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Date:   February  1981
Location:  Quindira Brazil
Time:  0200A
Summary:  A woman was awakened by a loud engine type noise coming from outside, she ran out and watched a round object hovering nearby and emitting multi-colored beams of light. Three human like beings cold be clearly seen inside, one them glanced briefly at the witness then the object rose and disappeared. The next day two dead bloodless horses were found on the field where the object had hovered.
Source:  National Enquirer UFO Report

Date:   February  1981
Location:   Arnold Pennsylvania
Time:  afternoon
Summary:  Fives boys ranging from 11-years old to 16 were playing on a railway yard when one of them saw a strange little creature squatting down near them. The boy crept up to it and grabbed it, lifting it up and in the process shouting at the others. The little being began squealing and twisting violently and the boy was forced to release it. The being then ran down into a nearby drainpipe. The being was described as green in color and about 3-foot tall, generally humanoid in shape, appeared to be naked and had rough wrinkled skin, it had large ears and a very small tail. In ran on two feet.
Source:  Janet & Colin Bord, Unexplained Mysteries of The 20th Century

Date:   early February  1981
Location:  Near Mount Airy North Carolina
Time:   late night
Summary:  The witness was out milking his cow accompanied by his hunting dog when suddenly the animal began to bark and run wildly, sniffing the ground. The witness then followed the dog to the top of a nearby hill and as they neared the top they came upon a short humanoid creature with pink skin a very large head, large round eyes, no nose or mouth and wearing some type of light robe. The dog had apparently injured the creature since it was lying on the ground with obvious injuries to his legs and arms. Frightened by the sight the witness grabbed his dog and drove into town, he then left his dog at his farm and drove to a motel. The next day he drove back to the site but the creature was gone. As he returned to his farm he found his dog lying dead in the yard and two of his cows were missing. (Was there an autopsy on the animal?)
Source:  Gray Barker, UFO Annual 1981

Date:   February 3 1981
Location:  Ross, Tasmania, Australia
Time:  About 9:40 PM. 
Summary:  Two people travelling by car, were about a kilometre north of Ross, when the driver noted a bright white light to their west. It was descending in front of some low hills. As they continued on, the light changed direction and slowly approached, growing so much in size that they feared there would be a crash. The driver stopped the car. The light was moving at an estimated height of 30 metres, and at this point its angular size was one degree. It was elliptical in shape, with golden light beams coming from either side. It suddenly shot upwards, and away to the south; dwindled in size and disappeared in a couple of seconds.
Source:  UFO Research Australian Newsletter. May/June 1982. Vol.3.No.3. p.6.

Date:   February 9 1981
Location:  San Jose, CA
Summary:  Red-lighted object made pass at aircraft, instant relocation; “very tight turns,” hovered, accelerated away at “extremely high rate of speed.” 
Source:  Volume II, The UFO Evidence, Section I

Date: February 10 1981
Location: Auburn Washington
Time: 2335
Summary: The witness had parked in her apartment complex parking lot when she saw a huge lighted object with a ring of flashing lights, this object left but a second smaller craft now appeared and descended with a falling leaf motion. The witness ran to her apartment and apparently blacked out. Under hypnosis she recalled that a light shone on her and she suddenly found herself in a domed room with white smooth floors, walls and ceiling. The room contained a desk-like object with lights and an examination table. She undressed and two beings entered, held her by her arms and pressed her down on the table. A third being examined her abdomen. The beings were humanoid with light bulb shaped heads with large unblinking eyes, small noses, and ears and slit like mouths. They were thin with sloping shoulders, long hanging arms with 4 long fingers and had gray skin. They wore metallic blue overalls-uniforms with an insignia of a triangle inside a circle on the chest area. Another being wore a red orange uniform. They conversed with the witness by using telepathy.
Source: Thomas E Bullard, UFO Abductions The Measure of A Mystery

Date: February 13 1981
Location: Fuentecen Spain
Time: 0230A
Summary: The witness had finished closing up his canteen, which was connected to his ranch house and was walking back to the house when he observed several golden lights on a nearby field. He approached the lights but these suddenly rose up, circled, and landed again, this time closer to his home. The witness went inside and woke his wife and son, they then all observed an object on the ground that gave off bright flashes of light at times. At the same time his dogs were going berserk. His wife became frightened and went to bed. Later he heard footsteps and his dog attracted him to a “figure” standing by the fence. The figure was a meter and a half tall, square in shape and metallic almost robotic in nature; it lacked a head, arms or feet. The dog approached the figure and began barking, and then both witnesses heard a strange barking “echo” that seem to come from the figure itself. The witness grabbed a flashlight and ran out, he then heard a loud “crackling” sound. The figure by now had disappeared; he then saw an object with rotating red lights rise from a nearby field and leave at high speed. A scorched area was found on the ground by government authorities.
Source:  J J Benitez, La Quinta Columna

POSSIBLE HOAX  Hoax! per JPG / Anomalia Foundation 

Date:   February 14 1981
Location:  Greensburg Pennsylvania
Time:   0145A
Summary:  A 17-year old girl was baby-sitting when she spotted an object hovering at treetop level about 50 feet away. The object was silent and had three white lights forming the point of an equilateral triangle. It appeared to be a triangular object made out of a dark colored metal. Above one of the lights there was a large transparent window, separated by thin metallic-like partitions. A dull beam of light descended slowly from the object’s bottom and to the ground. Inside the craft two humanoid beings could be seen. These were described as having very large heads, oriental like eyes, gill like ears, and two holes instead of a nose. One appeared to be sitting and the other standing behind an instrument panel. The panel was white and had several black and grayish circular controls. The humanoid that was standing had a long thin neck, smooth white skin, and normal looking arms; he stared at the witness with pupil-less white eyes. The witness became spellbound and felt compelled to stare at the beings for 15 minutes, she then reluctantly went back to the living room and did not see the object depart.
Source:  Bob Gribble, Mufon Journal # 274


Date:   February 15 1981
Location:  Franklin Ohio
Time:  0200A
Summary:  A brilliant white light that began filling her room awakened the witness. She got out of bed and through her window saw a bright hovering disc shaped object. Under hypnosis she recalled being taken onboard by several seven-foot tall humanoids with pointed chins and yellow cat like eyes. She was examined onboard and was told by the aliens that they had come from a planet called “Antares.”
Source:  Brad Steiger, The UFO Abductors

Date: February 18 1981
Location: Manzano Amargo, Neuquen, Argentina
Time: 0400A
Summary: Fermin Albornoz woke up to the sounds of the animals causing a commotion. Looking out he saw a “beautiful” light hovering over a field about 20 meters away. He woke up another witness but this one, afraid, screamed and hid under the covers. He then heard a loud buzzing sound that appeared to originate from above. All of the sudden out of nowhere two strange humanoid figures appeared. The figures spoke to the witness in an unknown unintelligible language. The now terrified witness now became confused and his next memory was of seeing a bright light quickly flying away. He described the humanoids as about 1 meter in height, with extremely wide shoulders, that stood side by side. They wore helmets and tight fitting dark blue outfits. They seemed to have normal hands and feet, but he was not able to discern any facial features. At the same time some nearby horses stampeded away from the area, apparently terrified. Albornoz described the spherical light as bluish in color that did not illuminate its surroundings.
Source: ONIFE

Date:   February 25 1981
Location:  northwest of Tallinn, Estonia
Time:  9:24 PM.
Summary:   An Aeroflot YAK-40 airliner flying northwest of Tallinn, Estonia was paced by two orange, elongated objects at 9:24 p.m. The UFOs flew parallel to the plane and then approached from 70 degrees to the right. The crew saw four orange lights on the first object and 3 lights on the other one. After three minutes the first object executed a turn to the right, then to the left. The second object repeated the maneuver and followed after the first some six to eight minutes later. 
Source:  Richard F. Haines, Project Delta: A Study of Multiple UFO, p. 176

Date: February 28 1981
Location: Press Heath Shropshire England
Time: early morning
Summary: Three men who were out hunting rabbits on the grounds of a disused prisoner of war camp noticed a white glow floating towards them, it seemed to bob up and down like a cork. Within the glow there was a figure with an oval shaped face with two large eyes. The form pulsated from greenish yellow then to red. One of the men stood paralyzed and could not move, the second dropped his gear and ran, while the third threw a rock at it that seem to pass right through it. The glowing figure suddenly disappeared in plain sight.
Source:  Jenny Randles, Mind Monsters

Date:   February  1981

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