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Date: February 1978
Location: Tbilisi Georgia Russia
Time: late night
Summary: Avtandilom Vladimirovichem woke up with a terrible toothache; looking out the window he saw the flight of a huge luminous object that disappeared behind the mountains. Astonished, he ran out into his verandah and suddenly saw two enormous “black birds”, descending overhead, they appeared not have any wings. Soon the so-called birds gradually descended and landed on the verandah. The two “birds” proved to me two humanoids, of which one was over two meters in height, the other somewhat shorter. Both wore dark tight-fitting suits and helmets. The helmets had one ball-protrusion on each side. In the region of the eyes and nose was an aperture, through which were visible large frog-like eyes without eyelashes. There were other apertures on the breast area. Conversation was conducted telepathically and in “refined” Georgian language. They proposed to the witness to go with them, but he politely refused telling them that he had a bad heart. One of the humanoids then produced a tablet and insisted that the witness swallowed it, at first he refused but when the humanoid insisted he swallowed it. Moments later the witness heard a peeping sound and immediately both humanoids took off vertically upward emitting a smooth hissing sound. These flew away in the direction of the mountains, where apparently the luminous object he had seen previously had landed. His next memory was of waking up in bed not knowing how he got there.
Source: UFOZONE Russia

ufo_78Date:  February  1978
Location:  Miki-Cho Japan

Date: February 1 1978
Location: Perth Western Australia
Time: 2120
Summary:  Bright orange glow. Stationary. On a full moon summers night my daughters and I saw a huge bright round orange glowing object on the right side of the moon. It was stationary for a few minutes then suddenly it zoomed behind the moon in the wink of an eye. We never saw it again. This was a long time ago, things like this were not spoken of and we felt we would be ridiculed if we reported this. My daughter and I also witnessed two grey objects during daylight hours hovering over each other in circles then moving straight up at a very fast speed out of sight. This was in Kalgoorlie West Australia in 1984.
Source: National UFO Reporting Center

Date: February 1 1978
Location: Gainsborough Lincolnshire England
Time: 2220
Summary: The witness saw a large silvery disc shaped object shoot overhead and land behind some nearby trees. Two figures about six-foot tall were seen standing next to the object. Both were man like with silvery suits. The object then left the area at very high speed
Source: Nigel Watson, Strange Magazine # 10

Date:  February 4 1978
Location:  Orange, CA
Time:  Between 3:30-4:00 am
Summary: A loud humming sound, increasing in volume, awaken the Semaza’s and Susie.  Susie started vocalizing, first whimpering, then frantic howling and barking. Periodically she would become quiet and would stare at the wall [typical attitude for a dog whose attention is focused on listening—jw].  Through a window Mrs. Semaza and her children, 14 and 11, observed an oval object that they thought was not far above the trees and was estimated to be between 2 blocks and a half-mile away from them
Source:  Epperson, Idabel, 1978, Canine Mother Hides Puppies from UFO, MUFON UFO Journal No. 122, January 1978, page 7.

Date: February 4 1978
Location: Dique La Florida, San Luis Argentina
Time: 0445A
Summary: Six men, Manuel Alvarez, Pedro Sosa, Regino Pedroni, Genaro Sosa, Jacinto Lucero & Ramon Sosa had gone out fishing near the shore of a local lake when as four of the men slept, two a huge upside down bowl shaped object emitting a bright fluorescent light descend near them at high speed. It stopped 25 meters from the witnesses and hovered. A hatch opened and a small ladder was lowered. A very tall human like figure then descended, he was wearing a bright silvery scaly outfit and wore mittens on his hands. He also had a transparent bowl shaped helmet that covered his whole head. The being had beautiful features and blond hair, he walked towards the shore near the witnesses and made a hand gesture, like a greeting, he then walked back and entered the object which quickly ascended at high speed towards the northwest. The other four men awakened to see the object flying away.
Source: Bob Gribble Mufon Journal # 238 and Fabio Zerpa, Los Hombres De Negro y Los Ovnis

Date:  February 4 1978
Location:  Scarborough Ontario Canada
Time:  2200
Summary:  A young student was out walking when he heard a wavering sharp siren type sound, looking up he sighted a saucer shaped object hovering close to the ground. Through a transparent section on the dome, several moving figures could be seen inside.
Source:  John Brent Musgrave, UFO Occupants and Critters

POSSIBLE HOAX  Fraud per JPG / Anomalia group. 

Date: February 5 1978
Location: Near Medinaceli Soria Spain
Time: 0545A
30-year old Julio Fernandez and his dog Mus an English Pointer were on their way to do some hare hunting but for some unaccountable reason he took a road that led in the opposite direction, heading north-eastwards along the Barcelona road towards the province of Soria. At about 0430A Julio stopped to drink coffee and anis at a wayside bar known as the Hostal 113, beside the highway on the outskirts of Algora. A strange waiter served. He was tall and fair, wearing rubber gloves and what looked like a wig. (!) During the 20-minute stop, no other customers came into the bar—unusual even for that time of night. Also, a smell of pine pervaded the establishment, which Julio assumed to be a detergent. Subsequent checks showed, however, that the Hostal 113 had not been open at the time and no one matching Julio’s description of the waiter worked there. At 0545A Julio left the bar and drove on, half an hour later passing Medicaneli. Suddenly he “knew” that he had to be at a certain location 15 km further on, and put his foot down on the accelerator. At this point his conscious recollection stopped. Later under hypnotic regression Julio remembered driving his car down the road when for no accountable reason he suddenly braked. From this point on the car seemed to act of its own accord, reversing, and then coming to a halt after having entered backwards a narrow dirt trail, which started at the right side of the main road.

Then the engine stopped, the lights went out and the radio cassette player ceased to work. It was as though the electrical current had been completely severed: the new battery no longer charged and the plugs no longer sparked properly. Mus growled, so as a precaution, Julio took his Winchester single barrel, semi automatic shotgun out of the boot and loaded it with its maximum of five carriages. It was then that he caught sight of two quasi human beings coming down the track, finally halting only one and a half meters from him. They wore seamless one-piece pastel green coveralls that reached to the feet and gave off a very faint luminosity with no zip fasteners nor openings and gathered at the waists. The overall was sufficiently tight fitting for their muscles to show. No fibers, no thread, and no designs were to be detected on it. The material was smooth and did not rustle when it moved. Pale yellow cowls or hoods, leaving only the face uncovered, covered their heads and shoulders. Their hoods, like their five fingered gloves were made of a texture resembling sating stitch, very fine and fitting the parts of the body closely. The men had extremely broad shoulders, with powerful dorsal muscles showing prominently, narrow waists, and they seemed athletic. Among features that set them apart from ordinary human beings were the exceptionally long arms and hands, large crania and very large eyes. Julio felt a sense of peace and calm envelop him. When they addressed him he at first thought they were using speech, but later, realizing that their lips did not move, he assumed they communicated mentally with him. They asked him to calm down and to follow them. Julio obeyed, taking along his dog and the gun. The aliens walked with a majestic, elegant and rhythmical gait. Julio was then led to a huge craft that had been concealed behind two hillocks in the bottom of a small valley, though hovering four meters above ground. It was an awesome sight. Shaped like an inverted soup plate, of a matt, silvery metallic color, it appeared to have a diameter of about 60 or 70 meters and a height of some 15 to 20 meters. Temporarily ignoring Julio, who had paused to take in the breathtaking sight, the occupants pressed ahead so that he had to run to catch up. Arriving underneath the central area of the craft, Julio noticed its completely smooth surface, as though molded in one piece, with no rivets or fittings. At this point he became aware of a powerful odor of pine, or possibly ozone, a smell also detectable on board. Julio’s gun and knife levitated upwards into the craft. A smooth metallic cylinder then emerged silently from the center of the disc, stopping just above the ground. It was about four meters in height and 2.5 meters in diameter. A door, sliding upwards, opened in the descended cylinder’s wall, revealing a small compartment lit by a strange light, coming from everywhere of an absolutely pure whiteness which Julio found thoroughly disturbing.

By now frightened, he hesitated before stepping through the door into the shaft. So reluctant was the dog to follow its master that Julio had to drag him in. What was now an interior elevator rose silently, stopping at an entrance to a corridor, where the party alighted. Further along was another corridor, with two metallic doors, about 2.5 meters high. These doors were finely fashioned, and he could see no hinges, handles, or latches on them. The whole appearance of the place was the most clinically aseptic that could be imagined…there were no internal angles. The walls were continuous with the ceiling, being joined by a gentle curve. Continuing along the circular passage, he suddenly came to a small ladder…it did not seem to him logical that people with a technology capable of keeping a craft floating weightless four meters off the ground should require a ladder in order to pass from one level to another. The ladder looked like the steps of a swimming pool, with a very shiny finish and a cylindrical handrail. The semi-cylindrical steps were set at intervals of about 40 cm. One of the beings led the way, scaling the steps in two jumps with phenomenal agility. With some difficulty, carrying the dog under his right arm and with the gun over his shoulder, Julio followed. He noticed that the railing felt exceptionally cold. At the top of the ladder, which led up to a room through a circular hole, was another individual who, like the others, assured Julio that he had nothing to worry about. The “flight deck” as it turned out to be, was about 15 meters wide and five meters high. Interestingly, unlike Julio’s shoes and the claws of his dog, the steps of the crewmembers made no noise on the floor. In the center of the flight deck stood a kind of console. It had some resemblance to an electronic organ. It was about 2.5m wide and, standing on it, set in metal footings was a transparent glass screen. The control table itself was standing upon a circular platform of the same white material as the rest of the floor. Elsewhere on the flight deck stood three other, smaller consoles, about one and a half meters wide, set around the circumference of the room, in front of which were strange, high, conical seats, with the pointed part towards the bottom. Also set close to the surrounding wall was a large square panel, leaden grayish in color, and a rectangular table of a metallic, blackish blue sheen. Set around the dome at intervals of about one and a half meters were rectangular windows made out of what appeared to be smoked glass. Meanwhile, Mus had been around the flight deck, sniffing at everything, including at least one of the aliens, who reacted in a surprise manner. When Julio called out to his dog, the sound of its name evoked great surprise among the entities. On asking where his hosts originated, Julio received an unintelligible mental response, including the expression “three seven, squared.”

After this the aliens indicated that they would like to examine his dog and take blood samples from him. Mus was carried to a rectangular table and blood from his paw was precisely, carefully extracted with a fairly normal looking syringe. The men then communicated to Julio that they wanted to examine him and placed him behind the screen on the rectangular table. After a few minutes he was given to understand that was all to be required of him. But in subsequent recollections—which proved harder to recover and which clearly he found very disturbing—Julio said that numerous samples had been extracted from him, including blood, semen, urine, cerebrospinal fluid, synovia, saliva, and gastric and intestinal juices. He believed that two women, similar facially to the men, were on board at the time. Politely ordered to sit on one of the seats at the central console, Julio did so. Next to Julio sat one of the crewmembers that, having raised the left armrest nimbly fingered several silvery buttons. The seat began to revolve along a track in the central console. Julio continued to sit beside the crewmember, his dog and gun at his side. Suddenly, a brief, piercing whistle was heard, producing a commotion on the flight deck. The tallest of the three crew members quickly headed toward one of the console units and all three studied the remote viewing screens in front of them. An image appeared on the screens of an older looking man. At this point the crew members began talking among themselves, their telepathy with Julio interrupted. The man on the screen, who seemed to be a superior, spoke first, and then the others conversed with him. The language sounded harsh to Julio, he described it as a mixture between German and Korean. They seemed to spit out the words as they were talking, and some of the sounds were like coughs. They never modulated their speech; the words seemed to come up out of their stomachs and did not seem to be produced by the vocal cords but to be thrown out by the diaphragm and from time to time they emitted a little cry as though they were choking.

The image disappeared from the viewing screen. Julio found himself back in telepathic communication with his hosts. Hectic activity ensued; as crewmembers started desperately pushing buttons. The central platform began to rotate anticlockwise, halting when the control console came in line with what Julio assumed was a “computer.” Another whistling sound could be heard, from which point Julio seems to have passed out. After another whistle Julio was awake again. The crewmembers showed interest in Julio’s gun and, passing it around among themselves, asked him about its use. A heavy smoker, Julio lit a cigarette. The men asked if they might take one away for study and deposited it into the same cylinder. Soon Julio was escorted to the lift cylinder, the metal door rose and he was back outside, in bright sunlight. He staggered back to his car, where Mus immediately bolting from the cylinder, awaited him. The car engine now worked, and he drove away without bothering to look back at the disc. Among the interesting items of information imparted telepathically to Julio by the ufonauts, both during and after his alleged abduction, was that other, shorter beings were coming here who were less evolved ethically. These others, it was explained, “are engaged in probing and programming” the minds of those humans whom they have contacted or kidnapped. Julio Fernandez was killed in a car crash in 1992, coincidentally near the site where he claimed to have been abducted.
Source: Thomas E Bullard, UFO Abductions The Measure of a Mystery and Timothy Good, Unearthly Disclosure

Date:  February 5 1978
Location:  Balladonia Western Australia
Time:  night
Summary:  The witness was driving toward town, fully clothed, and then lost memory of several hours. He had fragmentary recollections of conversing with an entity about an invention. Later he found himself a few miles outside of town while some of his clothes were scattered about the truck cab. At some point during the incident, a brightly lighted object passed him, and then a small dull light pursued him for 30 minutes retreating only when other traffic approached.
Source:  Bill Chalker, Mufon UFO Journal # 150

Location. Big Springs Texas
Date: February 6 1978
Time: night
M. Feldman was driving alone on interstate 78 when suddenly the headlights of the car illuminated a tall bizarre creature standing on the side of the road. The figure had a definite reptilian appearance with its body covered with scales. It had large bright bulging eyes and a wide lipless mouth. Terrified he drove away from the area. Strange tracks were found at the scene. Others saw the same or similar creature during the next several days.
Source: Jorge Martin, Evidencia Ovni # 17

Date:  February  1978

Date:  February 8 1978
Location:  Green Oak Township, Michigan
Time:  around midnight
Summary:  As dozens of independent witnesses watched maneuvering objects over the area, some described as huge and oval shaped, John and Clara Cassim were coming back from visiting friends when they saw a machine sitting in a small clearing off the road. “It looked like a very big light bulb resting on four legs.” Three humanoid figures appeared out of nowhere and climbed into the object. Then the object started to glow very bright and rose straight up.
Source:  Michigan UFO Central

Date:  February 9 1978
Location:   Saline, MI
Time:  2:00 AM. 
Summary: Residents saw a boomerang or triangular object hovering near their homes. Mr. & Mrs. Sibson as well as an Air Force mechanic reported their sightings to the Center for UFO Studies. According to them it made a slight humming noise, and was the size of three 747’s with a “great intensity of light coming from the center fuselage area.” It flew off toward the west slowly. 
Source:  CUFOS files, letter dated February 17, 1978; Philip J. Imbrogno, Contact of the 5th Kind, p. 18

Location. Near San Justo Argentina
Date: February 14 1978
Time: night
Jorge Daniel Lamazon and Mario Martinez were driving south of the city on Route 11 when they noticed a bright white light approaching their vehicle, about 500 meters away. It was suddenly lost from sight. Their vehicle suddenly stalled and at the same time a very large man-like figure wearing a dark outfit approached to within three meters from the car. The being stared intently at the witnesses, then walked away disappearing into the darkness.
Source: Fabio Picasso

Date:  February  1978

Date:  February 15 1978
Location:  Near Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Time:  late night
Summary:  A 15-year old teenager abruptly woke up in her bed. She sees a strong light emanating from the window and is unable to move. However she is able to see out the window and sees hovering very close to the ground in the garden a strange luminous object shaped like a dome, which was completely motionless. The craft had pulsating multi-colored lights on its top. Suddenly she heard a voice in her head that said: “We will pick you up and you will join us” Terrified she answered in her mind” “No I will not come with you because I am materialistic and very attached to banal joys of life” “You are advanced spiritually and extremely distant from my concerns. Leave me, spirituality does not interest me”. After about an hour of constant mental struggle her paralysis subsided and she was finally able to move. The dome-shaped machine slowly then rose up. Terrified she ran for her parents who saw the slowly ascending object emitting multicolored flashes of light.
Source:  Jimmy Guieu, “Our Masters the extraterrestrial ones”

Location. Cocula Mexico
Date: February 17 1978
Time: 0200A
Three teachers, Mr. Moreno, Mr. Aguilar and Mr. Coronado were on their way back to town from a late dinner, when they noticed bright flashes of green, red and white light coming from a nearby hill. They stopped their vehicle and got out to obtain a better look. They walked towards the lights, which appeared to be about 300 meters away. The light seemed to dim the closer they got to it. When they were about 20 meters from the light, they noticed that it was now an opaque egg shaped object, about 15 meters in length. It appeared to have three antennae like protrusions on top. It now gave off a fluorescent white glow. Curious the three men approached the object even further and began to surround it. Suddenly, one of the men noticed something very close to him and signaled the other two. They all then saw in an apparently freshly dug ditch a short “robot like’ humanoid that appeared to be still digging. The being seemed to be wearing a tight fitting silvery outfit with a round helmet. The little man simply ignored the trio and kept digging. Frightened all three ran across a field, entered the vehicle and drove away at very high speed. The next day they returned to the site and found numerous ground traces, including the ditch.
Source: J J Benitez, El Arbol y La Serpiente


Date:  February  1978

Location. Near Nettlebed England
Date: February 21 1978 Time: 2245
A motorist driving through thick fog near this village was entering an area of less dense fog and was rounding a bend when he saw two figures standing in the middle of the road. Each had outstretched arms and appeared to be completely bandaged from their heads down to their legs, somehow resembling “mummies.” His wife screamed and he swerved his vehicle to avoid them, the fog came down thick again and both figures were then lost from view.
Source: Norman Oliver, Quest UFO Magazine Vol. 11 # 6

Date: February 23 1978
Location: Braintree and RAF Wethersfield England
Time: 01:48
Summary: I was active duty (USAF) at the time, I was driving home (car-pooling) with a fellow worker, his name is ((Name deleted)). We were in his VW Wagon driving home from work at RAF Bentwaters (we lived at RAF Weathersfield base housing) anyway we saw this very bright light near what we throught was RAF Mildenhall (Military Air Command Transport Base) in the U.K. We could see the lights from the base near a hill we had to drive over before entering close to our neareat village (Weathersfield). We both noticed how bright it was, we had never seen anything like this! Next think we knew the light was right over Mikes vehicle, we stopped and tried to look up at it but it was far to bright to get any lind of identification. There was “no sound” coming from it at all! We watched it for a few moments when we all of a suden heard jet engine noise’s (we were both aircraft maintenance) so we knew the sounds but it wasn’t coming from the light, it came from to British fighters shooting out “photo flash cartridges” to light up the sky for taking photo’s. These were “Recon” birds but this light shoot across the sky like somethinmg out of “Star Wars” with the same type of light as the “light saber” would make! In a flash it was headed towards London (you could see the lights of London from this hill). The aircraft tried to “chase it”, they kicked into “burner” (full throttle – afterburner)but couldn’t even catch up. While we watched this chase, the aircraft seemed almost half way to the city (London) when the light streaked back over us (it was like in the wink of an eye). It hit us with the light and then shot straight up and vanished! The fighters flew back towards our area and kept going! I raced back and woke my wife out of her sleep, also the security policeman at the gate (gate-guard) saw the light and asked if “we” saw what was going on! I turned on the radio ( 0200 ) and the radio said that London was buzing with reports of “UFO Sightings”. I called the OSI (Office of Special Investications) next day and filled out a rep! ort and that was the end of it. ((Name deleted.)) didn’t want to talk about it to anyone! Everyone seemed to think we “worked too hard” but we saw what we saw, I beleive it was an “UFO”, for years I only told some family members but most still think I’m a nut. After twenty six years in the USAF (aviation maintenance) I’m here to tell you “we” (USA of allies) have nothing like this thing I saw! I just had to report this to some agency that seems to care or at least act like they care! This was no joke! I wish I knew what what it was or that I could see something like that again! I now beleive that this was not of this world. I’m a college graduate and private pilot that was decorated by President Reagan in the Oval Office of the White House (September 1987) for being selected as the Senior Non-Commissioned Officer of the Year for the US Air Force (worldwide, just to let you know that this isn’t some guy making jokes. I now work as a government contractor (on the F-16 aircraft) if you ever would like to discuss this further please let me know (I’m retired from the USAF) and would love to talk about it!
Source: National UFO Reporting Center

Date: February 23 1978
Location: Sesto Fiorentino Italy
Time: 2345
Summary: Mr. & Mrs. Morello were sitting in their car listening to their car’s stereo when they began getting heavy interference on the radio. Mr. Morello got out of the car to investigate and found himself engulfed in a warm, violet cloud of light. He saw four humanoid “shapes” and other lights around him. He got back into his car where he found his wife crying. They had a twenty minute lapse of missing time they couldn’t account for.
Source: Paolo Fiorino, UFO Universe October/November 1991

Date:  February  1978

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