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Date: July 1973: Hokkaido, Japan

Date: July  1973
Location:  Quebec, Canada (exact location not given)
Time:  0300A
Summary:  While sleeping in her home Paulette Mercier woke up to a buzzing sound and looked out her window to see a landed disc-shaped object on a nearby field. She walked outside and was approached by two man-like humanoids that exited the object. The humanoids contacted the witness and spoke to her about her future role as a liaison between the extraterrestrials and earth people. The aliens spoke about the earth’s religions and that not one of them was the “correct” one or exact one.
Source:  Catalog CASUFO, Denys Breysse Project Becassine

Date: July 1973
Location: Oak Cliff, Dallas Texas
Time: 0800A
Summary: The young witness was playing on a swing in his backyard when he noticed an object flying over the top of the trees. As the object approached he could tell it was a disc shaped craft that appeared to be covered with green moss. The object approached slowly then hovered 30 feet above the witness. The object was a dark green metallic color, with rivets around its edges and portholes. It made a low humming sound. The witness then suddenly heard a voice in his head that told him not to be afraid that they were from the government and not to move or tell his parents. Suddenly the noise increased, the object then moved away slowly then shot away leaving a straight line of white light behind it.
Source: NUFORC

Date: July 1973
Location: Point Pleasant West Virginia
Time: night
Summary: A group returning from a family reunion north of an old TNT storage area suddenly saw a tall shaggy white haired figure floating alongside their vehicle. The creature kept pace with the vehicle at speeds up to 65mph. The creature’s head was about three-foot wide and did not have any visible wings.
Source:  Bob Teets, West Virginia UFOs

Date:  July 1973
Location: Roqueseriere, Haute Garonne, France
Time:  2300
Summary: Mr. B, 75-76 years old, retired, hears a humming sound and sees lights outside. He goes out into his garden and sees a bell shaped UFO about 8-9 meters in diameter, it is milky white in color and hovering about 1 meter from the ground. The object does not move however the witness feels a gust of wind coming from the craft. Inside the object the witness sees 2 or 3 moving shadows, resembling humans. During the observation the witness feels an ache in his eyes. Other witnesses in the area reported seeing UFOs maneuvering overhead.
Source: LDLN # 182, Denys Breysse Project Becassine

Date: July 1 1973
Location: Suonenjoki, Finland
Time: 0200A
Summary: Jarmo Nykanen was staying at his lakeside summer cottage when he was awoken in the early hours of the morning by a buzzing sound. A strong blue light was irradiating the cottage. Going outside Jarmo saw a blue light “twice as big as a row boat” approaching. This then stopped and hovered above the water of the lake. The light seemed to radiate from a kind of “jelly” glowing in an unusual manner. Jarmo thought he could see a strange being inside the light. The next thing he remembered was lying on the cottage porch at about 0600A.
Source: Apro Bulletin, 11/79, Paul Deveraux Earth Lights

Date:  July 4, 1973: Woman observes object in daylight

Date: July 6 1973
Location:  Fairfield, IL
Time:  about 8:00 p.m.
Summary:  Four boys (ages 14-18) saw an illuminated object shaped like a “flat football” near Fairfield Airport about 10 p.m. as they were on the road to Miriam. Earlier, about 8:00 p.m. the same object was seen by two other boys near the Drive In Theatre and Fairfield Gun Club, as it passed over their car heading toward Geff. The boys located the sheriff and his deputy at the Regal 8 Inn at Fairfield and reported the sighting. The men went outside to look, saw nothing, and made light of the boys’ report. The two boys returned to the site where they had seen the object, spotted it again to the west and then followed it to Geff where it was then lost to view behind some trees. The boys said the object was football shaped, with red and white alternating lights around it and was the size of a half dollar held at arms length.
Source: SL-70, page 10

Date:   July 7, 1973: Disc-shaped object hovers over radio tower

Date: July 9 1973
Location:  Mar Del Plata, Buenos Aires Argentina
Time:  1830
Summary:  While Mrs Mabel Gorchs de Veron was crossing the central Plaza Colon, she observed a bright green light that made her look up. There, 100 meters above her, was a circular object about 10 meters in diameter, emitting a bluish luminosity, with a cupola on its upper part and a row of little windows around it, through which a dim light came from the inside, where there could be seen “some strange figures, looking out.” The craft remained motionless for several seconds, until a commercial plane went by; the UFO followed it for a few moments before going away toward the sea. It seems that this phenomenon was also observed by a newspaperman of the local daily and by a group of office employees of the Argentine National Airlines. Later, at 1915 Mr. Villegas succeeded in seeing it with his Urano 100 telescope of 200x magnification, making out some shadows that seemed to be moving around inside it; the object was already at a greater altitude. The UFO remained in the sky of Mar Del Plata for 4 hours, during which it was seen by hundreds of witnesses.
Source: Banchs, and Daniel Veron

Date:  July 10 1973
Location: Southwestern Arizona
Time: unknown
Summary: A disc-shaped craft about 30 ft in diameter, lens-shaped, with a small dome on top, crashed for unknown reasons. It was retrieved intact and moved at first to an underground hangar at 29 Palms base, where it was placed on a big elevator lift. 3 dead humanoids (not of the gray type, but not described) were found inside. After that, the disk was moved to Wright Patterson and later to the S-4 facility. Incredibly the disk was larger inside than outside. (This bizarre detail has been described in numerous occasions).
Source:Anton Anfalov list

Date: July  1973
Time: July 13, 1973; Emden, MO
3:30 a.m. Began with barking dog. The object was described as egg shaped or oblong, about the size of an average car.  It had a 3-dimensional appearance, “..like you could look through it, or right into it.” The outside was orange and toward the center it was brighter and a slightly different color. The colors were described as similar to setting sun but not dark enough to be considered red. The night was very quiet with no wind. (AR Case, Woodward)

Date: July 16 1973
Location:  Between Paloma and Playa de Oro, Spain  
Time:  6:30 p.m. 
Summary:  Miguel Romera Fernandez de Cordoba was flying a forest fire aircraft from Palamos to Playa de Oro at 3,000 feet altitude, and with a clear sky and a good visibility. Suddenly he saw a strange object which looked like a rugby ball cut on lower part. The object paced and maintained same position on the right of the aircraft for 10-12 minutes. The aircraft radio system failed during the sighting. The movement of the object gave to the pilot a sensation of fear. 
Source: NARCAP Case 35, Dr Richard F. Haines Files

Date: July 17 1973
Location: Northern Mojave Desert California
Time: 2200
Summary: A group of three unidentified witnesses observed the descent of a torpedo-shaped UFO over an isolated area near one of the witness ranch. As the UFO hovered near the ground, three “objects” dropped from it to the ground and “ambled” off in different directions. The witness said the “objects” were “animate” and one described two lights in what would approximate the area of the head (or two luminous eyes) of a reddish color. Next day at the site, tracks similar to those of Bigfoot appearances were made in the area, specifically one by a group of people on the night of July 25, at which time a convoy of military trucks appeared on the scene and, under the glare of spotlights, military personnel presumably “corralled” a Bigfoot and carted him off in a truck.
Source:  Peter Gutilla, Saga UFO Report November 1976

Date: July  1973
Summary: July 21, 1973; Gavignano, France
E-M effects, paralysis, cold felt; bright object rose from ground and shot into sky, power returned, engine restarted by itself. (Flying Saucer Review, Vol. 23, No. 6; see Rodeghier, 1981, p. 57 [E,R,L] car).

Date: July  1973
Summary: July 27, 1973; Lake Isabella, CA
Domed-shaped object 15′ in diameter on roadside, rose and crossed road. (MUFON MUJ, July 1988, p. 19 [R,L] car).

Date: July 27 1973
Location: Lago D’Idro Brescia Italy
Summary: A 16-year old man found and photographed some strange traces in the area. He seems to have experienced a period of missing time. Later under hypnosis he recalled being approached and touched by a human figure. He then became confused and felt being sucked up into a hovering object through an opening underneath. He found himself in a round room where four figures were standing. A woman then entered the room and the beings began talking and touching the witness. He could not move the whole time. He then sat on a chair next to a window and saw the object descend and land. He was then released.
Source:Paolo Fiorino, UFO Universe Oct/Nov 1991

Date: July 29 1973
Location: . Near Ottawa Ontario Canada
Time: 2100
Summary: Two witnesses driving near Ottawa suddenly noticed a bright globe of light descend and pass near them; three humanoid figures could be seen through three oblong shaped portholes. The object then flew over the car and left.
Source:  John Brent Musgrave, UFO Occupants and Critters

Date: July  1973

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