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Location: Carolina Puerto Rico
Date: May 1980
Time: night
The witness was alone late at night when she heard a loud humming sound over the house and then in her rear patio area. She went to look and saw a small shiny metallic disc shaped craft descend and hover over some ornamental plants. The witness stepped back and suddenly a huge man-like figure materialized in front of her. The figure was about seven-foot tall, very pale and with large dark slanted eyes. He was wearing a tunic like garment with a hood all in white. Only his face and hands were visible. The witness felt a mental message telling her not to be afraid. She was told to watch as the being pointed at this chest, there a television like screen became visible. She then heard another message that stated, “You are destroying this garden and is not yours.” She then saw horrible scenes of devastation and death, including earthquakes and fires. The witness at this point knelt down and begged forgiveness for all humanity. The being then moved his head and vanished. At the same time the small shiny disc shot away into the sky and disappeared.
Source: Jorge Martin, Enigma 52/53

Location: Hat Creek, California
Date: May 1980
Time: night
Two men were camping in an isolated area near Hog Back Ridge and during the night one had gone to tend the campfire and perform some physiological needs when a huge rectangular shaped craft descended over the camp, coming from behind the ridge. The craft made no sound whatsoever. Suddenly both men found themselves apparently onboard the object confronted by four human-like beings that spoke to them for quite some time. However the witnesses do not remember what the content of the conversation was and have almost no memory of their time onboard the craft. They woke up the next morning back in their tents.
Source: NUFORC

Location: Benediktbeuern Bayern Germany
Date: May 1 1980
Time: 0115A
Two Italian workers were traveling by car on the night of the full moon when as they approached a field they heard a loud noise and saw a very bright colorful beam of light on the side of the road. They slowed their vehicle and then noticed three peculiar figures approaching their car. These figures were tall and man-like and appeared to be wearing black monk-like outfits that covered their bodies completely except for their faces. These were upturned and looked towards the sky as if looking for something. Their arms hung on their sides. The figure on the far left side was carrying on his right hand a type of lantern that was emitting the bright beam of light first seen by the witnesses. The two men apparently then drove away from the area.
Source: Ulrich Magin

Date: May 2 1980
Location:  San Jose, CA
Summary:   Shiny sphere flying with rapid up and down motions observed through binoculars; stopped, spinning, over Lick Observatory, accelerated rapidly and sped away 
Source:  Volume II, The UFO Evidence, Section VI

Location: Near Spotorno, Italy
Date: May 2 1980
Time: night
G. D. reported seeing a gray cigar shaped craft, about 100 meters in length with rotating windows and multicolored lights hovering above a field. The lights emitted a soft diffuse glow. He saw 4 white luminous disc shaped objects leave the object. One of them landed near him and 4 human-like entities emerged. One, which he had encountered before, described as resembling the “Arch Angel Raphael” and the other four were beautiful female aliens. Witness involved in other contacts.
Source: CUN Genova

Location: Redding, California
Date: May 5 or 7 1980
Time: 2105
A woman driving her car accompanied by her two daughters (15 and 14 years) and by another 13 year old girl was frightened by the sudden appearance of a patch of smoke or fog that suddenly enveloped the van. All the normal noises then seemed to stop around the women while they seemed to “float” inside a “cloud”. Worried, as soon as they were able to leave the “cloud” they drove to a friend’s house, there they discovered that they had lost 30 minutes of time, during which they could not account for their activities. During the hours that followed they suffered from various physiological reactions and the following day, marks, resembling strange punctures appeared on the skin of two of the girls. Soon they experienced strange dreams in which “men” were pointing strange weapons or objects at their heads. The witnesses reported the strange event to the police who advised them to contact a private UFO organization.
Source: Jacques Vallee “Confrontations”

Location: Near Cimarron New Mexico
Date: May 6 1980
Time: 1915
A woman and her 8-year old son were driving along the desert when they spotted three lighted objects on a nearby field. The center object was the biggest with lighted windows that emitted an amber light. She became paralyzed and confused, a four-hour time lost resulted. Later under hypnotic regression the woman remembered walking over to the filed and hearing cattle “screaming” in apparent pain. Four figures approached and carry the witness into a nearby object, she kicks and screams and feels extremely cold. The beings are greenish in color and move in a strange shuffling manner. A taller pale being with a high forehead and wearing a white outfit with cape approaches the group. He appears angry and says that she should not be here. At one point she is briefly touched by the tall humanoid and feels a burning sensation. She is shown her son and he seems to be sleeping peacefully. She is apparently medically examined and experiences a lot of pain. She was then taken into a bright white room where she sees the beings apparently cutting up a cow into pieces apparently while the animal was still alive. Several beings wearing dark brown outfits with an orange insignia escort her to another room where the tall white garbed being waited. She then remembered landing in desert area and met there by several tall beings wearing shiny clothing that shuffled their feet when they walked. She is then apparently taken into an underground facility where the tall beings, described as hairless with large beautiful eyes wearing long robes, examine her. At one point she briefly enters a large metallic room where she sees a huge container filled with floating animal and what appeared to be human body parts. She is eventually returned along with her son unharmed.
Source: Linda Moulton Howe, An Alien Harvest

Date: May 7 1980
Location:  Valdese, NC
Summary:  Disc with dome maneuvered near car, E-M effects on radio 
Source:  Volume II, The UFO Evidence, Section XII

Location: Cuapa, Nicaragua
Date: May 8 1980
Time: 1500
In a hill located in the countryside a 50-year old peasant, Bernardo Martinez reported encountering a beautiful and luminous female apparition attributed to have been the Holy Virgin. The apparition indeed told the witness that she was “Mary” that she had come from the sky (heaven) and was the mother of Jesus. Apparently she instructed the witness to build a chapel in her honor at the location of their meeting. She gave an overall message of peace. (This seems to have been a recurring theme related to this type of encounter).
Source: Denys Breysse, Project Becassine

Date: May 12 1980
Location:  Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
Time:  6:00 PM. 
Summary:  A brilliant blue disc hovered at a low altitude for ten minutes over Bulawayo. It shot straight up, stopped, then shot up again and was gone. 
Source:  Cynthia Hind, UFO Afri News, July 1990

Location: Eben-Emael, Belgium
Date: May 13 1980
Time: 1000A
In the area near the German border close to the Albert Canal the owner of a mushroom plantation was inspecting the caves where he grew the mushrooms when he spotted nearby a metallic circular object about 5.20 meters in diameter hovering about 50 cm from the ground. From a dome on top of the object an “escalator” descended to the ground then a human like figure came out and descended to the ground and stood next to the object. Two more similar figures came out and walked towards the witness. He described them as totally human in appearance, very pale, eyes slightly larger than normal and about 1.60 meters in height. They wore light colored combination outfits. The beings began speaking among themselves, saying: “What are we doing here?” the witness overheard them, (apparently the beings spoke in French) and started to explain that he was cultivating mushrooms, asking them if they wanted some. They replied, “Yes.” Then the witness led them into the caves, and took a wooden tray containing several mushrooms, which he offered them. But the leader said he only wanted one piece. As soon as that single mushroom was placed in his hand, they all turned away and reboarded their machine, which took off and disappeared in the direction of Holland. The local gendarmerie was alerted, and interrogated the witness. The same day, in the afternoon, the witness received 2 visitors in blue military uniform (Belgian Air Force?) who were speaking French with a Liege accent. After listening to his story, they then warned him “that he would be better off if he not seen anything.”
Source: J L Vertongen, & Frank Boitte, in Overmeire Catalog

Date: May 14 1980
Location:  Simpson County, MS
Summary:  Glowing disc cast light beam onto road; car entered beam, headlights flickered off and on several times, afterwards worked normally 
Source:  Volume II, The UFO Evidence, Sections VII, IX

Location: Palavas-des-Flots, France
Date: May 20 1980
Time: before midnight
Just before midnight two couples were returning from a day at the beach in their Renault when the driver spotted a woman standing by the roadside. He stopped to pick her up and she settled in snugly between the two women in the back. The driver told the woman where they were headed but she said nothing and simply nodded her head. The car continued on its way, then just as they were approaching a sharp bend, the woman cried out: “Look out for the turn! You are risking your life!” The driver slowed the car and safely turned the bend, when suddenly he heard cries coming from the backseat—the hitchhiker had disappeared. A subsequent investigation of the scene revealed nothing. (Phantom hitchhiker?)
Source: David Pratt, Visitors from The Twilight Zone

Location: Kansas, Exact location not given
Date: May 27 1980
Time: unknown
The witness was driving alone when she experienced an unexpected time loss. Under hypnosis she recalled being escorted onboard an object by several seven-foot tall humanoids with large heads, pointed noses and slender fingers. The beings wore black capes and claimed they had come to earth to teach and learn.
Source: Thomas E Bullard, UFO Abductions The measure of a Mystery

Location: Porto Maurizio, Italy
Date: May 29 1980
Time: 2320
The owner of a local hostel heard his dogs barking outside. Looking at a window he was stunned to see a small child-like hand with 5 digits on the window. He described it as thin and long with what appeared “suckers” at the tips. Apparently the “hand” left an imprint on the window glass.
Source: CUN Genova

Date: May  1980

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