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Location: Johannesburg, South Africa
Date: July 1980
Time: 0300A
James Forber woke up in the middle of the night feeling a terrific thirst, but to his displeasure he is unable to move from bed. He notices a kind of blue nebulosity forming in the room; the center of the blue light implodes without noise. A being now appeared in the center of the light. Is a man-like figure approximately 2.30 m in height, wearing a white suit with shiny silver-blue eyes—Forber remembers is the same face he saw at the window of a hovering saucer 6 months before. On its suit he sees a gilded badge, resembling a triangle and a pointed star. The man calls himself Karne, and tells Forber he is from a planet called “Aenstria”. Two night later the entity returns, this time two young people are the main witnesses who see the entity enter the house. They both then accompany the entity into a landed saucer where he meets a female alien called “Meyae” apparently the commander of the craft. Both witnesses are told that the aliens come from the star system called Andromeda and that they were the ones who brought the prototype of all humans to earth, which they called “Adam Kadmon”.
Source: UFO Geheimnisse & NUFORIC

Location: Alberta, Canada (exact location not given)
Date: July 1980
Time: 0800A
The witness was walking through an alley one morning and standing in the alley was a man in a pink shirt and black trousers. As he walked past the man this one grabbed the witness by the arm. The witness thought he heard the man mumble the following words “if only you could know the clock”, but he mumbled it so that the witness couldn’t hear him properly. The man wouldn’t let go of his arm no matter how hard the witness struggled. He had a very strong grip on his arm with just his left hand. Then he heard footsteps coming from behind him. The witness turned his head around but all he could see was someone’s shoulders. He grabbed him under his arms and he felt his body feeling very light weight. He saw the man in the pink shirt fly into the sky. He then felt himself doing the same. He was then lying nude in the alley way. His car keys and his house keys were in his coat, but he didn’t have his coat. He heard someone coming so he jumped into a nearby dumpster and shut the lid quickly. He stayed in this dumpster for sever hours until it was nighttime. He heard lots of people walking by but he didn’t have the courage to get out. He decided to leave during the night since there would not be anybody around then. He slipped out of the dumpster and began to search for something that would cover him. He found some black trash bags and wrapped them around himself. He then walked through town on his way to the police station. A police car actually drove up to him and offered him a ride to the station. He told them everything that happened. Apparently the police recorded the incident as a rape and didn’t do anything about it.
Source: http://www.ufoorganisation.com/reports/

Location: Moca Puerto Rico
Date: July 1980
Time: night
The witness had gone out to her backyard to pick up some clothing from the wash when she spotted dozens of bright specks of light that united together to form a tall humanoid figure. The figure was a man with long silvery blond hair, wearing a silvery outfit with a double inverted pyramid symbol on the chest area. The being had beautiful blue green eyes and told the witness that his name was “Ashtar Sheran.”
Source: Jorge Martin, Enigma 52/53

Location: Near Laramie Wyoming
Date: July 1980
Time: night
Wanda McGuire saw strange lights while she looked out a window, then suddenly found herself before a semi circle of light, when she walked through it 2 shadowy figures joined her and they walked through a lighted hallway into a chamber where another shadowy figure sat on a throne. He read her mind, and then 2 beings took her to another room, strapped her to a table, and gave her “shock treatment” for misbehavior.
Source: Dr. Leo Sprinkle

Location: Surrey, British Columbia
Date: July 1980
Time: night
Salina Quail got up during the night to go to the bathroom; upon returning to the bedroom she detected a strange odor in the room but was unable to identify it. Suddenly she felt frightened, went to the window and closed it, at the same time having a strong sense that something was going to happen. As she lay down in bed she pulled the blanket over her and suddenly found herself “frozen” and unable to move. Then to her horror she saw a shape alongside her bed. The visitor told her telepathically not to be afraid, at the same time radiating a sense of warmth and well being. The room was completely devoid of noise, something that was extremely unusual as the couple lived alongside a major highway and traffic was a constant background. Again the featureless shape told her “we are not going to hurt you.” At this point she noticed three other similar visitors in the corner of the bedroom talking together, one of who appeared to be sitting down, though on what she did not know as to her knowledge there was nothing suitable to afford that comfort. The visitor then told her that he was going to look at the baby. Then leaning over, he circled his hand over her abdomen and peered in. Pausing a moment he circled his hand again as if to close up the cavity. Closing her eyes she could suddenly hear a rushing, humming, pulsating sound. She opened her eyes and the shape was still there. She closed them again and on opening them this time found that everything was back to normal.
Source: Graham Conway, UFO BC

Location: Sitio Quinque, Currais Novos, Rio Grande Norte, Brazil
Date: July 1980
Time: 2240
Severino Soares da Silva was returning home from visiting friends and was walking on the only paved street in the area when he noticed a strange luminosity emanating from a nearby field. Thinking it was a car he approached the area and was surprised to see a large illuminated football-shaped craft, it had a door-like opening and two square windows. The object rested on two leg-like protrusions. At this point Severino observed two figures wearing aviator type suits and round helmets that covered their ears. The figures were about 1.20m in height, one of the figures appeared to bent under the object apparently in the act of performing repairs, the other figure stood watch in front of the object watching his companion working on the object. Severino watched the object and its occupants for about 20minutes. Frightened he decided to walk away from the area and as he neared his home he heard a loud sound coming from behind him and saw the same object now flying at an altitude of about 5 meters from the ground. The object emitted bright yellow-white lights and later rose up into the sky disappearing in the direction of Santana do Matos.
Source: Equipe IPURN Brazil

Location: Hawaii, exact location not given
Date: July 1980
Time: 2300
The witness who had seen a UFO the week before had retired to bed and was reading a magazine when she suddenly found herself lying on a metallic table, surrounded by several figures wearing white doctor gowns and operating masks over their mouths that were looking down at her. They had slit like eyes. Three small metallic disks then hovered over her body making whirring sounds. She was then injected and apparently passed out. She later woke up in her bed feeling excruciating pain that lasted the entire day.
Source: Brad Steiger, The UFO Abductors

Location: Near St Louis Missouri
Date: July 1980
Time: 2300
Hearing his old Border collie barking and whining at something in the melon patch behind the barn, Joe Pierce set out with a flashlight to investigate the disturbance. As he turned the corner of the barn, he nearly stumbled over his dog, which was cowering and shivering next to the building. Thinking that the dog had been hurt, he knelt briefly beside his dog, checked quickly for any injury then stood up and directed the beam of the flashlight toward the sounds of movement in the melon patch. At fist he saw a figure that he thought was a man with a blanked wrapped around him, bending over and chomping into a melon. Pierce yelled at the figure and it suddenly stood up revealing itself to be a tall man-like creature with dark wings that had been folded around his torso. As he stretched itself to his full height of well over six feet, each wing unfolded to a width of what appeared to be seven to eight ft—at least fourteen feet from one wing tip to the other. The terrified witness dropped the flashlight and slid down to the ground. The humanoid then emitted a terrible screeching sound, then lifted off into the night sky. “Its wings made a sharp leathery slapping sound as it flew away.”
Source: Brad Steiger, Out of The Dark

Location: Del Mar, California
Date: July 1 1980
Time: 0600A
The witness suddenly woke up on his back, paralyzed and with his arms down on his sides. He was able to move his head up to see a 3-4 foot tall blue colored figure with large eyes smirking at him. Terrified he tries to move but is unable to. He is finally able to get up but the figure is gone. He had a vague impression sperm had been taken from him.
Source: NUFORC

Location: Ohio, exact location not given
Date: July 1 1980
Time: late night
In the middle of the night the main witness was awaken by his wife’s voice telling him to remember or to be aware that it was a UFO, that he should sit up and look out the window. Upon gaining full consciousness he sat up in bed. His wife was awake also and both got up, visited the bathroom and were both physically shaken, and very hyper. He felt that he had been onboard a UFO, but he didn’t say anything to his wife, so he asked his wife what had happened. She said that a “man” had been standing beside her when she awoke. She asked where they had taken him. The man told her that I had to go with them but that everything would be all right. At the time she awoke she him leaving the bedroom with a group of smaller “beings” different from the man that was communicating mentally with her. She felt no hostile feelings, only “positive” feelings from the man. They both went back to bed but he could not sleep, but after he laid down a relaxing sensation started at his feet and crept up to their heads and they fell asleep. Later under self-hypnosis the main witness remembered the aliens coming into the house and he then leaving with them, walking through doors/walls. Outside the backyard he saw a craft roughly 40 feet in diameter hovering above. A brilliant light beamed down and he was taken into the light via this beam of light. He floated up into a cylinder inside the craft. Two of the beings took both of his arms and walked him into a room and he lay on his stomach on a narrow table. His next memory was of watching from the end of the table down to his feet. The aliens had attached a small rectangular device with lights on top to his neck (spine). He moved closer to look at it. He thinks that it was attached by a cord to what he remembered thinking was a computer, he also recalled that the box had needle-like protrusions that were inserted into his spine. His next memory was of floating down to his yard. He went into the house, taken by the beings into the bedroom. All this occurred while he was in a light trance. (The witness and his wife were to have further encounters in August of that same year).
Source: Brent Raynes, Alternate Perceptions Magazine # 77 March 2004

Location: Bear River, Nova Scotia, Canada
Date: July 6 1980
Time: 0230A
Marlene LeJune reported that she heard voices and a noise like a car going by outside her house, so she glanced out her window. She saw a large circular light like a dinner plate or the full moon, the latter of which it could not have been since there was no moon that night. Marlene described the object as bluish white with flashing lights. The object remained outside her house for about 30 minutes, perhaps longer. She became frightened and decided to go to bed. The next day, a neighbor discovered a perfectly circular depression; about 20 ft in diameter, in tall grass near the LeJune house in the same location where Marlene reported the object had hovered.
Source: Don Ledger, Maritime UFO Files

Location: Hamburg, New York
Date: July 14 1980
Time: 2300
Two witnesses observed a large triangular-shaped craft over the eastern end of Lake Erie near Buffalo for several evenings during the summer. On the last night they observed what appeared to be small probes come out of the bottom of the craft and from the under the surface of the lake. They flew in al directions, going up to the craft and back down to the water again. Both witnesses went to a nearby beach and also observed the crafts. One of them was more daring and went for a closer look of the probes and reported seeing small “creatures” inside operating controls. Both witnesses had seen UFOs above Lake Erie before.
Source: NUFORC

Location: Near Pecos New Mexico
Date: July 16 1980
Time: 1030A
A civil air patrol cadet observed along with several other witnesses a dull metallic circular object maneuvering over the area. The cadet went closer to the object as it landed on a nearby clearing. He then observed a human like figure dressed in a metallic suit emerge from the object and walk a few feet away, moments later the figure returned to the object which quickly took off towards the northwest.
Source: Timothy Good, Above Top Secret Worldwide UFO Cover-Up

Location: Passfield Hampshire England
Date: July 18 1980
Time: after midnight
Six nurses at the local High Hurlands hospital heard a loud humming sound coming from outside. They looked out and saw a round flashing light that appeared to be descending; it suddenly disappeared near an orchard. Later some time after midnight two of the nurses heard a noise in the back of the building and saw a figure go by the door. Moments later while they were telephoning the police they noticed the figure looking at them through the French windows. The figure was described as totally black and wearing a huge helmet. It was about six-foot tall. The figure seemed to have no neck and gave off a glistening shine; it then stepped back into the darkness and disappeared. Moments later the same or similar figure was seen at the other end of the orchard, almost half a mile away. The police arrived but failed to locate anything.
Source: Omar Fowler, FSR Vol. 30 # 6

Location: Guffey Pennsylvania
Date: July 20 1980
Time: night
Several witnesses first saw a strange blue light hovering over a field and then they saw a tall hairy creature walking nearby. The creature moved quickly and made deep breathing sounds.
Source: Paul G Johnson, Joan L Jeffers, The Pennsylvania Bigfoot

Location: Lerida, Catalonia Spain
Date: July 21 1980
Time: midnight
The witness was alone in her house with her baby when she suddenly began to feel a strong pressure around her head, wrists, and ankles. Two very tall golden haired men with blue eyes that were leaning over her as she lay in a bed then confronted her. She felt they performed some type of operation on her and was told telepathically that her next child was going to be a boy.
Source: Antonio Ribera, International UFO Library
Magazine Vol. # 2

Location: Near Bethesda Wales
Date: July 27 1980
Time: early morning
A man fishing at a river with his dog saw a bright pulsating light approaching. It hovered then landed on a nearby field. The witness went to investigate and encountered a cylinder shaped craft, which had landed on a tripod. A door opened and a metal ladder was lowered to the ground. Three tall gray suited figures emerged, each carrying a bucket and a spade like gadget. They then proceeded to dig nearby. The witness dog began barking and ran towards the craft. At this point the witness apparently lost consciousness and upon walking up his dog, the object and the beings were gone. Landing traces were found at the site.
Source: Bob Gribble, Mufon UFO Journal # 267

Location: Pushchino, Moscow region, Russia
Date: July 28 1980
Time: unknown
A truck driver was traveling near the village when he was apparently taken inside an object and examined by several human like beings. A kind of ring was placed around his head and he was told that he was going to forget the meeting, which was indeed the case. The memories returned gradually and he remembered seeing a horseshoe shaped star map. He saw 9 stars on the chart or map, which led to investigators to conclude that the aliens were from the Vela star system.

Source: Antonio Huneeus, Mufon UFO Symposium Proceedings 1990 quoting “Sputnik” Magazine October 1989

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