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1981: December UFO & Alien Sightings

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Date: December  1981
Location:  El Yunque Puerto Rico
Time:  late night
Summary:  Three hunters had gone out camping in an isolated area of the mountain when they began to hear noises coming from the wooded area. They then saw four dark figures coming out of the woods. The witnesses panicked when they realized that the figures were tall, hairy and had bright red eyes. The beings walked towards the witnesses, two of the men fired their rifles at the creatures without any apparent effect then ran into the tent. The third man fired his AR-15 rifle at an approaching creature also without any effect. The being then grabbed him and tore his shirt then punched him twice, he then fled into the tent. All three waited in panic for the creatures to attack, but these had vanished into the woods apparently loosing interest in the three terrified hunters.
Source:   Jorge Martin, Enigma # 34

Date: December 1 1981
Location:  Hessdalen Valley, Norway
Summary:  On this night a bullet-shaped object, a sphere, and several nocturnal lights were sighted flying to the north over Hessdalen Valley, Norway toward Trondheim. According to John Spencer, this report was the first of a four-year wave of reports from the Hessdalen Valley. 
Source:  John Spencer, UFO Encyclopedia, p. 143

Date: December 3 1981
Location:  Kolpino, Russia
Time:  1900
Summary:  Margarita Nikolaevna Eroshina was sitting at a table in her apartment reading a magazine suddenly she heard coming from the next room a sound resembling that of a buzzing of bees. The sound began grow louder and a sudden thought came to her head, “Do not look back, Do not look back! This “request” was very insistent and serious. A light from behind her then illuminated her magazine, making the lettering on the paper much larger than what they really were. She then heard, also behind her back, a sound resembling a clicking lighter, a moderate homogeneous luminescence now shone on the table. The clicking sound began to accelerate and the light or glow began moving on the surface of the table from side to side in a type of sequence with the clicking sound. Gradually the buzzing sound and the clicking noises stop and everything seemed to return back to normal. The next day as she was washing utensils in the kitchen she felt a presence to her left and when she turned she saw a luminous form about her height, floating on her kitchen floor. The “form” appeared to be covered totally in thin luminous beams of light, resembling those of solar rays. It did not appear to be something material. The witness saw unknown images then a thought in her mind, ” I have understood, protect me”? And then the image disappeared.
Source:   V Sidorovym, UFO Navigator, Archives of E Galevskogo

Date: December 4 1981
Location:  Hartford, CT
Time:  7:10 PM. 
Summary:  Two groups of witnesses about twenty miles east of Hartford, CT, saw strange lights or objects travel at a rather slow speed from east to west along a path north of the witnesses. Known as The Case of the Flying Christmas Tree. (On Dec. 22, 1989 there was a similar event at Vernon, IN
Source:  Complete report by Bruce Maccabee

Date: December 7 1981
Location: Rosario, Argentina
Time: unknown
Summary: Ricardo Buchark was outside when a craft came down and hovered just above the ground. Four little beings in shiny silvery suits came out of the object. Buchark was paralyzed until the craft flew away. 
Source: Cronica, Buenos Aires, December 9 1981

Date: December 8 1981
Location:   south of Reserve, NM
Time:  7:30 PM. 
Summary: An enormous UFO shaped like an orange ball, and estimated to be 750 feet in length, made a number of turns in the sky south of Reserve, New Mexico and then executed a ninety-degree turn near Luna Mountain. The five witnesses said they saw a jet aircraft chase the UFO out of sight. 
Source:  International UFO Reporter, June 1982, p. 15

Date: December 15 1981
Location: San Luis Del Palmar, Argentina
Time: 1530
Summary: 42-year old Ruben Meneses was driving a dump truck on a dirt road. Suddenly he observes a bright object that approaches the truck, the truck begins to vibrate, and he is filled with a tingling sensation all over the body. He was not able to move as the truck rises up in the air and apparently becomes transparent. Meneses apparently then passes out. Later he wakes up at a location about 55 miles from where he was, originally. He does not remember how he got there. Later under hypnotic regression he remembered being taken inside a room with mirror like walls, he was made to lie down on a cot-like bed. He saw three short thin humanoids with dark gray skin, extremely long arms and thick wrinkles on his forehead. The little beings communicated with Meneses by using telepathy. His next recall was of sitting confused in his truck.
Source: Eduardo Alfredo Lopez

Date: December  1981

Location. Bladenboro North Carolina
Date: December 17 1981
Time: 0240A
Daniel Edwards was awakened by the furious barking of his dog towards a pine forest behind his house. He walked out of the house and was startled to see a huge fire like light, illuminating a mass clump of trees a few hundred yards away. Believing that it was a forest fire he ran towards the area and alerted the rest of the family. As he reached the area, he came upon an opening in the trees, there he saw a large black disc shaped object with hundreds of small red lights rotating in the center of the object, which was slightly larger that a bus. Several dark, shadowy figures were seen walking around the object. The terrified witness ran away from the area and was able to see the object slowly rising and leaving at high speed.
Source: UFO Journal May 1982

Date: December 19 1981
Location:  Areal, Brazil
Summary:  Silo-shaped object swooped over vehicle, blocked road ahead of car. 
Source:  Volume II, The UFO Evidence, Section XI

Date: December  1981

Location. Borgio Verezzi, Liguria, Italy
Date: December 25 1981
Time: night
While the rest of the family slept, witness Diego (involved in other encounters) had been unable to sleep. While he tossed and turned in his bed he happened to glance over to where his sister slept and was astonished to see a bizarre luminous figure suspended above his sister’s bed. He described the figure as man-like, totally luminous. The figure sat in a strange position, sitting with the legs pulled up to his chest and the arms holding them up; the head positioned down between the knees. The witness remained astonished and unable to move. He watched the bizarre figure for approximately five minutes. The witness apparently fell asleep and did not see the luminous figure depart.
Source: Roberto Malini, Italy

Date: December  1981

Location. Jimena de la Frontera, Cadiz, Spain
Date: December 26 1981
Time: afternoon
A witness observed a metallic object on the ground that emitted a bright green luminescence. Next to the object, on the ground stood three very tall figures, wearing metallic white coverall-like outfits. No other information.
Source: Manuel Filpo Cabana

Date: December 27 1981
Location:  Hackney, England
Time:  evening
Summary:  Four boys, ranging in ages from nine to thirteen were out walking their dogs on the Hackney marshes when they came across a set of three clawed footprints in the snow, which one of their number identified as bear prints. Soon they came upon an elderly couple that told the boys to leave the area since there was a “bear” around. Curios, the boys they pressed on until they came across “a giant great growling bear-like creature,” which reared up on its hind legs, sending the boys running. The next day, the police searched the 5000 acre wasteland with dogs and helicopter, finding nothing but several convincing sets of tracks that oddly enough ended abruptly.
Source:   Mike Dash, Borderlands

Date: December 29 1981
Location:  Brooklyn Michigan
Time:  evening
Summary:  Two boys playing in a snow fort behind their house heard a humming sound then saw a lighted disc shaped craft with red lights shining on its top and multicolored lights on the bottom fly overhead and disappear from sight. Moments later as the boys decided to go and slide down a nearby hill they saw a four-foot tall human like figure float over a nearby fence and come towards them. One of the boys yelled at the figure and ran away, while the other stood stunned looking at it completely unable to move. The figure continued its path towards the boys and at one point bumped into a clump of trees then retraced its route. The boy that had been unable to move finally was released from his paralysis and joined his friend as they ran towards home, with the floating figure close behind them. As the creature reached the edge of the yard it stopped an opened a diamond shaped red area of its “face” apparently emitting a moaning like sound, it then began spinning emitting flashes of light from its top and bottom. Its head was described as small and round with green colored wrinkled skin. Originally one of the boys had seen a green “smog” or “cloud” on top of the hill and several “shapes” within it, one that seemed to be wearing a gas mask.
Source:   Dr. Ron Westrum

Location:  KENT NEW YORK 

Date: December  1981



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