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1980: December UFO & Alien Sightings

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(Last Updated On: March 10, 2017)

Date: December 1980
Location: Cahirciveen Ireland
Time: evening
Summary: A woman walking home from work saw a tiny man-like creature with brown skin and a long nose riding on a large black cat which bounded across the lane in front of her and disappeared as it leaped over a wall. (!)
Source: Doc Shiels, Fortean Times # 37

Date: December 1980
Location: Near Auckland, New Zealand
Time: evening
Summary: The witness, known as Miss Nosbocaj was employed as a tomato harvester on a plantation located near Auckland. The owners of the plantation had a small pyramid made of plywood, which they used for recreational purposes. (This was a fashionable fad in New Zealand). There was always a sofa placed at one third of its height. Inside such a pyramid the owners/users spend time designated for resting. They would lie down or simply take a nap. During one of her lunch breaks Miss Nosbocaj decided to lie down in the pyramid. From there she was beamed up onto the deck of a UFO, which hovered at a great distance from Earth. The first part of her hypnotic recall described the impression she had during the telekinetic flight from the pyramid to the UFO, including the cold tingling resulting from the telekinetic absorption of heat from her body, and the feeling of an impact when her body bumped and penetrated the shell of the UFO. Her transportation onto the deck of the UFO occurred with the aid of the telekinetic transporting beam. She was then subjected to an undisclosed genetic “experiment” followed by various medical tests and examination. Later Miss Nosbocaj was invited to a brief tour around the vehicle. Her guide, which she described as taller than normal, and with very blond fine hair, which was almost see through, he had a long face, with pale skin and there was something strange about his eyes. He wore a sort of overall, which he let the witness touch, it appeared to be a one piece outfit made out of very fine cloth. She was shown all the important compartments of the UFO including the bridge, the navigation compartment etc. One of the halls visited was a type of recreation room where she was shown a three-dimensional film about, “where humans currently go with their untamed barbarism”. This film mainly concentrated on showing her various tools that people throughout the ages invented for killing each other, and to illustrate to her the possible consequences of using the nuclear weapons accumulated presently by humans. She was also shown a separate hall, which could be called an “incubatory” which contained numerous shelves entirely loaded with large transparent cylinders connected to devices that imitate organs of mothers, apparently used to grow or create human-like replicas. After the tour was finished Miss Nosbocaj was returned to earth by a process that she was only able to describe as moving back in time. She could not explain how she got back to the recreational pyramid. She felt she spend a longer period of time onboard the UFO than it felt like as she returned.
Source: Jan Pajak

Date: December 1980
Location: Santiago, Chile
Time: night
Summary: 25-year old Monica was in a local hospital as a result of complications with her pregnancy. As she lay in bed she suddenly is blinded by a bright flash of light, she felt being transported into another location. Soon she found herself lying on a metallic cot in a round bright white room. She could see a row of windows and on a corner what appeared to be a console and a figure wearing a black tight-fitting divers suit sitting behind it. He had long arms that ended in sharp points and as he walked he did so stiffly as if marching. She lost consciousness and woke up again in a larger room where she again saw a row of windows and outside what appeared to be a wooded area and a bright light hovering over it. She was wearing a bright white knee length tunic like outfit. Soon she was able to move around and looked out the windows and was able to see a valley with square flat roof dwellings. Inside the room she saw a peculiar object resembling a metallic “Trojan Horse” albeit smaller than the original version. At one point she felt a sensation of vertigo set in and the voice of her father calling to her. Her next memory was of being back on the hospital bed. Soon after the experience she found a strange coin-sized mark on her chest and when she returned home two of her pets, a dog and a rabbit inexplicably die. For a certain time she is able to see a humanoid about 1.60 m in height that follows her around wherever she goes. Apparently she is the only able to see him.
Source: Jorge Anfruns, Conozca Mas Año 4 # 6

Date: December 3 1980
Location:  McLain, MS
Time:  10:30 PM. 
Summary:  On Highway 57 in McLain, Mississippi Mr. and Mrs. Lowrey had the FM radio of their car quit, the car’s headlights dim, and the car heater quit when a luminous, blue-white ball of light came briefly over the right side of the car’s hood. They estimated the light to be about a foot in diameter and only a meter away. The seat belt alarm also came on during the encounter. 
Source:  Allan Hendry, International UFO Reporter, January 1981, p. 12

Date: December 3 1980
Location:   Murray Upper, Qld
Summary:  Mr G. Peel was travelling with another person in his car when he saw a light in the sky to their left rear. Suddenly the car engine and radio ceased to function, and the lights flickered. An unusual beeping sound came from his radio whilst the object was present. Finally the object left the area.
Source:  UFORFNQ

Date: December 4 1980
Location:  Perth, Western Australia
Summary:  Radar-visual sighting of four objects at airport 
Source:  Volume II, The UFO Evidence, Section VII

Date: December 4 1980
Location:  Foxboro, MA
Time:  6:35 PM. 
Summary:  A young man had a close encounter with a saucer-shaped object with a row of rectangular windows around the circumference, and was struck by a light beam on the chest and felt paralyzed. Perceived communication, apparent abduction, burn marks on chest corresponding to light beam position. 
Source:  Investigation report, New England UFO Newsletter, January 1981

Date: December 5 1980: Young boy struck by beam of light from UFO

Date: December 7 1980
Location: Near Short Mountain, Warren County, Tennessee
Time: before dusk
Summary: Two witnesses (brother & sister) were sitting on there back patio when they saw what appeared to be a bipedal, light gray colored creature, that appeared to have a head shaped like a feline. It walked slowly out of a tree line towards a pond and upon reaching the pond; the creature bent over and drank. They both noticed that it had large canines that were visible even from a distance of about 100 yards. The creature then stood up and walked back the same way it had come from.
Source: GCBRO

Date: December 15 1980
Location:  London, England
Summary:  Over 40 people in the southeastern part of London, England saw a UFO hover, divide into pieces, re-group, dart a short distance, and then shoot straight up. 
Source:  Timothy Good, Above Top Secret, p. 76

Date: December 17 1980
Location:  Greenup County, KY
Time:  Time not given. 
Summary:  Six witnesses of C1. No details.
Source:  MUJ-171

Date: December 18 1980
Location:  Sao Jose do Rio Preto, Rio, Brazil
Time:  11:30 pm
Summary:  Cows and horses alerted, then ran as small light flew by. These events took place in a town with a reputation of being the site of anomalous events.  The witnesses, a woman, 43, with a MS in music and who worked for the state government, and a male, 38, with a MS in engineering and who worked for the phone company, were invited by another couple who previously had had sightings on this farm. At 11:30 pm on a clear night the witnesses were in a field.  The animals reacted as described above.  The sphere that followed the animals was estimated less than a foot in diameter (a little smaller than a volleyball).  It appeared solid and was a dull silver that reflected moonlight.  It was flying at treetop level and was less than 100 feet from the witnesses.  The only sound reported were flute-like notes.
Source:  MUFON UFO DATABASE, Portion of Reports from the Files at MUFON Headquarters, July 1999, Sequin TX, CD-ROM, Case Log #931248J by Cynthia Newby Luce

Date: December 23 1980
Location: Cairns, Australia
Time: after midnight
Summary: The eight-year old witness had gone to bed after praying for a better father, since apparently her father was very abusive to her mother. Soon she was awoken by a dull humming noise. When she awoke the noise suddenly stopped. She sat on her bed and saw right outside her bedroom window a huge disc shaped object, white metallic in color, hovering low over the ground. In the middle, which seemed to revolve around it, there were several lighted windows, and she could see several human-like figures walking around inside. After a brief sensation of fear she felt an overwhelming sense of love and security. She ran to the door to go outside but a voice in her head told her not to open the door. She went back to her room to see the craft still hovering in the same position. She then heard a voice in her head, telling her not to be frightened that she wont be hurt. She was then asked to come with them, to this she replied that she could not since she was afraid for her mother. The voice then said that they would come back for her one day. The disc then lifted slightly and noiselessly before moving towards the mountains, which it then darted sideways and vanished. She was able to see several red lights on the underside of the craft.
Source: NUFORC

Date: December 26 1980: The Rendlesham Forest Incident

Date: December 27 1980
Location:   Greenup County, KY
Time:  No time given.
Summary:  No details except 5 witnesses of a C1. 
Source:  MUJ-171

Date: December 27 1980
Location: RAF Watton England
Time: late night
Summary: HT & DS both military police officers and dog handlers were on duty that night when they were asked to investigate strange lights near the airfield fence to the west. Both ground and air radar had apparently picked up “a large moving target of unknown type.” HT got to the fence and saw several figures about 100-150 from them, shining green and blue lights into the sky. When HT and DS turned their Landrover searchlight on the figures ran off very quickly. Both men saw the figures briefly and both were under the impression that they wore non-reflective silvery outfits.
Source: Georgina Bruni

Date: December 28 1980
Location: RAF Bentwaters, Woodbridge England
Time: 0130A
Summary: Larry Warren was on guard duty when an army truck pulled up and he was ordered into the vehicle along with other guards, none of them knew what was happening or where they were going. They went out the east gate and entered a clearing at the nearby Rendlesham Forest. There they encountered other small groups of soldiers. They set off in groups into the woods. Soon they came upon a large white mist about two feet from the ground and about 50 ft in diameter. Suddenly they noticed a red light silently approaching from the far side of the field. This went into the mist creating a blinding flash of light that was so bright they had to shield their eyes. When the soldiers looked again the mist was gone, and it its place was a large triangular craft with a white light on top. As they stared the object seemed to slightly distort. Larry and the other soldiers were instructed to surround the object; they then noticed that their shadows were cast on its surface, and that these were unusually large. Suddenly a shaft of light came from the object, and inside this light were three beings, which were described as small with enormous heads and big dark eyes. They seemed almost semi-transparent in appearance. A senior officer approached the beings and there was apparently some telepathic communication. The soldiers were then ordered to go back to the clearing, as they walked back, a triangular object, smaller than the main craft appeared in the clearing close to where their trucks were parked. One of the officers grabbed the object, which literally carried him some ten metes before he let go. One of the truck drivers reported seeing one of the small beings passing through his windshield, terrified, he kicked out with his boots and smashed the glass. Others reported seeing small probes, which passed through the side of their vehicles, only to appear on the other side. Later on all the men who had been present at Rendlesham Forest were debriefed and sworn to secrecy. Apparently around the same time there were other incidents and landings at the same military base. Other sources including the then base Commander Charles I Halt, said that some of the objects beamed laser-thin rays of light into the nuclear weapons storage bunkers. The purpose for this remains unknown.
Source: Tony Dodd, UFO Magazine January/February 1995

Date: December 29 1980: The Cash-Landrum Case

Date: December 30 1980
Location: Chicopee, Massachusetts
Time: 2330
Summary: The witness was sleeping in her room when she heard a sound like thunder. She looked out the window and saw an orange fireball gliding over the house. She went to the kitchen and told her sister to come to the window and watch what they thought was a meteor falling into the backyard. She pulled open the kitchen curtains and saw a black diamond with green lights on the points settle onto the back porch roof. The green lights were not bright and the diamond was only about 10 ft across and 8 ft high. A low hum was shaking the house and rattling the back window. The object sat on the roof for a few minutes and as she was going outside she heard a voice in her head say, “Don’t go outside, you’ll get hurt”. Finally the object slid horizontally off the porch and hovered over the backyard. The green lights then went off and the black diamond appeared to be blacker than the sky. It took off seemingly flying fast and slow at the same time. She does not remember going to bed, but a few hours later she woke up tucked into bed, wearing slippers that she had not been wearing earlier and her hands crossed over her chest. (?)
Source: NUFORC

Date: late December 1980
Location: Lumberton North Carolina
Time: late night
Summary: During a spate of UFO sightings in the area, a woman living at an isolated farm house heard noises coming from outside and looked out to see a figure wearing a silvery suit dash into the woods at high speed. The witness husband went outside to investigate and found that someone with superhuman strength had apparently uprooted his fence.
Source: Gray Barker, UFO Annual 1981

Date: late 1980
Location: Northern Puerto Rico, exact location not given
Time: late night
Summary: The owner of a cattle ranch after finding several heads of his cattle mutilated under mysterious circumstances decided to guard the ranch during the night armed with a rifle and together with two of his friends. One night they saw four short gray large headed creatures emerge from a nearby ravine and approach the cattle. The beings entered one of the cattle pens and proceeded to float a young calf out. The beings floated the animal very close to the ground and walked alongside it in a strange shuffling fashion. At this point the rancher not believing what he was seeing began firing at the creatures. One of the creatures was apparently hit and fell to the ground emitting loud shrieks. The animal also fell to the ground while the other creatures attempted to assist their wounded companion that was wriggling in obvious pain on the ground. The men fired again on the creatures and these ran into the woods leaving the injured one behind. The wounded creature attempted to run away but was shot in the neck by the rancher and as it laid on the ground dying, it was struck on the head by one of the men with a rifle butt caving in the top of its head, finally dying. Pictures of the dead humanoid were taken as it was preserved in a large jar filled with alcohol and formaldehyde. The body is supposedly being kept hidden by a local rancher fearing the local and US authorities.
Source: Jorge Martin, Evidencia OVNI # 3

Date: Late December  1980
Location:  Near Tetas De Cayey, Puerto Rico
Time:  afternoon
Summary:  A man walking through a wooded area looking for old archeological artifacts was suddenly surrounded by several 14-inch tall humanoids that attempted to grab at his legs. The beings were thin with large heads and what appeared to be webbed hands. The frightened witness grabbed a large branch from the ground and managed to strike one of the beings over its head killing it instantly. The rest of the tiny humanoids ran into the woods and disappeared. The man then took the creature’s body and with the help of a local chemist was able to put in a vase filled with formaldehyde. Pictures of the creature were supposedly taken and presently the creature is being kept hidden by locals. (Source tends to think that this version is the most accurate, but does not rule out two separate incidents.)
Source:  Jorge Martin Evidencia OVNI # 3

Date: December  1980



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