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Location: Genoa Italy
Date: April 1980
Time: daytime
A man named Giorgio Dibotonto was visited in his room by a glowing entity, that appeared in a brilliant white light. “In the midst of this luminosity appeared the figure of a young man of extraordinary beauty.” The being floated inches above the floor, he was barefoot, and clothed in a sparking tunic, and two bright wings appeared to be attached to his back. At this point the entity said his name was “Raphael” and told Giorgio that they would meet again in the future at a certain location.
Source: Preston Dennett, UFO Universe Summer 1995

Location: Near Brussels, Belgium
Date: April 1980
Time: 1215P
Emily (involved in other encounters) was driving home from work in a fog when she spotted two strange women dressed in black riding one bicycle each side by side. The two women were near a crossroads about 50 meters away. There the two women turned to the right and Emily did the same right after the women, but was puzzled when the two women were nowhere in sight, they had completely vanished. There were no houses on either side and Emily feared the women had fallen into ditch, she stopped the car and searched on both sides of the road, but did not find anything.
Source: Godelieve VanOvermeire

Location: Near Waco Texas
Date: April 1980
Time: afternoon
A rancher out looking for a missing cow encountered two four-foot tall humanoids at a clearing near his ranch. The humanoids had egg shaped heads, and large almond shaped eyes, had green tinted skins, and wore tight fitting green outfits. The beings were carrying a calf between them and as they noticed the witness they turned their heads in unison to look at him. The witness became frightened and left the area. Later at the same location where the humanoids had been, the remains of a mutilated calf were found. No blood was in evidence at the scene.
Source: Timothy Good, Alien Contact

Location: Portobello, Edinburgh, Scotland
Date: April 1980
Time: midnight
Andrew Hennessey was in his bedroom and was looking at the bookcase when he suddenly saw tiny green balls about the size of a one pence piece bouncing slowly over his books. He watched in fascination for a while and the tiny spheres remained in his room. His parents soon went to bed and after the lights had gone off he realized that there was a strange light in his bedroom. He saw above the coffee table a hovering silver ball. It moved over to the foot of the bed and he heard a voice saying, “Don’t be afraid.” He pulled the covers over his head and went to sleep. Later he had vague memories of floating through the bedroom wall and into a spaceship above the house.
Source: Ron Halliday, UFO Scotland

Location: Pudasjarvi, Finland
Date: April 2 1980
Time: 0115A
The witness, Aino Ivanoff was driving across a bridge when she entered a peculiar fog and the car headlights were somehow deflected upwards. She stopped the car and saw a silvery domed object with portholes. She was apparently taken inside the object and examined on a metallic table by three men wearing dark clothing. Before being released she was given an antiwar message by the beings and was told that they could not reproduce and hailed from a dying planet. She felt drained of energy for a week after the incident.
Source: Richard Hall, Uninvited Guests

Location: French Gulch California
Date: April 4 1980
Time: daytime
The main witness and his wife were looking over a recently cut road through their property when they encountered a four-foot tall thin humanoid wearing a gray suit standing on the road. Nearby hovered a silvery oval shaped craft. The being took several steps towards them, but they became frightened and grabbed their guns. The being then walked back to the object, a hatch opened and he disappeared inside. The object then rose and vanished towards the west. (The main witness suffered a heart attack a week after the encounter and died two months later.)
Source: Jacques Vallee, Confrontations A Scientist sear for Alien contact

UFO_72Date: April 4 1980
Location:  Charleston South Carolina
Time:  1730

Date: April 6 1980
Location:  Lodz, Poland
Summary:  Three bright spheres hovered low over a house in Lodz, Poland spreading a blinding light. Frightened, the couple living in the house locked themselves in and came out only the following morning, when the three spheres had gone. 
Source:  E. Russo, UFO News clipping Service, April 1980, p. 8

Date: April 9 1980
Location:  Bollwiller, Alsace, Germany
Time:  Late Evening.
Summary:   A woman driving through a forested area saw a bright light descending toward her car, first mistaking it for an aircraft landing light. The object then stopped and hovered ahead just off the road. Frightened, she turned the car around and fled, once again being confronted by the object whose light illuminated the terrain. She stopped at the first house and roused a couple asking them for help. The couple subsequently also saw the object. The bright illumination generally concealed the shape, but at times they could see a dark form , possibly diamond-shaped, with body lights around the perimeter. 
Source:  Basler Zeitung, Apr. 11, 1980, with follow-up interview report

Date: April 10 1980
Location:   Lincolnton, NC
Summary: Red disc-shaped object emitted light beam to ground; took off with intense humming sound leaving exhaust trail 
Source:  Volume II, The UFO Evidence, Section IX

Location: Aguas Buenas Puerto Rico
Date: April 12 1980
Time: 0200A
The witness saw a humanoid figure standing outside the bedroom window only six feet away. The being wore a gray one-piece suit with a turban like head cover. The being stared at the witness with its large green oval shaped eyes. The witness was not able to move during the encounter.
Source: Wendelle Stevens, Enigma 52/53

Date: April  1980

Date: April 13 1980
Location:  South Kilkerran, SA
Time:  2350
Summary:  Out of the corner of his eye a man sighted a row of flashing lights, yellow in colour, and apparently pacing his car. He attempted to accelerate but the engine “cut out” for a second. This occurred three to four times in fifteen to twenty seconds. Then all of a sudden the car acted normally and he was able to drive on. The lights seemed to move off very quickly from his right to behind him.
Source:  UFORSA

Location: Jardim Do Cerido, Rio Grande Norte, Brazil
Date: April 13 1980
Time: 2030
32-year old Eliete Cardoso Aragao, a local seamstress was on her way to visit a family member on a nearby farm (fazenda). Since it was dark she was carrying a lantern that illuminated her way through the field. The sky was clear and starry. Moments later she watched a large round solid object encased in a soft glow descend slowly towards the ground. The craft was surrounded in a dim red glow that changed to dark blue and orange; the craft emitted a sound similar to that of a “small fan”. When the craft landed, Eliete noticed that it was the size of a large truck. Standing about 50 meters from the object she watched an opening become visible on the object and a “cascade” of light descend towards the ground. Moments later three humanoid figures exited the object; she could see that these were two men and a woman that stood next to the object. They were about 1.65m in height, with bronzed slick skin that appeared to be wet; they were hairless and wore tight-fitting white-metallic coveralls. On their chests they had several objects hanging on a vest-like coat. Their movements were similar to humans. Eliete then noticed that the aliens began gesticulating and calling out to her in Portuguese. Approaching the strange trio she asked them what was their point of origin and what was the motive of their visit. The aliens replied that they came from a “better” world but did not specify which one and were here on a peace mission and were here to tell humanity that it was on a destructive path, they also mentioned that there were many of their species already living on earth. During the conversation Eliete felt as if a very cold liquid covered her body. About 15 minutes later the aliens bade farewell quickly returning to their craft, which took off at high speed and vanished. Soon after the encounter Eliete suffered from an uncontrollable crying fit. Her lantern, which was electric, failed to function during the encounter, but worked again when the craft left.
Source: Antonio Faleiro, Brazil, Equipe IPURN, Brazil

Location: Near Likhanova, Ukraine
Date: April 15 1980
Time: 2350
Air defense radars tracked four UFOs over the region then a fourth UFO appeared and then it disappeared. Several Migs were deployed in the direction of the UFOs and one of the pilots opened fired on a disc apparently hitting it with several rockets. The UFO apparently was shot down. A special helicopter search party was organized; they carried special 12-men contingents carrying special equipment. The men wore special suits and oxygen cylinders. Apparently a high amount of radiation was found at the crash site. The object was described as a huge disc-shaped craft with a crack in the middle of a diameter of about 26 meters and a height of 5 meters with a gentle sloping cupola. Fragments of devices were found without the least sign of anything resembling wire, printed circuitry or bracing struts. An opaque glass like material was found. Some type of ornamental inscription was also found inside the craft. Inside two small dwarf-like bodies were found. The bodies were transported from the area in special containers and the craft was transported to Sverdlovsk and taken to a military airfield south from the airport. There the disk was studied for 15 days and later it was transported by helicopter to an area in Moscow. Local residents observed the crash of the disc and the work of the retrieval party.
Source: Anton Anfalov quoting Yuri Alexandrovich Smirnov

Location: Barrio Aguerre, Ciudad Treinta Y Tres, Uruguay
Date: April 20 1980
Time: 0040A
19-year old Luis Vital Carneiro was returning home after visiting friends during a powerful electrical storm in the region. Entering a gated field he first noticed a strange light cavorting over the area, and then about 50 meters away near a barbwire fence he noticed two short humanoid figures. Curious he jumped the fence and approached the figures. At a distance of ten meters from the humanoids he noticed that they projected a bright white light from the top of their heads downwards to the ground. The white light suddenly changed to red and the two figures suddenly disappeared to then re-appear 30 meters from the road. As Carneiro attempted to jump the barbwire fence again, a beam of light that knocked him senseless struck him. Regaining his composure Carneiro ran to his aunt’s house nearby and alerted her. Mrs Orialis De Los Santos (his aunt) stepped out into the garden where she saw on the nearby field a group of about four humanoids that seemed to quickly glide back an forth above the ground. Accompanied by Vital they both counted a total of thirteen humanoids that “glided” about in different directions, within an area of about 100 square meters. For almost an hour the witnesses watched the strange humanoids cavort around as if playing. Vital Carneiro again attempted to approach one of the humanoids but again was knocked down by a beam of red light that seemed to originate from the creature’s head. He fell to the ground feeling as he had been struck by lighting. Concerned for his safety, Mrs De Los Santos ran to her stricken nephew and dragged him inside the house. From inside the house they both could still see the short humanoids gliding about, plus at about 500 meters away, behind some trees, a large bright silvery light that appeared to be on the ground or rising slowly up and down. The witnesses described the humanoids as 60cm in height, with very large heads, triangular faces, large pointed ears, and rounded eyes. Their bodies were small and “rectangular” in shape. They wore a kind of gray uniform and a rounded cap from where the beams of light originated. They seemed to communicate amongst each other in quick bursts of “buzzing sounds.” They glided quickly about the grounds and according to Mrs De Los Santos they stood on small rounded platforms, however Carneiro does not remember seeing the platforms.
Source: Shoney Santana, Bettina Allen & Fabio Zerpa

Date: April 20 1980
Location:  San Mateo, CA
Summary:  Five apparently metallic Saturn-shaped objects, high-speed flight in formation at low altitude, visible against local terrain 
Source:  Volume II, The UFO Evidence, Section IV

Location: Santa Rosa Argentina
Date: April 22 1980
Time: 1940
A man driving his car near the city outskirts saw something falling near some high-tension cables. It was a room size object. The vehicle suddenly stopped and would not re-start again. The witness got out of the car to check under the hood, when he suddenly felt a chilling breeze at his feet. He then looked up and saw a very tall gesticulating being. He ran towards his car then saw another similar being. Both humanoids were wearing shiny black divers suits, they then approached the witness. He described them as seven-foot tall, with webbed hands, protruding mouths, long pointed ears, and almost no hair. Their eyes were hollow and no nose was visible. Their faces resembled that of a skull. The beings moved their lips but did not speak. One of them took the witness hand with both of its cold hands and the witness then began to feel weak and dizzy. He then fainted and later found himself 1/2 mile away from where he had been originally, and somewhat confused.
Source: Fabio Picasso, Strange Magazine # 8

Date: April 24 1980
Location:  Lake Norman Reservoir, NC
Time:  9:00 PM. 
Summary:  Two roofers working in the late evening sighted a bright yellow disc-shaped UFO rise vertically from Lake Norman Reservoir, not far from a nuclear power plant in Rutherford County. It made a loop in the sky and flew away. 
Source:  George D. Fawcett, MUFON UFO Journal, September 1980; UFO Magazine (USA), June 1990, p. 33

Date: April  1980

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