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Date:    May, 1973: Doraty Abduction

Date:  May, 1973
Location: Near Houston Texas
Time: night
Summary: A family of five traveling by car on a clear night when they began noticing a bright blue white light pacing their vehicle. Eventually they stopped the car on the side of the road near a farm area and the main witness stepped out of the car to observe the light. She next recalled getting back into the car feeling nauseous and thirsty. When they drove to a nearby relative’s home the light appeared again and descended low over a nearby field. The object was round and had lighted windows. The witnesses became hysterical and the object suddenly shot up at tremendous speed. Later under hypnosis the main witness was able to remember seeing, in the first encounter, a brown and white calf rise up into the object within a beam of pale yellow light. The witness and her daughter were also transported inside the object. There the main witness watched in horror as two little men, gray in color with huge wrap around eyes with vertical pupils and wearing form fitting black outfits excise tissue from the calf’s eyeball, tongue and testicles and then lower the calf into a field apparently already dead. The daughter remembered being escorted into the object by several short humanoids that moved mechanically and performed medical tests on her. One of the beings was taller with different eyes from the others and seemed more compassionate towards the witness and was apparently a female. Both witnesses saw what appeared to be animal parts in a room inside the object.
Source: Linda Moulton Howe, Glimpses Of other Realities Vol. I

Date:  May 3 1973
Location: Mantorp Sweden
Time: night
Summary: Mrs. Sigrid Karlsson and her son Robert saw an object illuminated by a red light hovering over a neighbor’s house; it looked like 2 saucer plates separated by a row of broad windows, and made a loud hissing sound. Robert thought he could see two men inside. As it drew closer, its light became yellow-white.
Source: Canadian UFO Report # 20, 1975

Date: May 6 1973
Location:  Kokomo, IN
Summary:  Humanoid report, no details, listed in directory and UFOFC files.
Source: EGBA,675

Date: May 11, 1973
Location: Piedmont, MO
Time: 8:10 p.m. 
Summary: Row of seven lights observed for 45 seconds by Harley Rutledge and three other members of Project Identification team.
Source: Project Identification, page 42

Date: May 12 1973
Location: Near Kent Ohio
Time: 2120
Summary: The witness was driving west on Route 76, near Kent, when he observed a group of flashing lights overhead, almost directly above the car. They moved along the highway with him until finally, out of curiosity, he stopped; so did the lights. Looking up through the windshield, at close to a 90 degree angle, he could see a football shaped object that flashed from red to blue to white, in a repeating cycle; as he watched, he saw a figure materialize approximately 10 feet below the object. The figure was human in shaped, clad all in silver, and rapidly descended to the highway directly in front of the car; when it reached the pavement, the figure was standing rigidly in a position looking to the right, then turned its head to look directly into the windshield at the witness. After about a half a minute, the figure again ascended rapidly, “like a helium balloon,” towards the object; disappearing before it reached it. It was shaped exactly like a human, but was entirely silver in color, lacking hair and ears; eyes, a “Dutch” nose and narrow mouth, with small pointed chin, were observed by the witness. He was uncertain as to whether the silvery body was a close fitting garment or the actual skin color, for he saw what appeared to be the faint outline of a vein running down the inside of one of the figure’s arms, which he held rigidly downward; on the feet he saw what appeared to be boots or shoes, with a heavy, distinct line between the sole and boot itself. No line of demarcation could be seen between the shoe, or boot and the lower leg. The height of the figure was not much more than 2.5 feet; and it descended to a position approximately ten feet in front of the car. After the figure ascended, the object moved rapidly in a vertical ascent, rocking the car “as if a semi was passing it.”
Source:  Larry Moyers and Marc Candusso FSIC

Date: May 15 1973: Sandown Isle of Wight England Close Encounter

Date: May 15 1973: Chugiak, Alaska Possible Abduction

Date: mid May 1973
Location: Near Catanduva, Sao Paulo Brazil
Time: unknown
Summary: A man and his wife employed at the Fazenda Secap claimed to have seen an oval shaped flying craft, “with two figures like people, in big hats and linked together by a sort of tube.” According to one newspaper, as many as six local residents claimed also to have seen the UFO. There were numerous other incidents in the area at the same time.
Source:  Gordon Creighton, FSR Vol. 11 # 3/4

Date: May 16 1973
Location: Parafuso Bahia Brazil
Time: 1500
Summary: An anonymous man “who enjoys an excellent reputation in Bahia” was walking on some river property of his, carrying a shotgun, when he heard a soft humming. Then a man about 5’3″ tall appeared in front of him. He wore a brownish gray tight fitting leotard, with boots that appeared metallic, and a wide belt with a very large blue buckle. His face and his hands, which had long fingers, were pallid white, his ears small and pointed, and his head “larger than ours.” This man, speaking in Portuguese, told the witness not to be afraid, and to put away his gun, saying that he was “not of this world-I come from a planet that you people call a satellite.” He also said that his ship was hovering a few yards above them, invisible to the eye. Then he said, “Good bye, brother, I must go” and pushed a white button on his belt buckle. At this a beam of light shone on him “and then drew away, carrying the man with it”, he disappeared a few yards above the witness head.
Source: Alberto Romero, ONIFE

Date: May 17, 1973
Location: South Atlantic
Source:  Table 1, 116,

Date: May 18 1973
Location:   Sherlock, South Australia
Time:  2130
Summary:  Three young people travelling back to Vic recounted that a light had been following their car. They stopped the car to watch it. It hovered over trees, pulsating. The driver turned the ignition key but no lights showed and the engine wouldn’t start until after a few attempts. Investigations reveal a likely cause was a combination of headlights/stars/imagination and a temporary electrical fault. 
Source: UFORSA

Date: May 18, 1973
Location: North Atlantic
Source:  Table 1, 116,

Date: May 18 1973
Location:  Pekin, IL
Time:  10:00 p.m.
Summary:  A large “unidentified flying object with an orange glow” was spotted over Pekin. Mrs. Charles Phillips said she and her family were in their car when they first noticed the object. They stopped the car and were able to see something over Edison Junior high school there appeared to be a dome which an orange light emanated and there was a pulsating motion evident. She said members of her family were not able to hear any sound from the object, which she guessed was about 90 feet up in the air. The object hovered over the area, proceeded out Court Street to the mall and then turned back and seemed to head toward the Illinois River.
Source: TIMES, Pekin, IL, May 19

Date: May 19 1973
Location:  Springfield, MO
Time:  9:00 p.m. 
Summary:  A blue cylindrical shaped UFO made a low silent pass. It was seen again that same night after midnight.
Source: Springfield (MO) News Leader

Date: May 19, 1973
Location: Turkey
Source:  Table 1, 116,

Date: May 20, 1973
Location: England
Source:  Table 1, 116,

Date: May 21 1973
Location: Kristianstad, Sweden
Time: unknown
Summary: In a wooded area near the town a group of men reported seeing an incredibly huge black bird-like creature, which passed within one hundred feet of them. One witness had a camera with a telephoto lens and attempted to take a picture, but his film jammed.
Source:  John Keel, The Mothman Prophecies

Date: May 22, 1973
Location: Atlantic Ocean USCG Cutter Spencer
Time: 23:00
Summary: As per your phone call earlier today, I will restate what we experienced while aboard the Coast Guard Cutter Spencer WHEC-36, (commissioned in 1936 and decommissioned in 1974. There is a new Spencer in service, but this is not the one I was aboard. My ship was a 327 ft Cutter. It can be viewed if you google Coast Guard Cutter Spencer WHEC-36. I have tried to the best of my ability to recall the date, but since we stood so many Ocean Stations, it is hard to remember which of those this occurred. The conditions were warm, seas calm, and sighting occurred during the night. There were 140 mean aboard the Spencer, and a large number of my fellow crewmen witnessed what I did. Officers and enlisted men saw what I saw. I remember a ((specialty deleted)) had some state-of-the-art photo equipment. I think he had an Olympus camera with telephoto lens. He was at least one crewmen photographing this UFO. We were in the middle of the Atlantic, all running lights on as usual. I remember someone saying come on deck, there’s a UFO. The UFO had bright lights that changed color. It was if the UFO was checking us out. A ship with all its running lights on would be easily seen from above in the Atlantic. I was ((specialty deleted)). Some names I remember were fellow ((specialties deleted)). ((name #1 deleted)), ((name #2 deleted)) and ((name #3 deleted)). I can’t be sure they were aboard for this Duty, but I’m sure at least one was. I can not remember the others. The UFO would come down hovering above us. We could see what I would describe as portholes. I rotated as it hovered. The lights changed color. Then it would go up in a second becoming very small. Then it seemed to show off, as if it knew we were watching it. It would accelerate across the sky in a split second while doing right angles. Many photos of this craft were taken with telephoto lens. I remember I couldn’t wait to see the photos after they were developed. I never saw them. The show lasted about an hour. Messages of this sighting were sent to Washington, DC.! When we were relieved from Ocean Station Duty, we headed back to Governor’s Island, Yankee Pier, where was our home port. We were not expecting the reception that we received. As we were docking, I saw quite a few “Men In Black” waiting to board our ship. Usually after docking, if you did not have duty, we were granted liberty of usually 72 hours. No one was allowed to leave the ship. We were all interrogated one by one by these “Men In Black”. We were told to sign an affidavit, stating we saw nothing. We were warned that if we mention this to anyone, we would be gone. We were told not to go to any news media, and try and tell this story. If we did, we would be prosecuted by the govenment. I found out later that my friend, the ((specialty deleted)) had all of his photo equipment, pictures, and developing equipment confiscated. He was not reimbursed for any of his expensive equipment, it was simply taken from him. I will end the story here, to be brief as possible. Please give me a call at ((number deleted)) my home phone after recieving this, so I know you received it. Please keep this confidential as possible. I’m sure you will. I will research the Internent and my old photos, to see if I can get some crewmember names.
Source: National UFO Reporting Center

Date:  May 22, 1973
Location: Itajobi, Brazil
Summary: Oval object hovering overhead, blue light beam shone onto car, heat felt.
Source: Flying Saucer Review, Vol. 21, No.. 3-4; See Rodeghier, 1981, p. 57 [E,R] car

Date: May 22 1973
Location: Near Catanduva, Sao Paulo Brazil
Time: 0300A
Summary: Onilson Patero, 40-year-old salesman, was driving to his home in Catanduva during a rainstorm; he’d given a lift to a young hitchhiker and dropped him off at Itajobi. About 7 miles from Catanduva, on Highway 321, his car began to lose power and the radio failed, with static interference. At the same time he noticed a circle of light moving about in the car and pulled over, thinking it was from a truck that was passing. He then saw an object about 50 feet ahead and 40 feet over the road; the interior of the car began to heat up and Patero felt a lack of air, so he opened the door and stepped out. A “curtain of light” began to form around the object, and the heat and lack of air diminished. He could now see that this was not a helicopter, and he saw a “tube of light” hit the car and, as it did, the car became transparent. He fainted. About an hour later two young men who drove on to get police help found him; on their return they found Patero still laying in the mud and rain. He came to crying out “they were trying to get me!” He was taken to the hospital in Catanduva, and later released. Over the next several days, he suffered the physical effects of some unknown symptom. The case is cited not just because is a possible abduction; eleven months later, Patero was the principal in an abduction experience in which he vanished for five days, turning up again in Colatina 700 km away. Under regressive hypnosis, he described one of his abductors as the same individual he had given a ride to in the case cited here.
Source: Dr. Walter Buhler, Dr. Max Berezovsky, Apro

Date: May 22 1973
Location: Near Cintalapa Veracruz Mexico
Time: 0800A
Summary: Driving a 6-ton truck loaded with asbestos sheeting, cement, and steel, Manuel Angel Gonzalez was in the vicinity of Cintalapa when he suddenly noticed five little figures standing in the road ahead of him with their arms raised in the air. They had abruptly appeared from nowhere. The driver braked his truck immediately, only a short distance from them. He thought at first they were children, but at closer range he saw they were perfectly proportioned adult figures but no more than 2 feet high, with light brown skin and black hair. He was unable to remember details about their clothing. As he got out of his truck, the little figures began scattering toward the sides of the road, disappearing into the underbrush along the highway. As he turned to go back to his truck, he saw it suddenly engulfed in blue flame; in a matter of no more than 30 minutes, the truck and its normally non-flammable cargo were reduced to ashes and fused metal. Two other motorists who stopped to watch witnessed the conflagration. Interestingly, according to the witness, two days after the truck was consumed by fire, metal fragments that had been collected spontaneously burst into blue flames and were reduced to ashes. The witness related the appearance of the little figures to stories of little people of Mexican folklore, the Chaneques. The investigators later learned that two other trucks were similarly destroyed and that in one case, UFOs were seen.
Source: Ramon A Pantoja, Robert Freeman Bound, Fate

Date: May 23 1973
Location: Peoria, Illinois
Time: midnight
Summary: The witness was up watching TV after having fed the baby and putting her to sleep. She went to the kitchen to get a glass of water without turning on the lights. As she got up to the kitchen sink she looked up at the window and saw an oval-shaped craft hovering above the backyard. It was just a few feet from the kitchen window. She stood for a few minutes unable to move. It had a pulsating light inside an opening and she was able to see several figures standing inside, however she could not see any details or features. She was finally able to move and ran to the bedroom to wake her husband up. By the time her husband came to the kitchen the UFO was gone, but not completely. It hovered around about half a mile away, it seemed to spin and glide gracefully.
Source: NUFORC

Date:  May 23, 1973
Location: South Australia
Summary: A round spinning UFO with red, green, blue and purple lights buzzed a car with three teenagers in Mount Gambier, South Australia at 7 p.m., terrifying them. In an undulating course the UFO first hovered, then came straight at their car. It flew up and over them, and passed low over the other side and away. 

Source: Source: Border Watch, May 1973, p. 24

Date: May 24 1973
Location:  Farmington, MO
Time:  Evening
Summary:  Noiseless, wing-like object of unidentified nature observed by four members of Project Identification team.
Source: Project Identification, Page 79

Date: May 27 1973
Location:  Sao Jose Do Rio Preto Sao Paulo, Brazil
Time:  0200A
Summary:  Geni Lisboa was busily baking wedding cakes early in the morning when her attention was drawn outdoors by the cries of her pet parakeet. Looking out, she saw an illuminated object approaching her property. The object circled the garden and hovered above the wall, at which time Ms Lisboa, only a few meters distant, could see through the transparent upper portion three identical figures of small stature, behind a kind of “parapet” which hid them from the waist down. Each one was shining a beam of light down as if searching for something when their beams simultaneously converged on the witness, immediately paralyzing her. Feeling some pain and dizziness, she was able to call out for help to her neighbor. But the object had departed before she was able to respond. When her neighbor arrived, she found Ms Lisboa’s face swollen and her eyes bloodshot. Her body was painful, particularly in the joints, and especially in the knees, but she continued working until the pain returned and she was forced to call her neighbor again. Her physiological symptoms worsened and she was hospitalized for what the doctors called “prolapsed of the uterus.” She had had a gynecological test 6 months earlier and had been healthy. In addition to this, her eyesight worsened after the experience to the point where she was forced to wear corrective lenses for the first time in her life; also, a previous condition of hypertension seems to have made an improvement to the degree where she dropped all previous anti-hypertensive medication.
Source:  Dr. Walter Buhler, Jose Wilson Ribeiro SBEDV

Date: May 28 1973
Location:  Liberty Reservoir, Carroll County, Maryland
Time:  night
Summary:  During a period of intense UFO and hairy bipedal creature incidents, a man reported seeing a glowing object drop a large furry object or “creature” into the reservoir. A large splash was heard.
Source: Mark Opsasnick, The Bigfoot Digest

Date: May 29 1973
Location:  near Tyringham, Australia
Summary:  A flashing object with non-inertial motions scares horses and cat. (Mike Swords; Source: W.C.Chalker. Tyringham-Dundurrabin Flap
Source: CUFOS files

Date: May  1973

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