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Date: 1972
Location: Near Warminster England
Time: unknown
Summary: On the Bath Road after seeing an orange disc shaped object descend over the area, the witness encountered a tall figure dressed in white clothing. It moved along the road in quick loping movements, no facial features could be seen but it was described as huge and man-like. No other information.
Source: Steve Gerrard quoting Warminster UFO Newsletter # 7

Date: 1972: Barbados Flying Saucer Shaped UFO

Date: 1972
Location: driving back to their dorm in Cedar City, Utah
Time: 10 p.m.
Summary: One night in 1972, four coeds from Southern Utah University were driving back to their dorm in Cedar City after spending the day at a rodeo in Pioche, Nevada. It was about 10 p.m. and the girls were eager to get back to their dorm before curfew. They were traveling along Highway 56, which has a reputation for being “haunted.” A while after taking a fork in the road that turned to the north, the girls were surprised to see that the black asphalt had turned into a white cement road that eventually ended abruptly at a cliff face. They turned around and tried to find their way back to the highway, but soon became concerned about the unfamiliar landscape – red canyon walls that gave way to open grain fields and pine trees, which they had never encountered before in this part of the state. Feeling completely lost, the girls felt some comfort when they approached a roadhouse or tavern. They pulled into the parking lot and one of the passengers poked her head out the window to get directions from a few “men” coming out of the building. But she screamed and ordered the driver to get out of there – fast. The girls sped off, but realized they were being chased by the men in strange, tri-wheeled, egg-shaped vehicles. Speeding again through the canyon, the girls seemed to have lost their pursuers and found their way to the familiar desert highway. The reason for the scream? The men, she said, weren’t human.

Date: 1972: Silver orb in sky

Date: 1972
Location: Kamunting Perak Malaysia
Summary: Two boys playing in the bushes at a local Army camp spotted a tiny entity, described as dark greenish in color and apparently naked, its head was egg shaped and no facial features were discernible, it had very thin legs and arms. A small object also rested on the ground nearby. One of the boys attempted to grab the entity but was “shot” at and he fainted. The other boy ran home to obtain more witnesses but upon returning both the entity and the object were gone.
Source: Ahmad Jamaluddin, A Summary of UFO And Related events in Malaysia 1950/1980

Date: 1972
Location: Brainerd Minnesota
Summary: Five men out hunting in a wooded area came upon a landed silvery disc shaped object on a clearing. The object was metallic in appearance and had a very sharp outline. Two short humanoids (undescribed) could be seen walking near the object. The witnesses felt temporarily paralyzed, then two very tall beings, apparently human-like appeared; these communicated by using telepathy and warned the witnesses not to touch the short beings. The humanoids left, apparently re-entering the object, which then flew over the witnesses’ head and out of sight.
Source: Cufos

Date: 1972
Location. Santa Teresita, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Time: 0100A
Summary: A group of 7 to 8 persons were traveling on 2 trucks on their way to a fishing expedition, included in the group was the 11-year old witness. On route 11, before arriving to their destination the witness noticed walking on the edge of the road on the left side a 2 meter tall humanoid figure wearing a luminous green colored coverall. It walked like a normal person. The witness the driver and the other occupants of the truck but they refused to stop and continued on to their destination.
Source: Proyecto CATENT, Argentina


Date: 1972
Location: Devon, England

Date: 1972 
Location: Beaufort, South Carolina
Time: 0530A
Summary: The witness, James P. Gooden was in the Marines at the time, living off base in Beaufort. He had gotten up early that day to go to the base and when he went outside the apartment, he noticed something move out of his peripheral vision. When he looked at it, he noticed that it was a figure about 7 or 8 ft tall and all black. He walked to his car, which was parked directly in front of his apartment, opened the doors and turned the lights on. He could now see it very clearly because it had not moved. The figure was completely black with a large perfectly round head, no eyes or orifices of any kind, just a perfectly round black and shiny head. Its body was very thin like a stick drawing with a torso, legs and arms. When the witness went inside the car, the figure turned and bent down slightly as if looking at him. He started the car and drove at high speed inside the apartment complex. The complex was shaped like U with his apartment being on the very end. The figure ran into the U where it was somewhat locked in. It stopped once inside the U so the witness backed up his car and headed towards it. It never moved until he got about 15 feet away from it with the car facing directly at it. The witness then opened the car door and stood outside the car. The figure then immediately took a step to the right and from what the witness could tell; it went down to the ground extremely fast. He walked up to where it had disappeared but there was no evidence of a hole or anything out of the ordinary on the ground. The witness then drove towards base but seeing a police officer on the way he told him what he had seen. The police officer took him to the police station and a report was apparently written.

Date: 1972
Location: Beaufort
Summary: The witness, James P. Gooden was in the Marines at the time, living off base in Beaufort. He had gotten up early that day to go to the base and when he went outside the apartment, he noticed something move out of his peripheral vision. When he looked at it, he noticed that it was a figure about 7 or 8 ft tall and all black. He walked to his car, which was parked directly in front of his apartment, opened the doors and turned the lights on. He could now see it very clearly because it had not moved. The figure was completely black with a large perfectly round head, no eyes or orifices of any kind, just a perfectly round black and shiny head. Its body was very thin like a stick drawing with a torso, legs and arms. When the witness went inside the car, the figure turned and bent down slightly as if looking at him. He started the car and drove at high speed inside the apartment complex. The complex was shaped like U with his apartment being on the very end. The figure ran into the U where it was somewhat locked in. It stopped once inside the U so the witness backed up his car and headed towards it. It never moved until he got about 15 feet away from it with the car facing directly at it. The witness then opened the car door and stood outside the car. The figure then immediately took a step to the right and from what the witness could tell; it went down to the ground extremely fast. He walked up to where it had disappeared but there was no evidence of a hole or anything out of the ordinary on the ground. The witness then drove towards base but seeing a police officer on the way he told him what he had seen. The police
officer took him to the police station and a report was apparently written.
Source: http://www.etcontact.net/newsite

Date: 1972 
Location:  Mexico City, DF, Mexico
Time: unknown
Summary: Workers at a local water & sewer plant in the eastern section of the city spotted a huge reptilian-human hybrid type creature emerge out of the murky waters. Terrified, the workers reported the incident to their superiors who immediately decided to eliminate the creature. Law enforcement personnel then apparently killed the creature, but the whole matter was kept secret. The whereabouts of the remains of the creature is unknown.
Source: Luis Ramirez Reyes, “Contacto: Mexico” 

Date: 1972 
Location: Colonia Del Valle, DF Mexico
Time: 0300A
Summary: The witness had returned from a party and as she closed the gate in her front yard, she felt a presence behind her. Surprisingly she felt no fear as she turned around and saw a pleasant appearing man that asked her if she needed any help. She described him as very tall. Wearing a gray coverall outfit, with a thick belt around his waist. On the belt buckle, area there was a small glowing box. He appeared to be around 45-years old, with longish black hair, fine chiseled features and very light skin. The stranger told the witness that he was able to talk to her because she had the “right type of energy.” Among other things he told her was that, he was prepared to teach her many things, if she was ready. She invited the stranger inside but he refused saying that he had traveled far, but will one day communicate again  with her even though he would probably be “very far.” Several days later, the witness found a bizarre mark on her leg.
Source:  Fabio Picasso 

Date: 1972 
Location: Grose Valley, Australia
Time: 0700A
Summary: Camping in an isolated area Geoff Norman had walked over to the nearby Grose River for fresh water. As he squatted by the river, he suddenly became aware that he was not alone. Looking to his right and only a few yards further down the riverbank he saw partly hidden by bush a smallish black human figure peering at him through the bushes. The little black figure appeared timid to Geoff, who had never seen such a creature before. The little naked male figure rose, but just as quickly turned around and fled into surrounding forest, Norman attempted to pursue the fleeing figure but he soon lost him in the rough forest terrain. The little figure was no more than 5 ft tall, had frizzy black hair, and to all appearances resembled a pygmy to the witness.
Source: Rex Gilroy, Psychic Australian February 1978 

Date: 1972: Silver, boomerang-shaped UFO over Fort Stockton, Texas

Date: 1972
Location: Houston Texas
Time: daytime
Summary: The witness was at home when several human like figures wearing tight fitting red suits appeared in her room. One of the red suited men approached and spoke something to her; he then apparently had sexual intercourse with her. The other figures stood around watching, these were more indistinct looking. The witness does not recall what happened afterwards.
Source:  Karla Turner PhD, “Taken” 

Date: 1972 
Location:  Seattle, Washington
Time: afternoon
Summary: The witness (involved in a previous experience) was on his way to an interview and had stopped at an intersection where several streets merged into a main artery. While waiting for the light, he “became aware (sensed)” that the person in the lane to his left was staring at him intently. He turned to see an “old Junker type” car in which sat “a woman with an exceptionally large round head (sort of obese looking).” She stared at him and then fixed a very broad Cheshire cat-like grin showing very square yellow brown teeth that looked like they were made of wood. Her eyes were wide open and very blue and her skin was pale with very red lipstick and straight short blond hair. Her general appearance was grotesque and menacing, so menacing, in fact that the witness accelerated through the intersection against the light remarkably without getting into an accident.
Source: Paranormal website, (exact site missing from files)

Date: 1972 
Location: England, exact location not given
Time: evening
Summary: A young sister and brother watched as a farmer was being walked out of his home on the moorland by these strange looking “men” and an even stranger looking helicopter which was hovering over head with no noise. They were approximately 2 miles from their house. They both tried to run away from the helicopter but they were seen. What took place they are not sure but they ended up getting in a great deal of trouble from their parents for being late. Their mother had been so worried that she called the police to help look for them. They don’t remember much of the helicopter but do remember running away from it. Then all of the sudden they weren’t on the moors anymore and they were walking down the road towards some very angry parents. The girl vaguely recalled hearing the words, “you are not ready”. She believes both she and her brother were abducted and her reproductive system was examined.
Source: http://www.hypermax.net.au/-auforn/farm.html 

Date: 1972 
Location: Middle Urals region, Russia
Time: evening
Summary: A Russian military construction battalion working in this isolated region reported seeing a huge flash of light at about half a kilometer from their location. Their commanding officer, Brigadier Sergei Zinoviev decided to go and investigate the source of the flash, alone. A few minutes the men saw the bright flash again and over their heads a huge dark object flew silently and quickly disappeared from sight. At the clearing where Zinoviev was last seen a large area of flattened grass and three deep indentations were found. Zinoviev was nowhere around, he was never seen again.
Source: http://www.ctv.by/tvprogram/~news=43169

Date: 1972 
Location: Near New York City New York
Time: night
Summary: The witness obeying an unknown impulse went out for a drive and 13-14 hours later, he realized he had no idea where he was or where he had been. He had subsequent memory flashes of seeing several approaching tall figures in an open field. These beings stood before a doorway and wore thick purple black coveralls.
Source: Budd Hopkins & Ted Bloecher

Date: 1972 
Location: Southwestern region of France (exact location not given)
Time: night
Summary: The witness was staying in his country house in southwest France. Night had fallen after a day of rain, when he heard outside a kind of “splashing” sound. He went to his front steps and could see nothing; uneasy about the noise, he moved out further into the darkness and saw a few dozen meters away in an adjacent field, a luminous red sphere of 3 or 4 meters in diameter. He suddenly “felt a presence” nearby and turning, he saw in the semi darkness 3 or 4 beings that terrified him. They were dressed in very dark one-piece jump suits, were small in stature and of horrible countenance, with bald plates and full beards. In this few seconds of this confrontation, the little beings stood motionless, staring at the witness, while he felt “transfixed” by their gaze. Thoroughly frightened, the witness turned on his heel and rushed back to his house, where he seized and loaded his rifle. Returning to the same spot, he now saw the little beings moving quickly toward the red sphere at the other end of the field. He put his gun to his shoulder with the intention of firing at them but he suddenly found that he was unable to move and could not pull the trigger. The beings entered the object, which then took off silently and at great speed. When it had vanished the witness recovered his movement and went back indoors, greatly agitated. He found himself sleepless for several nights, and subsequently experienced various degrees of psycho physiological problems.
Source: Eric Zurcher & Alain Gamard

Date: 1972
Location: Largs Bay South Australia
Time: night
Summary: The witness was getting ready for bed when she saw an entity outside her window. The being was about five-foot tall, had a large head, a pointed chin, huge yellow eyes, a thin small white body which glowed, no nose or mouth and no ears could be seen. She was then floated up to a light in the sky. Her next recollection was lying on her back on a table in a room. There were several humanoids in the room and one was leaning over her. He had a large head, a pointed chin and dark almond shaped eyes and a yellow colored body. She felt that the beings were doctors. A small black object was applied to her leg above her right knee. She was told telepathically that “It wont be long,” soon everything around her faded and she found herself back on her bed.
Source: Keith Basterfield

Date:  1972
Location:  Near French Pyrenees
Time:  late night
Summary:  The witness was staying in his country house near the French Pyrenees. Night had fallen after a day of rain, when he heard outside a kind of “splashing” sound. He went to his front steps and could see nothing; uneasy about the noise, he moved out further into the darkness and noticed a luminous red sphere of 3 or 4 meters in diameter few dozen meters away in an adjacent field. He suddenly “felt a presence” nearby and turning, he saw in the semi-darkness 3 or 4 beings that terrified him. They were dressed in very dark one-piece jump suits, were small in stature and of horrible countenance, with bald plates and full beards. In this few seconds of this confrontation, the little beings stood motionless, staring at the witness, while he felt “transfixed” by their gaze. Thoroughly frightened, the witness turned on his heel and rushed back to his house, where he seized and loaded his rifle. Returning to the same spot, he now saw the little beings moving quickly toward the red sphere at the other end of the field. He put his gun to his shoulder with the intention of firing at them but suddenly found that he was unable to move and could not pull the trigger. The beings entered the object, which then took off silently and at great speed. When it had vanished the witness recovered his movement and went back indoors, greatly agitated. He found himself sleepless for several nights, and subsequently experienced various degrees of psycho-physiological problems for which he needed treatment.
Source:  Eric Zurcher, Alain Gamard and the witness

Date:  1972
Location:  Lanham Maryland
Time:  morning
Summary:  A man in Maryland claims he and two other people saw an unknown big bird he believes to be Thunderbird. The 55-year-old press operator, who asked to be kept anonymous, he was in the kitchen when his twin brother noticed the oddity. “I was getting something to eat. My brother lives next door and noticed the massive bird land in the tree,” he said. “Then he told me and my mother to look.” The black feathered bird was reportedly perched on a 40-feet-tall tree and measured “about 5 feet from head to talons”. “The weight of bird had branch bending very much. Had a beak that was close to an eagles with tip pointed down. When it took off from perch, the amount of air it displaced was incredible as he was trying to get airborne, with tree limbs moving violently. Wingspan tip to tip, approximately 12 foot. Conservative estimate.” The newspaper press operator said that the unidentified bird was “absolutely not a turkey vulture”. “I have no doubt it was the Thunderbird.” The sighting allegedly took about 5 minutes but there were no pictures or videos taken. “It happened one morning of 1972, so we didn’t have any cameras with us.”
Source:  Cryptozoology News

Date:  1972
Location. Kiama New South Wales, Australia
Date: 1972 Time: night
A light coming into his bedroom awaked the witness; he saw a white beam of light
with a fluorescent tinge evaporating from it. Because of the bright light, he was able
to make out a flying craft from which the beam projected at an angle to the ground
of about 75 degrees. The beam was about 30 feet long and about two feet six inches
in diameter. He saw the beam of light hit a caravan. Upon impact, the light behaved
like water, pouring over the caravan, over its roof, over its walls, over every nook
and cranny of the van. It reached the beach and illuminated an area of sand about
40 feet at its widest. Inside the lighted area were two men standing motionless
looking up at the craft. A young woman jumped up from a small fire and ran to
stand with the two men. A second young woman was running backwards trying to
brush the light off her arms and body. The light suddenly went out. The witness
then blacked out, on coming to, he looked out the window. He saw the craft
hovering over a street in front of the house. It maneuvered very close to the window.
The craft seemed to be made out of unpolished zinc; he then saw a six-foot wide &
two feet six inches high window on the craft. He saw a man walk into the room of
the craft and stand in front of the window. He held a flat object in his hands
resembling a clipboard. Another man then entered the room looking at the other
man and what he was doing. Both wore bright silver one-piece suits like thin
wetsuits with no badges or markings. The last one to enter the room smiled at the
other, and then they both smiled directly at the witness. The witness became
frightened and dropped to the floor yelling at everybody to stay away from the light.
Suddenly there was a great noise and a severe vibration shook the house. There was
a great noise above the roofs as the craft apparently took off.
Source: Bill Chalker, The Oz Files

Date: 1972 
Location: Highland Park near Detroit, Michigan
Time: night
Summary: The 8-year old witness was sleeping over with neighbors that night and sometime in the early morning woke up to use the restroom. The restroom was located on the right side of the room, and she was sleeping at the end of an L shaped hall. She suddenly heard a noise of a door moving and she walked to the long side of the all to see who was awake with her. The lights shining from the bathroom located on her right allowed her to see what she thought was a small child holding onto a doorknob and peering out from behind the door. She could see the silhouette and thought that “it must be hungry since it was so skinny”. So she took a step closer blinking her eyes as to clear up her sleepy vision and as her vision became more clear she turned her head to the left and the figure mimicked her and that’s when she saw the eye and it was large and black, so she turned her head to the right and it mimicked her again. The witness could now see that the creature had tiny slits for a nose and a dimple for a mouth, she then noticed three long fingers holding the doorknob and it had no clothes on. She could only see one shoulder and its skin although dark, appeared to be gray or dark gray. The witness took a deep breath and urinated on the floor, she then fainted. She woke up the next morning and remembered she had urinated on the floor but there was no evidence of it. She noticed that her underwear was bright white almost glowing and she was back in bed, and there was no urine on the bed. She felt no need to tell her mom or her friend of her experience. The witness claims she had difficulty walking for the next week and believes the alien implanted a chip on her leg which damaged some nerves. In later year she contacted the family and they confirmed that they have also been visited at night by aliens. One of the family members reportedly committed suicide as a result of the encounters.
Source: Budd Hopkins also http://mufoncms.com


Location. Bairro de Aguadinha, Minas Gerais Brazil
Date: 1972 Time: night
Two brothers were walking along a rural area coming back from a party; one of
them was walking slightly ahead of the other. When suddenly the first one observed
a humanoid about 1.10m in height, heavy set, wearing a light brown outfit
combination, and a cap. The humanoid gesticulated and pronounced several
incomprehensible words. As the other brother arrived, the humanoid repeated the
same thing and then disappeared into the brush.
Source: Revista Brasileira de Ufologia

Date:  1972

Location. Puebla Mexico
Date: 1972 Time: night
Heriberto Garza was getting ready to go to bed one night and after turning off the
light and getting between the sheets, he heard an unusual noise in the living room.
Fearing a break-in, he promptly went to investigate and was surprised to find a tall
man with distinguished, almost feminine facial features. Taken aback, Garza
demanded to know how this figure had entered his apartment. The entity told him
in perfect Spanish that it could obviate physical obstacles and to where it pleased—
but the reason for its visit was to grant Mr. Garza “an experience that many would
wish to have.” Garza claimed to have subsequent encounters and to have been taken
aboard a spacecraft, where he met other beings similar in appearance to his original
contact. One alien took his left hand and drew blood from his ring finger before
returning him to his apartment, a return trip that he did not remember. Strange
phenomena began to occur soon after this experience. One morning, while shaving
in front of the bathroom mirror, Garza saw his reflection vanish, only to reappear
as he heard alien voices ringing in his ears, bearing a message that he was unable to
understand. At one point Garza called on the investigators and showed them
something incredible. He proceeded to unbutton his shirt and the researchers were
astounded to see a number of nipples growing randomly across Garza’s abdomen,
some of them small, others larger and with abundant hair. The investigators
concluded that something had been injected into Garza that tampered with his
DNA. Soon after that “Garza” dropped out of sight and was not heard from again.
Source: Jorge Reichert & Salvador Freixedo

Date: 1972 
Location: Sizabantu South Africa
Time: night
Summary: A woman was lying in her bed one night when she heard a sound of a helicopter overhead and felt like a whirlwind was surrounding her. Somehow she was taken out of the house and soon found herself inside an object where several robot-like beings examined her with numerous types of instruments. She felt no pain during the procedure and the “Robots” communicated with her via telepathy. Among other things they told her that she was not fully developed. Before returning her back to the house the humanoids told her that she could wish for anything she wanted it and they would grant her the wish. She told them that she wanted to marry. They thought it was a small wish and told her she should wish for bigger things, but she declined. The instruments were removed from her body and she was brought back home. Later one of the “robots” returned explaining that they had “forgotten” an instrument. He soon dismantled a machine on her leg and left. A large blue spot remained in that area of the leg for several days.
Source: Dr. Kurt Koch

Date: 1972
Location: Cerro Las Mesas, Puerto Rico
Time: night
Summary: Several students belonging to the CROEM or “Mayaguez Center of Studies” reported seeing low flying luminous disc-shaped objects over the area. One of the students, Ricardo Martinez reported encountering a bizarre humanoid in a wooded area. The humanoid was briefly described as about 4 ft tall with large shiny red oval shaped eyes and hairy. No other information.
Source: Jorge Martin, La Conspiracion Chupacabras

Date: 1972 
Location: Clovis, New Mexico
Time: night
Summary: The 10-year old witness was sitting around watching TV and all of a sudden he felt a heavy drop of something hit the top of his head. He looked up at the ceiling and there was nothing and it wasn’t raining outside. Seconds later he felt like if everything around him was going in slow motion. He told his mother that his was tired and he was going to bed. He took his clothes off and did not put his pajamas on. He then noticed that the bedroom window was open and he approach it to shut it, when he looked outside he saw three (beings) that resembled three men standing around wearing trench coats looking at him as though they were expecting him. They had something resembling a stand up camera with lots of lights. His next recollection was of feeling desperate to reach his bed. The next morning he woke up and was stark naked.
Source: UFO Experiencer Support 

Location. Curitiba, Parana, Brazil

Date: 1972 Time: afternoon
Wilma Camargo was working at a local mill and had gone out to the yard along
with several other employees for lunch break. Once outside the workers were now
seeing a strange phenomenon. About 2 meters above a nearby pear grove was
hovering a strange object, the object descended to hover about 5meters about a
stump on the ground. The strange craft was about 2 meters in diameter, with an
oval-shaped base, at one end of the object there was a sort of beak-like object
pointing towards the ground, on the top section it had what appeared to be a
pyramid shaped protrusion with numerous edges on its base. The top of the object
appeared to be convex in shape and topped with a small cupola.
On the side of the craft there was a square-shaped window and inside the head of
creature. The creature seemed to be observing the other workers in the yard with
extreme curiosity. The creature’s head was round and was apparently larger than a
normal human head, approximately 25 or 30cm in diameter. Its eyes were small,
round and very close to each other, she could see ears but could not see a nose, only
two small indentations. The mouth was very large shaped like a straight line. On top
of its head she could see sparse yellow colored hair. The craft hovered for about 5
minutes. After that the craft rose up and disappeared into the sky.
Source: SBEDV 126-128

Date:  1972

Location. Near Norilsk, Russia
Date: 1972 Time: night
A woman was returning home from work when she perceived what appeared to be a
bright star descending from the sky. The light began to increase in size and as it
approached the witness began to take the shape of a sphere. The sphere dimmed
and she could now see the outlined figure of a man wearing a “cosmonaut” suit
complete with helmet and headphones. At this point her daughter came out of the
house and yelled at her that it was “her uncle the cosmonaut”. The sphere then
gradually faded away.
Source: SKYZONE Russia

Date:  1972

Location. Washington D.C.
Date: 1972 Time: night
The young witness who lived in a suburb of the capital remembers waking up and
looking at the “glow in the dark” face of his bedside wind up clock, and realizing
that the second hand had stopped. Suddenly there was a brilliant flash of light
outside his window, facing the side of the next door neighbor’s house. He got out of
bed and went to the window, and saw a light sitting on top of the neighbor’s house.
Next thing he knew, he felt like he was on a metal table. He realized that he was
being examined by doctors (he could not remember seeing anything that looked like
an alien). He remembered asking for his mom and crying but doesn’t remember
anything after that. He woke up the next morning to his dad screaming his head off
that he was late to work because the clocks had stopped. He ran downstairs to tell
his parents what happened to him, but they were too harried to listen. His dad also
commented that his wristwatch had also stopped; apparently every clock in the
house had stopped at approximately the same time.

Source: Fortean Times, Forums

Date:  1972

Location. Caguas, Puerto Rico
Date: 1972 Time: night
15-year old Rosa M. Casellas and a friend both members of an amateur UFO group
were outside on the terrace conducting a UFO “skywatch”, it was their turn at the
time, the others were all inside the residence. Both were carrying several flashlights
and other instruments in the hope of attracting the attention of UFOs (there was a
heavy wave of sightings at the time in Puerto Rico) they also recalled attempting to
summon UFOs “telepathically”. After several uneventful hours both suddenly
clearly saw a bright light approaching their position rapidly. Both became very
excited and attempted to call the others in the group, but strangely there appeared
to have been some type of “sound barrier” which prevented their voices to reach the
others inside, however they could still clearly hear those inside. Terrified both
watched the object land not to far away. A door became visible on the object and
several figures exited the craft one by one. In total there were 5 humanoids all
described as very tall and wearing silvery suits. They all carried in their hands what
appeared to be powerful flashlights, which illuminated the area around the landed
object. Both witnesses again attempted to communicate with the others but with the
same frustrating results. Moments later one of the humanoids the “flashlight” at the
witnesses. Both girls attempted to hide and became very nervous. But moments later
the humanoids walked back inside the craft which then began to ascend. At this
point the other members of the group were able to hear the witnesses and ran
outside. The others saw the object already at a distance but watched as other similar
craft joined the first one and then shot away at great speed. The next day the group
visited the landing site and found a circular area of burned grass. The leader of the
group took photos of the ground traces, but the photos were never seen by the girls.

Source: Rosa M. Casellas in,

Date:  1972

quebeclargeDate: 1972
Location: Quebec, Canada.
Summary: The witness to this UFO wishes to remain anonymous. He was fishing at a lake when he first noticed this strange object moving below the clouds. He was able to get his camera and take one photograph before the object disappeared from his view.

Location. Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
Date: 1972 Time: night
The main witness was with a large group of friends standing on the north side of his
home when a few of them looked up and saw a very large ship very slowly come
over the tree line. The ship was large and rounded at the front. It stopped over the
homes on the other side of the road and simply sat there. The front of the rounded
had a window that was literally right in front of the witnesses. In the window were
two large and one smaller figure. They stood in the window and looked at the
witnesses for a good five minutes and then the ship turned and slowly flew or almost
hovered to the north and they watched it until it quickly shot into the sky.

Source: UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/

Date:  1972

Location. Des Plaines, Illinois
Date: 1972 Time: night
The 11-year old witness lived with his family in a tri-level duplex, his bedroom
located on the third floor. From his bed, he could see down the long third-floor
hallway. He could also see his parent’s bedroom door, and half of the open railed
staircase that came up from the second floor.
One night as he lay sleepless in bed (the rest of the family had gone to bed hours
before) he sensed someone coming up the stairs from the second floor. When he
turned his head to look he saw a man-sized, glowing, red entity, it was gliding slowly
up the stairs to the third floor. The entity was translucent, and it remained
consistent when changing directions to come up the hall towards the witness in his
bedroom. Once it reached his bedroom doorway, it glided to its right, (his left)
towards the window on the other side of his room. It lingered at the window for a
moment before retreating exactly as it had come. An eternity later (probably only a
few seconds) his shock induced paralysis broke, he flew out of his bed and down the
hall to his parent’s room where he slept under the covers at the foot of their bed for
the rest of the night.

Source: Letter from witness to Fate Magazine July 2004 

Date:  1972

Location. Cerro de Lircay, Isla Lemuy, Chile
Date: 1972 Time: midnight
The main witness, Graciela Ruiz Cardenas, had been invited by some friends to the
location in order to witness ‘an extraordinary event’ which they had been seeing
every night, for a long time now. According to them at a certain time almost every
night a ‘strange ship’ would rise out of the waters in a bay across from their
location. The group hid behind some rocks and covered their bodies with ‘garlic
paste and oil’ according to island tradition. Since according to legend the strange
beings from the depths of the waters are able to detect humans from a great
distance and read their thoughts and immediately hide their presence.
When midnight came around suddenly from the depths of the bay the group saw a
bright glow rising up to the surface, which covered the width of the bay. Suddenly a
huge elongated craft emerged from the waters, shining like gold. The craft was so
close to the group that they could see on its surface numerous pairs of men and
women that appeared to be dancing to the music from a band of musicians that
were playing instruments similar to accordions of all sizes and emitting all types of
sounds. All the figures on the surface of the object were wearing shiny golden
outfits. The music could be heard from a long distance, but it was of a type totally
unknown by the witnesses. The entities on the object talked and laughed among
each other, and then would drink out of shiny goblets. The craft remained there for
several hours and its occupants repeated their actions as ‘if frozen in time’. Only
when daylight began to break did the gigantic craft again submerged into the waters
of the bay. Graciela and her friends watched the craft until it disappeared below the
waters. According to the witnesses they only noticed that several hours had gone by
after the object had disappeared, to them only felt like several minutes had

Source: Antonio Cardenas Tabies “Pacifico Sur” 

Date:  1972

Location. Wonder, Oregon
Date: 1972 Time: late night
The main witness had gone with his family to a friend’s house to watch a wrestling
match. As they watched there was sudden interference on the television set and
there was a sound of a car running outside. The main witness went outside but
didn’t see anything. There was still interference on the television so he went outside
a second time and saw a huge glowing globe-shaped object hovering over the house.
It was the color of the moon and was moving like a pendulum. He called everyone
else and asked them to bring him a flashlight so he could signal the object. He
signaled the object and it appeared to turn its lights off and on. It then seemed to
ascend and descend as if answering the witness’s signals. There was no noise coming
from it. Suddenly it seemed to get larger and appeared to be landing near the house.
The main witness told the kids present to go back into the house. From that point on
the memory of the event became hazy. The main witness next memory was of telling
his family to see if it was still out there. Later his kids remember being onboard the
ship, and his youngest said that ‘they’ (not described) showed him how it ‘worked’,
and flew them around. The kids remember seeing a beam of light come in the door
which then ‘took them all’. His youngest son later enlisted in the Army and was told
that military doctors found 2 surgical scars on each side of his back on his kidneys.
He had never been to a hospital. The main witness reports a further event at an
unknown date in the state of Washington in which several short gray figures entered
his bedroom and inserted a ‘probe’ into his left nostril leaving blood on his pillow.

Source: http://mufoncms.com 

Date:  1972

Location. Vila Cister, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Date: 1972 Time: 2230
8-year old Liz De Albuquerque was preparing to go to sleep one night and was
sitting on her bunk looking at her parents as they peacefully slept when she noticed
a bright glow forming above the table in the kitchen. For a few moments the glow
remained hovering above the table when suddenly a small green colored creature
came out of it. The small creature seemed to be very curious about its surroundings.
Moments later it began approaching the witness’s room. Afraid, the witness hid
under the covers. After awhile thinking that the creature was gone, she uncovered
herself only to find the creature standing over her, looking down at her. The witness
screamed in terror and at the same time the creature moved back emitting an
inaudible murmur, it then glided rapidly back towards the kitchen and re-entered
the bright glow. The witness described the creature as having large round
protruding eyes, small ears, and thin lips (almost unseen). It had a large head and a
pointy chin completely devoid of hair. The girl also noticed several dark “splotches”
on the skin of the creature around the shoulder area; they appeared to be reddish in
color. The creature did not appear to be wearing any clothing. As soon as the
creature disappeared into the bright glow it vanished. Liz was then able to wake her
parents, who did not see anything unusual.
Source: Grupo UFO Genesis, Brazil

Date:  1972

Location. Iron Mountain, Michigan
Date: 1972 Time: 2250
The witness was driving out of the parking lot of his foundry job when he noticed an
object flying about 100 ft in the air above a junkyard. He noticed 4 lights, 2 red and
2 green. Suddenly it shot a bright beam down onto several of the wrecked cars in the
junkyard, shut it off, and proceeded east repeating the same thing. The object then
stops to hover above some trees and bushes. The witness drove closer to the object
and realized it was a giant round disc shaped craft. There was a dome-like structure
on the top with a giant pane of glass with 2 creatures standing. One pointed towards
the witness car, turned to the other and immediately the glass was covered by some
kind of barrier so it simply looked like a disc with a dome. The witness then stood
directly under the object where he saw a mesmerizing red light that had an
extremely tranquilizing effect on the witness. The underside of the object had a
slight lip around the edge. Crisscrossing the belly were what appeared to be some
kind of tubes or I-beams, which passed through to each of the lights resembling a
“cross” or plus sign. Eventually, the witness heard a whine like an electric motor
starting, and then silence set in. The lights then became more intense, while four
globes beneath the object began to send off what looked like bolts of lightning. Out
of nowhere and completely encircling the disc, came a coil, which looked like it was
made up of overlapping scales, like fish scales, roughly spherical in shape and about
12 inches at the widest. The disc then rose cleared the top of the foundry roof and
preceded slightly northeast, it momentarily turned its lights off as it glided across a
street. The craft then stopped and disappeared. The witness then suddenly found
himself back home. Years later the witness remembered being lifted up on a beam
of light and being inside of the disc. There he met the same two beings he had seen
previously. One of the humanoids was about 4-½ ft tall, the other 4 ft. Their skin
was kind of iridescent gray and they had large eyes, no ears, or mouth. They had 4
fingers on each hand with a tiny suction cup-like on each finger. Inside the object
everything was metallic with sky-blue seat cushions. The humanoids seemed to lack
what we would call substance, rather like a holographic image of one kind or
another. He was told telepathically that they had needed electrons from the iron in
the junked cars, which they needed as fuel. The witness could not remember how he
left the object.

Source: Michigan UFO Central

Date:  1972

Date:  1972

Location. Midland Michigan
Date: 1972 Time: 2100
A husband and wife saw a lighted craft coming over the woods at tree level. The
object was moving very slowly from the northwest, passing between the house and
the neighbor’s house to the west. All they could see was a very bright interior, with a
brightness not accustomed to on earth. They could see the outline of 4 windows,
approximately 8×10 ft in size. There were two humanoids inside. No exterior lights
were seen. The two humanoids were human-like, and wore Navy/Air Force type
uniforms. One was apparently in full uniform; the other had his jacket off, to expose
a white shirt. On the men’s jackets the witnesses could see brass buttons and 2 or 3
gold stripes on the left arm sleeve near the wrist area. They could not see the men’s
hands, which appeared to be resting on some type of panel just below the window
edge. One of the men had blond hair, fair skin, thin and was maybe 6 ft 4 inches tall.
The other was shorter and slightly bigger built, and was carrying a clipboard in his
hand. He turned and moved towards the other figure and disappeared. The craft
passed silently heading towards the south and disappeared from sight.

Source: Michigan UFO Central

Location. Fort Collins, Colorado
Date: 1972 Time: 2300
Three family members were watching television when all the lights in the house
went off, the witnesses then saw red and blue flashing lights. Two of the witnesses
then saw what look like a black helicopter but could hear no sound from the object.
As they stared transfixed at the object, it hovered across from them and they could
see what appeared to be a pilot operating the craft. The pilot was wearing a full
helmet and no facial features could be seen, but the figure appeared human like.
After hovering for what seemed like a short period of time it slowly moved upwards
to the roof and quietly left. Strangely, the witnesses continued to watch television
and did not report the incident. Around the same time another family member
watched a craft land on a dark pasture in front of the house and then three four tall
figures came out. They were wearing full suits and helmets and walked over to the
larger window of the house where the witness was standing. She refuses to talk
about the experience to this date.

Source: NUFORC

Date:  1972

Location. Hato Rey Puerto Rico

Date: 1972 Time: late night
The witness, Cecilia Torres, was lying in bed when suddenly she heard a loud
humming sound. Suddenly several tall human-like figures appeared, grabbed her,
and somehow transported her into a huge hovering triangular shaped craft. The
beings were described as white, with long blond hair and wearing bright red tight
fitting outfits. Onboard the craft she was apparently examined by the beings. She
was later brought back to her bed. Her parents heard a loud humming sound, ran to
her room, and found her apparently paralyzed & lying on her bed. Looking out the
window they saw a large triangular shaped craft enveloped in a bright bluish light
that was quickly flying away from the area at high speed.
Source: Jorge Martin Type:

Date:  1972

Location. Colorado, exact location not given
Date: 1972 Time: late night
A couple that had been having all kinds of reproductive difficulties was sleeping in
their home late one night. The husband suddenly woke up to see a large humanoid
creature apparently having sex with his wife next to him in bed. He started to get up
but suddenly felt paralyzed. He could still see and noticed two beings in the room,
both were big and tall. And one of them was definitely on top of his wife having
intercourse with her. She looked like she was deeply asleep but also having a
tremendous amount of pleasure. After this incident the wife was apparently cured of
her reproductive difficulties and was able to conceive and bear two normal healthy
Source: Preston Dennett, UFO Healing 

Date:  1972

Location. Norton, Massachusetts
Date: 1972 Time: late night
The witness (involved in other encounters) noticed a metallic purple-green glow
shining through the treetops, illuminating his yard. He went to the patio door and
looked up to see a disk about a hundred feet up hovering silently, it then dropped
down inches off the water in front of the boat dock. The craft then slid inches above
the surface of the water to the other shore and shot straight up and out of sight. The
witness then went to the deck and noticed a smell of ozone in the air. The witness
dog ran out the patio door and ran toward the back of the garage. He then stopped
his tail wagging. The witness then looked towards the garage and saw three tall,
thin, humanoid silhouettes backlit by moonlight standing behind the garage.
Terrified the witness ran into the house. He did not see the aliens leave.

Source: Lighthink.com & direct from witness

Date:  1972

Location. Near Punta Indio, Argentina
Date: 1972 Time: late night
Several hunters returning from an outing observed from their vehicle a luminous
object apparently on the ground at about 200 meters from Route 11 and next to the
object several short entities that moved around using short hops. The witnesses
stopped their vehicle and approached the object, one of them armed with a rifle
with intentions of firing at the entities, but as they neared the site something in the
surrounding environment caused them to feel tired and filled with torpor. During
the whole time the entities ignored the witnesses and continued on with their tasks.
Finally the hunters decided to leave the area and did not see the object or entities

Source: Luis Burgos, Ovniscience, Argentina

Date:  1972

Date:  1972

Location. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Date: 1972 Time: dawn
While a mother and her two children were sleeping in their home, the mother woke up early with a start when the room strangely lit up and she saw two human-like beings dressed in white coveralls near the window. They ran out when she shouted. Her older son, age 15, came and looked out the window, seeing a circular object rise up vertically at great speed.

Source: Apro Bulletin (Unknown number) also Leonte N. Obijo

Date: 1972 
Location: Nampa, Idaho
Time: midnight
Summary: A mother and her two sons experienced a close-up encounter with a metallic disk near their home. One of the children, Jack Stevens, (pseudonym), then 12-years old was actually abducted into the craft and experienced a six-hour long abduction involving an examination and other bizarre procedures. His brother and mother were left in the car (under suspended animation?). After 6 hours Jack returned back to the car and the family drove home. Each had varying recall. The mother and brother remembered seeing a strange animal in the road. The mother also remembered seeing what she thought was a crop-duster. Jack, at first, recalled only a bright light, which hovered over their car, causing the engine to fail, then a strange floating sensation. His next memory was the car starting up and 6 hours had passed. Jack knew 6 hours had passed without explanation and yet nobody seemed to care. The next day, despite his confusion, Jack and his family didn’t discuss the incident. Again, he couldn’t explain the silence of all family members.
Source: Preston Dennett in MUFON Journal # 403 November 2001

Date: 1972 
Location: Pantai Selatan, Java, Indonesia
Time: various
Summary: A local man, Hendra Hartanto, claimed that he had been able to capture a few mysterious beings measuring only 4 inches tall, after undergoing a process of isolation and meditation for an undisclosed period of time in Pantai Selatan. These tiny entities are interesting not just because they are something ‘out of this world’, but they are similar in size to the reported encounters with tiny UFO occupants seen in Malaysia. Most of the UFO beings coming out of landed tiny UFOs in Malaysia measured only between three to nine inches in height. However, Hartanto never claimed that the entities he captured were UFO occupants. He believed that these beings were the manifestations of white monkeys, due to a spiritually imposed curse by Hartanto. According to him, the strange entities had aged over thousand of years, and that each year the size of their bodies became smaller. To keep them alive, Hartanto fed the creatures human blood (!) every 35 days. He said that he obtained the blood from valid sources, and sometimes even donated his own. If these entities actually dined on blood, perhaps the loss of blood in cattle mutilations cases (and goats) could throw some light as to who might be needing blood for survival. To back up his claims of the captured beings, Hartanto has put his finds up for display at shopping malls around Jakarta. He is currently charging 5,000 rupiah for those who are interested in seeing the creatures and Hartanto’s fan base are mostly comprised of housewives and children. The tiny beings are almost human-like in appearance, but seem to be more ling long-haired dolls with round protruding eyes. Without its fangs and claw-like fingers and toes, one of the beings looks more like a child’s ‘Teddy Bear’. The only visible difference is that they appear to be alive. Hartanto usually displays four of these unusual creatures, which he calls “Jenglot”. He has male and female Jenglots and according to Hartanto, the males are more aggressive when compared to the female of the species. Each of the Jenglots has a different facial complexion allowing him to easily differentiate between them and give them individual names. Even though these tiny creatures are becoming increasingly popular with the Southeast Asians, Hartanto has incurred the ire of the Muslim community. The latter believe that the presence of the Jenglot could encourage a deeper belief in supernatural phenomena.
Source: Ahmad Jamaluddin “Alien Encounters # 25 1998”

Date: 1972: Man finds gold ‘nugget’ after seeing bright light 

Date: 1972 
Location: Dagenham, London, England
Time: various
Summary: The 17-year old witness, Glenda, told investigators that she had come home from school one afternoon, gone upstairs to her room, only to be joined by a “spacewoman” who walked in through the closed door, sat beside her on her bed and talked with her for an hour or so. Ever since then, the spacewoman had been a sort of companion, counselor and friend, generally unseen, but always felt. This entity was later to appear intermittently in Glenda’s life—sometimes when awake sometimes in dreams; neither malevolent nor benevolent, though seemingly concerned for Glenda’s well-being. In 1976 Glenda saw a cigar-shaped UFO which followed her along a city street.
Source: Hilary Evans, “Visions, Apparitions, Alien Visitations: A comparative study of the Entity Enigma” 1984

Date:  1972
Location:  Wildflecken West Germany
Time:  about 9 pm
Summary:  I was an army brat living in West Germany in a place called Wildflecken. It was a heavily wooded area. Lots of places for a boy of 12 to go camping. I was with a friend. It was about 9pm at the time, the month of November. We had a fire built, and I remember my friend was sitting cross-legged next to the fire. I was directly across from him standing, doing something. We were in a tiny clearing with evergreens all around. We were talking to each other when all of a sudden this very tall creature standing on two legs, which looked a bit like a German Shepard, stepped out of the foliage. It was about 6 or 7 feet tall. Much like in the Week in Weird witness report, I distinctly remember the tall ears, long snout, heavy shoulders, long tail, and bent dog-legs. It seemed to be muscular in build and had a thick upper body and a narrow lower body. Colored the same as a German Shepard. This thing stepped over the fire between us and was gone in a quick second. It was extremely fast. We both exclaimed, at the same time “what the hell was that!” before running as fast as we could to my fiend’s house. We locked ourselves in his basement and slept there for the rest of the night. We never spoke of it again. We didn’t know what we saw, but it never made any aggressive gestures or noises at us. I have conducted much research since the age of the computer. Bought books on the subject. All the legends I have gone through makes me think, if legends are true, this could have been a Benandanti Werewolf. They were not evil and only tried to protect the farmers crops against evil spirits.
Source:  Week in Weird 

Date:  1972

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