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Date: January 1974
Location: Kent Washington
Time: 0100A
Summary: A couple was driving home after dropping off some friends, when they spotted a hovering cigar shaped craft with distinct window shapes along its width. It was hovering about 30 feet above the ground. As they drove along they momentarily lost sight of the craft but as they came to a stop sign they saw the object again. This time they saw the nose of the object and what appeared to be a wide windscreen emitting a phosphorous green light with the figure of a humanoid in the middle. The wife screamed at her husband to drive off and he took off. That was their last memory of the event. Her next memory was of arriving home totally calm, having lost 12 hours of time. Apparently no hypnotic regression was attempted.
Source: NUFORC

Date: January 1974
Location:  Clifton Bore, South Australia
Time: afternoon
Summary: Ben a 38-year-old man was out searching for fossils in the remote Sturts Stony Desert, with a female companion. Ben told the woman to stay near the car, because she was unfamiliar with the area, while he searched wider afield. When he was about 2 kilometers from the car, he was suddenly approached by two beings that were only about one meter in height. They were human looking in many respects, with short hair, but with elongated heads at the rear. The length of their arms seemed much shorter than usual. Their faces were normal but they spoke in a rapid, unintelligible fashion. They were wearing silver suits. They beckoned him to follow, and they came to a silver colored craft shaped like a “hot dog roll,” about eight meters long and two meters high. Ben could not understand how he had not seen this object before. The beings beckoned him to enter and he bent down to do so. While small from the outside, inside the craft was vast. Apparently inside of the object, space meant nothing. There were many other similar beings inside, apparently female. Ben was offered a drink. Frightened to refuse, he drank it and passed out. When he regained consciousness he was lying on the floor of the craft. The two beings were still with him. He gained a sense of having being rejected for some purpose, and felt ignored. He was very disturbed by what he saw next. Two Caucasian-looking girls, apparently human, dressed normally, perhaps aged about nine and 12, were in something like a cage. They seemed to be in a trance. Presently, the open doorway appeared again and he stepped out. He found himself on the desert ground again and simply walked away. Back at the car with his companion, he discovered an hour and a half had gone by. He was very unsettled by this bizarre experience.
Source:  Bill Chalker, The Oz Files

Date: January 1974
Location:  Milan, Italy
Time: afternoon
Summary: Anna Mazzanti and a friend were walking home near the local airport when they spotted a disc-shaped craft hovering very close to the ground at about 700 to 800 meters away. As both women attempted to approach the craft shot away at incredible speed and disappeared. The next day Ms Mazzanti began receiving bizarre “telepathic messages” from an entity that identified itself as being an extraterrestrial and that his name was “Vras”. After the telepathic messages, Mazzanti would suffer from terrible headaches and while receiving the messages she would go into a trance-like state. She saw another luminous object the night of November 24 1974 and felt like she had been taken onboard the craft in an “astral state”. She did not see any occupants but did see numerous apparatus & consoles inside a round room surrounded by a large viewing window through which she could see what appeared to be stars.
Source: Revista Ovni Portugal, December 1978

Date: January 1974
Location:  Near Antofagasta, Chile
Time: night
Summary: A group of Chilean artists, including Tito Fernandez, Katy Chavez, and Gloria Benavidez & Jorge Cruz reported their vehicle being followed by two huge lighted objects along a lonely stretch of road. Tito Fernandez remembers also seeing a 2-meter tall luminous man-like figure apparently within one of the lights. No other information.
Source: Ovnis en Chile

Date:   January 4 1974
Location: Berwyn, IL
Time: 5:15 p.m.  
Summary: Two women were driving, saw hovering object (about 75′ high) with two bright lights in front shining straight ahead, and smaller lights around the sides. As the object began to move, witnesses began to follow it 1/8-1/4 mile. When in motion, two lights were off and red tower light was visible. Object passed behind buildings at aircraft speed.
Source: SL 75,15

Date:  January 5 1974
Location:  San Antonio, Ibiza Spain
Time:  16:00
Summary:  It happened at 5 o’clock in the afternoon, and at first we all thought that it was a fireball. Someone even said “Look! A fireball.” We watched it arc up from behind the blocks of flats and hotels on the skyline. It was a fiercely intense point of light, like a distress flare, except it was white. It moved very fast from right to left in front of us, rising, then performing a loop and almost immediately shooting down towards the sea. There was no sign of impact, no sound, no flare of light indicating an explosion. It might have vanished over the horizon, or it might have entered the sea, there was no way to tell. The trail it left in the sky, which resembled glowing smoke, we continued to watch, since it showed no sign of dimming, and it fascinated us. It even seemed to get brighter as the daylight waned. We waited until well after sunset, when the sky was pitch dark and full of stars, but the trail remained, hardly dimmer than when it was made. In fact, when we eventually left, it was still there, so I don’t know how long it took to fade. It was the glowing trail that convinced us that this was no fireball or flare. Duration:3 hours
Source:  National UFO Reporting Center

Date:  January 6 1974
Location:  Santa Ana California
Time:  early morning
Summary: Martin W Barry, a Marine sergeant, was making his usual early morning 5 mile run in a park, in a driving rain, when he came up with a 7-foot tall, bulky figure standing in a slumped forward posture, long arms dangling nearly to the ground. Behind it, hovering only a few feet off the ground was an orange pulsating flying saucer. The creature’s head, with large eyes, accounted for more than half of its height, and its legs were “squashed” and “stubby.” It waddled up to Barry and struck him on the chest, felling him into a pool of water then waddled away and climbed aboard the UFO, which rose into the sky. Others reportedly saw UFOs over Santa Ana that day.
Source: Andrew Gallagher, Ideal’s UFO Magazine # 1

Date:  January 6 1974
Location: Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia, Canada
Time: 11:30 p.m.  
Summary: 15 year old Carl Nicholson made a call at 12:30 AM to the RCMP Detachment in Dartmouth, N.S. to report his observation of a UFO an hour earlier. Constable D.S. Fontanne made a patrol to the area to see the witness. When the Constable arrived he was informed by Nicholson that the object had appeared to land down behind the trees. Fontanne interviewed the youth and discovered that the teenager was baby sitting for his parents but at about 11:30 PM his dog had begun barking outside. Curious he had looked out of the window and observed an object in the sky. He watched the object for about an hour before it seemed to land and decided to report it to the RCMP. During the period that he watched the object it hovered, moved across the sky and then landed in a wooded area about three miles [ 5 kilometers] away. Though Nicholson could not see the actual shape of the object, he reported that it had four colored lights-blue, yellow, green and red- fixed horizontally across the object. However prior to landing a large white light came on underneath the UFO at which time it was just above the tree line. That night the sky was partly cloudy and there was a very bright moon. Nicholson had kept an eye on the area where the UFO had appeared to land and up until the Mountie had arrived, he had not seen he object rise from the trees. Fontanne as well had kept an eye on the spot and stated in his report that it had not lifted off while he was there. Cst. Fontanne was impressed with Nicholson’s sincerity and believes the youth saw what he said he saw, but the RCMP report makes no mention of any checks being made, even superficially, of the supposed landing area, with Halifax or Shearwater radar or their respective Air Traffic Controllers.
Source: Don Ledger, 1998, Maritime UFO Files, Nimbus Publishing, Halifax, NS, p.99

uo48Date: January 7 1974
Location: Near Warneton Belgium
Time: 2040
Summary: Driving toward Warneton, along the French-Belgian border, the witness experiences the failure of lights, engine, and radio. He saw a landed object 150 meters away in a field to his right; the UFO was shaped like a WWI British helmet, was 7 to 10 meters wide and stood on three legs, and had patches of orange luminescence on top with a white light underneath. Two beings were seen coming from the direction of the object, walking slowly and stiffly toward the car. The shorter entity wore an outfit with horizontal rings around the torso and a round helmet with a large, circular face plate showing a pear shaped, grayish head with no hair, round “marble like” eyes, a rudimentary nose, and a slit like lipless mouth. He held an object like a short thick ruler with a pointed tip, aimed at the car. The taller entity wore a cubical helmet transparent in form, showing a face identical with the other’s but with a small rectangular box under the chin. His suit was dull metallic gray of a one-piece coverall type, including gloves and heavy, pointed boots. He wore a black belt with a luminous disc in front and a diagonal “Sam Browne” strap from belt to shoulder, with a vertical row of “buttons” on each side of the chest. Both beings had long arms. The interior of the helmets appeared to be illuminated. A third entity was seen standing guard near the object. The two beings approached to within 4 meters of the car and the taller was seen opening and closing his mouth. The witness felt a slight shock on the back of his head and heard, simultaneously, a low pitched, modulated sound. The two suddenly wheeled around and walked quickly back to the object, which now pulsated an electric blue color on top. The three beings boarded, the legs withdrew, and the object rose slightly, hovered, then ascended rapidly at a 60 degree angle. A car was then seen approaching, whose driver said he had seen the object and its occupants. As the primary witness drove off, he continued to get poor reception on the car radio. Duration was about 20 minutes.
Source:  Jean Marie Bigorne, Lumeires Dans Le Nuit

Date: January 8 1974
Location:  Springfield, Ohio
Time: 0313A
Summary: Leaving his job, the witness experienced failure of car lights and motor; then multicolored blinking lights descended just yards in front of his car, followed by the appearance of a blinding white oval of light approximately 6 feet in diameter, apparently showing the interior of a UFO. He could see five small occupants within; seated on high backed chairs and wearing bright colored robes and each had long brown hair that reached the floor. They appeared to be 3 to 4 foot tall, and the witness could not recall their facial features. The object brightly illuminated the surroundings and car interior. After 5 minutes, the interior light was extinguished and the object ascended rapidly with another display of colored, flashing lights. A maintenance man on the premises had noticed a failure of his “pager” radio four times between 1900 & 2200, earlier that evening although no UFOs were seen.
Source:  Leonard Stringfield for Cufos

Date: January 8 1974
Location:  Zafferana Etna Italy
Time: afternoon
Summary: The witness was working alone in a small room in her house when she felt a strong rush of wind, she turned around and confronted a very bright light, within the light she was able to see a tall man wearing a tight fitting coverall with gold colored boots. He had short light hair, light skin and large almond shape eyes. The witness was not frightened and said she felt a sense of joy and peace. The man smiled and suddenly vanished in a flash of light.
Source: Angel Franchetto, Los Extraterrestres Y Nuestro Futuro

Date:  January 8 1974
Location:  Springfield, OH
Time:  3:13 a.m.
Summary:  Leaving his job, witness’s car lights dimmed and motor stalled. He saw multicolored lights descend just yards in front of car, followed by the appearance of a blinding white oval of light 6 ft in diameter, apparently the interior of the object. Five small (3-4 ft) occupants observed, sitting to one side on high-backed seats. They wore bright-colored robes and each had long brown hair reaching to the floor. Their faces could not be recalled by the witness. The surroundings and car interior were brightly illuminated. After 5 minutes, the interior light was extinguished and the object ascended rapidly with another display of colored lights. A maintenance man on the premises had noticed a failure on his “pager” radio four times between 7 and 10 p.m., although no lights or UFOs were then observed. 5 minutes, E-M effects 
Source:  CHR 74-02. Investigator:  Leonard Stringfield, CUFOS

Date:  January 15 1974: Object hovered across road

Date:  January 15 1974
Location: Mar Del Plata Argentina
Time: midnight
Summary: Two students walking along the beach sighted a small white light moving towards the coast from the sea. It seemed to divide into three lights. They walked to the nearest pier to catch a better look of the lights and began walking along the pier when suddenly two more lights became visible on their right side. Now the witnesses could see that the lights were five beings that were walking gracefully in the water. The seawater reached their chests. These beings were dressed in diving suits and their heads were covered with helmets with a mask and a tube going into their backs. The beings walked out of the water and onto the road apparently leaving the area.
Source: Fabio Picasso, Strange Magazine # 8

Date:  January 22 1974
Location:  Norton, MA
Summary:  A man on his way home from work spotted what he described as a flying saucer near a gravel pit in this New England town. He saw a light in the air and as he approached it, the light became brighter and larger. His description of the object was that of a red dome on top with another dome beneath it shaped similar to a child’s swimming pool. The lower dome was edged with white lights which reflected onto the upper dome. A third dome was below the first two and appeared to have two ports at the rear which gave off orange and white smoke as it disappeared into the night.
Source:  UFO INVESTIGATOR, February 1974, page 2

Date:   January 23, 1974: UFO Crash: Llandrillo, Wales, UK

Date:  January 24 1974
Location:  Aische-en-Refail, Belgium
Summary:  Disc-like object on ground near road; engine restarted by itself when object departed.  E,R car
Source:  Ref. 1, Section VI

Date:  January  1974
Time: Jan. 25, 1974; Evansville, IN
6:30 p.m. WTVW’s David Goodnow (later CNN anchorman) saw three glittering red-colored objects like illuminated sign, blinking at random, very bright, with smaller white light on each side (like oOOOo) with no sound. They moved to the north and were observed for several minutes. Camera man also saw them. As lights moved away it appeared they were not on one object but were separate. (Ridge files, UFOFC)

Date:  January 26 1974
Location:  Lisbon, Portugal
Summary:  V-formation of luminous 10-15 orange discs observed by airline crew, B-727
Source:  Ref. 1, Section III

Date:  January 26 1974
Location:  Santa Ana, CA
Time:  Pilots report 5 objects circling plane.

Date: late January 1974
Location: Indiana County Pennsylvania
Time:  late night
Summary: The witness was driving home in a secluded area when he saw a huge silent triangular shaped craft approaching at tree top level, the object had three blinking lights. She seemed to have suffered a memory lapse as she arrived home quite late that night. Later under hypnosis she remembered two little men taking her by the arms onboard the object. They dragged her inside the object and sat her on a chair. She then remembers seeing a screen with a skull on it. The beings were described as four-foot tall with gray green skin, large heads and slits for mouths, she could not recall any ears or eyes. There was a third more human like being who seemed to be in charge and appeared kindly
Source: UFONS # 244

Date:  January  1974

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