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1982: April UFO & Alien Sightings

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Date: April 1982
Location: Sedona Arizona
Time: night
Summary: Nancy and her daughter were in a camping tent in Fey Canyon, her baby granddaughter was also with her. That night she saw a lighted disk and a small entity entered the tent and grabbed her arm. All three were abducted. She recalled that the entity spoke “inside her head” and that they were rearranging her molecular structure for the purpose of facilitating communication and travel. She does not recall what happened between the time she left the tent and returned. She has been involved in previous encounters.
Source: Bill Hamilton

Date: February or March 1982: Palettes, Geneva, Switzerland Close Encounter

Date: April  1982
Location. County Tyrone Ireland
Time: 2345
The witness was on his way to midnight mass when he noticed a bright planet-like object over the area and above it a series of flashing red, white, and yellow lights. Below these lights there was a large but faint red light, he could see the outline of two humanoids within the light, one was large and the other small. The object appeared to be rotating and moved across the sky in a jerky path and vanished from sight.
Source: Steve Gerrard, quoting Northern UFO News # 101

Date: April 1 1982
Location:  North Washington, PA
Time:  7:15 PM. 
Summary:  A reddish triangular object with rounded apexes and a light in each corner was sighted by three witnesses. It was surrounded by a glittering mist that seemed to come from the rear of the object. Two glowing spheres shot out from the craft, one shot off toward the north, the other toward the south. The witnesses reported suffering from headaches after their close encounter.
Source:   Stan Gordon, MUFON UFO Journal, June 1982, p. 3

Date: April 3 1982
Location:  Bolingbrook, IL
Time:  3:00 AM +
Summary:   A woman schoolteacher in Bolingbrook was awakened by a high pitched sound “like a blender running in a box.” She looked out at the cloudy, windy and cold weather conditions in her residential neighborhood and saw a bright blue domed disc-shaped object land next to some power lines. It lifted off and then landed a second time. The UFO had blue lights around the rim, and was only about 50 yards away. The blue light from the object illuminated the area as bright as day. A street light went out. The police received calls of power outages and blue flashes at the same time. 
Source:  Fred Merritt, International UFO Reporter, July 1982, p. 6; UNICAT database, case 25, citing Fred Merritt

Date: April 7 1982
Location:  Fort Wayne, IN
Summary:  A mushroom cap shaped flying disc paced two people in a car. It had hazy lights and made odd maneuvers, not jerky but always smoothly executed. 
Source:  Larry Hatch, U computer database, citing APRO Bulletin, June 1982

Date: April  1982

Location. Pocinho, Paraiba, Brazil
Date: April 7 1982
Time: night
A witness saw two short figures wearing reddish metallic outfits standing in front of a luminous object that emitted a loud squeaking sound. No other information.
Source: Antonio Faleiro, Brazil

Date: April 8 1982
Location:  west of Escanaba, MI
Time:  11:45 PM. 
Summary:  An 80-foot wide boomerang shaped object, with a convex curved rear end, paced a car being driven by two teenagers. The UFO followed as close as 30 feet altitude, and the two girls feared capture.  
Source:  Fred Merritt, International UFO Reporter, September 1982, p. 4

Date: April  1982

Location. Near Broby Denmark
Date: middle of April 1982
Time: 0430A
A lone witness out for an early morning walk spotted a large shiny silver oval shaped craft on the ground on a nearby field. Next to the object stood two short man-like figures, described as very thin, with long arms, and elongated egg shaped heads. They had no hair, had large pointy ears, small round eyes and barely noticeable noses and mouths. These wore snug fitting silvery outfits, with belts with what appeared to be a black belt buckle. They were carrying some type of flashlight like instrument in their hands. After about 15 minutes the two short humanoids apparently entered the object through an unseen aperture. The object then rose up and disappeared at high speed towards Odense.
Source: SUFOI Newsletter # 9

Date: April 17-18 1982: Simferopol, Crimea, Ukraine Abduction

Date: April 18 1982
Location:  Houston, TX
Time:  2:20 PM. 
Summary:  A woman heard a loud noise, stepped onto her patio and saw a cigar-shaped object beneath the overcast, thick in the middle and tapered on both ends. The object flew at treetop level directly over her townhouse. 
Source:  Project VISIT, John Schuessler.

Date: April 20 1982
Location: County Tyrone Ireland
Time: after 0300A
Summary: The witness suddenly awoke in a scream and noticed two humanoids figures standing by his bed, one was short and the other one tall, and lumpy that somehow had his head inside the witness mouth (which had apparently grown very large). The beings were chatting to one another in a sound resembling ringing bells. The witness could not move or yell since he was paralyzed.
Source: Steve Gerrard, quoting Northern UFO News # 101

Date: April 20 1982: Brisbane Australia Sighting

Date: April 29 1982
Location:  near Plattsburgh Air Force Base, NY
Time:  11:40 PM.
Summary:   A woman named Mary E. Boule saw a silent dome-shaped object near Plattsburgh Air Force Base. The object had a turquoise blue light on top and portholes. It flew low at 400-500 feet altitude, and definitely entered the air base’s restricted air space. 
Source:  CUFOS files, letter from witness

Date: end of April  1982
Location:  Mudumalai Reserve, near Mysore India
Time:  night
Summary:  A young woman and a friend were staying at a bungalow when they noticed a sharp light flickering on the other side of the river. After crossing a bridge they approached the area, as they did, the light became stronger with diffuse vibrations. They then saw about 50 meters away a 10 meter long cigar shaped object that rises up into the sky emitting jets of fire from its rear section. At the same time they see three beings, wearing white combination suits and about 1.70 m in height, bending on the ground, apparently collecting samples, using very slow gestures (as if in slow motion). A ball of white light about 3 meters in diameter hovers above them. The scene lasted for about 4 minutes, without any sound. Then the ball and the beings disappeared and during one hour in a whole section of the sky something similar to a large cloud emitting white luminous beams of light remained.
Source:  Jean Francis Crolard “The enigma of the ET”

Date: April  1982



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