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Date: March 1979
Location: Sheffield South Yorkshire England
Time: daytime
Summary: A man and a woman were out chatting by a payphone in broad daylight when they noticed a gray disc shaped object with a dome on top hovering above a local restaurant. Through a transparent window on the dome they were able to see two men like figure staring down at the witnesses, one had his hands behind his back. Both figures wore ice blue tight fitting suits and had long blond hair. At the same time the witnesses noticed a strange silence in the area. After the incident the woman began to experience different types of psychic phenomena including seeing an apparition of her dead husband.
Source: Jenny Randles, Abduction

Date: March 1979
Location: Portsmouth Hampshire England
Time: afternoon
Summary: In broad daylight the witness encountered a “strange little man” that appeared in front of her and passed by her. On turning around, expecting to see his back, she was shocked to find that he had vanished. He was described as about five-feet tall, olive skinned, large round dark eyes, and black hair, slicked straight back. He seemed to have been wearing some sort of RAF uniform, except that it looked made to measure, perfectly cut, and stitched. His shoes looked brand new. He walked towards her, gazing straight ahead, with dead, baleful eyes.
Source: World of The Strange

Date: March 1979: Monroe, NC man is abducted

Date: March 2 1979
Location:  Rivera Uruguay
Time:  early morning
Summary:  Two men working on top of a transmitting tower watched a large oval shaped craft circle the tower several times. Through some large portholes several beings with enormous heads and wearing transparent helmets could be seen looking out. Moments later the object dove over a truck carrying farm workers, then shot away into the sky leaving a fiery trail and a thick column of smoke behind.
Source:   IUR Vol. 4 # 2, August 1979

Date: March  1979

Location. Chernyakhov Russia
Date: March 4 1979
Time: morning
A man spotted two large domes on a field 650 yards away, he ran towards them and one of them lit up with a violet glow and shot up vertically. Hiding behind the brush the witness crept closer to the remaining object. He then saw four little beings standing next to the dome, which was hovering very close to the ground. The beings had long bodies, long arms, and short legs. They all wore green space suits, with pointed silvery blue helmets. They appeared to be busy spreading some shiny metallic objects on the ground. The beings turned and looked at the witness, he could see that they wore a sort of mask that covered their mouths and noses, they had large red eyes which were covered by goggles. The tallest of the beings raised his arm as if saluting the witness. Moments later they somehow entered the dome, which suddenly was encased in a violet light and shot away at high speed. There was other several other independent witnesses to the craft and its occupants.

Source: Felix Zigel, Fortean Times # 33

Date: March 6 1979
Location:  Westminster, SC
Time:  7:00 PM. 
Summary:  A luminous dome or domed disc descended and brightly illuminated the surrounding area near a home in Oconee County, South Carolina. There were 14 witnesses, including police. The UFO emitted a light beam, and executed sharp turns during the 44 minutes it was visible. 
Source:  APRO Bulletin, June 1979, p. 7

Date: March  1979

Location. Monroe North Carolina
Date: March 9 1979
Time: 0300A
A salesperson was returning home when he came to a one lane steel bridge, suddenly a brilliant light appeared overhead, and he apparently lost consciousness. Later he woke up driving slowly in a different location. He was dazed and his eyes burned badly. He could not account for a period of missing time but felt that he had been onboard a craft of some sort. Later under hypnotic regression he remembered being in a bright room with two seats and a panel. A short being wearing a uniform and a helmet with visor took him to a dark room where several tests were conducted on him.

Source: Richard Hall, Mufon Journal # 173

Date:  March 16, 1979: Mini-UFOs and Metal Pieces in Finland

Date: March 22 1979
Location: Isle of Sheppey Kent England
Time: 2230
Summary: A motorist driving along Sheppey Way spotted a stocky, silver suited figure loping down an embankment on the side of the road. Its suit and helmet were all in one piece and it was wearing a visor at eye level. Other motorists also spotted the figure, and earlier in the evening a couple had seen a red revolving light over the area.
Source: Janet & Colin Bord, Modern Mysteries of Britain

Date: March 27, 1979: Do UFOs Correct Calendar Watches?

Date: March 27 1979
Location:  Isere, France
Time:  5:20 PM.
Summary:   An oval-shaped or saucer-shaped UFO flew over the Tabouret Reservoir in Isere, France and then landed on the ground, leaving ground marks. A man was seen outside the craft, according to the police report. 
Source:  Robert Rouseel, OVNI, Verites Cachees, p. 91

Date: March 30 1979
Location:   Cardenas Mexico
Time:  late evening
Summary:  Two children coming back from school encountered along a road, twenty little one eyed men moving very quickly over the ground. These beings were enveloped in light and suddenly floated up into the sky and disappeared. No other information
Source:  Fabio Picasso, Strange Magazine # 9

Date: March  1979

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