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Date: May  1979
Location:  Huesca Spain
Time:  unknown
Summary:  Workers in the Pyrenees region encountered a huge creature described as a cross between a man and an ape that appeared to be naked and was emitting animal like sounds. It threw a tree trunk at the workers and ran into the woods.
Source:  Janet & Colin Bord, Unexplained Mysteries Of the 20th Century

Date: May  1979
Location:  Todmorden England
Time:  0300A
Summary:  The witness was suddenly awaken by a huge light moving silently down from the moors and heading straight for her home. She panicked and leaped from her bed in an attempt to get away. She then suddenly found herself outside in the open sitting on the grass. A huge oval shaped lights had apparently landed close to the house on a nearby field. A small egg shaped object could be seen inside the glowing oval. Three figures then emerged from the front of the object and began to walk towards her. These were described as slightly under normal human height and slim in build. At this point the scene changed and the witness found herself back in bed unable to account for one hour of missing time. The next morning as she checked the chicken coop she found nine dead animals without any obvious sign of attack from a predator.
Source:  Jenny Randles, The New Ufologist # 3

Date: May  1979
Location:  Portsmouth Hampshire England
Time:  afternoon
Summary:  The witness was out walking when she came upon a small van parked on the road. The van was white, with what looked like blue clouds and flowers painted on it. As she approached the van, its door suddenly opened and a “midget” jumped down in front of her. She kept slowly walking as she and the short man gazed at each other. The little midget resembled a cute “doll” with an immaculate checkered shirt and dungarees, but she was startled with his eyes, which were jet black, marble like, with two white dots where the pupils should have been. He seemed to have Eskimo features, with dull black, straight hair, roughly cut. As he passed by her she tried to look over her shoulder to see him, but her neck did not seem to respond normally.
Source:  World of The Strange

Date: May  1979

Location. Near Upper Baracatan Philippines
Date: May 1979
Time: afternoon
An American scientist and 600 Filipinos sighted a round object like a huge balloon emitting flashes of light over a high mountain peak. The object remained in the area for about 20 minutes and the scientist was able to observe it with binoculars. He said he was able to see figures or “objects” moving inside the craft. The object had two appendages directly below it, one that produced strobe like effects. The UFO then landed in an open space behind a cluster of trees. That panicked the locals that quickly ran into their huts. No other information.
Source: Ahmad Jamaludin, FSR Vol. 25 # 6

Date: May  1979
Location:  Mirador Bairoa Puerto Rico
Time:  night
Summary:  There had been sightings of low level flying objects over some wooded areas near the town, when one night several children were playing in a field when they noticed a strange little man looking at them from some nearby bushes. The children ran from the area except for the oldest one that was able to observe more details on the creature. The being had a large round head, two large round eyes, two holes where the nose would have been and no sign of a mouth. It wore dark clothing and had slumped shoulders. There was a peculiar greenish glow coming from his left hand side, the hands had four small fingers.
Source:   Jorge Martin, Enigma # 1

Date: May 1979: Near Houston, Texas

Date: May 1 1979
Location:  Chingri Lau Region, Urals, Kazakhstan
Time:  night
Summary:  A flaming disc shaped object was seen crash landing in an isolated area; it partially buried itself on the ground. It was estimated to have been from 12m to 22 m in diameter. Military units quickly arrived at the site flying in helicopters. The surrounded the object and set up an observation post. They could not approach the object since it emitted a terrific heat, even though radiation was not detected. Those present experienced strong headaches and pressure in their ears. They moved back to within 50 meters from the object. Several personnel equipped with protection suits approached the object and examined it. Soon they heard incomprehensible sounds coming from within the object. Suddenly the visibility fell to zero and weather sharply deteriorated. The object then mysteriously disappeared, either it flew away or it was taken away. Ground traces were examined.
Source:  Anton “Cade” Belousov, Soviet X Files List

Date: May 1 1979
Location:   Vizcacheras, Argentina
Summary: Oil field landing, reaction to light, landing traces 
Source:  sections VII, X

Date: May 5 1979
Location:  Southend on Sea, Essex, England
Time:  2030
Summary:  Report of a black metallic umbrella-shaped craft that had landed on a field. Two silvery clad figures were briefly seen standing next to the object.
Source:  Essex UFO

Date: May 5 1979
Location:  Pampulhas, Minas Gerais, Brazil (Belo Horizonte Brazil)
Time:  night
Summary:  On this night an object with portholes landed in a field in Pampulha, Minas Gerais, Brazil for 90 seconds. The witnesses were two police officers, who reported that the encounter caused EM effects on their vehicle. The ground was lit brightly, and figures could be seen looking out through portholes in the craft. It took off vertically at great speed. 
Source:   Jane Thomas, UFO News clipping Service, July 1979, p. 14; MUFON UFO Journal, November 1979, p. 11, citing Cronica May 5, 1979; Richard H. Hall, The UFO Evidence, Volume II: A Thirty-Year Report, p. 258

Date: May 6 1979
Location:  Bribie Island, Qld
Time:  0030
Summary:  Two men and their wives were in a car with the women asleep in the back seat. Bright orange lights were sighted to their front. Coming over a rise in the road, the inside of the vehicle lit up and the hood of the car appeared a different colour. At the same time the alternator light came on, the instrument panel lights dimmed and the motor began chugging as if firing on only two pistons. Almost immediately, the group of lights left the ground in an upward direction at great velocity. The car then recovered.
Source:  UFORQLD

Date: May  1979

Location. Hainault, Belgium
Date: May 12 1979
Time: 0745A
Two school children on their way to school saw a metallic oval-shaped craft made out of shiny chrome like material, flying at a low altitude over a field near the school grounds. In the object they could see within a lighted luminous area a tall 1.80m tall human-like figure. The children claimed that the craft landed nearby and they were invited inside by a tall figure wearing a metallic suit. Inside they were made to lie in a compartment filled with a transparent red liquid. They were then taken on a short trip to different points in the solar system, including Mars and Jupiter.

Source: Denys Breysse, Project Becassine

Date: May 13 1979
Location:  Santa Filomena near Lins Brazil
Time:  1930
Summary:  A ten-year old youth saw in a pasture a luminous object hovering at ground level. Two small beings (not described) came out of the object and began signaling at the witness with their hands. The youth ran from the area while one of the short beings chased him for a few moments. He arrived home and locked himself in his room.
Source:  Dr. Walter K Buhler, Guilheme Pereira & Prof. Ney Matiel Pires UFO Abductions at Mirassol

Date:  May 16 1979: Near Baependi, Minas Gerais Brazil

Date: May 16 1979
Location:  Charleston, SC
Summary:  A mechanic felt compelled to return to a spot where he had previously seen a UFO. A disc-shaped craft landed, and he was given a metal bar as a gift, along with the message that the occupants will return again. 
Source:  Larry Hatch, U computer database, case 13700; Richard Hall, Uninvited Guests, p. 294

Date: May 17 1979
Location:  Summerville South Carolina
Time:  1225A
Summary:  William Herrmann saw a UFO at home and felt an urge to get in his car and go to a location. In a remote spot everything became silent and an object descended and pulled him inside by means of a beam of blue light. He lost consciousness then awoke on a table. He was medically examined by short light skinned beings, with large heads and large oval shaped eyes. They wore red tight fitting coveralls, and pullover boots, and their leader had an emblem like a winged serpent on his chest. They conversed extensively with the witness providing him different type of information. He was then taken on a ride and was allowed a view of a larger vessel in flight and of people on the surface looking up at the craft. He was eventually returned.
Source:  Wendelle C Stevens

Date: May 19 1979
Location:  Bukit Mertajam Penang Malaysia
Time:  1500
Summary:  Six school children reported sighting a landed object and four tiny humanoid figures near it. The creatures were only about 4 inches tall. One of the students attempted to catch one of the creatures but was shot in the hand. The creature then shot at a brick, breaking it into pieces. Afterwards the creatures ran back into their tiny craft. Another student reportedly grabbed the small object and was shocked by an electric current. The object then took off, and an adult witness watched the object taking off.  
Source:  Ahmed Jamaludin, A summary of UFO and Related Events in Malaysia 50/80

Date: May  1979

Location. Sussex England
Date: May 21 1979
Time: 2030
The witness was camping with some friends in the “Downs” area when he heard a faint humming sound and went outside to investigate. Outside there was a bright shining light. As the light came closer the witness felt being lifted up in the air by what seemed to be a magnet. He then apparently blacked out. His next memory was of lying on a cold surface with one of his friend lying next to him. Looking to both sides of him, he saw several figures, with sparse tufts of hairs on their heads, large eyes with purple pupils. The figures came over to the witness and spoke to him in an unknown language, but they seemed friendly. They seemed to examine one of the sleeping bags. His next memory was of being on the ground again, and their sleeping bags missing.

Source: UFO Sightings, England

Date: May  1979

Location. Piastow, near Warsaw, Poland
Date: May 22 1979
Time: 2200
The witness, W R, was taking a walk on a local park when he noticed three bright lights. As he approached he noticed that the lights were on a dark disc-shaped object that was flying above a field. The craft was about 3 m in diameter and resembled a large hockey puck. The witness approached to within 3 meters from the object and was able to observe geometric figures that appeared to form on the surface of the object; he saw triangles, trapezoids, circles, etc. He also noted that the lights appeared to come out from the opposite end of the object. At a certain point he also saw a large illuminated figure shaped like an “H”. Suddenly the object emitted a brilliant blue light and the witness felt a heat wave envelope him. He ran from the area and did not see the object depart.

Source: Base de Datos Ovnis, & Bronislaw Rzepecki

Date: May 25 1979
Location:  near the Sacramento River in Colusa, CA
Time:  1:10 AM. 
Summary:  A silver colored, heel-shaped or bullet-shaped object hovered between fifty and five hundred feet above some trees near the Sacramento River for three minutes. It had a row of red and blue-green lights along its leading edge between two headlights. It also had a smooth metallic surface. It made a sound like an electric motor as it moved very slowly toward the two witnesses, Ruben and Carlos Genera. Many animals reacted to its presence. The close encounter lasted seven minutes. 
Source:  Paul C. Cerny, MUFON UFO Journal, May 1984, p. 3; UNICAT database, case 235, citing Paul Cerny

Date: May 25 1979
Location:  Charleston, MO
Time:  8:00 PM.
Summary:   A nocturnal light came down and landed behind a store in the town of Charleston, Missouri. A neon sign was effected and a clock in the vicinity was later found to be 18 minutes slow. 
Source:  Harley D. Rutledge, Project Identification, p. 208

Date: May 26 1979
Location:  Hailey, Idaho
Time:  0:05 GMT.
Summary:   Pilot (may have been more than 1 witness) of a private plane sighted five orange objects flying in a horizontal line formation which tilted and spread out. The then regrouped into a vertical line formation and then got all mixed up and seemed to come right at the plane as the distance was closing. They lengthened the distance from the pilot out front and went over to his left. At that time both the magnetic compass and the automatic direction finder started spinning. At that point they were again in a straight line formation just before blinking out. According to the pilot, the radio interception was blocked by static and the engine started running rough. At the same time, ground radar had contact on both the plane and the objects. Finally, a large orange object approached the aircraft at a tremendous speed. The pilot climbed rapidly and did not see the object again. 
Source:  From Dr Richard F. Haines Project Delta Case 45

Date: May 26 1979
Location:  Colusa, CA
Time:  12:15 AM 
Summary:  Two fishermen observed a hemispherical object with blinding white headlights and a row of body lights. It hovered in one spot for 2-3 minutes, then flew overhead emitting a humming sound like an electric generator. 
Source:  Colusa Sun-Herald, May 29, 1979

Date: May 26 1979
Location:  Kulim, Malaysia
Time:  8:30 AM.
Summary:   A disc with three legs for landing gear hovered just a half a meter above the ground. The witness was temporarily blinded by beams of light from the object. 
Source:  Ahmad Jamaludin, MUFON UFO Journal, November 1979, p. 8

Date: May 26 1979
Location:  Manila, Philippines
Time:  Evening
Summary:   A UFO with two antennae was sighted over the city. With the aid of binoculars figures could reportedly be seen inside the craft. 
Source:  Jane Thomas, UFO News clipping Service, August 1979, p. 12

Date: Late May  1979
Location:  Toronto Ontario Canada
Time:  1230P
Summary:  Three young brothers were leaving their high rise apartment complex with their mother on their way to school, when one of them happened to look up and see a large oval shaped craft, dark in color, with a row of transparent windows, hovering above the building. All four cold now see about 30 figures moving back and forth behind the windows and some apparently looking down on them. There was a red light on the bottom and blue and yellow lights under the windows. Suddenly the craft shot up diagonally and disappeared, no sound was detected.
Source:  Lawrence J Fenwick, Cuforn Bulletin November/December 1988

Date: May  1979

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