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Date:  December 21 1982
Location:  Maddington, Western Australia, Australia
Time:  About 1:45 PM local time. 
Summary:  While travelling home, a man thought he was being followed by a motor bike. Then he realised it was an orange ball, 1.3 to 1.6 metres above the road, following him. The man slowed down his vehicle, and so did the light. Suddenly it disappeared, then reappeared five seconds later, about 800 metres behind him.
Source:  Files of the Australian Centre for UFO Studies

Date:  December 21 1982
Location:  Penthalaz, Switzerland
Time:  9:00 PM.
Summary:   A small glowing sphere followed a car for ten minutes and lit up the vehicle’s interior. The luminous ball was estimated to be only 12 centimeters in diameter. 

Date: December 21 1982
Location: Vaud Canton, Switzerland
Time: 2200
Summary: A 35-year old civil servant on his way back is driving along the edge of a forest and on the other side flat ground, fields and meadows. Suddenly he sees on the rearview mirror, a red luminous sphere, which zigzags towards the rear of the car. The bright sphere has a diameter of about 15cm and moves with vertiginous speed from left to right leaving behind a reddish trail. A strange feeling seizes the witness, a gradual paralysis overtakes him, and he feels back pain and a pain in the nape of the neck. The sphere illuminates the interior of the car but does not dazzle the driver. The witness felt impotent to move and an inexplicable fear seized him. At this point the bright sphere appears to strike the seat behind the witness and he looses consciousness. Later without knowing he wakes up in the village of Penthereas, still inside his car. He runs out of the car thinking that the luminous sphere is still inside the vehicle. He then drives home and finds his wife anxiously waiting for him. Upon arriving he suffers a nervous breakdown and cries like a child on the kitchen table. He still feels pain on the back and on the nape of his neck
Source: Jimmy Guieu, “Our Masters The extraterrestrial Ones”

Date: December 30 1982
Location: Mirassol Brazil
Time: late night
Summary: The witness, Antonio Carlos Ferreira, (involved in numerous encounters) was alone looking out for his parent’s home when he was suddenly awakened by an intense green light shining into the house. He went to investigate and found the kitchen door opened, he then heard a noise from the bedroom and saw three beings emerge. These were humanoid in appearance. Two wore white overalls and helmets; the third had no helmet and had dark skin and red hair. He carried a shiny cylindrical shaped object in his hand. The witness was asked if he was afraid and he said no. They turned as if to leave then the red haired being turned and pointed the cylindrical shaped device at the witness and struck him with a green beam of light, burning his shirt. The being fired two more times at the witness, once striking the wall. The witness felt dizzy and fell to the floor, blacking out in the process. Upon waking up the beings had gone. He found several scratches on his chest and arm.
Source: Irene Granchi, FSR Vol. 30 # 1

Date:  December 31 1982
Location:  Kent Cliffs, NY
Time:  11:54 PM. 
Summary:  In the lower Hudson River Valley a police officer and his wife spotted a delta-shaped UFO making a faint, low frequency hum. The colored lights on the object switched off and three bright white lights lit up the ground. He was able to shoot some movie film of the UFO, but the images are of low quality. 
Source:  J. Allen Hynek & Phil Imbrogno, Night Siege: The Hudson Valley UFO Sightings, p. 6

Date: end of 1982
Location: Cesano Boscone, Italy
Time: unknown
Summary: Two local deaf mutes reported having regained their speech and hearing senses after encountering an “alien” like figure that materialized itself from a shiny ball of fire that hovered over the ground in a wooded area. No other information.
Source: CUN Milano

Date:  December 1982

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