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Location: Bombay India
Date: Summer 1977
Time: 0400A
Summary: Lalit Chawla, his wife Nina and their two young sons were out for an after dinner walk in the Juhu district when they noticed a gigantic disc shaped craft with flashing multi colored lights on its base hovering above them, spinning slowly. They were all briefly engulfed by a blue beam of light, then the craft ascended at a high rate of speed, disappearing towards the Arabian Sea. The next day there was a marked changed in Lalit’s behavior, mostly remaining to himself and staring. Other strange events occurred in the house. That same night around 0400A, Lalit drove to nearby Juhu beach, closely followed by his wife and brother in law. They all watched as a disc shaped craft hovered over Lalit’s car shining a yellowish-white beam of light on it, engulfing it for a few seconds. Soon after that, Lalit seemed to return back to normal. One night during a birthday party one of the young girls cried out that there was a “blue man with four arms” standing in the doorway. The others did not see the creature and her mother took the child home. Later the mother of the child realized that the creature that her daughter saw resembled the Hindu God “Vishnu.” That same night, a strange blue light in her room awakened Nina. She opened her eyes and saw the room filled with what appeared to be Hindu Gods, Vishnu, Lakshmiji, Ganeshji, and various others. They had apparently levitated Lalit and could sense that Nina was very frightened. The being that resembled Vishnu looked into her eyes and communicated with her telepathically telling her not to fear, that their work here was over, that they will be leaving in peace. As soon as that was said they put Lalit back onto his bed and they vanished, with them also went the blue light that they emanated.
Source: Prashant Solomon

Location: Winnipeg Manitoba Canada
Date: Summer 1977
Time: late night
Summary: The witness was lying in bed drifting off to sleep when he heard a high-pitched sound and footsteps in the room. He then saw a small humanoid figure in the room. The figure had blond shoulder length hair and was wearing a brown outfit. No facial features could be discerned. The entity approached the witness and apparently inserted something into his ear and into the aural canal. (A week before the witness had encountered a UFO while camping in an isolated area.)
Source: Chris Rutkowski, Unnatural History True Manitoba Mysteries

Location: Near Winchester England
Date: June 1977
Time: daylight
Summary: Two witnesses of a previous encounter, Joyce Bowles & Ann Strickland, were driving on a rural road when the car was seized by a mysterious force and was deposited on a lane off to the side of the road. A large silvery disc shaped object hovered nearby. Two men emerged from the object and walked towards the witness’s vehicle. These men had sandy hair and wore silvery dull metallic suits. They communicated by using hand signals with the witnesses and one of them pressed a small silver disc on Joyce’s right hand. A white mark appeared on her palm. The two men then walked back to the craft, which took off, into the sky at high speed.
Source: Board & Blundell, The World’s Strangest Mysteries

Location: Willingboro New Jersey
Date: June 1977
Time: daylight
Summary: The witness had just entered her bedroom to get something when suddenly the wall on the west side of the room seemed to dissolve into nothing; she then was able to see a small landed disc on her lawn. Moments later a strange figure entered her room through the hole where the wall used to be. The figure was five-foot tall, with pale skin, a slender build, a large hairless head and huge almond shaped wrap around eyes, black in color, he also had a large hooked nose, thin lips and large pointed ears. The being wore a one-piece black form fitting suit with long sleeves and a turtleneck. He presented the witness a small brown book that supposedly contained the mathematics behind his ship’s propulsion system. He took the book with him before he left telling her that humans were not yet ready for this knowledge.
Source: UFO Sightings and other Unexplained Mysteries Spring 1994

Location: Coldstream England
Date: June 1977
Time: 1615
Summary: Two boys playing on a field spotted a dull white oval shaped craft with a green light underneath and a blue light on top hovering over a nearby field. The object had a dome on top with a large window. The object moved then descended behind some trees. One of the boys was able to see several small green figures inside the window, plus some “writing” on the side of the craft. The object then shot straight up into the sky and disappeared.
Source: Alan Price, Buforg, in Northern UFO News # 55

Location: Near Dale, Pembrokeshire, Wales
Date: June 1977
Time: late afternoon
Summary: Pauline Coombs (involved in other, rather bizarre encounters) had returned to the farm from a fancy dress party. She had found her husband, Clinton, in a distressed condition. He related what had happened. Looking out of the window he had seen the strangest silver car ever, come up the driveway. In it were two men in black suits. One got out and approached the farm. He seemed to float along. Clinton wouldn’t answer the door. He felt something was wrong. Carol, living in the adjacent cottage three minutes walk from the farm had seen the visitors arrive. She thought how strange there was no scrunching of the gravel when the car drove up. As she put some rubbish into her dustbin, she was shocked to find one of the men standing next to her. She had seen him at the farm only 20 seconds before. It would have taken at least three minutes to get to her cottage, and yet there he was with a strange waxy skin, high forehead and sleeked back black hair—and cold unblinking eyes. He had asked for Pauline by name. Carol told him she did not know where Mrs. Coombs was and turned to in doors. Next thing the man was gone, vanished. But there he was in the same instant back in the car moving up the drive. But then an even more inexplicable thing happened, Pauline’s friend, Rosa, highly distressed called from her hotel, north of Broad Haven. Her daughter Anna, a university student was alone at the hotel. She had looked out of the window to see an enormous silver car in front of the hotel. But why hadn’t she heard it on the noisy gravel drive. Two men were in the car and it was their physical appearance that frightened Anna the most. Her description of the one that came to the hotel was the same as Carol’s. He had asked for her mother and when would she be back. After that they left and seemed to vanish into thin air as nobody saw them come out of the driveway.
Source: Brian Richards, Australia

Location: Quebrada Grande, Puerto Rico
Date: June 1977
Time: 1800
Summary: Cecilia Perez Torres was sitting in her car at an isolated site taking in the panoramic view of the mountain when she noticed a strange ping-pong size sphere of light that was flying around her vehicle, with her was her boyfriend who concluded that the light was a firefly. The light flew around the car two more times. Suddenly Ms Torres had a strong impression of being watched, she wanted to leave but her boyfriend refused. She looked around and saw a strange four-foot tall figure coming out of the nearby woods & walking towards the vehicle. The figure had a large head and appeared to be looking at the witnesses. At first the boyfriend did not see the figure but as it got closer he saw it and began screaming. As the figure approached she could see that it had gray/green skin with a reptilian texture. It had large slanted dark eyes. It lacked a nose and only had a small slit-like mouth. It had long dangling arms, and long fingers, and was very thin, it appeared to be naked. Cecilia also began screaming and at this point her boyfriend grabbed a gun that he had under the seat and pointed it at the creature. She grabbed his hand begging him not to shoot. Suddenly the creature ran very quickly into the woods and disappeared. Frightened they drove away from the area at high speed.
Source: Jorge Martin

Location: South Middleton Massachusetts
Date: June 1977
Time: 2100
Summary: During a time of several other encounters with objects and humanoids by the witness family, the witness was on her way home when she noticed a strange figure standing near the porch, it appeared to be dressed in a white shirt and dark pants, it was five-foot seven inches tall and had black hair. It was motionless and no facial features could be seen. She yelled at the figure, thinking it was someone she knew and looked away briefly; but when she looked back the figure had already vanished. At one point the figure was seen again and it seemed to move very strangely, not moving its feet at all, his whole body turned in a very strange manner. He appeared to glide as he disappeared into the woods.
Source: David F Webb, FSR Vol. 27 # 1

Location: Miami Florida
Date: June 1977
Time: late night
Summary: The witnesses heard loud scraping noises on the roof that woke them up. They also heard strange voices along with the scraping. They then saw a very bright light coming from the bedroom window. Going to the living room they saw an object drop down and hover low over the ground between the houses. It was an octagon shaped craft that gave off a very bright light. Inside they could see several short gray figures. The object was about eight feet long and 4 feet high. Its light was yellow/green in color and it emitted a soft humming sound. After a few moments the object shot away at a very high speed.
Source: NUFORC

Date: June 1 1977: Gisborne New Zealand Close Encounter

Date: June 1 1977
Location: Malibu, Ca.
Time: 13:00
Summary: The first 2 ships to show were joined by 2 others within about 10 minutes. They seemed to oselate colors from the lighter colors to the darker colors of the color spectrum. The 2other people there seemed to be expecting the arrival. After at least 2 hours of staring in amazement, the (rain-bow) ships, I can see why their referred as a fire-ball, were doing grid-pattern manuevers, I was told that the mother-ship that these came from would send a blue light over this old alter,installed by a person in the 1920’s that I should not mention. The transparent blue light, over the alter, got slowly brighter and brighter.It was still transparent when 1 of the 2 other people already there held my friend by the shoulders and past his head though the light. I immediately got right behind my friend and tried to look up at the light.I was told that it and was told that it would damage my eyes. So he past my head though the light face-down. It was like taking a hit off a menthol cigarette, like my head was mentholated. The blue light then faded in about the. same time it to
Source: NUFORC

Date: June 6 1977
Location:  Yorkshire, UK
Summary:  Oval object over vehicles, felt heat, mass displacement. 
Source:  Flying Saucer Review, Vol. 23, No. 5; Rodeghier, 1981, p.70

Location: Crystal Lake (McHenry) Illinois
Date: June 12 1977
Time: 2300
Summary: The witness had been attending a meeting with colleagues regarding his recent job lost; at about 2300 he left the hotel for some fresh air. Outside he immediately saw three small figures emerging from an alley adjacent to the hotel, approaching him. His first thought was that they were coming for him; then he noticed a fourth being lying directly in front of him on the ground, only several feet away. It was doubled up, with its back to him, as if injured. The witness noticed a strange vacuum that seemed to pervade the area; he was unable to hear any sounds of traffic from the street. The beings were about four-foot 10 inches tall, with small, slender bodies and large baldheads, encased in glass bubble type helmets, with a metallic band attaching them to the uniforms. The uniforms were tight one-piece suits of a dark green color, with a metallic luster. Their hands were large with fingers that came to points—he had the impression there may have been only three or four fingers on each hand. Their feet were large and booted. The only facial features he could see through the helmet were two large, round luminous eyes. They came within several feet of him to assist their companion, whom they raised and led off toward the alley, assisting him from both sides; his head hung forward on his chest as they moved off. Throughout the encounter, the witness felt no fear-he had the feeling, in fact that they somehow told him they would not harm him. The witness informed the police about the encounter.
Source: Douwe Bosga for Cufos

Location: Bardney Lincolnshire England
Date: mid June 1977
Time: afternoon
Summary: A group of boys at a boarding school were going into Bardney when they saw, on the other side of a hedge about 150 metes away, a “stick man,” jolting along. It was black, with a round featureless head; there was no noise and it was quite hard to see.
Source: Peter Rogerson

Date: June 16 1977
Location:  Middelburg, Eastern Cape, South Africa
Time:  5:15 AM. 
Summary:  A glowing object engulfed a van being driven by a single witness, a Mr. Gouws, in a brilliant light. The man experienced amnesia when exposed to the intense light source and may have possibly been abducted, as he has an hour of time unaccounted for. There was a buzzing sound accompanying the light and the van’s engine and lights died. Later the engine restarted spontaneously by itself. Mr. Gouws was so fearful after the incident that he was shaking like a leaf. 
Source:  Richard Hall, Uninvited Guests, citing MUFON UFO Journal, September 1977; Richard Hall, The UFO Evidence, Volume II: A Thirty-Year Report, p. 256

Date: June 17 1977
Location:  Austin, TX
Time:   2:00 AM. 
Summary: A 29-year-old man returned home in Austin and saw a light in the distance he thought was an airplane but heard no engine sound. The object, a yellow-orange disc, flew along the shoreline of the lake, passing in front of the witness at his lake front home, and flew from view into the distance. 
Source:  MUFON Investigation files, case #890709

Date: June 17 1977
Location:  Castelo de Bode Dam, Portugal
Time:  12:00 noon
Summary:    José Fransisco Rodrigues was flying a Portuguese Air Force Dornier 27 light plane over the Castelo de Bode dam, when suddenly, emerging from the clouds, he saw a dark object against a backdrop of white stratocumulus, slightly to the right of his plane. Thinking that the object was perhaps a cargo plane, he banked to the left and immediately radioed to ask if there was any traffic in the vicinity. The reply was negative. As the pilot completed a turn to port, the unknown object suddenly appeared at his eleven o’clock position “no more than six meters away”. It was definitely not a cargo plane. The upper section, partially concealed by cloud, was black, and on the lower section there appeared to be four or five panels. The object was approximately  13 to 15 meters in diameter. Suddenly it accelerated and vanished from what the pilot believes was an initial stationary position. The Dornier began to vibrate violently and went into uncontrolled dive. Struggling to regain control, the pilot pushed the control column forward. Air speed increased to 140 knots then 180 knots as the ground came nearer. Control was fortunately regained when almost “touching the tree tops” and the plane was landed in one piece. – with a badly shaken pilot. During the encounter the directional electric gyroscope (connected to a magnetic compass) rotated wildly, and by the time the plane landed it had deviated by 180° relative to magnetic compass. 
Source:  Beyond Top Secret, by Timothy Good, 1998; Richard Haines, Case 42

Date: June 17 1977
Location:  Cotile Lake, LA
Time:  Dusk
Summary:  Five individuals, husband and wife, their two daughters [approximately young teenagers; exact ages not stated but there is a picture], and a close family friend [an adult male], had been camping, fishing, and swimming. And,as the sun had set, they began to break camp and go home. They were working in two groups [Mom and Dad as one and the friend and the two girls in the other]. The latter were on one of their treks to the pickup truck, which in these woods had to be parked a fair walk away, when the UFO event occurred. Just before they reached the clearing that led to the road, they began feeling a “low frequency vibration” in their bones. Looking upwards, they saw “the outline of a huge craft, or UFO. It hovered completely still, and had points of light surrounding its shape. It appeared to have ‘parking lights’ on. It was huge. I would guess the size to be about 75ft across, 50ft high.[this is the family friend speaking, by the way]. It was disc-shaped, but plates and sections were clearly visible. The children had been talking, but now, they too noticed the humming noise, and followed my gaze upward to the UFO. At this very instant, The craft floated directly above us, almost. It moved immediately, yet gracefully. Almost in a ‘magnetic’ sense of control….Before we could react, the middle of the craft started to glow, but I suspect that this was an illusion of a floodlight, for I looked to my side and the children were brightly illuminated. In their shock, mouths still open, holding the swimming gear. Before we could shield our eyes or turn away, there came from the same source several rays or beams of blue light. They were not diffused, but not unlike laser beams. They appeared to strike us at the solar plexus. It was an intense, electric, silver-blue, thin beam. Three to five of them…we were immediately affected. I recall hearing crackling sounds in the air, right around us. But not loud or threatening. We were trapped in what I guess was a force field, for we couldn’t move, hardly at all. In a few moments, our entire bodies shown in the eerie blue ‘aura’. We slowly [could force] our heads down to see our arms glowing with electric blue light. Movement was difficult, as in a dream, slow, heavy. After what seemed to be about ten seconds, all the lights vanished instantly, along with the force field. The craft began to glide away, over the treetops…parking lights still on. The children became frantic, but not frightened. They began shouting ‘did you see that flying saucer? Did you see those lights coming down?’ ” The adult kept an outward calm and tried to relax the girls. Frankly, he admitted, they seemed to take it much better than he did, and he was inwardly terrified. The girls’ parents were back at the camp and saw none of this. The case was reported to Allen Hynek by a friend, and he later visited the witnesses and spoke to all three [however a case file of Hynek’s trip, if one was made, has not been located–all we know is that he credited the case enough to use it in his public talks]. 
Source:   Cotile Lake file, CUFOS, [contains correspondence and a photo of Hynek with the witnesses, and two of the site; “Is there something out there watching?”, Alexandria LA Daily Town Talk, April 20, 1980; article contains a drawing of the event

Location: Cricklade Wiltshire England
Date: June 18 1977
Time: daytime
Summary: An eight-year old boy was playing with a friend near some watercress beds when the friend said he’d seen a “red thing the same size as me” in the bushes. The eight-year old failed to see it. They went on to a nearby hut where they then saw several figures “in red and yellow one-piece suits with air tanks on their backs, running around the hut. We were scared because they had red eyes and they were wearing helmets. They ran very quickly, with their knees up high.” The boys, frightened, then ran home. His mother said the incident left him quite confused and frightened.
Source: John Michell, Fortean Times

Location: Arenas De San Pedro, Avila Spain
Date: June 20 1977
Time: 0950A
Summary: A man standing at the front door of his house watched a round object with a flashing white light on the ground on a nearby hillside, he called three other witnesses who all saw two very tall human like figures wearing brown outfits standing by the object. The figures appeared to cover the object with some type of canvas and as they moved; their arms and legs appeared to inflate and become larger. They then entered the object, bending down as they did, the object then appeared to roll away and disappear behind the hill. No sound was heard and some ground traces were found at the site.
Source: Ballester Olmos, Fernandez Peri, Enciclopedia De Los Encuentros Cercanos con Ovnis

Location: Coeur D’Alene (Kootenai) Idaho
Date: June 20 1977
Time: 2355
Summary: Someone coming up the stairs and into her bedroom awakened Mrs Rachel Jones; she was unable to see who it was and could not move or speak. She had the impression she was being lifted in some manner and recalled a figure in a bluish suit with a featureless face. She suddenly found herself awake and she rushed into the living room to see if anyone was leaving. She saw no one; it was 0157A; and she was disturbed by the loss of time. Next morning she awoke with a severe headache that persisted for a day or two. During a plane trip the next week, she saw two bright flashes of light that she felt were significant to her, as “some kind of greeting.” Later, a small circular area on her left shoulder puzzled her and her daughter. Later under hypnosis she described seeing a being in her bedroom n the night of the time lapse; it was “ugly” and simply stood there; he wore a tunic type of shirt with an inverted triangle on the front. His eyes had no pupils, and she could see no neck. His nose appeared normal, but his mouth was merely a slit. The ears were small and flat against his head, and he had little hair-just small tufts on each side of the head. His boots and pants were of one-piece. She had the impression that she was taken to Fernan’s Lake were they entered a chamber through a doorway large enough to accommodate both; inside were sealed windows. There were other beings in the room-two similar to the first and one that looked like a human. She felt cold until the latter took her hand. A door opened and she was taken into another room; the walls looked metallic, “like brushed aluminum”—dull but not smooth-and the lighting was from an unseen source. In the ceiling was a wheel like object with tubes and instruments attached. She compared them to surgical instruments. Telepathically she is asked to disrobe for an examination by the man, who identifies himself as “Shovar.” The next thing she remembers is lying on her stomach while a warm light is played over her back; then something wet is placed there, burning and causing much pain. The next thing she recalls is being dressed and sitting up. She is advised that they made “a change” in her that would “make her better for others.” There was an indication in their telepathic exchange that he had met Rachel before, but that she wouldn’t remember; he said they would meet again. Then the three other entities entered the room and the next thing Rachel remembered is being home in bed, wide awake, with the impression someone had been in the room.
Source: Dr. Leo Sprinkle for Apro

Date: June 21 1977
Location:  between Salford and Bury, England
Summary:  On this day a 10 meter long silver cigar shaped object followed two people riding on a motorcycle between Salford and Bury. It replicated all of their turns and was completely silent. It finally flew off behind a house. 
Source:   FSR, August 1978, p 10

Date: June 21 1977
Location:  Centeno, Argentina

Location: Bulloo River campsite Queensland Australia
Date: June 22 1977
Time: 2300
Summary: Albert Smith, 47, was at his southwest Queensland camp when he observed three lights in the sky; they moved slowly toward him, descending into a copse of nearby trees, each one now seen as a cigar shaped object vertically inclined and sitting on a 5-legged landing gear. A large group of figures were seen emerging amidst dazzling lights. The witness claims that for the next two days 35 human like aliens visited him from a place called Begua. Their leader identified himself as Behnar. The being’s skin was blue gray and the men were dressed in what looked like gray business like suits. One woman told him she was more than 400 years old. The spoke English but only in whispered tones, communicating by hand and telepathically, as well. They seemed to know what he was going to ask before he did. He felt as if the beings had controlled his mind during the encounter. Although the weather was freezing, they wore only light clothes; they stayed mainly by a nearby river, and played games with “lighting balls.” They could disappear and reappear at will. When the witness touched Behnar, it felt like he was touching very soft rubber. When it came time to leave, the witness was not permitted to watch; he found himself immobilized. Just before the three craft departed, they told him they would make it rain; shortly thereafter it began to pour and continued for 8 days.
Source: John Dux of the Brisbane Australia Sunday Sun

Date: June 23 1977
Location:  between Noupoort and Middelburg, South Africa
Time:  5:15 AM. 
Summary:  A driver of a newspaper delivery van driving between Noupoort and Middelburg saw a dull glow at a quarry beside the road. A glowing phosphorescent UFO then came out of the quarry and hovered in front of the delivery van, causing the van’s engine and headlights to fail. After a few moments the UFO departed, making a buzzing sound when it left. The engine of the van started by itself, then stopped, then started again when the driver pressed the pedal. 
Source:  Mark Rodeghier, UFO Reports Involving Vehicle Interference, p. 71, case 413, citing MUFON UFO Journal, September 1977

Location: Near Santo Domingo Dominican Republic
Date: June 24 1977
Time: night
Summary: A motorist on the “Las Americas” highway east of the city saw a luminous object over the ocean resembling a transparent tube; it was slightly touching the water surface. The object suddenly rose and approached the coastal area, the witness was now able to see several lighted windows and in one of them a humanoid figure, on another window he saw a second figure that appeared to be watching him. At this point the witness vehicle stalled. He then noticed a second similar object hovering over his car; he also saw two large black objects resembling tubes one each behind the objects, which suddenly seem to suck the objects in. The two black tube like objects then quickly departed silently. During the incident the witness felt numb and terrible pains in his legs.
Source: Robiou Lamarche, Manifesto Ovni De Puerto Rico Santo Domingo Y Cuba

Date: June 24 1977
Location:   La Caleta, Dominican Republic
Time:  1:00 AM.
Summary:   A UFO was sighted hovering over the sea from the coastal town of La Caleta. Sr. Cruz watched as the object extended a tube from its bottom, and then sucked up water. Two occupants could be seen inside the object, viewed through windows in the craft. Sr. Cruz’s car engine failed, and he felt a numbing sensation in his arms and legs. 
Source:  Leonte Objio, APRO Bulletin, January 1982, p. 6; Stendek, September 1978, p. 5

Location: Near Los Garrigues Lleida Spain
Date: June 26 1977
Time: 0500A
Summary: Pedro Mateo and his wife Gloria Jimenez were driving toward Barcelona when they noticed an oval shaped craft hovering on the side of the road. As they watched the object they noticed a sign that read: Gas station 1000 meters. The driver sped up and seconds later they saw the object disappearing into the sky. They then saw another sign indicating that there was a gas station 1 km away. When they got there, it was a very odd station. It had one pump, and a broken down shed. A man emerged as they reached the site, the man was very tall, almost 7-foot tall, and was wearing very worn blue coveralls. The witnesses asked the unusual man if he had seen anything strange in the sky. The man then covered his face with something that looked like a sandwich and replied that nothing had happened all morning. He then walked back into the shed; at no time did the couple see the man’s face. Some missing time was noted by the witnesses and the car’s roof turned pinkish in color. The entire music cassette’s had mysteriously been erased.
Source: Javier Garcia Blanco, Inexplicata # 3

Date: June 28 1977
Location:  between Abadan and Ahvaz, Iran
Summary:  On this night a man with a flat tire was stopped on the highway between Abadan and Ahvaz, Iran when he suddenly felt heat from a “huge, bright object” that was very close to him. Mr. Shojacei reported that the UFO changed color from red to green to purple, then its lights went off. For 45 minutes the lights stayed nearby, surrounded by fog. When he turned off his car headlights, the UFO would extinguish its lights.
Source:  Allan Hendry, International UFO Reporter, January 1981, p. 15

Location: El Yunque Puerto Rico
Date: late June 1977
Time: 1100A
Summary: A Mrs. Maldonado had gone to visit the tropical rain forest with her family and was staying in a camping ground area. While her husband, Angel Luis, and her children were bathing in a nearby river, Mrs Maldonado decided to some relaxing exercises. Suddenly she became apprehensive and felt that hundreds of eyes were watching her. She felt numerous presences in the forest around her. Looking closely at the trees she noticed numerous strange beings standing around the fields and behind the trees looking at her. She felt as if the beings were attempting to dominate her mind. She felt helpless and could not move at all. The beings were thin, dark, and almost human shaped with large elongated heads, hole like mouths, and small pointy ears. She did not notice a nose. The beings were about 4-feet tall, with long thin dangling arms to their knees. She felt a warming and numbing sensation throughout her body; she fought the feeling and was suddenly able to move. She immediately ran towards her husband and children. They too had felt a strange sensation and saw figures quickly running among the trees. The family quickly picked up their belongings and left the area.
Source: Jorge Martin

Date: June  1977

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