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Date: early September 1980: Orsk, Russia Abduction

Location: Near Belmont England
Date: September 1980
Time: 2130
The witness and his girlfriend were taking a short cut along an isolated road when they saw a tall dark figure, stepping out from the side of the road. It walked slowly across the road about 10 yards in front of the car. He slammed on the brakes and was unable to avoid it. When he stopped the car, thinking he had hit somebody, he looked back and the tall dark figure was nowhere in sight. In the meantime his girlfriend was screaming hysterically.
Source: MAPIT

Date: September 1980
Location: Near Riga Latvia
Time: night
The witness was walking to a village to visit her daughter when she suddenly saw very clear images of her mother and self as an infant appear in front of her. Then three human like figures appeared from her right side, these walked towards the images. These three figures wore white tight fitting outfits, and helmets with visors. They then walked to a nearby field where a bright red sphere sat on the ground. The woman then ran home to see a yellow oval shaped object disappear into the clouds.
Source: Richard Haines, Joint US-CIS Aerial Anomaly Federation

Date: September 1 1980
Location: El Condado Santurce Puerto Rico
Time: night
A witness noticed a strange spectacle in the sky near the Convention Center in the downtown area. She saw a kind of hole or “portal” open up in the sky. Grabbing a pair of binoculars of high power he observed within the “portal” a type of platform and on top of it a group of figures wearing white outfits and conical headgear, she could not distinguish any facial features. After about four minutes the “portal” suddenly closed and the sky returned to normal.
Source: Jorge Martin, Enigma # 1

Date: September 2 1980
Location: Urbanización De Guanica, Puerto Rico
Time: unknown
In a rural area a young man encountered a three-foot tall greenish humanoid with large round eyes and large pointed ears. No other information.
Source: Jorge Martin, Enigma # 1

Date: September 7 1980
Location: Wyoming, exact location not stated
Time: 0300A
In a rural area two witnesses were sleeping in a tent after a day of hunting when they suddenly woke up to see a bright light outside. A sense of calm fell over them and they woke up 3 hours later. While leaving the area they saw a mutilated cow on the side of the road. Later under hypnosis they remembered that 3 beings five-foot seven inches tall, thin with large heads and eyes and wearing tight fitting silvery outfits had come to the tent and took them. The husband remembers finding himself alone inside and oval room that contained a table and a box filled with smoke. He was examined with a lighted probe on his ears and stomach.
Source: Thomas E Bullard, UFO Abductions The Measure of the Mystery

Date: September 9, 1980: Easley South Carolina UFO

Date:  September 11 1980
Location:  Anderson, SC
Time:  4:20 AM. 
Summary:  Two friends saw a rounded, seamless disc-shaped UFO that made a whining noise. It hovered over trees in a yard 100 feet away from his bedroom window. It rotated and wobbled. Physiological effects included red burning eyes, swollen glands in neck, headache. 
Source:  MUFON UFO Journal, April 1981, p. 5

Date:  September 11 1980
Location:  Easley, SC
Time:  8:00 AM.
Summary:   L. Garrett, age 40, saw a huge gray domed blimp or ovoid UFO making a buzzing noise. It was purplish metallic gray in color. It had a pipe protruding from it, and long windows. 
Source:  Allan Hendry, International UFO Reporter, September 1980, p. 11-13

Date:   September 11 1980
Location: England
Summary: the sightings that are being reported today, I and my workmates saw back in november 1980. we saw one main sphere and others coming towards it and joining as one this took place during the whole day. then towards the evening it was spectacular the amount of sphere`s that came in to join it It then just went into a tube and disappeared. there was at least 10 to 12 people watching this display we phoned the newspaper they were not interested. yours Sincerely ((name deleted))
Source: National UFO Reporting Center

Date: September 11 1980
Location: West Willington Connecticut
Time: 2125
The witnesses were traveling south on Route 32 when they suddenly spotted a pancake shaped object surrounded by an orange rim of light grayed down by some surrounding haze. It had a clear dome on top and inside a bald headed or helmeted figure was seen. The object appeared tilted up on one side as it flew down towards the car at low speed. The witness quickly drove away from the area and did not look back.
Source: Allen Hendry, Frontiers of Science Vol. 3 # 1

Date:  September 22 1980
Location:  Caribbean Sea south of Haiti
Time:  3:43 AM.
Summary:   another air collision nearly occurred over the Caribbean Sea south of Haiti between Pan Am flight 440 and an unidentified bluish-green cigar-shaped object. The UFO had a horizontal row of 5-6 steady lights, which the flight crew presumed were windows. The distance between the Pan Am flight and the UFO at its closest approach was less than a mile. The estimated length of the UFO was 50 feet. It changed course when the plane flashed its landing lights. The event was witnessed independently by the crew of two other airliners in the area. 
Source:  Allan Hendry, International UFO Reporter, November 1980, p. 12

Date: September 22 1980
Location: Trafford, Pennsylvania
Time: afternoon
Two boys observed a tall hairy figure move slowly down a path towards them. The creature appeared to float or glide just above the ground rather than walk. Its body was covered with shiny black hair and it had a human looking face. Both witnesses fled the area.
Source: Paul G Johnson, Joan L Jeffers The Pennsylvania Bigfoot

Date: September 22 1980
Location: Syrdar Region, Russia
Time: evening
A group of 14-15 year old students attending a camp were in a ditch washing their cups and utensils when suddenly they see a gigantic object about 15 meters in diameter land on an adjacent field. Overcome with fear and panic the children rush to the barracks to hide. Some hide under their blankets and at this point several of the camp instructors are notified and see the object on the field. The barrack’s windows are suddenly thrown violently opened by an unknown force even though there had been a complete absence of wind. One of the boys suddenly runs out of the barrack overcome by a strange compulsion and runs towards the landed UFO. At this point one of the female instructors overlooking her own safety runs towards the student and overtakes him halfway to where the UFO had landed, and drags him back to the barracks. The student struggles and escapes one more time screaming that “he wanted to be with them”. He is subdued once again by other instructors and tied to his bed with a bed sheet. He continues to struggle but finally calms down when the UFO is seen leaving the area.
Source: X- Libri UFO Russia

Date: September 25 1980
Location: Conceicao De Araguaia Brazil
Time: 2228
Elias Seixas de Mattos and two friends were returning to Rio in a truck when the driver felt a cold liquid and heard a voice in his head telling him to go to a certain spot. The other two men saw a flash of light hit the hood of the car. All three then saw a luminous object on the ground about a mile away. The driver got out of the vehicle and attempted to film the object, the other two men panicked and ran. Later the main witness felt drowsy and talked one of the other men into driving the truck. They apparently experienced a time lapse during the drive and the truck behaved in a strange manner. Later under hypnosis the main witness recalled floating into a fiery red cigar shaped object with flashing white lights. Inside he entered an egg shaped chamber attached to a large white circular room with tables and machinery. A being described as almost seven foot tall wearing a tight fitting yellow coverall that covered his head except for his face operated the machinery. The being had large slanted lilac colored eyes, a long nose, a large lipless mouth, long arms and hands and very pale skin. He wore a belt with a circular buckle with colored lights. An invisible barrier apparently prevented the witness from approaching the being. Seixas was submitted to several medical examinations on top of a bed-like apparatus. At one point the aliens connected some type of machinery on his head and chest area. Blood and sperm samples were extracted from him. At one point the main witnesses remembered seeing two man like beings, one black the other white that resembled identical twins, these wore tight-fitting gray clothing. The beings told Seixas that their point of origin was within the star cluster of Ursa Minor and that they had bases on the planet Mars.
Source: Thomas E Bullard, UFO Abductions The Measure of A Mystery

Date:  September 28 1980
Location:  Boca Raton, FL
Time:  2:45 PM. 
Summary:  Two bright yellow UFOs shaped like hamburger buns approached to within 200 feet of an airplane flying over Boca Raton, Florida near Pompano Beach. The UFOs circled the plane 8-10 times maintaining a distance of approximately 1500 feet. 
Source:  Richard F. Haines, Project Delta: A Study of Multiple UFO, p. 161

Date: September 30, 1980: Rosedale Victoria: A Close Encounter

Date: September 30, 1980: Australian Cattle Rancher Encounters a Bizarre UFO

Date: September 30 1980
Location: Clazay, Deux-Sevres, France
Time: 1615
A witness observed for a total of five minutes a luminous oval shaped craft a short distance away. The object was about 1.40 meters in width and only half a meter in length. The craft emitted a brilliant orange beam of light and the witness also heard a sound like a “piston.” At one point the witness heard a loud echo-like voice that something like “Orio.” The witness then began to feel dizzy and experienced a severe headache and apparently blacked out. He came to around 1800 noticing that there had been an electrical outage in the house.
Source: Jimmy Guieu

Location: Cayey, Puerto Rico
Date: late September 1980
Time: late night
The witness was preparing to go to bed when she felt like someone was watching her; she turned around and saw a tall slender man in the room. She tried to scream but could not, and then she felt going forward towards the man. She then floated behind him through a closed window. The next thing she remembered was lying down in a dark place. Here next conscious memory was seeing a total darkness then waking up in her bed.
Source: Karla Turner PhD, “Taken”

Date:  September  1980

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