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Date: April 1981
Location: Somers Point, New Jersey
Time: 0010A
Summary: The witness was suddenly awake and sensed that something or some force was in the room. Looking around she saw a figure standing in front of her bookcase. It was described as five-foot four inches tall, humanoid, apparently transparent, pale facial features, penetrating blue eyes and wearing a gray “space suit” with a brocade design. Its body frame was small and the top of its head was white. The creature stood there staring at the witness without any facial expression. It then began floating towards the witness bed, the witness then led out a horrified scream and turned the lights on, and the creature then vanished.
 Witness letter, Cufos Associate Newsletter Vol.2 # 12

Date: April 1981
Location:  Mexico City Distrito Federal Mexico
Time:  afternoon
Summary:  A woman and several adolescents were at home preparing for a school project when suddenly a bright light appeared in the room. Within the light a 2-meter tall human like figure became visible. The being had brilliant golden hair and skin that seemed to glow and somehow its energy expanded and decreased in intensity. He was described as a beautiful being almost angelic in appearance. Moment’s later four round luminous white spheres appeared. At the same time the figure and the spheres began vibrating and emitting a musical like tone compared to the shimming of a crystal bell. After an hour of looking at the golden entity in a trance like state, one of the witnesses asked what was the purpose of the visit. All were then told by the entity that he was “Samael” their protector. Soon after everything returned to normal.
Source:  Witness letter, Casos Extraordinarios, El Universo Oculto Vol. 1 # 13

Date: April 1 1981
Location:  Mount Vernon Oregon
Time:  1930
Summary:  The main witness and a friend were driving back home when they noticed three bright lights above the highway. As they approached the top of a hill another larger light appeared. The witness pulled off to the side of the road and then saw a huge lighted bowl shaped object. They both attempted to leave the area but they apparently went into a trance and lost consciousness. The next thing they remembered was sitting in their vehicle and noticing something moving quickly away from the car, moments later a flash of light shot up into the sky. Later under hypnosis the main witness remembered the object hovering over the car and engulfing it in white light. Several beings now appeared in front of the car. The beings were described as about five-foot two inches tall, with large hairless heads, gray white skin and huge dark almond shaped eyes. They appeared to be frail and had long thin arms. Both men were then invited onboard the object and entered through a triangle-shaped doorway. They were then led in different directions. The main witness was taken to a room and examined on a thick table consisting of solid light. He remembers one of the beings sitting at a console with a screen and looking at what he thought was the space shuttle Columbia orbiting the earth. (Columbia was in fact launched on April 2. For some reason the witness was left with the clear impression that these beings had the ability to travel through time.)
Source:  Aileen Edwards, On The UFO Road Again

Date: April 5 1981
Location: Mobile, Alabama 
Summary: When I was young I had sleep paralysis, I would wake up but could not move, I would have to will myself to wiggle a finger until I could break free. Often when I was falling asleep a electronic sound would fill my ears. I was drawn to light, I often would stare at the bulbs. Once I was staring at the bulb in the hallway and a fly flew into my eyeball. It crawled into my eye, crawled behind my eyeball. I had to open my eye with my fingers and bop myself on the back of the head to get it to fly out. When I was about 10yrs old I was in my room meditating but a buzz sound came and I opened my eyes and found a beautiful irresistible woman like creature before me. She was white with blond hair. She positioned herself so that I couldn’t see her hands or feet. She was irresistible, I felt intense sexual feelings for her, but she disappeared when I approached. The next time she came to me she allowed me to approach, this time we had sex but the world burst into a blue flame, exploded into light, then I blacked out. This was my sexual awakening. Before this I was a child, after this I was sexually aware. After my experience women have always been drawn to me, throwing themselves at me, this has been true since 1981. When I was in the Navy I had an unexplained object removed from my foot. The doctors said from the x-rays it looked like a sewing needle deep in my left heel. When they removed it the doctors were being strange about it, not wanting to tell me much, but they did say they couldn’t get the last piece, as if the “sewing needle” was in pieces…I would have remembered stepping on a sewing needle if i stepped on one so hard that the entire needle entered my foot, and if the needle entered me whole, why was it now in pieces? –

Date: April 8 1981
Location:  San Luis Reservoir, Merced County, California
Time:  3:00 AM. 
Summary:  Mr Dennis was flying his Piper Archer II from Palm Springs, California to Novato, California. He was just above San Luis Reservoir, 45 miles SE of San Jose, when he saw the same object that he had seen in November 5, 1980. It pulled alongside his 3 o’clock position. At the same time his DME (Distance Measurement Equipment) went out, and then his navigation and communications radios. When his transponder went out, this caused some concern at the tower for he had disappeared from their scope. Now the object shot forward of the aircraft some 500 yards, the pilot estimates, and executed some very erratic motions. Then, slowly drifting backwards until it was at his 9 o’clock position, it paced him, “obviously looking me over”, maintaining a steady course. He drifted behind and somewhat below it, as close as 500 ft to it at one instant. The pilot continued to drop back, placing the object first at his 1-2 o’clock position and then finally at his 11 o’clock position. The object was bullet-shaped emitting an orange glow with a whirling bluish ring. This bluish ring started close to the body of the craft, whirling at right angles to it, and then, as it whirled faster and faster, it expanded, becoming thinner and finally dissipating. Then the front part of the object began to pulsate, faster and faster, and now appeared as a bright solid intense red-orange glow. It then shot forward to about four or five miles ahead of the plane, about twice as far as the first time, then made an instantaneous right-angle turn upward, and in 4 or 5 seconds it was lost in the black sky above. At the same time all the radios came back on again, by themselves, and the pilot could hear the Center frequency talking and called them up. They had been concerned since they didn’t have a primary target on him
Source:  J. Allen Hynek, International UFO Reporter, January 1982, p. 6; UNICAT database, citing Tom Page, case 34; Dominique Weinstein, Aircraft UFO Encounters, p. 43

Date: April 12 1981
Location:  Goodhue, Minnesota
Time:  1:30 p.m. 
Summary:  In a remote farm area, a civil engineer and his wife encountered a two-foot diameter aluminum-like disc as they drove by just 40 feet away. In the early afternoon R. E. Schenk, age 56, and his wife were driving south on Highway 58. At about 1:30 p.m. they saw the small disc, shaped like two saucers, one inverted on top of the other. The object was hovering just a few feet off the road about 40 feet away, with sunlight reflecting off its surface. Surprised by what he had seen, the former Navy pilot turned and drove back. He and his wife then saw the object at an estimated 2,000-4,000 feet altitude. It climbed rapidly through the sky, and disappeared in the distance, headed in the direction of Minneapolis. The weather was clear, and visibility unlimited. It was a bright, sunny day. 
Source:  Richard H. Hall, The UFO Evidence, Volume II: A Thirty-Year Report, p. 26, 155, 165; MUFON UFO Journal, October 1981, Don Johnson

Date: April 15 1981: Reading England UFO Sighting

Date: April 15 to 20 1981
Location:  Catania, Sicily Italy
Time:  0020A
Summary:  Two police officers in their car saw a strong reddish light descending from the sky. The engine and electrical components to their vehicle become inoperative as a saucer about 3 m in diameter and 1 m in height lands on the street about 50 meters away from their vehicle. A small door opened on the saucer and the witnesses see two human forms emerge; the figures began gesticulating and “jumping” around. In the place of their eyes they have balls of light, and sparks around their head and hands. The head, compared to the rest of the body appears to be large. After a few minutes the beings appeared to converse among themselves. Then the entities jump into their saucer, and the door closes. A few seconds later the saucer rotates four times and accelerates up into the sky emitting a very loud noise, it quickly disappears from sight. At this point the shocked agents are able to start their vehicle and leave the area.
Source:   CISU, UFO Notizie # 48

Date: April 15 1981
Location:  Mount Sunapee, NH
Time:  7:25 PM.
Summary:   A huge metallic triangular object with several red lights on the sides and very bright white light on the leading edge flew over Mount Sunapee, New Hampshire. It flew very low to the ground, and passed over a car flying off to the west. 
Source:  Philip J. Imbrogno, Contact of the 5th Kind, p. 24

Date: April 18 1981
Location:  Westmoreland County Pennsylvania
Time:  night
Summary:  After experiencing different type of phenomena in the area including unknown aircraft and mysterious growling noises in the woods, farmer Frank Simpson smelled a strange odor and heard peculiar noises coming from outside. Grabbing a flashlight and a rifle he stepped outside. He spotted a dark object about 4-feet tall and very broad, standing among the trees. He shot at the creature, but it just made a moaning sound and left. The next day, no trace of blood could be found.
Source:  Stan Gordon, PASU

Date: April 19, 1981: Low-flying UFO sighted over Los Angeles

Date: April 20 1981
Location:  Reno, NV
Summary:  Small, shiny object below private plane; object fluttered or tilted, accelerated rapidly, sped away 
Source:  Volume II, The UFO Evidence, Sections III, IX

Date: April 1981

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