regained his senses for he seemed to have been in a sort of trance, and called to his friend Ian, as he felt scared. As he called out the left finger of the left hand of the humanoid touched the middle finger on what appeared to be a black spot or lump. In a matter of seconds it simply vanished. Ian unfortunately never saw the creature. Throughout the whole experience the witness’s left arm rose very slowly to about seventy five degrees and slowly went back down again. This was repeated twice. He had no control over this reaction. He had never felt dizzy before or since. 
Source:  Steve Gerrard, quoting Warminster UFO newsletter # 8

Date: March 21 1972
Location: Heinola, Finland
Time: unknown
Summary: Aarno Heinonen (involved in other encounters) reportedly met a humanoid in Heinola. The male humanoid was more than two meters tall. He handed Aarno a green pen. Aarno started to ask questions but the figure just ‘floated away’ and disappeared. The pen was said to have been left in the care of a Finnish researcher for further investigations but, according to Aarno, he regretted he had done this.
Source:Anders Liljegren FSR 1980 Vol. 2

Date: March 25 1972
Location:  Soesterberg The Netherlands
Time: 0330A
Summary: The witness was roused from sleep by a loud humming sound and saw a light coming in the window. Looking out, he saw a blinding white light surrounded by a “fog,” and thought that his car was on fire. He ran out, started the car; he found himself in deserted moorland, and stopped; at that time, a “human like figure” ran past the car from the rear. “Suddenly, it vanished.” He got out of the car and saw on the ground to his left a lens shaped object about 100 feet wide, surrounded by a greenish glow. The light issued from windows in the object and three beams shone upward from it. In one of the windows he could see a human like being. Approaching to within 10-12 feet, he saw this figure motion to him to go back. The figure was 5-5”4” tall, wore a tight fitting coverall of metallic appearance that had a belt with a tube that ran to his collar, had almond shaped eyes and seemed to be smiling. Behind him was a sort of instrument panel. Several other humanoid figures were seen standing behind other windows. Then the object “jumped” from the
ground, “floated” for 30 feet, and then was “hurled away” with a scraping sound.
Source:Dutch Ufological Study Center; The Hague

Date: March 28 1972
Location: Acireale, Sicily, Italy
Time: morning
Summary: Researcher Pietro Torre had taken a photograph of a friend as she posed on the Villa Belvedere. After developing the film he notices a bizarre transparent figure standing in profile behind the woman. The figure is described as short, gnome like, hairy with pointed ears, a protruding snout, with dark triangular shaped eyes. The strange figure is wearing a form fitting suit and a large helmet. In his left hand the
figure seems to be holding a pistol like implement which he is pointing at the woman. At the time that the photograph was taken nothing out of the ordinary was seen.
Source:Pietro Torre, Antonio Blanco “Catalogo degli avvistamenti della regione Sicilia” 

Date: March  1972

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