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Date: March, 1981: Metallic object flew silently overhead at 20-40 mph at 200-400 feet

Date: March 1981
Location: Near Algeciras Spain
Time: 1030A
Summary: A truck driver was delivering produce to a nearby village when he noticed strange lights on a nearby field behind a row of eucalyptus trees. He then drove his truck off the road and got out to investigate. As the witness entered the field he spotted a large metallic dome shaped craft on the ground about 50 yards away. The object seemed to be supported by three “telescopic” legs like protrusions. It had three large round windows on the front. As he attempted to approach there was a brilliant flash form the top of the craft that struck him, causing extreme head pain and partial paralysis. He then noticed several man-like figures sitting behind the windows, these were human like, wore helmets and brown uniforms. They started intensively at the witness, who every time he attempted to approach he would get struck by a flash of light that would paralyze him for a few moments. At one point a ladder was lowered from the object but no one came out. The craft finally left silently at high speed. It first retracted the telescopic legs then shot away. Some ground traces were found on the site.
Source: J J Benitez, La Punta Del Iceberg

Date:   March  1981
Location:  Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
Time:  night
Summary:  Salina Quail (involved in previous encounters) suddenly found herself, sitting bolt upright in red and felt a draught. Even though the windows were closed she felt terribly cold. Her baby was in a playpen along side the bed. Looking over in that direction she was surprised to see her child not only standing up in the playpen, but also laying down. (!) Alongside Salina was the all too familiar shape talking to her. Very afraid Salina called out, “you can’t have her”, to which “he” replied “she is part of us”. Again Salina said that they could not have her. At that point, inexplicably, she fell back to sleep.
Source:  Graham Conway, UFO BC

Date: March 1981
Location:  Birstall West Yorkshire England
Time: late night
Summary: Jane Murphy had gone to bed late when she suddenly woke up standing in a field feeling very cold and wet. She then noticed a huge metallic object hovering over the field, suddenly a group of figures, as many as 10 approached her. The figures were vaguely humanoid, but for some reason Jane could not focus on them. One of the figures had a cloth in his hand and put it over the witness face. She pretended to be unconscious but they injected her and she blacked out. When she woke up she was on a bed in a strange room. Several figures were around her communicating via telepathy telling her to look at them. One of the entities was seven-foot tall, human looking with totally black eyes. She was told to bathe and then entered a plastic looking object that fitted around her taking the shape of her body. She was then helped back on to the table in the center of the room and now noticed that all but the tall humanoid with the black eyes had left the room. The tall being proceeded to lie on top of her and have sexual intercourse in a very unemotional manner. After awhile the tall humanoid left the room while, others, including female humanoids had now entered the room. She was then given an extensive gynecological examination. Later she was shown a table covered with a number of brightly colored pills of geometric shapes and was invited to take one. She was given a tour of the ship where she saw other humans. Her next recollection was waking up back in her bed. She was plagued for the next three months with a strange vaginal infection.
Source:  Carl Nagaitis, Philip Mantle, Without Consent

Date:   March  1981
Location:   Memphis, TN
Time:  4:40 PM. 
Summary: 5-min duration, two witnesses. Responsible woman, secretary in an executive office, was out driving, which she said was most unusual for her. She had intended to stop for coffee when she sees three shining objects in the sky, and so engrossed in them drives right past the local Pancake House. Suddenly the objects disappear into “what looked like puffs of smoke.” A minute later one reappears “directly over the street in front of me, so close that I could have counted the lights on the bottom of the object, had I not panicked.” She turns into the parking lot of the nearby Admiral Benbow Inn, rushes to the door and summons the night watchman. He also sees the object. She would not go back outside but the watchman observed it hover over her car and rise above the inn. Sighting was reported to police. 
Source:  IUR-3,5

Date:   March 10 1981
Location:  near Skipton, North Yorkshire, England
Summary:  At Carleton Moors, two uniformed police officers observed a large glowing oval shaped UFO as it moved over the moors. 
Source:  Yorkshire Post, The 5TH ANNUAL PRUFOS POLICE REPORT 2006 by Detective Constable 1877 HESELTINE British Transport Police

Date: March 15 1981: Large UFO seen by couple over Bethesda, MD

Date: March 23 1981: UFO over Tepoztlan, Ships of Light: The Carlos Diaz Experience

Date: March 25 1981: Fishing crews observe Large Conical Object 

Date:   March 30 1981
Location:   Magny, France
Time:  11:20 AM.
Summary:  A metallic sphere descended from the sky at a 45º angle and stopped over a house in Magny, France. It then shot straight up and away. A check with authorities showed there were no scheduled balloon releases at that time.
Source:  Lumieres dans la Nuit, October 1981

Date:   March 30 1981
Location:  Alton, IL
Time:  10:00 PM. 
Summary:  Huge bright light went to very dim, had lights on the bottom as it hovered over trees for ten minutes. Object moved towards witnesses at about 10 mph. Frogs stopped croaking and dogs began barking excitedly. Then it was right over the two witnesses. Object appeared circular and was black except for the lights on the circumference. The most unusual thing (other than the fact the object was noiseless) was a large circular opening in the bottom of the black disc. Inside the opening they saw “this churning motion of bright white light with yellow and orange colors in it…like gases rolling around in there.” The UFO was more oval than round in shape, and was smooth-edged. After about 20-30 minutes the object took off rapidly. Shortly thereafter a jet flew over, and shortly after that another similar UFO was observed coming across the trees a good five minutes later with the same results. 
Source:  IUR-3,5

Date: March 30 1981
Location: Bend Oregon
Time: night
Summary: The witness was standing on a field looking at the stars when he suddenly finds himself in a clean stainless steel room. A short humanoid with a large hairless pear shaped head was in the room with him. He had long thin arms, each with three long fingers and large round eyes. The witness was then shown several screens or windows where he saw what appeared to be a moon. The witness was left with the impression that the beings were like his “brothers” and “friends.”
Source: Aileen Edwards, On The UFO Road Again

Date: late March 1981
Location:  Mineral Point Wisconsin
Time: night
Summary: Several witnesses including a police officer sighted a strange being described as a huge man like figure with a white painted face and wearing a black cape, lurking around the area of the local “Graceland” cemetery. This enigmatic being was dubbed a “vampire” by some of the witnesses. No other information.
Source:  Loren Coleman, Mysterious America

Date:   March  1981

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