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Date: August 1980
Location: Lodi, California
Time: 0400A
Summary: Charles Smith had gone to bed around 0300A and the next thing he remembered was opening his eyes a little and seeing the bedroom lit up in a bluish light, coming from the bedroom window. At first it was a soft light and he remembered that he could only move his eyes and that the small window curtain was closed. His next memory was of the blue light being much brighter and the curtain’s bottom corner had been pulled up and then he saw what looked like round fingers with round suction “cups” at the tips, the hand then appeared to move upwards. His next memory was of waking up at 0900A and seeing the bottom of the curtain still opened and raised up by some invisible force field. He walked towards the window and stuck his hand through it and the curtain suddenly closed. (The witness has been involved in other experiences).
Source: http://www.etcontact.net/newsite

Date: August 1980
Location: Kailua, Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii
Time: evening
Summary: The main witness and some friends were traveling on the isolated Pali Highway outside of town (a place known for its paranormal occurrences) when they felt a sense of foreboding in the air and an urgency of “getting out of there” that they somehow were “running out of time.” Everybody was silent as they started pulling into the main road when the witness looked to his right and saw a human-like “dwarf” that had appeared out of nowhere and was now walking on the Pali Road. The dwarf like figure was totally human in appearance and walked in a strange bounding fashion. The short figure appeared to be wearing “regular pants” and some sort of silky type shirt, he had dark brown hair, and he appeared to have been carrying some sort of briefcase.
Source: Castle of Spirits and Direct Witness communication

Date: August 1980: Vedder River UFO

Date: August 1980
Location: Massachusetts, exact location not given
Time: evening
Summary: Famed abductee Betty Hill sees a UFO landing besides the road. Three silhouettes come into view from the object. Mrs. Hill turns to look at it more closely and accidentally pushes down on the horn. With the noise, the entities disappear and the object leaves.
Source: Boar and Blundell, The World’s Greatest UFO Mysteries

Date: August 1980
Location: Lac St Jean, Quebec, Canada
Time: evening
Summary: A young boy and his even younger sister saw a small being standing on a nearby bridge. The being appeared to be looking at the young witnesses. Afraid the young boy began screaming, immediately the entity threw “himself” into the river, but the witnesses did not hear any “splashing” sound. The two children described the entity as about 1 meter in height, with long hair and long ears, huge green eyes with red irises. His skin was green and was wearing a one-piece suit both gold and silver in color. The being held in his hand an object resembling a “hair dryer”, which he was pointing into the river. Two days later another family member saw 4 identical beings in the same area.
Source: Christian Lamay, UFO Quebec

Date: August 1980
Location: Selden, Suffolk County, New York
Time: 2000
Summary: The witness who was out at the intersection of Country Rd and Boyle Rd, saw a sort of blimp or cigar shaped object about 75 to 125 ft in length hovering about 30 ft in the air. The object seemed to have dimly lit opaque panels or windows along the outside length and he saw shapes of “people” looking out. The underside was covered with hundreds of small light-bulb size white lights. The object was totally silent and remained stationary for a minute or two. It then moved across the road, reversed directions, and then veered to the south and out of sight.
Source: Mystical Universe

Date: August 1980
Location: Northern Minnesota, exact location not given
Time: 2030
Summary: The witness had been out camping in a wooded area by a lake with her husband and twin sons when she decided to take a walk out into the woods. As she walked down a path she noticed a shiny disc-shaped object hovering above a clump of pine trees. She sat on a rock and watched the object until it disappeared. She then went back to the tent and realized that she had lost 2 hours of time. Later under hypnosis the witness recalled staring at the object and hearing her name called. Then a group of humanoids, described as thin and five foot six inches tall, wearing one-piece jumpsuits with a belt, took her inside the object. She noticed that on the belt buckle they had a symbol resembling a winged snake. They spoke to her by using telepathy and were apparently upset that she had tied her fallopian tubes.
Source: Brad Steiger, UFO Universe September 1988

Date: August 1980
Location: Mexico City, DF, Mexico
Time: night
Summary: Juan Maturano (involved in previous encounters) encountered a humanoid being in his room wearing a white tunic like garment, a green turban around its head that was carrying a red colored “portrait” over its shoulder. The being spoke to Maturano telling him that soon all his problems will be over. No other information.
Source: Juan Maturano, “Tulipan de Diamantes”

Date: August 1980
Location: Dushanbe, Tajikistan
Time: night
Summary: The witness who was returning home saw illuminated against the background of a hovering cloud by the light of the moon a bizarre creature. He describes it as white as snow with black bead-like eyes and a long white tail. It seemed to “jump” on the cloud, creating what appeared to be fog or steam. It then descended back to earth and began walking towards the witness. Extremely frightened the witness fell to the ground and covered his head with a coat. He then looks up to see the humanoid leap into the hovering cloud and disappear.
Source: UFOZONE Russia

Date: August 1980
Location: Ohio, exact location not given
Time: late night
Summary: The witness had been sleeping when suddenly she woke up feeling like someone was watching her. She saw a figure standing in the room, described as about 4 ft tall, wearing a long flowing dress, with long grayish white hair to the floor, both hair and dress were blowing as if in breeze. The figure did not have a face; it was just white and kind of see through, very “ethereal” looking. For some reason the witness thought it was of the male gender. She felt that it was trying to communicate with her. A feeling of peace came over the witness and the figure disappeared, her husband apparently also saw it.
Source: Archive X

Date: August 1980: Gissar Ridge Tajikistan Alien Encounter

Date: August 2 1980
Location: Mar Del Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Time: late night
Summary: A man was returning home late at night when a bright light appeared in front of him, as he approached he could see that it was some type of object. A short human like figure emerged; he wore a shiny suit and appeared to have “flat ears.” He looked at the witness and pointed a strong beam of light at him, the witness then found himself being held captive inside some type of crystal sphere. He remained there for several minutes while being observed by the humanoid.
Source: UFONS # 134

Date: August 4 1980
Location: Medway Kent, England
Time: 1650
Summary: Edith Sage was walking down an alley on her way to some nearby shops when she saw a ring of smoke and sparks coming from an area nearby, a craft then suddenly materialized. It resembled a small helicopter without any rotor blades, doors or engines. There was a large transparent dome at the front and it had green and tan camouflage markings on the side. Inside she could see two men sitting, they were of normal height, wore gray jumpsuits, and looked very much alike except that one had long blond hair and the other had dark hair, both had olive complexions. All sounds area the area suddenly ceased and there was also a sweet odor in the vicinity. The men apparently communicated via mental telepathy with the witness then the craft disappeared in plain sight.
Source: Jenny Randles, Mufon UFO Journal # 234

Date: August 5 1980
Location: Bruscarella, Italy
Time: afternoon
Summary: Witnesses watched a large disc-shaped object with three bright lights land on a field. Another man reported seeing three human-like figures dressed in black exit the object and walk around. A scorched area on the ground was found where the object had landed. 
Source: UFO Pavia

Date: August 5 1980: Glennallen, Alaska UFO Sighting

Date: August 7 1980
Location: Tillamook, Oregon
Time: 0100A
Summary: The witness and 6 of his friends had been driving through a mountainous area and had parked in order to rest. Soon they saw in front of them a large rectangle-shaped craft flying just above the top of the mountains, coming straight at them. The craft was dark and it had large windows on the front and the sides. It appeared to be as big as a football field or larger. It was flying very low at about 250-400 feet above the ground. The windows were brightly lit and the witnesses could see movement inside the craft as it flew over them. It had bright beams of light focused downward to the ground and the underside was not smooth but appeared to have pipes and girders-like structures with numerous lights under it. The speed of the craft was maybe 60-80 mph and it was totally silent. It passed right over them and disappeared behind the mountain on the other side of the highway.
Source: NUFORC

Date: August 7 1980
Location: Near Pine Bush New York
Time: 2130
Summary: The witness, Ellen Crystal, was out in an isolated field by herself when she noticed a large lighted object descend among some nearby trees. The object turned its lights off as it landed. The witness decided not to approach the area but later she drove near the site and with a flashlight caught sight of a four-foot tall thin humanoid with a large head and huge yellow cat like eyes, he seemed to be wearing a tight fitting beige jumpsuit. The being stood briefly and stared at the witness who panicked and quickly drove away from the area.
Source: Ellen Crystal, UFO Universe Spring 1989

Date: August 7 1980: Kirtland Air Force Base UFO Landing

Date: August 15 1980
Location: Capachos Bolivia
Time: evening
Summary: A young TV and radio technician was bicycling back to his home when he suddenly noticed that his transistor radio was no longer operating. As he got off his bike an orange colored beam of light that left him paralyzed struck him. A loud “kind” voice told him to remain calm that he was not going to be harmed. Moments later the man and his bicycle were lifted up by a beam into a hovering disc. Inside he was confronted by several beings described as tall with three eyes and large ears. They wore lilac colored tunics and green pants. He attempted to struggle but was subdued. He was later deposited on a highway where he was picked up by several workers and taken to a medical center. He suffered an almost complete mental collapse as a result of the encounter.
Source: Scott Corrales, Intl. UFO Library Magazine Vol. 3 # 1

Date: August 15 1980
Location: Leon Province Spain
Time: midnight
Summary: The main witness (an ex member of the Basque terrorist group ETA) was at a camping tent with members of his family, all which had been unable to sleep for some unknown reason. Suddenly everything became bright just like daytime. In the air just above them a human figure began forming, first the head then the rest of the body. The witnesses became filled with a sense of peace and tranquility and were not afraid. The figure was a man almost 3 meters tall, apparently middle aged, very tanned, with blue eyes and long white hair. He wore a white flowing tunic. He spoke to the witnesses telling them to choose the path of peace and reconciliation. He finally gave a hand signal, signifying love and peace and vanished.
Source: J J Benitez, La Quinta Columna

Date: August 16 1980
Location: Near Melbourne, Australia
Time: 1400
Summary: Frank Scott and another soldier were ordered to go, by jeep, to a location where a UFO had been seen. Upon arriving they saw a long, 170 meters, and broad, cylinder shaped object hovering close to the ground. The craft emitted a buzzing sound that vibrated the air. The craft also emitted a beam of lights towards the ground and within the beam they could see a small humanoid. The humanoid descended to the ground alone. Both men remained in the jeep, armed and watching the spectacle. Their weapons were suddenly disabled as if welded together. Then there was a terrible noise, and Scott awoke in the infirmary, not knowing how he had arrived at that location.
Source: Personal Testimony by Scott to Overmeire

Date: August 22 1980
Location: Near Lake Fork Creek Texas
Time: early am
Summary: The witness was driving with her young daughter on a desolate road when her car radio became garbled and she heard a loud electrical noise, then her headlights dimmed. She and the vehicle were suddenly lifted off the road and the car entered the flat metallic bottom of a hovering craft and into a bright circular room. A voice in her head told her to get out of the car but she did not move, a small humanoid, his feet encased in mist, now appeared and opened the door forcing the witness and her young daughter to follow him. He was described as having a large head with huge oval eyes, no body hair, a broad flat nose, and a small slit for a mouth. Both were then clamped down on metallic tables and were probed by two humanoids using different types of devices. Before being returned to the car and lowered to the ground, the witnesses were fed various colored pills. Under hypnosis the witness recalled extensive communication with the beings. Including the disturbing statement that earth “was a fearful planet with a tendency for annihilation.” She also recalled being shown seven characters, which represented the name of the place they came from, it sounded like “Asterisk” but the witness could not pronounce it properly.
Source: Richard Hall, Uninvited Guests

Date: August 25 1980
Location: Paradise Valley, Arizona
Time: night
Summary: A young man named Russell was driving west on Bell Road the night of the full moon. Russell then saw an orange ball of light coming from the southwest. When it got closer, he could see a domed fling saucer that had three hemispherical appendages on the bottom side of the craft. Russell then lost a short period of time. Later he recalled seeing several humanoid beings that brought him inside the craft where he sat at a table with a metallic plate positioned in front of him. The aliens used this touch-plate to control the craft; it was evidently their interface to propulsion and navigation, a kind of mental avionics. Only when the alien was in contact with the touch plate would the ship’s systems be activated. At one point the domed ceiling darkened, and Russell could see stars projected against the inky ceiling. It appeared that lines connected one star to another indicating a route traveled by these visitors.
Source: Jim Ossipov, Bill Hamilton

Date: August 27 1980
Location: Macambira, Brazil
Time: night
Summary: A witness saw a low hovering disc shaped object and through several lighted portholes he saw two short humanoids wearing silvery outfits apparently looking out. No other information.
Source: Revista Brasileira Ovni

Date: August 30 1980
Location: Rush City, Minnesota
Time: 1600
Summary: The 15-year old witness was outside playing basketball alone while his family was inside the house. Suddenly he had the feeling of being watched. He looked around and saw a figure wearing a silver “space suit” standing on the side of the house. It was only there for a second and the next second it was on the other corner. Then back again. The witness could not tell if there were several of the figures or that it moved faster than light. Shaken he went into the house and did not say a word to his family. Later while taking a shower he heard a loud noise coming from outside he ran out and put his clothes on. He met his father in the living room who told him that the rest of the family was outside watching a “spaceship” or something. He ran outside and saw his mother and brothers looking at a bright object that had shot out of the woods and into the sky emitting a loud noise. The craft hovered briefly and shone beams of light to the ground and then left at high speed.
Source: NUFORC

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